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2014 HEARTland Invite -
2014 HEARTland Invite
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2014-11-212014-11-23 Midwest Twisters GymnasticsClick here552
Meet Scores Session: All Level: 2 Division: N/A
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA
1Al-Hameed, AliyahGymfinity Gymnastics All 2 N/A9.500 29.000 19T9.200 6T9.400 1T37.100 1
2McClenathan, MaceyWalworth County Gymnastics Dance Center All 2 N/A9.150 24T9.300 6T9.300 4T9.300 5T37.050 2
3Bittner, HannahM and M Gymnastics All 2 N/A9.450 3T9.350 4T9.300 4T8.800 32T36.900 3T
3Stanton, AbbeyGymfinity Gymnastics All 2 N/A9.200 17T9.300 6T9.200 6T9.200 8T36.900 3T
5Cox, GraceScamps Gymnastics All 2 N/A9.200 17T8.850 35T9.350 2T9.200 8T36.600 5
6Michael, CailynMidwest Twisters Gymnastics All 2 N/A9.200 17T9.500 1T9.100 12T8.750 40T36.550 6
7Mason, BrookeScamps Gymnastics All 2 N/A9.450 3T9.000 19T9.100 12T8.900 26T36.450 7
8Perkins, IsabellaMidwest Twisters Gymnastics All 2 N/A9.250 13T9.050 16T9.000 18T9.100 14T36.400 8
9Butler, RyleighScamps Gymnastics All 2 N/A9.150 24T9.450 39.000 18T8.750 40T36.350 9
10McAleer, EmmaWildcard Gymnastics All 2 N/A9.550 19.250 8T9.000 18T8.500 60T36.300 10T
10Matteson, AnnaMarieMidwest Twisters Gymnastics All 2 N/A9.050 33T9.200 12T8.700 44T9.350 3T36.300 10T
12Talbot, TessMidwest Twisters Gymnastics All 2 N/A8.900 51T9.250 8T8.800 34T9.300 5T36.250 12T
12O'Connor, LaurenWalworth County Gymnastics Dance Center All 2 N/A9.000 39T9.250 8T9.200 6T8.800 32T36.250 12T
14Ojibway, KellyGymfinity Gymnastics All 2 N/A9.050 33T9.250 8T9.100 12T8.800 32T36.200 14
15Mandelbrot, JulietteGymfinity Gymnastics All 2 N/A9.350 8T8.900 30T9.000 18T8.900 26T36.150 15
16Jackson, KathrynScamps Gymnastics All 2 N/A9.200 17T8.850 35T8.900 27T9.150 1336.100 16
17Seidman, EllaScamps Gymnastics All 2 N/A9.350 8T8.700 47T9.000 18T9.000 20T36.050 17T
17Venema, MeritWalworth County Gymnastics Dance Center All 2 N/A8.850 588.850 35T9.000 18T9.350 3T36.050 17T
17Applebaum, AngelinaWalworth County Gymnastics Dance Center All 2 N/A9.150 24T9.100 14T9.000 18T8.800 32T36.050 17T
20Voight, BirhanScamps Gymnastics All 2 N/A9.400 5T8.900 30T9.000 18T8.650 51T35.950 20T
20Oldenburg, AliviaMidwest Twisters Gymnastics All 2 N/A9.100 28T9.200 12T8.800 34T8.850 30T35.950 20T
20Olstad, EllaWalworth County Gymnastics Dance Center All 2 N/A9.100 28T8.850 35T8.800 34T9.200 8T35.950 20T
23Rupnow, AlexaGymfinity Gymnastics All 2 N/A9.200 17T9.500 1T8.800 34T8.400 68T35.900 23
24Meyer, ClaireGymfinity Gymnastics All 2 N/A9.000 39T9.050 16T8.600 59T9.200 8T35.850 24T
