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2016 Colorado XP, XD Championships -
2016 Colorado XP, XD Championships
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2016-05-062016-05-08 Colorado Gymnastic Institute269
Meet Scores Session: ALL Level: XP Division: SR A
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA
1Petry, GabrielleActive Athletics ALL XP SR A8.950 128T9.225 29T9.000 31T9.025 94T36.200 32
2Doud, ElizabethColorado Gymnastic Institute ALL XP SR A9.100 83T8.050 152T8.400 84T9.500 18T35.050 86
3Shull, AnissaTIGAR ALL XP SR A9.325 37T8.875 64T7.700 161T8.850 131T34.750 96T
3Tomlinson, KieraTIGAR ALL XP SR A8.900 150T8.450 112T8.650 65T8.750 151T34.750 97T
5Hickert, MadisonBlack Canyon Gymnastics LLC ALL XP SR A8.900 151T8.575 93T8.150 107T9.050 89T34.675 100T
6Young, CassidyChameleon Gymnastics ALL XP SR A9.100 85T9.400 13T7.250 1848.850 132T34.600 103
7Marsh, Julia5280 Gymnastics ALL XP SR A9.125 78T8.150 143T7.900 140T8.925 124T34.100 131T
8Munoz, SidneyTIGAR ALL XP SR A8.850 171T8.350 122T7.650 163T9.200 59T34.050 137T
8Betz, CarliAdrenaline Gymnastics Academy ALL XP SR A8.950 137*8.750 78T7.600 166T8.750 154T34.050 140T
10Harrison, LindsayChameleon Gymnastics ALL XP SR A9.000 122T9.150 39T7.100 192T8.750 155T34.000 144T
11Haban, SarahTIGAR ALL XP SR A8.550 198T7.400 190T8.150 115T9.300 43T33.400 167T
12Steck, Alexis5280 Gymnastics ALL XP SR A8.900 157T7.550 1877.850 149T9.000 106T33.300 171T
13Clifton, MakaelaCanon Academy of Gymnastics ALL XP SR A9.050 107T7.200 195T7.950 135T9.050 92T33.250 174T
14Jarossy, Lauren20 Mile Athletic Center ALL XP SR A8.900 158T8.225 136T6.900 1968.950 123T32.975 178T
15Landrum, JennaEvergreen Lightning Boltz Gymnastics ALL XP SR A8.800 183T8.000 158T7.150 188T8.750 156T32.700 188T
16Zizic, MiraEvergreen Lightning Boltz Gymnastics ALL XP SR A8.950 142T7.150 1988.350 898.000 19532.450 193
17Smith, DarianGymnastics Plus ALL XP SR A8.800 184T7.700 182T6.450 2008.525 178T31.475 199