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2016 Region 5 Xcel Regional Championships -
2016 Region 5 Xcel Regional Championships
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2016-05-122016-05-15 Halker's Gold Gymnastics1100
Meet Scores Session: A4 Level: XG Division: SrA
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA
1DeVriendt, ShelbyGymnastic Dreams A4 XG SrA9.050 10T9.350 29.450 39.350 137.200 1
2Sparrow, ParkerHartland Gymnastics Academy A4 XG SrA9.025 149.250 59.500 19.250 4T37.025 2
3Deming, OliviaFarmington Gymnastics Center A4 XG SrA9.075 8T9.100 109.250 89.125 13T36.550 3
4Kitchen, HollyGym America A4 XG SrA9.100 5T8.800 239.325 49.300 2T36.525 4
5Swanson, EliseRising Starz Fitness A4 XG SrA9.050 10T9.000 15T9.225 9T9.150 9T36.425 5
6Mitchell, HaleeAll Starz Gymnastics A4 XG SrA8.850 21T8.975 17T9.150 139.300 2T36.275 6T
6Meltzer, IsabelJohnson Dance and Gymnastics Inc A4 XG SrA9.200 39.175 7T8.825 21T9.075 20T36.275 6T
6Burney, EmmaHunts Gymnastics Academy A4 XG SrA9.050 10T9.075 11T9.025 169.125 13T36.275 6T
9Hazen, RyleyGrand Blanc Gymnastics Co. A4 XG SrA8.850 21T8.975 17T9.275 5T9.150 9T36.250 9
10Newcorn, AnnaChicago Park Dist A4 XG SrA8.900 198.625 309.475 29.125 13T36.125 10T
10Costello, LydiaAmerican Allstars Gymnastics Academy A4 XG SrA8.650 33T9.200 69.050 159.225 636.125 10T
12Bobo, EmilyAll Starz Gymnastics A4 XG SrA9.000 15*9.325 38.550 329.075 20T35.950 12T
12Shay+Hary, LauraGymQuest Sports Academy A4 XG SrA9.225 1T8.975 17T8.700 259.050 25T35.950 12T
12Terlikowski, KarolinaPalmer's Gymnastics Inc. A4 XG SrA9.050 10T8.525 35T9.225 9T9.150 9T35.950 12T
12Ackerman, GraceGrand Rapids Gymnastics A4 XG SrA9.000 15*9.050 13T8.950 188.950 2935.950 12T
16Buck, EmilyGymnastic Dreams A4 XG SrA9.075 8T8.925 219.225 9T8.675 3335.900 16
17Starr, SydnieFindlay Elite Gymnastics and Cheer A4 XG SrA8.650 33T8.825 229.200 129.100 1935.775 17
18Sibel, KaleighGymnastic Dreams A4 XG SrA8.800 25T9.300 48.575 30T9.025 27T35.700 18
19Campbell, MackenzieFarmington Gymnastics Center A4 XG SrA8.775 27T8.750 269.275 5*8.850 3135.650 19T
19Jakobek, KathyWarren Gymnastics A4 XG SrA9.100 5T8.150 389.275 5*9.125 13T35.650 19T
21Haverkamp, BreannaRising Starz Fitness A4 XG SrA8.850 21T9.075 11T8.625 279.075 20T35.625 21
22Gebben, AnnieKids Gym Inc A4 XG SrA8.350 38T9.000 15T9.125 149.025 27T35.500 22
23Alff, KaitlinLivonia Ultimate Gymnasticz A4 XG SrA8.450 378.975 17T8.925 199.125 13T35.475 23
24Gatland, SydneyAmerican Allstars Gymnastics Academy A4 XG SrA9.000 15T9.150 98.575 30T8.650 3435.375 24
25Acierno, MacKenzieYoungstown Gymnastic Center Inc. A4 XG SrA8.875 208.600 31T8.825 21T9.050 25T35.350 25
26Dunlap, KennedyApex Gymnastics A4 XG SrA9.225 1T8.650 28T8.350 34T9.075 20T35.300 26T
26Curtis, OliviaGymanarium A4 XG SrA8.775 27T8.600 31T8.725 249.200 735.300 26T
28Roman, AlexisKaleidoscope Gymnastics A4 XG SrA8.800 25T8.650 28T8.600 28T9.150 9T35.200 28
29Ruud, SamanthaGym America A4 XG SrA8.650 33T9.425 18.475 338.625 3535.175 29
30Carter, CaitlinCentral Ohio Gymnastics and Cheer A4 XG SrA9.100 5T8.100 398.675 269.250 4T35.125 30T
30Dierckman, JillianGymnaworld A4 XG SrA9.150 48.550 348.350 34T9.075 20T35.125 30T
32Kogut, CaitlynPinnacle Gymnastics and Trampoline Inc. A4 XG SrA8.825 248.525 35T8.325 369.175 834.850 32T
32Ratkay, AlexisIndiana Elite Gymnastics (Lisa's Flip Twisters) A4 XG SrA8.625 368.775 24T8.900 208.550 36T34.850 32T
34Parla, MadisenMidwest Elite Gymnastics Academy A4 XG SrA8.750 29T9.175 7T8.075 388.825 3234.825 34T
34DiSabato, GielaIntegrity Gymnastics and Cheerleading A4 XG SrA8.700 318.600 31T8.600 28T8.925 3034.825 34T
36Clevenger, TaylorNext Level Gymnastics A4 XG SrA8.750 29T8.775 24T8.100 379.125 13T34.750 36
37Mazzocco, IsabellaPinnacle Gymnastics and Trampoline Inc. A4 XG SrA8.675 328.500 379.000 178.450 3834.625 37
38Cotter, LindsayLivonia Ultimate Gymnasticz A4 XG SrA8.350 38T8.725 277.900 398.550 36T33.525 38
39Guardi, ErinElite Sports Complex Inc. A4 XG SrA9.000 15T9.050 13T8.775 230.000 3926.825 39