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2015 Minnesota Optional And Xcel State Meet -
2015 Minnesota Optional And Xcel State Meet
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2015-03-192015-03-22 Twin City TwistersClick here1499
Meet Scores Session: 22P Level: XS Division: SR10
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA
1Anderson, AliiGleason's Gymnastic School 22P XS SR108.700 17T9.400 8*9.675 1T9.450 3T37.225 1T
1Ablard, CateElite Gymnastic Academy, LLP 22P XS SR109.250 19.400 8*9.450 8T9.125 15T37.225 1T
3Wilson, JaydenJam Hops Gymnastics 22P XS SR108.900 8T9.400 8T9.675 1T9.225 1137.200 3
4Kiser, KatieMini-Hops Gymnastics 22P XS SR109.000 4T9.425 5T9.175 22T9.425 537.025 4
5Austin, DehliaJam Hops Gymnastics 22P XS SR109.000 4T9.575 19.150 249.200 1236.925 5
6Pixley, SophiaJam Hops Gymnastics 22P XS SR108.850 139.425 5T9.550 48.975 25T36.800 6T
6Shovelson, MarissaClassic Gymnastics 22P XS SR108.900 8T9.175 18T9.400 13T9.325 7T36.800 6T
8McKinney, EvaIGM Gymnastics 22P XS SR108.450 33T9.175 18T9.450 8T9.675 136.750 8
9Burk, ChloeIGM Gymnastics 22P XS SR109.100 28.525 45T9.650 39.450 3T36.725 9
10Yennie, OliviaJ.E.T.S. Gymnastics 22P XS SR108.700 17T9.475 3T9.400 13T9.125 15T36.700 10
11OConnor, MollyClassic Gymnastics 22P XS SR109.050 39.275 14T9.450 8T8.850 31T36.625 11
12Hidding, TaraLegacy Gymnastics 22P XS SR109.000 4T8.950 309.325 169.275 1036.550 12
13McLain, BrennaJam Hops Gymnastics 22P XS SR108.600 27T9.275 14T9.475 79.125 15T36.475 13
14Greenwalt, CaitlynRising Stars Gymnastics Academy 22P XS SR108.650 21T9.275 14T9.450 8T9.075 2136.450 14
15Mosher, LilyDynamics Gymnastics Center 22P XS SR109.000 4T9.175 18T8.700 39T9.475 236.350 15T
15Smith, MirandaMini-Hops Gymnastics 22P XS SR108.900 8T9.475 3T8.675 419.300 936.350 15T
15Myron, McKennaMinnesota Aerials Gymnastics LLC 22P XS SR108.700 17T9.400 8T8.850 369.400 636.350 15T
18Schoffelman, EllaJam Hops Gymnastics 22P XS SR108.450 33T9.500 29.525 58.775 34T36.250 18
19Opatz, LindseyGranite City Gymnastics 22P XS SR108.900 8T9.325 138.700 39T9.175 13T36.100 19T
19Oman, EmmaJam Hops Gymnastics 22P XS SR108.650 21T9.175 18T9.275 199.000 2436.100 19T
21Schock, JuliaGleasons Gymnastics Maple Grove 22P XS SR108.700 17T8.975 27T9.000 30T9.325 7T36.000 21
22Wilcox, SarahMini-Hops Gymnastics 22P XS SR108.750 15T9.225 179.075 298.875 29T35.925 22
23Bentzlin, ReeseRising Stars Gymnastics Academy 22P XS SR108.550 318.725 379.425 129.100 18T35.800 23
24Mustar, MakenzieGrand Rapids Gymnastics Academy 22P XS SR108.650 21T8.825 33T9.225 219.050 2235.750 24
25Stevens, AmberRising Stars Gymnastics Academy 22P XS SR108.600 27T8.675 399.300 17T9.025 2335.600 25
26Castillo, CatalinaNorth Shore Gymnastics 22P XS SR108.400 38T9.425 5T8.875 358.850 31T35.550 26
27Hoffman, HallieLaketown Gymnastics 22P XS SR108.750 15T8.975 27T9.175 22T8.625 38T35.525 27
28Christensen, BrookePerpetual Motion Gymnastics Center 22P XS SR108.650 21T8.575 439.350 158.925 2735.500 28
29Sidla, TaylorNorth Crest Gymnastics Dance and Cheer 22P XS SR108.300 44T9.150 22T9.125 258.900 2835.475 29
30Deinhart, AngelinaLegacy Gymnastics 22P XS SR108.400 38T9.150 22T9.500 68.350 46T35.400 30T
30Rose Woelm, AnnaClassic Gymnastics 22P XS SR108.800 149.025 259.100 26T8.475 43T35.400 30T
32Zupan, GracieGranite City Gymnastics 22P XS SR108.450 33T9.350 128.800 378.750 3635.350 32
33Robinson, AmberGleasons Gymnastics Maple Grove 22P XS SR108.350 439.075 249.250 208.650 3735.325 33
34Prouty, HannahFlyaways Gold Gymnastics 22P XS SR108.200 46T8.900 31T9.000 30T9.175 13T35.275 34T
34Studer, RoseTAGS Gymnastics-Eden Prairie 22P XS SR108.500 328.825 33T9.100 26T8.850 31T35.275 34T
36Hammer, LexiGrand Rapids Gymnastics Academy 22P XS SR108.450 33T9.000 268.650 429.100 18T35.200 36
37Bergherr, ShaylaBig Lake Gymnastics 22P XS SR108.400 38T8.900 31T8.975 328.775 34T35.050 37
38Perry, JadenGranite City Gymnastics 22P XS SR108.600 27T8.975 27T8.575 44T8.875 29T35.025 38
39Ostrowski, VictoriaClassic Gymnastics 22P XS SR108.650 21T8.650 408.600 439.100 18T35.000 39
40Miller, HadleyMini-Hops Gymnastics 22P XS SR108.900 8T8.800 358.525 468.425 4534.650 40
41Stinson, ElianaClassic Gymnastics 22P XS SR108.400 38T8.250 479.100 26T8.625 38T34.375 41
42Schuller, HaileyBig Lake Gymnastics 22P XS SR108.600 27T8.550 448.575 44T8.550 4234.275 42
43Rosen, GabriellaTwin City Twisters 22P XS SR108.400 38T8.100 488.950 338.625 38T34.075 43T
43Brown, KaliePerpetual Motion - Woodbury 22P XS SR108.200 46T8.600 41T8.925 348.350 46T34.075 43T
45Klinefelter, KamrynGrand Rapids Gymnastics Academy 22P XS SR108.450 33T8.600 41T8.400 478.575 4134.025 45
46Westrum, ElliTwin City Twisters 22P XS SR108.200 46T7.400 499.300 17T8.975 25T33.875 46
47Link, KylahNorth Shore Gymnastics 22P XS SR108.650 21T8.525 45T8.200 498.475 43T33.850 47
48Ledstrom, AnnikaNorth Shore Gymnastics 22P XS SR108.100 49T8.700 388.725 388.250 4933.775 48
49Klein, SophieTAGS Gymnastics-Eden Prairie 22P XS SR108.100 49T8.775 367.900 508.300 4833.075 49
50Spoden, MikaylaGranite City Gymnastics 22P XS SR108.300 44T0.000 508.350 487.550 5024.200 50