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2016 Region 5 Xcel Regional Championships -
2016 Region 5 Xcel Regional Championships
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2016-05-122016-05-15 Halker's Gold Gymnastics1100
Meet Scores Session: A7
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA
1McBryar, CamdenGym-Nation L.L.C. A7 SA All8.900 25T9.675 19.350 17T8.850 2936.775 16
2Meredith, KennedyThe Gymnastics Company A7 SA All9.225 10T9.650 29.400 14T9.225 7T37.500 4
3Johnson, EmilyGym-Nation L.L.C. A7 SA All9.250 7T9.600 39.450 9T8.800 31T37.100 10
4Waselewsky, LaynaRising Starz Fitness A7 SA All8.700 29T9.525 49.800 19.200 9T37.225 8
4Jones, MyraTumble Town A7 XS All9.100 149.525 19.150 26T8.775 3136.550 15T
6Henig, JuliaAmerican Allstars Gymnastics Academy A7 SA All9.350 3T9.500 5T9.450 9T9.475 137.775 1
6Aharauka, AngelThe Sports Club of West Bloomfield A7 SA All9.350 3T9.500 5T9.500 79.400 337.750 2
8Barager, HaleyNorthStar Gymnastics Inc A7 XS All9.275 29.475 2T9.300 169.000 14T37.050 2T
8Wenger, HannahDiva gymnastics Academy A7 XS All8.875 239.475 2T9.275 17T9.050 9T36.675 11T
10Ehman, AnnabelleGymnastics X-Calibur A7 SA All9.125 189.450 7T9.700 28.975 22T37.250 7
10Irish, EmersonGrand Rapids Gymnastics A7 XS All9.200 6T9.450 4T9.425 6T8.975 19T37.050 2T
10Koch, LeahRising Starz Fitness A7 SA All8.925 249.450 7T9.350 17T9.300 437.025 13
10McCollom, EllaGymnastics X-Calibur A7 SA All9.000 21T9.450 7T9.200 278.875 2836.525 24T
10Doran, MearaWright's Gymnastics Academy A7 XS All9.050 15T9.450 4T9.225 20T8.750 3236.475 19
10Potter, MadisonInterActive Academy A7 SA All9.100 199.450 7T8.950 318.800 31T36.300 29
10Wiseman, CatelynInterActive Academy A7 XS All9.000 17T9.450 4T9.200 248.650 3336.300 25
17Boyer, AveryTri-State Gymnastics A7 SA All9.250 7T9.425 11T9.550 5T9.250 637.475 5
17Solomon, AnnieEmeth Gymnastics A7 XS All8.700 309.425 79.550 1T9.300 436.975 5
17Lally, SamieRising Star A7 SA All9.150 16T9.425 11T8.850 339.200 9T36.625 19
17Page, AnneliseExcel Gymnastics Club A7 SA All8.650 319.425 11T9.475 89.050 15*36.600 20T
17Schulze, LaurenMedina Gymnastics Academy A7 SA All8.550 329.425 11T9.275 22T8.950 24T36.200 30
17Dorst, JamisonCentral Ohio Gymnastics and Cheer A7 SA All9.000 21T9.425 11T9.050 308.550 33T36.025 31
23Sullivan, ReaganAmerican Allstars Gymnastics Academy A7 XS All9.050 15T9.400 8T9.500 3T9.175 637.125 1
23Woodruff, AlainaGym-Nation L.L.C. A7 XS All8.850 24T9.400 8T9.175 258.975 19T36.400 21
25Johnson, SofieThe Sports Club of West Bloomfield A7 SA All9.200 13T9.375 169.625 39.450 237.650 3
25Harrison, ElizabethCutting Edge Athletics A7 XS All9.150 10T9.375 10T9.500 3T8.850 2936.875 6T
25Christenson, IsabelBartlett Gymnastics Center A7 XS All8.525 319.375 10T9.450 59.100 836.450 20
25Bonitz, TrinityMedina Gymnastics Academy A7 XS All8.450 329.375 10T9.350 148.925 2536.100 27
29Common, AmeeraMidwest Elite Gymnastics Academy A7 SA All9.000 21T9.350 179.225 25T9.075 1436.650 17T
29Hopkins, SarahRising Star A7 XS All9.175 8T9.350 13T8.975 319.050 9T36.550 15T
29Lueker, ReaganExcel Gymnastics Club A7 XS All8.900 19T9.350 13T9.225 20T8.875 27T36.350 23
29Linn, ErinExcel Gymnastics Club A7 XS All8.400 339.350 13T9.275 17T9.000 14T36.025 30
33Taylor, RebeccaMedina Gymnastics Academy A7 SA All9.450 19.325 18T9.450 9T9.050 15T37.275 6