24Schiefelbein, ElizabethGymfinity Gymnastics All 2 N/A9.100 28T9.050 16T8.700 44T9.000 20T35.850 24T
26Whitford, OrianaGymfinity Gymnastics All 2 N/A9.300 11T8.600 51T8.900 27T9.000 20T35.800 26T
26Williams, SavannahM and M Gymnastics All 2 N/A8.900 51T8.750 43T9.100 12T9.050 1935.800 26T
26Hoida, TessaMidwest Twisters Gymnastics All 2 N/A9.050 33T9.000 19T8.800 34T8.950 24T35.800 26T
29Webber, CarolineMidwest Twisters Gymnastics All 2 N/A9.000 39T8.750 43T9.100 12T8.900 26T35.750 29
30Robinson, KayWalworth County Gymnastics Dance Center All 2 N/A9.200 17T8.600 51T8.600 59T9.300 5T35.700 30
31McCullough, TakeraScamps Gymnastics All 2 N/A9.050 33T8.000 85T9.400 19.200 8T35.650 31
32Woida, GiannaMidwest Twisters Gymnastics All 2 N/A8.800 59T8.600 51T9.200 6T9.000 20T35.600 32
33Bastian, BrookeGymfinity Gymnastics All 2 N/A8.900 51T9.350 4T8.500 69T8.800 32T35.550 33
34Grabek, JadieMidwest Twisters Gymnastics All 2 N/A9.200 17T8.300 72T8.900 27T9.100 14T35.500 34T
34Posey, VioletWalworth County Gymnastics Dance Center All 2 N/A9.100 28T8.700 47T8.600 59T9.100 14T35.500 34T
36Scheid, BrooklynWildcard Gymnastics All 2 N/A8.900 51T8.550 57T9.350 2T8.650 51T35.450 36
37Johnston-Fodor, LillyWildcard Gymnastics All 2 N/A9.400 5T8.750 43T8.900 27T8.350 70T35.400 37T
37Alia, LaurenScamps Gymnastics All 2 N/A8.700 70T8.900 30T8.900 27T8.900 26T35.400 37T
39Zaja, TessMidwest Twisters Gymnastics All 2 N/A9.150 24T9.000 19T8.500 69T8.700 44T35.350 39
40Lecce, KamrynScamps Gymnastics All 2 N/A9.300 11T9.000 19T8.700 44T8.300 72T35.300 40
41Hurley, CamiGymfinity Gymnastics All 2 N/A9.250 13T8.400 66T8.500 69T9.100 14T35.250 41
42Holm, LaneyScamps Gymnastics All 2 N/A9.050 33T8.550 57T8.700 44T8.800 32T35.100 42
43Schmieding, MeganMidwest Twisters Gymnastics All 2 N/A8.750 66T8.300 72T8.600 59T9.400 1T35.050 43T
43Carrell, HaileyM and M Gymnastics All 2 N/A9.100 28T8.950 28T8.200 87T8.800 32T35.050 43T
45Hong, JenniferWildcard Gymnastics All 2 N/A9.000 39T8.800 41T8.800 34T8.350 70T34.950 45T
45Rosenfeld, JordanGymfinity Gymnastics All 2 N/A9.000 39T8.150 80T9.000 18T8.800 32T34.950 45T
47Green, OliviaWildcard Gymnastics All 2 N/A8.950 48T9.100 14T8.700 44T8.100 82T34.850 47
48Bundy, MoreaM and M Gymnastics All 2 N/A8.650 73T8.450 63T9.100 12T8.600 53T34.800 48
49Vincent, IsabellaNorth Shore Academy Of Gymnastics All 2 N/A8.750 66T8.500 60T8.400 76T9.100 14T34.750 49
50Grining, CaelyrWildcard Gymnastics All 2 N/A8.600 76T8.500 60T8.850 338.700 44T34.650 50T
50Gagliano, EvieMidwest Twisters Gymnastics All 2 N/A8.750 66T8.800 41T8.400 76T8.700 44T34.650 50T
52Donovan, NeaveWildcard Gymnastics All 2 N/A9.400 5T8.400 66T8.500 69T8.300 72T34.600 52
