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2016 Michigan Xcel State Meet -
2016 Michigan Xcel State Meet
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2016-04-152016-04-17 Mid Michigan Gymnastics1076
Meet Scores Session: 3A Level: XS Division: CH D
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA
1Waselewsky, LaynaRising Starz Fitness 3A XS CH D9.075 79.300 12T9.775 19.450 3T37.600 1
2Simpson, GabrielleMills Gymnastics USA 3A XS CH D9.175 1T9.400 7T9.325 15T9.300 837.200 4T
3Slusarski, KayleeSouthern Michigan Gymnastics 3A XS CH D8.875 12T9.025 29T9.450 6T9.250 1136.600 12
4Johnson, MariahDownriver Gymnastics 3A XS CH D9.125 59.475 3T9.275 20T8.650 54T36.525 13
5Silski, MiaStars and Stripes Gymnastics 3A XS CH D8.750 22T9.250 14T9.100 35T9.325 6T36.425 14
6Shapero, AndieThe Sports Club of West Bloomfield 3A XS CH D8.750 22*9.425 69.375 10T8.675 50T36.225 18T
7Dunn, SydneySplitz Gymnastics 3A XS CH D8.650 33T8.750 519.200 29T9.275 9T35.875 25T
8Trifan, HaileyRising Starz Fitness 3A XS CH D8.600 379.025 29T8.850 51T9.275 9T35.750 30
9Lyons, KateLivonia Ultimate Gymnasticz 3A XS CH D8.875 12T8.800 46T9.375 10T8.650 54T35.700 32
10Keen, AddisonSplitz Gymnastics 3A XS CH D8.975 118.475 648.950 44T9.150 15T35.550 33
11Carter, JaylaGrand Rapids Gymnastics 3A XS CH D8.750 22T8.975 34T9.175 318.600 58T35.500 34
12Kraley, EmilyFlipside Gymnastics 3A XS CH D8.175 618.925 39T9.325 15T8.925 3435.350 36T
12Barraza, AnjaleahNorthStar Gymnastics Inc 3A XS CH D8.675 329.300 12T8.575 648.800 41T35.350 36T
14Erskine, CarolineApex Gymnastics 3A XS CH D8.450 46T9.000 32T9.050 38T8.150 68T34.650 50T
14Ledbetter, IsabellaDownriver Gymnastics 3A XS CH D8.425 52T8.650 56T8.875 508.700 4934.650 50T
16Sennett, MakennaLivonia Ultimate Gymnasticz 3A XS CH D8.550 41T8.225 68T8.550 65T8.675 50T34.000 62
17Boland, MayaLivonia Ultimate Gymnasticz 3A XS CH D8.300 578.500 60T8.850 51T8.050 7133.700 65
18Ottinger, RebeccaHunts Gymnastics Academy 3A XS CH D8.275 588.675 54T4.000 758.575 63T29.525 75