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Xcel State Championships -
Xcel State Championships
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2016-04-152016-04-17 SPORT Gymnastics887
Meet ScoresTeam: Kids Club Fun and
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA

1Mayberry, JoslynKids Club Fun and XG XG Jr C8.850 1T9.150 3T9.450 3T8.950 13T36.400 3T
2Runnells, AlexandraKids Club Fun and XG XG Ch D8.525 13T8.925 19T8.450 17T8.650 25T34.550 23T
3Wilford, KaeleiKids Club Fun and XG XG Ch B8.550 21T8.800 21T8.300 29T8.450 33T34.100 29T
4Mayberry, KyleeKids Club Fun and XS XS Ch B8.900 108.700 139.050 87.100 1433.750 12
5Wegerer, AdrienneKids Club Fun and XS XS Jr D8.575 148.650 148.200 167.950 1633.375 16
6Mickel, RubeeKids Club Fun and XG XG Jr B8.400 23T8.150 33T8.150 27T8.375 31T33.075 31T
7Selders, ChloeeKids Club Fun and XS XS Ch A8.425 127.800 179.025 97.650 16T32.900 16
8Selders, BaileeKids Club Fun and XG XG Ch D8.300 25T8.000 31T7.750 31T8.800 13T32.850 29T