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2016 Region 5 Xcel Regional Championships -
2016 Region 5 Xcel Regional Championships
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2016-05-122016-05-15 Halker's Gold Gymnastics1100
Meet Scores Session: A2 Level: XG Division: JrA
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA
1Taylor, ClaireOlympia Gymnastics Academy A2 XG JrA9.800 19.175 10T9.375 2T9.250 10T37.600 1
2Wierenga, AlyssaRising Starz Fitness A2 XG JrA9.275 3T9.525 19.475 19.300 5T37.575 2
3Burfield, TyGrand Rapids Gymnastics A2 XG JrA9.275 3T9.425 39.350 48.925 29T36.975 3
4Ambrose, MagdalenaFlipside Gymnastics A2 XG JrA9.000 18T9.350 49.125 15T9.400 136.875 4
5Carlson, HopeFor the Kidz Gymnastics and Trampoline A2 XG JrA9.025 16T9.200 99.125 15T9.325 3T36.675 5
6Burnock, CaleyAmerican Allstars Gymnastics Academy A2 XG JrA9.300 29.075 17T8.950 24T9.325 3T36.650 6
7DeVries, MeridethFlipside Gymnastics A2 XG JrA9.100 8T9.075 17T9.375 2T9.075 2136.625 7
8Carothers, KatieHartland Gymnastics Academy A2 XG JrA9.275 3T8.575 349.275 8T9.375 236.500 8
9Aronoff, RikkiAmerican Allstars Gymnastics Academy A2 XG JrA9.000 18*8.975 219.200 10*9.300 5T36.475 9T
9Zecman, ErinFarmington Gymnastics Center A2 XG JrA9.000 18*9.275 79.200 10*9.000 25T36.475 9T
11Hogan, ShannonAll Starz Gymnastics A2 XG JrA8.800 28T9.150 12T9.325 59.125 16T36.400 11T
11Thibodeau, EmilieAmerican Allstars Gymnastics Academy A2 XG JrA8.950 239.175 10T9.000 219.275 936.400 11T
13Donovan, BridgetRising Starz Fitness A2 XG JrA8.875 269.250 89.300 6T8.950 2836.375 13
14Martin, HalieStars and Stripes Gymnastics A2 XG JrA9.150 78.750 289.300 6T9.150 14T36.350 14
15Thakkar, NikkiMidwest Elite Gymnastics Academy A2 XG JrA9.050 12*9.300 5T8.750 31T9.050 22T36.150 15T
15Rosalin, GabriellaKids Gym Inc A2 XG JrA9.050 12*9.100 15T8.850 299.150 14T36.150 15T
15Prell, SarahAmerican Allstars Gymnastics Academy A2 XG JrA9.075 10T9.000 208.950 24T9.125 16T36.150 15T
18Tyler, SiennaPrestige Gymnastics A2 XG JrA8.775 318.850 24T9.200 10T9.300 5T36.125 18T
18Gehringer, ClaireGreat Lakes Elite Gymnastics A2 XG JrA8.900 259.150 12T8.825 309.250 10T36.125 18T
20Alexander, EmilieFor the Kidz Gymnastics and Trampoline A2 XG JrA8.750 32T9.050 199.125 15T9.125 16T36.050 20
21Jaworski, StevieSpring Hill Gymnastics Inc. A2 XG JrA8.800 28T9.100 15T9.125 15T8.850 3235.875 21T
21Maziarz, IsabelleSpring Hill Gymnastics Inc. A2 XG JrA9.000 18T8.800 278.975 22T9.100 2035.875 21T
23Tama, AubreyPinnacle Gymnastics and Trampoline Inc. A2 XG JrA9.225 69.150 12T8.475 348.900 3135.750 23
24Pline, LaurenFarmington Gymnastics Center A2 XG JrA8.750 32T8.700 30T9.150 149.125 16T35.725 24
25Wiers, KileyFlipside Gymnastics A2 XG JrA8.675 35T8.825 268.975 22T9.200 1235.675 25
26Valli, OliviaFarmington Gymnastics Center A2 XG JrA8.650 37T8.950 229.125 15T8.925 29T35.650 26
27Harpst, DylanFarmington Gymnastics Center A2 XG JrA9.050 12T8.675 32T9.200 10T8.700 3535.625 27
28Richards, EvaMid-America Gymnastics A2 XG JrA8.925 248.925 238.750 31T9.000 25T35.600 28
29Sawdon, FaithGreat Lakes Elite Gymnastics A2 XG JrA8.650 37T8.400 369.125 15T9.300 5T35.475 29T
29Knoll, HaileyWright's Gymnastics Academy A2 XG JrA8.675 35T8.725 298.900 27T9.175 1335.475 29T
31Nowak, EmilyAnn Arbor YMCA A2 XG JrA9.100 8T9.300 5T8.375 36T8.475 3935.250 31
32Kotecki, NatalieKids Gym Inc A2 XG JrA9.000 18T8.150 38T8.900 27T9.050 22T35.100 32
33Jarman, JalynnRising Stars Academy A2 XG JrA8.850 278.150 38T9.275 8T8.800 3435.075 33
34Brill, MelanieMorton Grove Park Gymnastics A2 XG JrA8.750 32T8.700 30T8.725 338.825 3335.000 34
35Murphy, BrookeGymkhana Gymnastics Club and Dance Studio A2 XG JrA9.075 10T8.300 378.950 24T8.525 3834.850 35
36Taylor, AvaPride Of Illinois A2 XG JrA9.025 16T8.450 358.375 36T8.675 36T34.525 36
37Smith, PeytonChampion Gymnastics USA A2 XG JrA9.050 12T7.650 408.450 359.025 2434.175 37
38Bucaro, AllisonBartlett Gymnastics Center A2 XG JrA8.800 28T8.850 24T7.550 388.675 36T33.875 38
39Babcock, AudreyI-Power School of Gymnastics, Inc. A2 XG JrA8.400 398.675 32T7.400 398.975 2733.450 39
40Schluckebier, NatalieGedderts Twistars USA A2 XG JrA0.000 409.475 20.000 400.000 409.475 40
41Dolenga, ReneeAmerican Allstars Gymnastics Academy A2 XG JrA0.000 0.000 0.000 0.000