53Mulvey, MaggieWildcard Gymnastics All 2 N/A8.800 59T8.150 80T8.900 27T8.700 44T34.550 53T
53Rhodes, RoryMadtown Twisters Gymnastics All 2 N/A8.600 76T8.850 35T8.550 67T8.550 57T34.550 53T
55Rocha, HaileyScamps Gymnastics All 2 N/A8.900 51T8.300 72T9.200 6T8.050 8534.450 55T
55Ivey, MeganScamps Gymnastics All 2 N/A8.650 73T8.600 51T8.700 44T8.500 60T34.450 55T
57Bennett, IsabelMadtown Twisters Gymnastics All 2 N/A9.000 39T8.900 30T8.700 44T7.800 95T34.400 57
58Moga, KorynneWildcard Gymnastics All 2 N/A8.950 48T8.350 70T8.600 59T8.450 66T34.350 58T
58Richardson-Michel, LiviaGymfinity Gymnastics All 2 N/A8.600 76T8.450 63T8.700 44T8.600 53T34.350 58T
60Erdmann, JuliaMidwest Twisters Gymnastics All 2 N/A8.500 81T9.000 19T8.300 84T8.500 60T34.300 60T
60Miner, EricaMidwest Twisters Gymnastics All 2 N/A8.800 59T8.950 28T8.100 91T8.450 66T34.300 60T
60Kurth, NolaGymfinity Gymnastics All 2 N/A8.400 878.900 30T8.500 69T8.500 60T34.300 60T
63Page, LillianGymfinity Gymnastics All 2 N/A9.000 39T8.550 57T8.600 59T8.100 82T34.250 63
64Haessly, KendraWildcard Gymnastics All 2 N/A9.350 8T8.300 72T8.700 44T7.850 92T34.200 64T
64Podoll, SadieWildcard Gymnastics All 2 N/A9.250 13T8.650 508.700 44T7.600 102T34.200 64T
64Budd Krause, BrookeGymfinity Gymnastics All 2 N/A8.000 92T8.850 35T8.600 59T8.750 40T34.200 64T
67Harmann, GracieRacine Gymnastics Center All 2 N/A8.450 868.350 70T8.800 34T8.550 57T34.150 67T
67Yee, EllaScamps Gymnastics All 2 N/A8.750 66T8.750 43T8.500 69T8.150 79T34.150 67T
69McAleer, ClaireWildcard Gymnastics All 2 N/A9.000 39T8.100 83T8.650 56T8.300 72T34.050 69
70Kelley, AddisonMidwest Twisters Gymnastics All 2 N/A8.900 51T7.750 90T8.600 59T8.750 40T34.000 70T
70Zuege, KyleeMidwest Twisters Gymnastics All 2 N/A8.700 70T8.700 47T8.400 76T8.200 77T34.000 70T
72Nelson, KarsynMadtown Twisters Gymnastics All 2 N/A8.950 48T8.400 66T8.100 91T8.500 60T33.950 72T
72Richter, BrooklynScamps Gymnastics All 2 N/A8.500 81T8.100 83T8.650 56T8.700 44T33.950 72T
74Plichta, JadeScamps Gymnastics All 2 N/A9.050 33T8.200 77T8.800 34T7.850 92T33.900 74T
74Cicero, EmilyWildcard Gymnastics All 2 N/A8.700 70T9.000 19T8.200 87T8.000 86T33.900 74T
76Forbes, CarmenGymfinity Gymnastics All 2 N/A7.500 1009.000 19T8.700 44T8.600 53T33.800 76
77Boehm, HarlainaScamps Gymnastics All 2 N/A6.600 104T9.000 19T9.200 6T8.950 24T33.750 77
78Thiede, EmilyMadtown Twisters Gymnastics All 2 N/A8.500 81T8.200 77T8.400 76T8.550 57T33.650 78
79Kestner, KaylaNorth Shore Academy Of Gymnastics All 2 N/A8.900 51T8.300 72T8.100 91T8.300 72T33.600 79T
79Smith, AddisonScamps Gymnastics All 2 N/A8.800 59T8.150 80T8.500 69T8.150 79T33.600 79T
