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Level 1/2/3A District 7 Championships -
Level 1/2/3A District 7 Championships
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2014-10-242014-10-26 Gymnastics Of San Antonio216
Meet Scores Session: All Level: 2
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA
1Santiago, IsabellaNorthwest Kids Sports Complex of Rockport All 2 All9.700 2T9.100 23T9.550 7T9.350 15T37.700 1T
1Bocanegra, AraceliNorthwest Kids Sports Complex of Rockport All 2 All9.400 14T9.300 10T9.600 3T9.400 10T37.700 1T
3Aljibe, CamilleW.E. Gymnastics All 2 All9.175 37T9.500 1T9.475 119.500 4T37.650 3
4LeBlanc, AddisynAlamo Heights Gymnastics Academy All 2 All9.675 49.050 29T9.400 13T9.475 6T37.600 4
5Abuzeid, SharonCrossfire Gymnastics All 2 All9.000 65T9.400 89.650 29.475 6T37.525 5
6Rosen, AlyssaArtemov Gymnastics All 2 All9.550 7T9.300 10T9.250 30T9.300 19T37.400 6
7Lopez, TaisPowerhouse Gymnastics and Tumbling All 2 All9.525 99.150 20T9.400 13T9.300 19T37.375 7
8Lara, VictoriaPalm Valley Gymnastics All 2 All9.425 12T9.425 79.200 34T9.300 19T37.350 8
9Haider, VictoriaVIP Center All 2 All9.450 119.100 23T9.575 69.200 33T37.325 9
10Williams, NinaRiver City Gym and Cheerleading All 2 All9.053 549.250 12T9.750 19.225 30T37.278 10
11Lopez, ZammiraPowerhouse Gymnastics and Tumbling All 2 All9.350 18T9.000 32T9.400 13T9.500 4T37.250 11
12Dorries, PresleyCrossfire Gymnastics All 2 All9.375 16T9.500 1T9.300 23T9.050 57T37.225 12
13McDermott, SamanthaArtemov Gymnastics All 2 All9.650 5T8.900 40T9.200 34T9.400 10T37.150 13T
13Hull, EllingtonPalm Valley Gymnastics All 2 All9.400 14T9.450 3T9.050 52T9.250 26T37.150 13T
15Tischler, CourtneyRiver City Gym and Cheerleading All 2 All9.050 55T9.350 99.450 129.175 39T37.025 15
16Landivar, KelcieW.E. Gymnastics All 2 All9.100 47T9.450 3T9.150 44T9.275 24T36.975 16
17Bettencourt, MiaRiver City Gym and Cheerleading All 2 All9.325 21T9.450 3T9.000 56T9.175 39T36.950 17
18Robles, LianahPalm Valley Gymnastics All 2 All9.025 61T9.200 18T9.325 229.375 13T36.925 18
19Garner, LilyCrossfire Gymnastics All 2 All9.250 28T9.250 12T9.600 3T8.750 80T36.850 19T
19Blanco, AlyssaJing's Gymnastics and Dance All 2 All9.300 25T8.900 40T9.200 34T9.450 8T36.850 19T
19Cavazos, VanessaAerial Athletics All 2 All9.175 37T9.150 20T9.200 34T9.325 1836.850 19T
22Roten, BlakelyAerial Athletics All 2 All9.025 61T8.600 56T9.550 7T9.575 236.750 22T
22Edmonds, KaitlinAerial Athletics All 2 All8.975 70T8.950 399.550 7T9.275 24T36.750 22T
24De Leon, ArielJing's Gymnastics and Dance All 2 All9.250 28T9.000 32T9.275 27T9.200 33T36.725 24
25Koshman, MariyaArtemov Gymnastics All 2 All9.925 18.100 84T9.400 13T9.225 30T36.650 25T
25Salinas, JazlynnPowerhouse Gymnastics and Tumbling All 2 All9.125 45T9.250 12T8.925 62T9.350 15T36.650 25T
27Amador, AnissaW.E. Gymnastics All 2 All8.950 76T9.150 20T9.200 34T9.300 19T36.600 27T
27Green, HeavenAlamo Heights Gymnastics Academy All 2 All9.200 33T9.100 23T9.225 32T9.075 5636.600 27T
29Beam, CaitlynVIP Center All 2 All9.200 33T9.000 32T9.350 19T9.025 60T36.575 29T
29Dennis, ReaganLove Gymnastics All 2 All9.175 37T9.225 178.950 60T9.225 30T36.575 29T
31VanderBurg, SuzanneBoerne Gymnastics Center All 2 All9.100 47T9.250 12T9.125 469.025 60T36.500 31
32Henning, SaraDysarz Academy of Gymnastics All 2 All9.475 108.850 43T9.100 47T9.000 64T36.425 32T
32Keith, PaitynVIP Center All 2 All8.775 91T9.200 18T9.350 19T9.100 46T36.425 32T
