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2016 Michigan Xcel State Meet -
2016 Michigan Xcel State Meet
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2016-04-152016-04-17 Mid Michigan Gymnastics1076
Meet Scores Session: 2A Level: XS Division: JR G
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA
1Cascianelli, AmandaStars and Stripes Gymnastics 2A XS JR G9.300 19.075 349.200 49T9.100 11T36.675 9T
2Bello, RaquelGrand Rapids Gymnastics 2A XS JR G8.750 32T9.500 29.600 2T8.775 44T36.625 11T
3Zale, AveriSplitz Gymnastics 2A XS JR G8.975 14T9.275 12T9.450 88.825 37T36.525 15
4Brock, CampbellHartland Gymnastics Academy 2A XS JR G8.875 209.025 37T9.525 59.000 24T36.425 16
5Macyda, AlexaSplitz Gymnastics 2A XS JR G9.250 29.175 19T9.400 12T8.550 67T36.375 17T
6Dunsmore, EllaGreat Lakes Elite Gymnastics 2A XS JR G8.475 54T9.275 12T9.225 43T9.150 736.125 23
7Schepis, MarisaLivonia Ultimate Gymnasticz 2A XS JR G8.400 599.125 26T9.400 12T9.100 11T36.025 25T
8Mitchell, EllaKids Gym Inc 2A XS JR G9.125 7T9.025 37T9.275 34T8.550 67T35.975 28T
9Monte, SydneyAmerican Gymnastics Institute 2A XS JR G8.450 56T9.200 189.250 39T9.025 22T35.925 30
10Paulson, NoraFor the Kidz Gymnastics and Trampoline 2A XS JR G8.775 30T9.150 22T9.325 27T8.650 57T35.900 31
11Caldwell, EmmaMills Gymnastics USA 2A XS JR G9.100 9T9.000 41T9.400 12T8.150 8335.650 37
12Colon, EliseiaGymnastics In Motion 2A XS JR G8.475 54T9.050 35T9.300 30T8.750 47T35.575 40T
13Brown, StephanieCutting Edge Athletics 2A XS JR G8.550 51*8.825 56T9.350 23T8.775 44T35.500 42T
14Frommeyer, AlisonGedderts Twistars USA 2A XS JR G8.600 46T8.750 60T9.200 49T8.600 64T35.150 52
15Widun, ElizabethMichigan Elite Gymnastics Academy 2A XS JR G8.800 23T8.500 788.900 728.650 57T34.850 59T
16Bladen, TabithaRed Cedar Gymnastics, LLC 2A XS JR G8.125 718.675 67T9.400 12T8.600 64T34.800 63
17Kaszubski, MeganGymnastic Training Center Rochester 2A XS JR G8.825 21T8.200 829.275 34T8.450 7434.750 64T
18Harlock, GracieFarmington Gymnastics Center 2A XS JR G7.950 789.300 10T9.175 54T8.250 80T34.675 66T
19Weeks, GeorgiaTEAM 306 2A XS JR G8.600 46T8.600 728.475 838.800 39T34.475 70
20Bickersteth, GraceBloomfield Gymnastics 2A XS JR G8.350 60T8.650 69T9.025 65T8.250 80T34.275 73
21Kettwich, HadleyTEAM 306 2A XS JR G8.050 76T8.325 799.275 34T8.500 70T34.150 74
22Douglas, TaraLivonia Ultimate Gymnasticz 2A XS JR G8.150 69T8.775 598.525 818.675 53T34.125 75
23Watkins, MariaNorthStar Gymnastics Inc 2A XS JR G8.275 668.275 818.350 848.950 3033.850 80