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Christmas On The Chesapeake -
Christmas On The Chesapeake
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2016-12-082016-12-11 Docksiders Gymnastics Inc.2093
Meet Scores Session: H4 Level: XP Division: Jr A
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA
1Doffoh, SimoneDulles Gymnastics Academy H4 XP Jr A9.150 8T9.000 11T9.250 13T9.250 22T36.650 8
2Yaunches, EvaDulles Gymnastics Academy H4 XP Jr A8.850 22T9.250 49.350 9T8.700 48T36.150 14
3Austin, MiaApollo Gymnastics H4 XP Jr A9.350 28.150 35T9.150 16T8.950 38T35.600 21
4Vroom, ClaireDulles Gymnastics Academy H4 XP Jr A8.850 22T8.600 218.150 47T9.625 135.225 26
5Schultz, KatrynApollo Gymnastics H4 XP Jr A8.500 47T8.450 23T8.750 289.100 34T34.800 27
6Vance, JaelynnApollo Gymnastics H4 XP Jr A9.000 13T8.050 38T8.350 40T9.200 26T34.600 30T
6Sellers, LilyFrederick Gymnastics Club H4 XP Jr A8.500 47T8.450 23T8.800 26T8.850 40T34.600 30T
8Houk, KenzieApollo Gymnastics H4 XP Jr A8.650 36T8.350 29T8.200 45T9.300 18T34.500 33
9Sulmonte, MariaFrederick Gymnastics Club H4 XP Jr A8.900 18T7.700 498.150 47T9.550 7T34.300 35
10Wyatt, AnaFairfax Gymnastics Academy H4 XP Jr A8.900 18T7.800 45T8.000 50T9.300 18T34.000 43
11Harris, AvahWin-Win Gymnastics H4 XP Jr A8.700 32T7.850 43T8.700 29T8.350 5333.600 48
12Claney, CharlotteExcellence Gym Sports H4 XP Jr A8.300 557.000 55T8.050 499.050 3632.400 53
13Bourget, AntoniaDream Big Gymnastics H4 XP Jr A8.550 43T7.200 526.850 578.850 40T31.450 55
14Folden, BryseeExcellence Gym Sports H4 XP Jr A
14Lauer, GingerWin-Win Gymnastics H4 XP Jr A
14Ngu, SarahFairfax Gymnastics Academy H4 XP Jr A