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2014 Region 8 Xcel Regional Championships -
2014 Region 8 Xcel Regional Championships
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2014-05-152014-05-18 Foothills GymnasticsClick here1000
Meet Scores Session: 5B Level: XB Division: Middle
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA

1Tinker, EllieCountrySide Gymnastics 5B XB Middle9.400 8T9.550 39.450 19.475 337.875 1
2Hunter, JordanKidsport Gymnastic Academy 5B XB Middle9.300 17T9.600 19.400 1T9.275 4T37.575 2
3Strickland, SaraLumberton Gymnastics Academy Inc. 5B XB Middle9.500 3*9.375 119.400 1T9.275 4T37.550 3T
4Humphries, AnnaKidsport Gymnastic Academy 5B XB Middle9.500 3T9.400 9T9.175 4T9.175 11T37.250 5
5Myers, AvaSoutheastern Gymnastics Center 5B XB Middle9.600 19.525 2T8.775 169.150 13*37.050 6T
5Pollman, LynleePlanet Gymnastics 5B XB Middle9.525 29.500 4T8.875 139.150 13*37.050 6T
5Dotson, ElyceMadison County Gymnastics Center 5B XB Middle9.300 17T9.475 7T9.000 99.275 4T37.050 6T
5Canavin, HannahArtistic Gymnastics School Inc. 5B XB Middle9.400 9T9.400 9T9.125 69.125 15T37.050 6T
9Beaurdreau, KaitlynFoothills Gymnastics and Cheer Center 5B XB Middle9.400 9T9.275 159.075 7T9.250 7T37.000 10
10Gregory, QuentinKidsport Gymnastic Academy 5B XB Middle9.300 17T9.225 16T9.075 7T9.125 15T36.725 11
11Hollifield, GracieUniversal Elite Gymnastics 5B XB Middle9.500 3T9.150 19*8.900 129.125 15T36.675 12T
11Christmas, RylieFaulkner Dance and Gymnastics 5B XB Middle9.400 9T9.150 19*8.950 109.175 11T36.675 12T
13Taylor, HarleyPort City Gymnastics 5B XB Middle9.400 9T9.350 128.475 199.325 336.550 14
14Smith, JaidenSoutheastern Gymnastics Center 5B XB Middle9.400 9T9.300 13T8.575 189.250 7T36.525 15
15Moore, RebeccaOlympic Start Elite Gymnastics 5B XB Middle9.325 169.500 4T8.600 179.000 18*36.425 16T
15Benjamin, AvaGym Tech 4 Kids 5B XB Middle9.300 17T9.300 13T8.825 159.000 18*36.425 16T
17Holden, KylaLemPossible Gymnastics and Cheer 5B XB Middle9.400 8T8.900 219.000 149.100 12T36.400 15
18Szurgot, GraceSandhills Academy of Gymnastic 5B XB Middle9.300 17T9.100 218.925 118.775 2136.100 20