32Garza, JadeNorthwest Kids Sports Complex of Rockport All 2 All9.075 52T9.000 32T9.300 23T9.050 57T36.425 32T
35Reza, AriannaPalm Valley Gymnastics All 2 All9.050 55T9.100 23T9.000 56T9.250 26T36.400 35
36Reyes, RyleeVIP Center All 2 All8.988 699.100 23T9.200 34T9.100 46T36.388 36
37Calkins, EmilyAlamo Heights Gymnastics Academy All 2 All9.150 42T9.250 12T8.950 60T9.025 60T36.375 37
38Gomez, AvianaAlamo Gymnastics Center All 2 All8.950 76T8.600 56T9.100 47T9.600 136.250 38T
38Mascorro, HaileyTumbling Central Gymnastics All 2 All9.350 18T8.050 86T9.400 13T9.450 8T36.250 38T
38Mendez, JennaPalm Valley Gymnastics All 2 All8.800 89T9.050 29T9.100 47T9.300 19T36.250 38T
41Halford, LanePalm Valley Gymnastics All 2 All9.100 47T9.450 3T8.500 90T9.175 39T36.225 41T
41Rodriguez, DaleilaDysarz Academy of Gymnastics All 2 All9.200 33T9.000 32T9.100 47T8.925 70T36.225 41T
43Perez, MirandaPowerhouse Gymnastics and Tumbling All 2 All9.275 278.850 43T8.675 849.375 13T36.175 43
44Tamez, Ana-LauraPowerhouse Gymnastics and Tumbling All 2 All9.225 30T8.650 54T9.175 41T9.100 46T36.150 44
45Arellano, ReeseAlamo Heights Gymnastics Academy All 2 All9.225 30T8.250 81T9.250 30T9.350 15T36.075 45T
45Rodriguez, MadelinePalm Valley Gymnastics All 2 All9.025 61T8.500 62T9.350 19T9.200 33T36.075 45T
47Green, OliviaAlamo Gymnastics Center All 2 All9.425 12T8.700 50T8.800 72T9.100 46T36.025 47T
47Garza, MarieleAwesome Athletics All 2 All8.950 76T8.700 50T9.275 27T9.100 46T36.025 47T
47Chatys, IsabellaAerial Athletics All 2 All8.950 76T8.850 43T9.225 32T9.000 64T36.025 47T
50Menchaca, ElenaAlamo Gymnastics Center All 2 All9.700 2T8.050 86T9.100 47T9.150 42T36.000 50T
50Koshman, TatyanaArtemov Gymnastics All 2 All9.650 5T8.500 62T8.925 62T8.925 70T36.000 50T
52Perez, SamanthaJing's Gymnastics and Dance All 2 All9.150 42T8.400 72T9.175 41T9.250 26T35.975 52
53Askew, SophieAlamo Heights Gymnastics Academy All 2 All9.300 25T8.550 619.025 54T9.025 60T35.900 53
54Loya, AlondraTumbling Central Gymnastics All 2 All9.325 21T7.400 99T9.600 3T9.550 335.875 54
55Pena, MariselaAlamo Gymnastics Center All 2 All8.975 70T8.500 62T9.275 27T9.100 46T35.850 55
56Williamson, G.G.Alamo Gymnastics Center All 2 All9.100 47T8.100 84T9.200 34T9.400 10T35.800 56T
56Sampayo, LouisaPalm Valley Gymnastics All 2 All9.100 47T8.600 56T8.900 64T9.200 33T35.800 56T
58Perez, EmeliaVIP Center All 2 All9.188 368.400 72T9.500 108.700 87T35.788 58
59Preece, KimberRiver City Gym and Cheerleading All 2 All8.850 85T8.700 50T9.000 56T9.200 33T35.750 59T
59Salinas, KaylaPowerhouse TNT Gymnastics All 2 All9.050 55T8.850 43T8.750 75T9.100 46T35.750 59T
61Garvin, EmmaAlamo Gymnastics Center All 2 All9.550 7T8.750 48T9.000 56T8.400 9735.700 61T
61West, AniyaPowerhouse TNT Gymnastics All 2 All9.350 18T8.500 62T9.150 44T8.700 87T35.700 61T
63Mikel, AlexisLove Gymnastics All 2 All9.025 61T8.650 54T8.900 64T9.000 64T35.575 63T
63Drozd, KaylinNorthwest Kids Sports Complex of Rockport All 2 All8.925 80T8.900 40T8.850 69T8.900 72T35.575 63T
65Lile, ElizabethRiver City Gym and Cheerleading All 2 All9.050 55T8.300 78T9.050 52T9.125 44T35.525 65
66Beam, ChloeVIP Center All 2 All9.175 37T8.500 62T8.875 688.950 6935.500 66
67Rodriguez, AnelPowerhouse Gymnastics and Tumbling All 2 All8.725 96T8.300 78T9.300 23T9.100 46T35.425 67
68Benavidez, KrystalPalm Valley Gymnastics All 2 All9.325 21T8.050 86T8.850 69T9.150 42T35.375 68T
68Rosignol, AndiPalm Valley Gymnastics All 2 All9.325 21T9.100 23T7.750 1029.200 33T35.375 68T
70Boggess, CambellAlamo Gymnastics Center All 2 All8.725 96T8.450 68T9.025 54T9.125 44T35.325 70
