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2015 Washington XCEL State Championships -
2015 Washington XCEL State Championships
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2015-04-232015-04-26 Northwest Aerials562
Meet Scores Session: 06 Level: XG Division: Jr C
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA

1Rector, WyattNorthwest Aerials 06 XG Jr C8.975 28.900 28T9.300 5T9.350 136.525 3
2Zimmerman, KajsaVancouver Elite Gymnastics Academy 06 XG Jr C8.700 8T9.650 18.900 25T8.850 21T36.100 4
3Nicacio, RachelVancouver Elite Gymnastics Academy 06 XG Jr C8.475 229.150 15T9.300 5T8.850 21T35.775 6
4Pulkrabek, ShayliRoach Gymnastics 06 XG Jr C8.300 31T8.575 53T9.150 148.950 16T34.975 20
5Elias, NaomiMetropolitan Gymnastics 06 XG Jr C7.600 66T9.500 28.450 47T9.125 5T34.675 24T
6Chou, OliviaNaydenov Gymnastics Inc. 06 XG Jr C8.725 79.250 8T7.800 69T8.800 25T34.575 28T
6Yount, PaigeSPORT Gymnastics 06 XG Jr C7.750 62T9.000 22T8.650 30T9.175 434.575 28T
8Blay, McKaylaNorthshore Gymnastics Center 06 XG Jr C8.350 29T9.350 49.000 21T7.850 74T34.550 30T
9Saini, AnshitaEastside Gymnastics Academy 06 XG Jr C8.250 35T8.725 39T8.800 27T8.500 49T34.275 36T
9Rolfness, TaylorRoach Gymnastics 06 XG Jr C8.450 238.775 37T8.500 44T8.550 44T34.275 36T
11Grubaugh, EvaNorthwest Aerials 06 XG Jr C7.700 648.425 609.200 11T8.700 29T34.025 42T
12Simmons, AvaThe Gymnastics Connection 06 XG Jr C7.000 758.925 25T8.800 27T9.050 9T33.775 48T
13Stewart, LaurenNaydenov Gymnastics Inc. 06 XG Jr C8.300 31T8.150 698.450 47T8.650 32T33.550 52
14Wasser, GraceKids Club Fun and 06 XG Jr C7.800 60T8.600 49T9.050 15T7.850 74T33.300 57
15Cathey, AdelNaydenov Gymnastics Inc. 06 XG Jr C7.550 69T8.350 628.450 47T8.400 54T32.750 65
16Dean, KadieVancouver Elite Gymnastics Academy 06 XG Jr C7.600 66T8.550 558.550 38T7.900 72T32.600 66
17Vuong, JasmineNorthwest Aerials 06 XG Jr C8.000 50T0.000 75T0.000 75T8.200 64T16.200 76
18Ziegler, KailiVancouver Elite Gymnastics Academy 06 XG Jr C0.000 76T0.000 75T0.000 75T8.300 58T8.300 77