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2016 Colorado XP, XD Championships -
2016 Colorado XP, XD Championships
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2016-05-062016-05-08 Colorado Gymnastic Institute269
Meet Scores Session: ALL Level: XP Division: Ch C
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA
1Chen, ArabellaAirborne Gymnastics and Dance ALL XP Ch C9.050 92T9.325 20T9.350 99.200 56T36.925 20T
2Nelson, AllysonScale Gymnastics Center ALL XP Ch C9.075 89T9.050 42T9.100 22T8.950 112T36.175 34T
3Miller, AlenaAdrenaline Gymnastics Academy ALL XP Ch C8.650 191T9.225 30T8.450 78T9.800 2T36.125 35T
4Price, AvaActive Athletics ALL XP Ch C8.950 130T8.700 81T8.950 38T9.225 53T35.825 45T
5Hedrick, McKennaNogare's - CO ALL XP Ch C8.850 166T8.275 134T9.125 20T9.100 80*35.350 70T
5Roberts, RebeccaKinetic Gymnastics ALL XP Ch C9.050 97T9.050 43T8.300 91T8.950 115T35.350 72T
7Flewell, Brianna5280 Gymnastics ALL XP Ch C8.950 134T8.300 128T8.375 88T8.900 128T34.525 107T
8Naughton, BrookePremier Gymnastics of the Rockies ALL XP Ch C9.250 53T7.850 170T8.050 125*9.000 103T34.150 127T
9Parr, EllaTelluride Gymnastics ALL XP Ch C9.150 71*9.350 19T7.700 162T7.850 197T34.050 135T
9Smith, KyraActive Athletics ALL XP Ch C9.150 72*7.875 1687.900 141T9.125 75T34.050 138T
11Santos, LindseyActive Athletics ALL XP Ch C9.150 74T8.100 149T8.300 94T8.350 185T33.900 149T
12Koessl, KarleeWindsor Gymnastics Academy ALL XP Ch C9.050 105T8.300 131T8.100 122T8.425 18233.875 153
13Bushee, DariannBlack Canyon Gymnastics LLC ALL XP Ch C8.950 139T7.900 164T8.150 114T8.600 172T33.600 160T
14Burch, AmelieAdrenaline Gymnastics Academy ALL XP Ch C9.325 39T8.600 90T6.500 1999.050 91T33.475 163T
14Schlosky, AllesonNogare's - CO ALL XP Ch C9.050 106T8.000 156T7.600 167T8.825 139T33.475 164T
16Urban, SenecaMountain Kids Gymnastics ALL XP Ch C8.950 141T7.250 1948.200 103T8.575 17332.975 179T