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2016 Colorado XP, XD Championships -
2016 Colorado XP, XD Championships
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2016-05-062016-05-08 Colorado Gymnastic Institute269
Meet Scores Session: ALL Level: XP Division: MID C
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA
1Breshears, HaidynPeak Athletics Plus ALL XP MID C9.400 17T9.500 99.575 29.500 14T37.975 2
2DuMond, MeganColorado Aerials Gymnastics Center ALL XP MID C9.700 19.100 409.150 15T9.275 44T37.225 13
3Woods, KaitlynPeak Athletics Plus ALL XP MID C9.225 55T9.550 7T8.800 48T9.600 5T37.175 15T
4Duke, HaileeColorado Aerials Gymnastics Center ALL XP MID C9.300 41T9.250 24T9.125 18T9.425 26T37.100 17
5Dixon, EmilyPrecizion 509 ALL XP MID C9.175 649.025 46T8.925 419.250 47T36.375 27
6Williams, ChenoaPeak Athletics Plus ALL XP MID C9.350 27T8.875 63T8.100 120T9.425 27T35.750 48T
7Graham, CarolineBlack Canyon Gymnastics LLC ALL XP MID C9.250 51T8.575 91T8.150 106T9.525 13T35.500 63T
8Bertelsen, CarlyPeak Athletics Plus ALL XP MID C8.900 148T8.300 126T9.050 30T9.100 79*35.350 71T
9Parilla, AshleyEvergreen Lightning Boltz Gymnastics ALL XP MID C8.900 149T8.450 110T9.000 34T8.800 140T35.150 83T
10Sarieva, LenaAscent ALL XP MID C8.950 131T8.725 79T8.325 909.025 95T35.025 87
11Mohaghegzadeh, MalikaCastle Rock School of Gymnastics ALL XP MID C9.450 13T8.550 100T7.100 191T8.975 110T34.075 133
12Torrez, MadelineColorado Gymnastic Institute ALL XP MID C8.900 153T8.150 144T8.150 112T8.825 138T34.025 143T
13Hunnings, Brooke20 Mile Athletic Center ALL XP MID C9.150 73T8.100 148T7.850 148T8.850 134T33.950 147
14Ruddy, CassidyStars National Gymnastics Village ALL XP MID C8.750 185T7.000 199T8.250 101T9.225 55T33.225 176T
14Rank, ChristianaJET Kids ALL XP MID C8.800 181T8.375 119T7.200 185T8.850 136T33.225 177T
16Gulley, RhiannonJET Kids ALL XP MID C8.725 187T8.300 132T6.950 195T8.350 186T32.325 194
17Chadd, KatharineColorado Gymnastic Institute ALL XP MID C8.725 188T7.400 191T7.650 164T7.900 19631.675 197
18Stephens, AllisonGymnastics Plus ALL XP MID C8.900 161T7.500 1887.500 177T7.750 19931.650 198