71Aston, JacelynnAlamo Heights Gymnastics Academy All 2 All9.000 65T8.450 68T8.600 87T9.250 26T35.300 71T
71Benevich, MayaPowerhouse TNT Gymnastics All 2 All9.050 55T8.450 68T8.700 81T9.100 46T35.300 71T
73St John, AlexaPalm Valley Gymnastics All 2 All8.925 80T8.350 76T8.750 75T9.100 46T35.125 73
74Balido, JuliannaW.E. Gymnastics All 2 All8.850 85T8.600 56T8.900 64T8.750 80T35.100 74
75Washburn, ZavannahPowerhouse TNT Gymnastics All 2 All9.050 55T8.400 72T8.800 72T8.750 80T35.000 75
76Martinez, CheyenneRiver City Gym and Cheerleading All 2 All9.375 16T7.750 938.700 81T9.050 57T34.875 76
77Nava, TaylorVIP Center All 2 All9.075 52T7.600 979.175 41T9.000 64T34.850 77
78Sparks, AbigailAlamo Gymnastics Center All 2 All8.800 89T8.300 78T8.900 64T8.750 80T34.750 78
79Addkison, HaileyNorthwest Kids Sports Complex of Rockport All 2 All8.975 70T7.450 989.375 188.900 72T34.700 79T
79Dockens, SwaydTAGS World Gymnastics All 2 All8.900 82T8.450 68T8.750 75T8.600 91T34.700 79T
81Drummond, JosephineRandolph Flyers All 2 All8.875 848.750 48T8.500 90T8.525 9534.650 81
82Ruan, LilyPowerhouse Gymnastics and Tumbling All 2 All9.175 37T7.900 91T8.775 748.750 80T34.600 82
83Guerra, SofaniaAwesome Athletics All 2 All9.150 42T8.200 838.350 94T8.850 7634.550 83
84Jones, EmorieAmerican Allstar All 2 All8.975 70T8.800 477.900 99T8.825 7734.500 84
85Guerrero, AnnikaDysarz Academy of Gymnastics All 2 All9.225 30T7.950 908.400 92T8.875 74T34.450 85
86Castaneda, XolW.E. Gymnastics All 2 All9.000 65T7.900 91T8.600 87T8.875 74T34.375 86
87Navarro, NinaW.E. Gymnastics All 2 All8.750 93T8.250 81T8.750 75T8.600 91T34.350 87
88Kirchoff, AmeliaW.E. Gymnastics All 2 All8.725 96T9.000 32T8.250 968.350 9934.325 88
89Reilly, ElizabethAlamo Gymnastics Center All 2 All8.975 70T8.000 898.750 75T8.550 9434.275 89T
89Cook, HaleighTAGS World Gymnastics All 2 All8.700 998.500 62T8.650 85T8.425 9634.275 89T
91Gonzalez, AlynaPowerhouse TNT Gymnastics All 2 All8.900 82T8.350 76T7.975 989.000 64T34.225 91
92Getman, TaylorTAGS World Gymnastics All 2 All8.775 91T7.650 95T8.650 85T8.600 91T33.675 92
93Ewald, JacquelineAmerican Allstar All 2 All8.750 93T9.050 29T7.000 106T8.750 80T33.550 93
94Bell, VanessaRiver City Gym and Cheerleading All 2 All8.975 70T7.400 99T8.350 94T8.775 7933.500 94
95Lindner, AlexisBoerne Gymnastics Center All 2 All8.650 1027.200 1038.700 81T8.725 8633.275 95
96Barnes, PaigeRandolph Flyers All 2 All8.300 1039.000 32T8.100 977.800 10333.200 96
97Jones, JoyRandolph Flyers All 2 All8.675 100T6.900 1068.750 75T8.800 7833.125 97
98Sarellano, CynthiaJing's Gymnastics and Dance All 2 All7.950 1048.400 72T9.300 23T7.350 10633.000 98
99Walker, BaileyAerial Athletics All 2 All9.125 45T7.150 1047.850 1018.700 87T32.825 99
100Gonzalez, AlesandraAwesome Athletics All 2 All7.250 1058.700 50T8.400 92T8.375 9832.725 100
101Fischl, KaelynnPowerhouse TNT Gymnastics All 2 All6.325 1078.600 56T8.850 69T8.675 9032.450 101T
101Reyes, EmmaW.E. Gymnastics All 2 All8.850 85T7.400 99T8.600 87T7.600 10532.450 101T
103Marquez, DanicaAerial Athletics All 2 All8.750 93T7.000 1057.900 99T7.850 10131.500 103
104Peterson, TatumAmerican Allstar All 2 All8.825 887.250 1027.650 104T7.750 10431.475 104
105Jackson, MarleyAmerican Allstar All 2 All8.675 100T6.500 1077.650 104T8.000 10030.825 105
106Sterns, AspenAmerican Allstar All 2 All9.000 65T7.700 947.700 1036.350 10730.750 106
107Pitasi, MayaAwesome Athletics All 2 All7.150 1067.650 95T7.000 106T7.825 10229.625 107