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Wilkey's Gymnastics Invitational -
Wilkey's Gymnastics Invitational
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2016-02-122016-02-14 Wilkey's GymnasticsClick here662
Meet Scores Session: 7 Level: XS Division: Child
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVault PBVaultBars PBBarsBeam PBBeamFloor PBFloorAA PBAA

1Gallinelli, MiaWilkey's Gymnastics 7 XS Child9.2009.050 19T9.4509.150 17T9.4509.300 4T9.3509.350 11T37.20036.850 9
1Ettore, GabriellaGymnastics and More, Inc. 7 XS Child9.1009.100 15T9.2759.000 32T9.5009.300 4T9.2258.900 40T36.55036.300 20T
3Chiesa, JulianaWilkey's Gymnastics 7 XS Child9.3509.150 149.0509.050 28T9.2509.250 79.3509.300 13T36.75036.750 10
4Giogas, NicoletteTumblekids USA Billerica 7 XS Child9.7009.400 4T9.6009.150 17T9.6509.150 10T9.6509.650 138.05037.350 2
4Tonsing, MalloryTim Daggett Gold Medal Gymnastics 7 XS Child9.3509.100 15T9.2509.200 11T9.4009.150 10T9.2509.250 15T36.80036.700 11
6Truong, KaileA2 Gym and Cheer, LLC 7 XS Child9.5008.550 519.6759.250 109.3009.100 14T9.4259.000 31*37.80035.900 27T
7Laverty, CoraTumblekids USA Billerica 7 XS Child9.3509.350 6T9.2009.000 32*9.5009.050 16T9.1509.150 21*36.55036.550 14T
8Murphy, JuliaTumblekids USA Billerica 7 XS Child9.6009.300 8T9.5509.100 24T9.7009.000 18T9.7259.500 2T37.62536.900 7T
8Maxwell, ZoeA2 Gym and Cheer, LLC 7 XS Child8.9008.650 479.1508.600 52T9.3509.000 18T9.2509.000 31T35.82535.250 46
10Mennella, CharlotteTim Daggett Gold Medal Gymnastics 7 XS Child9.5009.000 21T9.3509.150 17T9.1008.900 28T9.4509.350 11T36.80036.400 19
11Haines, TessTim Daggett Gold Medal Gymnastics 7 XS Child9.2508.900 27T9.3009.300 7T8.9508.800 36T9.2009.050 27T36.50036.050 24
12Lewis, MelanieTumblekids USA Billerica 7 XS Child9.4008.800 35T9.0008.850 42T9.4508.600 45*9.4009.050 27T36.55035.300 41T
13Kennedy, CaitlinTumblekids USA Billerica 7 XS Child9.5008.800 35T9.2008.750 47T9.6508.500 50T9.5008.400 5437.37534.450 54
14Cote, MadisonA2 Gym and Cheer, LLC 7 XS Child9.4508.800 35T9.7509.100 24T9.3008.200 53T9.4259.250 15T37.72535.350 39T