81Hildebrand, BrynleeNorth Shore Academy Of Gymnastics All 2 N/A8.600 76T7.600 93T8.400 76T8.700 44T33.300 81
82Susmilch, RebeccaScamps Gymnastics All 2 N/A7.200 1038.400 66T8.800 34T8.850 30T33.250 82
83Kasel, KylieNorth Shore Academy Of Gymnastics All 2 N/A8.800 59T8.450 63T7.900 98T8.000 86T33.150 83T
83Guetzlaff, CharlotteGymfinity Gymnastics All 2 N/A8.650 73T8.500 60T7.700 1058.300 72T33.150 83T
85Rallo, CicelyScamps Gymnastics All 2 N/A7.800 948.600 51T8.800 34T7.900 9133.100 85
86Norrbom, EdithGymfinity Gymnastics All 2 N/A8.600 76T7.300 101T8.300 84T8.600 53T32.800 86
87Parkos, GraceGymfinity Gymnastics All 2 N/A8.500 81T8.000 85T8.200 87T8.000 86T32.700 87
88Fallenbeck, LeahRacine Gymnastics Center All 2 N/A9.000 39T7.100 103T8.700 44T7.800 95T32.600 88
89Kreger, CaitlinMadtown Twisters Gymnastics All 2 N/A9.250 13T7.500 978.300 84T7.500 10432.550 89
90Krull, AnnaGymfinity Gymnastics All 2 N/A8.800 59T8.000 85T7.900 98T7.800 95T32.500 90T
90Jensen, EmilyGymfinity Gymnastics All 2 N/A7.600 97T7.800 88T8.400 76T8.700 44T32.500 90T
92Bollech, MadilynNorth Shore Academy Of Gymnastics All 2 N/A8.200 89T7.600 93T8.100 91T8.400 68T32.300 92
93Brahmer, HayatMadtown Twisters Gymnastics All 2 N/A8.800 59T7.800 88T7.800 102T7.650 10132.050 93T
93Rios, MalaynaScamps Gymnastics All 2 N/A7.600 97T8.200 77T8.650 56T7.600 102T32.050 93T
95Marshall, EmersonNorth Shore Academy Of Gymnastics All 2 N/A7.400 1018.600 51T7.800 102T8.200 77T32.000 95T
95Cox, McKennaScamps Gymnastics All 2 N/A8.200 89T7.300 101T8.550 67T7.950 89T32.000 95T
97Waise, PaigeNorth Shore Academy Of Gymnastics All 2 N/A8.300 887.700 928.000 96T7.800 95T31.800 97
98Paulick, RylynRacine Gymnastics Center All 2 N/A8.100 917.450 98T8.200 87T7.950 89T31.700 98
99Roby, ClaireA.M.K.M. Gymnastics All 2 N/A7.700 95T7.550 968.100 91T8.100 82T31.450 99
100Lopez, AbbyRacine Gymnastics Center All 2 N/A8.500 81T7.000 1067.600 1068.150 79T31.250 100
101Kunick, PenelopeNorth Shore Academy Of Gymnastics All 2 N/A8.000 92T7.400 1007.900 98T7.700 10031.000 101
102Wurz, LucindaMadtown Twisters Gymnastics All 2 N/A7.700 95T7.750 90T7.800 102T7.200 10630.450 102
103Lopez, CarlyRacine Gymnastics Center All 2 N/A7.600 97T6.600 1078.400 76T7.800 95T30.400 103
104Cater, AddisonScamps Gymnastics All 2 N/A6.600 104T7.450 98T8.400 76T7.850 92T30.300 104
105Omdahl, GiannaNorth Shore Academy Of Gymnastics All 2 N/A7.300 1027.100 103T7.100 1078.500 60T30.000 105
106Gaynor, SydneyScamps Gymnastics All 2 N/A6.500 1067.600 93T8.000 96T7.400 10529.500 106
107Giraud, GracieA.M.K.M. Gymnastics All 2 N/A6.200 1077.100 103T7.900 98T7.000 10728.200 107