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2016 Colorado XP, XD Championships -
2016 Colorado XP, XD Championships
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2016-05-062016-05-08 Colorado Gymnastic Institute269
Meet Scores Session: ALL Level: XP Division: MID A
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA
1Lukac, JessicaMountain Kids Gymnastics ALL XP MID A9.425 14*9.250 25T9.075 25T9.175 62T36.925 19T
2Harper, TrinityKinetic Gymnastics ALL XP MID A9.375 20T8.875 62T8.950 37T9.400 30T36.600 25T
3Davis, EmilyAdrenaline Gymnastics Academy ALL XP MID A9.100 80T9.000 50T8.650 62T9.500 16T36.250 30
4Sperry, LaurenJET Kids ALL XP MID A8.950 129T9.200 32T9.125 19T8.900 126T36.175 33T
5Rodriguez, NauticaGrand Junction Gymnastics / Kidz Plex ALL XP MID A9.300 42T8.300 125T9.100 23T9.400 32T36.100 38T
6Ocken, JacquelinePeak Athletics Plus ALL XP MID A9.375 22T9.325 21T7.850 142T9.000 98T35.550 58T
7Burton, LilyBlack Canyon Gymnastics LLC ALL XP MID A9.325 35T9.000 53T7.850 143T9.150 69T35.325 73T
7Kelly, AshleyPrecizion 509 ALL XP MID A9.225 56T8.900 58T8.250 95T8.950 116T35.325 74T
9Hebert, OliviaColorado Gymnastic Institute ALL XP MID A9.100 84T8.100 146T8.825 478.950 118T34.975 88
10Cobb, GretaAdrenaline Gymnastics Academy ALL XP MID A9.125 77T8.300 127T8.250 96T9.250 51T34.925 89
11Weiss, MichelleMountain Kids Gymnastics ALL XP MID A8.825 173T9.050 44T8.300 93T8.300 187T34.475 113T
11Hastings, EmmaBlack Canyon Gymnastics LLC ALL XP MID A9.000 116*8.825 69T7.950 134T8.700 162T34.475 116T
13Dillworth, SiennaGymnastics Plus ALL XP MID A9.600 3T8.050 153T7.300 1839.100 82T34.050 134T
13Highley, ZeyaDenver School of Gymnastics ALL XP MID A9.250 54T7.950 1618.150 111T8.700 163T34.050 136T
15Novak, KatieAscent ALL XP MID A8.550 197T8.100 150T8.000 130T9.100 83T33.750 155
16Franklin, HannahStars National Gymnastics Village ALL XP MID A8.800 182T7.000 200T8.150 116T8.800 143T32.750 186T
17Meng, EleanorDenver School of Gymnastics ALL XP MID A9.000 126T8.050 154T7.200 186T8.450 18132.700 187T