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2016 Colorado XP, XD Championships -
2016 Colorado XP, XD Championships
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2016-05-062016-05-08 Colorado Gymnastic Institute269
Meet Scores Session: ALL Level: XP Division: Ch A
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA

1Pershin, ChloeAdrenaline Gymnastics Academy ALL XP Ch A9.500 8T9.525 89.600 19.700 338.325 1
2Graef, MiaAdrenaline Gymnastics Academy ALL XP Ch A9.350 23T9.400 11T9.250 119.175 61T37.175 16T
3Dawson, MaddieAdrenaline Gymnastics Academy ALL XP Ch A9.425 15*9.150 36T8.950 36T9.400 29T36.925 18T
4Sabato, LaurenAdrenaline Gymnastics Academy ALL XP Ch A9.325 33T9.250 27T8.450 77T9.525 12T36.550 26
5Simmons, AbigayleCanon Academy of Gymnastics ALL XP Ch A9.125 76T8.500 101T9.200 139.400 31T36.225 31
6Carlson, TaylorTelluride Gymnastics ALL XP Ch A9.200 59T9.150 37T8.725 56T8.750 149T35.825 46T
7Davis, TaleighAdrenaline Gymnastics Academy ALL XP Ch A8.900 146T8.600 88T9.150 16T9.150 67T35.800 47
8Myhill, HannahCastle Rock School of Gymnastics ALL XP Ch A9.100 82T8.550 94T8.700 59T9.375 35T35.725 52T
9Faddick, KateAscent ALL XP Ch A8.875 162T8.850 65T8.850 45T8.950 114*35.525 62T
10Fitzpatrick, MichaelaKinetic Gymnastics ALL XP Ch A9.325 36T8.450 111T8.600 68T8.525 177T34.900 91T
11Powers, DaniellaAscent ALL XP Ch A8.700 190T8.500 104T8.550 708.750 153T34.500 108
12Yurcak, CassandraAscent ALL XP Ch A9.000 118*8.100 147T8.150 109*9.225 54T34.475 110T
13Larkin, Jillian5280 Gymnastics ALL XP Ch A8.950 135T8.900 61T8.050 126*8.250 19034.150 128T
14Gripkey, SonnetAscent ALL XP Ch A8.900 155*7.850 171T8.150 113T9.000 105T33.900 150T
14Oliver, OliviaChameleon Gymnastics ALL XP Ch A8.900 154*8.650 86T7.400 181T8.950 121T33.900 152T
16Johnson, LucyGK Gymnastics ALL XP Ch A9.000 123T8.200 140T7.550 171T8.650 16833.400 168T
17Dairon, StellaWindsor Gymnastics Academy ALL XP Ch A8.650 193T7.450 1898.200 104T8.625 170T32.925 182T