33Davenport, AybreonnGym-Nation L.L.C. A7 SA All9.050 209.325 18T9.575 49.200 9T37.150 9
33Anderson, AvaRising Star A7 SA All9.225 10T9.325 18T9.450 9T9.050 15T37.050 11T
33Hyland, AlannaChicago Park Dist A7 XS All9.150 10T9.325 16T9.400 8T9.125 737.000 4
33Male, OliviaRising Starz Fitness A7 XS All9.175 8T9.325 16T9.400 8T8.975 19T36.875 6T
33Tole, HannahPride Of Illinois A7 SA All8.900 25T9.325 18T9.275 22T9.025 2136.525 24T
39Dalou, MaryThe Sports Club of West Bloomfield A7 XS All8.800 27T9.300 18T9.425 6T9.325 336.850 9
39Petrovic, AlannaPride Of Illinois A7 XS All8.800 27T9.300 18T9.550 1T8.900 2636.550 15T
39Ly, BrooklynFor the Kidz Gymnastics and Trampoline A7 XS All9.200 6T9.300 18T9.000 309.000 14T36.500 18
42Powell, SonjaTumble Town A7 SA All9.200 13T9.275 22T9.400 14T8.925 2636.800 14T
42Jimenez, IsabellaExcel Gymnastics Club A7 SA All8.500 349.275 22T9.550 5T9.225 7T36.550 23
42Mueller, MorganFive Star Gymnastics A7 XS All8.850 24T9.275 21T9.250 198.950 23T36.325 24
42Weir, EllaInterActive Academy A7 XS All8.350 349.275 21T8.750 349.000 14T35.375 34
46McDonald, NatalieIK Gymnastics A7 SA All8.850 279.250 249.450 9T9.050 15*36.600 20T
46Barbour, KateWorld Class Gymnastics Center A7 XS All8.900 19T9.250 23T9.225 20T9.200 536.575 14
46Alber, SophieMedina Gymnastics Academy A7 XS All8.750 299.250 23T9.375 11T8.800 3036.175 26
49Sinito, SophiaEmeth Gymnastics A7 XS All9.300 19.225 25T9.325 159.025 12T36.875 6T
49Hargreaves, EllaInterActive Academy A7 XS All9.150 10T9.225 25T8.650 359.350 1T36.375 22
51Cartwright, KeiraAmerican Allstars Gymnastics Academy A7 SA All9.325 59.200 259.225 25T9.050 15T36.800 14T
51Velguth, ValerieElite Sports Complex Inc. A7 XS All9.250 39.200 279.400 8T8.875 27T36.725 10
53Barodawalla, DurriyahMidland Gymnastics Training Center A7 SA All9.250 7T9.175 26T8.925 329.100 1336.450 26
53Hardy, JuliaExcel Gymnastics Club A7 SA All8.700 29T9.175 26T9.075 298.975 22T35.925 32
55Powell, GretaTumble Town A7 XS All9.125 139.150 288.875 328.500 3435.650 32
56Rieke, JillianDefiance Area YMCA A7 XS All9.225 4T9.125 299.375 11T8.950 23T36.675 11T
57Rogers, KirsiExcel Gymnastics Club A7 SA All9.400 29.075 28T9.300 219.275 537.050 11T
57Phelps, MadelineGymnastics Etc. A7 SA All9.225 10T9.075 28T9.375 168.900 2736.575 22
57Nelson, GraceMedina Gymnastics Academy A7 SA All8.800 289.075 28T9.325 19T9.175 1236.375 27
57Gray, MacyRising Star A7 SA All9.150 16T9.075 28T9.275 22T8.825 3036.325 28
57Caldwell, SarahMidwest Elite Gymnastics Academy A7 XS All8.850 24T9.075 309.150 26T9.000 14T36.075 28
62Shearer, ChloeFive Star Gymnastics A7 XS All9.000 17T9.050 31T9.225 20T9.350 1T36.625 13
62(Rachel) Klotter, MaryTumble Town A7 XS All9.225 4T9.050 31T8.825 338.350 3535.450 33
64Wright, SydneyFive Star Gymnastics A7 SA All9.175 159.025 328.825 348.550 33T35.575 34
65Eikey, AlyssaGymnastics X-Calibur A7 SA All9.275 69.000 33T9.325 19T9.050 15T36.650 17T
65Morgan, PeytonWorld Class Gymnastics Center A7 SA All8.525 339.000 33T9.175 288.950 24T35.650 33
67York, BrooklynGymnastics Etc. A7 XS All8.900 19T8.975 33T9.125 299.050 9T36.050 29
67Christmas, RylieSummit Academy Of Gymnastics A7 XS All8.900 19T8.975 33T9.150 26T8.975 19T36.000 31
69Beard, MyaGymnastics X-Calibur A7 XS All8.000 358.925 359.375 11T9.025 12T35.325 35
70Goins, KylieExcel Gymnastics Club A7 SA All0.000 0.000 0.000 29T0.000