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2015 Minnesota Optional And Xcel State Meet -
2015 Minnesota Optional And Xcel State Meet
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2015-03-192015-03-22 Twin City TwistersClick here1499
Meet Scores Session: 12P Level: XG Division: SR11
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA
1Tarpey, CarolynLegacy Gymnastics 12P XG SR118.900 5T9.575 19.525 19.350 11T37.350 1
2LeMieux, SavannahElite Gymnastic Academy, LLP 12P XG SR119.250 1T9.300 4T9.000 25T9.525 337.075 2
3Roper, AbbyClassic Gymnastics 12P XG SR118.800 10T9.300 4T9.200 15T9.450 4T36.750 3
4Magruder, MelissaJ.E.T.S. Gymnastics 12P XG SR119.250 1T9.025 11T9.100 20T9.225 1636.600 4
5Furness, IsabelGleason's Gymnastic School 12P XG SR118.500 24T9.350 39.475 29.175 17T36.500 5
6Young, SadeSpirit Gymnastics Inc. 12P XG SR118.900 5T8.800 20T9.400 7T9.350 11T36.450 6
7Mulcare, EmmaTAGS South Gymnastics 12P XG SR118.700 13T9.025 11T9.200 15T9.375 9T36.300 7
8LaClare, IsabellaMinnesota Aerials Gymnastics LLC 12P XG SR118.450 29T8.875 189.450 3T9.425 636.200 8T
8Lacek, AlexandraTAGS Gymnastics-Eden Prairie 12P XG SR118.700 13T8.725 229.400 7T9.375 9T36.200 8T
10Wolter, AlainaElite Gymnastic Academy, LLP 12P XG SR118.550 19*8.700 239.450 3T9.450 4T36.150 10T
10Harris, JahleaTAGS Gymnastics-Eden Prairie 12P XG SR119.200 39.150 7T8.450 419.350 11T36.150 10T
10Crawford, KatherineNorth Shore Gymnastics 12P XG SR118.550 19*9.250 69.200 15T9.150 20T36.150 10T
13Hudson, EmmaTAGS Gymnastics-Eden Prairie 12P XG SR118.550 19T8.950 159.350 109.100 22T35.950 13
14Cwik, PaigeMini-Hops Gymnastics 12P XG SR118.700 13T8.900 179.150 199.100 22T35.850 14
15Prentice, NatalieGleason's Gymnastic School 12P XG SR118.600 188.975 13T8.650 33T9.600 1T35.825 15T
15McNeail, ChloeClassic Gymnastics 12P XG SR118.500 24T8.925 169.250 13T9.150 20T35.825 15T
17Riphenburg, MadelineTAGS South Gymnastics 12P XG SR118.850 99.425 27.900 449.600 1T35.775 17
18Bertschinger, SheyannJ.E.T.S. Gymnastics 12P XG SR118.900 5T8.500 279.450 3T8.825 3935.675 18
19Prentice, LillianNorth Shore Gymnastics 12P XG SR118.400 33T9.100 98.750 28T9.400 7T35.650 19
20Condit, SydneeLegacy Gymnastics 12P XG SR118.800 10T8.575 269.275 11T8.975 30T35.625 20T
20Whittemore, EmmaLegacy Gymnastics 12P XG SR118.750 128.650 249.200 15T9.025 28T35.625 20T
22Hiller, LindseyElite Gymnastic Academy, LLP 12P XG SR118.400 33T8.300 32T9.400 7T9.400 7T35.500 22
23Stern, AnnaGleasons Gymnastics Maple Grove 12P XG SR118.450 29T8.800 20T9.250 13T8.975 30T35.475 23
24Wehmeyer, KaitlynBig Lake Gymnastics 12P XG SR118.650 16T8.250 379.450 3T8.900 34T35.250 24
25Christenson, SydneyBig Lake Gymnastics 12P XG SR118.450 29T9.150 7T8.600 36T8.900 34T35.100 25
26Schneider, IsabellaTwin City Twisters 12P XG SR118.100 468.450 28T9.275 11T9.250 1535.075 26
27Swanson, CaitlynGreat Northern Gymnastics 12P XG SR118.400 33T8.975 13T8.650 33T8.900 34T34.925 27
28Lemke, EvaClassic Gymnastics 12P XG SR118.450 29T9.050 108.550 388.725 4334.775 28
29Addy, EmilyBig Lake Gymnastics 12P XG SR118.950 48.425 318.600 36T8.775 40T34.750 29T
29Kahler, EllaNorth Shore Gymnastics 12P XG SR118.250 458.850 198.700 31T8.950 32T34.750 29T
31Houska, PetreaMinnesota Aerials Gymnastics LLC 12P XG SR118.400 33T7.950 42T9.100 20T9.175 17*34.625 31T
31O'Hare, AhnikaJ.E.T.S. Gymnastics 12P XG SR118.650 16T8.050 39T8.750 28T9.175 17*34.625 31T
33Christians, MandyFlyaways Gold Gymnastics 12P XG SR118.300 42T8.600 258.650 33T9.050 25T34.600 33
34Albores, KinsleyPerpetual Motion - Woodbury 12P XG SR118.400 33T8.100 389.000 25T9.050 25T34.550 34
35Potjer, EvaFlips Gymnastics LLC 12P XG SR118.350 39T7.950 42T9.100 20T9.050 25T34.450 35
36Linn, SydneyClassic Gymnastics 12P XG SR118.350 39T8.450 28T8.700 31T8.750 4234.250 36
37Gerding, AlainaLaketown Gymnastics 12P XG SR118.400 33T7.800 468.950 279.075 2434.225 37T
37McCain, ChloeMinnesota Aerials Gymnastics LLC 12P XG SR118.550 19T7.900 458.750 28T9.025 28T34.225 37T
37Watters, LaurelGreat Northern Gymnastics 12P XG SR118.500 24T8.275 368.500 39T8.950 32T34.225 37T
40Tesch-Stevson, HaleyRichfield Gymnastic Club 12P XG SR118.550 19T7.950 42T9.050 23T8.575 4534.125 40
41Watters, MadelineGreat Northern Gymnastics 12P XG SR118.350 39T8.450 28T8.500 39T8.775 40T34.075 41
42Frahm, NoraPerpetual Motion Gymnastics Center 12P XG SR118.500 24T8.300 32T8.350 428.850 3834.000 42
43Ferrel, KateGym Nation 12P XG SR118.900 5T8.300 32T7.450 469.325 1433.975 43
44Kusske, BelleClassic Gymnastics 12P XG SR118.300 42T8.050 39T9.050 23T8.300 4633.700 44
45Welch, KoraNorth Crest Gymnastics Dance and Cheer 12P XG SR118.500 24T8.000 418.200 438.600 4433.300 45
46Overland, DakotaFlyaways Gold Gymnastics 12P XG SR118.300 42T8.300 32T7.500 458.900 34T33.000 46