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20th Annual Star Struck Invitational -
20th Annual Star Struck Invitational
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2017-01-132017-01-15 Star Bound Gymnastics Academy2501
Meet Scores Session: 6C Level: SS Division: Jr B
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVault PBVaultBars PBBarsBeam PBBeamFloor PBFloorAA PBAA
1Iglesia, AthenaUS Gymnastics Development Center I 6C SS Jr B9.7009.700 19.5509.550 29.3009.300 19.3009.300 3T37.85037.850 1
2Conti, IsabellaRandolph Gymnastics 6C SS Jr B9.0009.000 79.6009.600 18.5008.500 2T9.4009.400 1T36.50036.500 2
3Cox, LaurenMotion Gymnastics Inc. 6C SS Jr B9.1509.150 38.6008.600 78.6008.500 2T9.1009.100 635.35035.350 3
4Noriega, LillyGold Medal Gymnastics Centereach 6C SS Jr B9.2009.200 28.4008.400 9T8.5008.500 2T8.8508.850 834.95034.950 4
5Dolan, MarleyTopFlight Gymnastics and Cheer Academy 6C SS Jr B8.6008.600 11T8.8008.800 58.1008.100 79.3009.300 3T34.80034.800 5T
5Bare, MalloryRebound Gymnastics Inc. 6C SS Jr B9.0509.050 68.5508.550 88.0008.000 8T9.2009.200 534.80034.800 5T
7Tipton, MadisonMid-Coast Gymnastic and Dance Studio Plus 6C SS Jr B8.7008.700 109.0009.000 48.2008.200 68.0508.050 1133.95033.950 7
8Hansen, MadisonRandolph Gymnastics 6C SS Jr B9.0008.450 148.0008.000 119.1508.000 8T9.4009.400 1T35.35033.850 8T
8Gonzalez, JordanMid-Coast Gymnastic and Dance Studio Plus 6C SS Jr B8.6008.600 11T8.4008.400 9T8.4008.400 58.4508.450 933.85033.850 8T
10Nolan, KylieRebound Gymnastics Inc. 6C SS Jr B9.1009.100 4T7.8007.800 127.8007.800 119.0509.050 733.75033.750 10
11Forsyth, SkylerRebound Gymnastics Inc. 6C SS Jr B9.1009.100 4T9.2009.200 36.8006.800 148.4008.400 1033.50033.500 11
12Murdoch, JackieSchafers School of Gymnastics 6C SS Jr B8.8008.800 98.7008.700 67.9007.900 108.0008.000 12T33.40033.400 12
13Sakoutis, GraceAction Gymnastic Academy 6C SS Jr B8.9008.900 87.4007.400 137.4007.400 138.0008.000 12T31.70031.700 13
14Wolf, JessicaFusion Gymnastics 6C SS Jr B8.5008.500 130.0000.000 147.7007.700 127.8007.800 1424.00024.000 14