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Cartwheel Carnival -
Cartwheel Carnival
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2016-05-272016-05-29 TIGAR496
Team ScoresTeam: Active Athletics Level: XB
Individual Scores  All Scores Level:   XB,  XG,  XS,
# Team LevelVaultBarsBeamFloorAA
1Active Athletics XB28.900 7T28.650 13T29.150 4T28.050 13T114.750 7T
      Danna, Vienna   9.700      9.750    
      Doty, Elizabeth      9.500      9.300 
      Evans, Allyson      9.550   9.600    
      Fisk, Logan         9.800    
      Krause, Jayden   9.550         9.350 
      Larson, Raina   9.650          
      Lawson, Paige      9.600       
      Rasmussen, Ellia            9.400 
1These are not the official team scores.
The team scores are calculated by summarizing the 3 best individual scores on each event by level.