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2016 Region 5 Xcel Regional Championships -
2016 Region 5 Xcel Regional Championships
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2016-05-122016-05-15 Halker's Gold Gymnastics1100
Meet ScoresTeam: Pride Of Illinois
Team Scores  Show Personal Bests    All Scores  Level:   GA,  PA,  SA,  XD,  XG,  XP,  XS,
#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA
1Doehring, MadisonPride Of Illinois A6 GA All9.100 16T9.175 9T9.300 22T9.200 16T36.775 14T
2Petrovic, AlannaPride Of Illinois A7 XS All8.800 27T9.300 18T9.550 1T8.900 2636.550 15T
3Tole, HannahPride Of Illinois A7 SA All8.900 25T9.325 18T9.275 22T9.025 2136.525 24T
4Kassing, LillyPride Of Illinois A6 XG All8.700 31T9.475 19.250 15*9.025 19T36.450 9T
5Brooks, AveryPride Of Illinois A6 GA All8.775 318.975 199.575 29.075 2836.400 19T
6Kirk, MackenziePride Of Illinois A6 XG All8.825 25T9.025 209.500 3T9.025 19T36.375 11
6Winkler, MakennaPride Of Illinois A1 XG ChB8.500 36T9.350 49.300 49.225 7T36.375 7
8Mager, HopePride Of Illinois A6 XG All8.900 18T8.850 23T9.375 10T9.125 14T36.250 17
9Doehring, CaylinPride Of Illinois A6 GA All8.850 26T8.625 289.475 108.900 32T35.850 29
10Mathews, AbbyPride Of Illinois B4 XS JrC8.250 399.025 24T9.325 13T9.200 19T35.800 27T
11Taylor, AvaPride Of Illinois A2 XG JrA9.025 16T8.450 358.375 36T8.675 36T34.525 36