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Texas Judges Cup Houston -
Texas Judges Cup Houston
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2013-10-042013-10-06 Woodlands Gymnastics Academy667
Meet Scores Session: 2
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA
1Volpi, AriannaChampions Gymnastics 2 1A All9.600 1T9.700 19.200 11T9.700 1T38.200 1
2Ford, CarmelitaPearland Elite 2 1A All9.500 3T9.200 23T9.550 19.700 1T37.950 2
3Gunn, MollyPearland Elite 2 1A All9.200 15T9.400 6T9.450 39.500 6T37.550 3
4Vega, LizbethEast Texas Twisters 2 1A All9.200 15T9.300 13T9.500 29.500 6T37.500 4
5Morsi, HalaHouston Gymnastics Associates.In 2 1A All9.300 7T9.400 6T9.250 8T9.450 1037.400 5
6Cave, RowanChampions Gymnastics 2 1A All9.600 1T9.400 6T8.750 30T9.600 3T37.350 6
7Bailey, EmmiHouston Gymnastics Associates.In 2 1A All9.400 5T9.100 27T9.350 59.400 11T37.250 7
8Niederhofer, BreunnaMoseley's Gymnastics and Fitness Center 2 1A All9.500 3T9.300 13T8.850 26T9.500 6T37.150 8T
8Whittaker, CourtneyHouston Gymnastics Associates.In 2 1A All9.000 27T9.500 3T9.300 6T9.350 14T37.150 8T
10Shaw, SamanthaPearland Elite 2 1A All9.100 19T9.400 6T9.400 49.150 25T37.050 10
11Clark, KaydenRowland-Ballard School 2 1A All9.300 7T9.300 13T9.200 11T9.200 22T37.000 11
12Lee, AvaBannon's Gymnastix Inc. 2 1A All9.100 19T9.600 28.950 229.300 17T36.950 12
13Domino, MorganBannon's Gymnastix Inc. 2 1A All9.300 7T9.300 13T8.900 23T9.400 11T36.900 13
14Alves-Gillette, GabriellaHouston Gymnastics Associates.In 2 1A All9.200 15T9.100 27T9.250 8T9.300 17T36.850 14
15Khripunov, NadiaBannon's Gymnastix Inc. 2 1A All9.400 5T9.100 27T8.750 30T9.500 6T36.750 15
16Casper, NevaehBannon's Gymnastix Inc. 2 1A All9.200 15T9.200 23T8.850 26T9.350 14T36.600 16T
16Taylor, LeilaMoseley's Gymnastics and Fitness Center 2 1A All9.300 7T8.800 39T9.200 11T9.300 17T36.600 16T
16Vance, AllieRowland-Ballard School 2 1A All9.000 27T9.300 13T9.250 8T9.050 31T36.600 16T
19Jackson, LeilaAbove The Bar Gymnastics Academy 2 1A All9.100 19T9.400 6T9.000 17T9.000 34T36.500 19
20Rivera, KaitlynPearland Elite 2 1A All8.800 36T9.300 13T9.000 17T9.350 14T36.450 20
21Lee, EllaBannon's Gymnastix Inc. 2 1A All9.300 7T9.100 27*8.750 30T9.200 22T36.350 21T
21Aultman, SaraRowland-Ballard School 2 1A All9.000 27T9.100 27*9.150 159.100 27T36.350 21*
21Maisel, NoelleBannon's Gymnastix Inc. 2 1A All9.100 19T9.100 27*9.000 17T9.150 25T36.350 21*
24Fain, RileyPearland Elite 2 1A All9.300 7T8.400 44T9.000 17T9.600 3*36.300 24T
24Staba, SarahChampions Gymnastics 2 1A All9.100 19T8.700 41T8.900 23T9.600 3*36.300 24T
24Thomas, NiaHouston Gymnastics Associates.In 2 1A All8.800 36T9.200 23T9.100 169.200 22T36.300 24T
27Helmer, LaylaAbove The Bar Gymnastics Academy 2 1A All9.000 27T9.500 3T8.750 30T8.800 40T36.050 27T
27Heyl, LaurenRowland-Ballard School 2 1A All9.300 7T9.400 6T8.250 459.100 27T36.050 27T
27Lyda, LayneHouston Gymnastics Associates.In 2 1A All9.100 19T9.300 13T8.650 36T9.000 34T36.050 27T
30Elder, MollyBannon's Gymnastix Inc. 2 1A All9.000 27T9.000 36T8.850 26T9.100 27T35.950 30T
30Watkins, KennedyRowland-Ballard School 2 1A All9.100 19T9.100 27T8.900 23T8.850 3935.950 30T
32Chadraoui, LeilaHouston Gymnastics Associates.In 2 1A All9.000 27*9.400 6T8.400 429.100 27T35.900 32T
32Sottile, BellaRowland-Ballard School 2 1A All9.000 27*9.000 36T8.600 389.300 17T35.900 32T
34Mason, AlayiaAbove The Bar Gymnastics Academy 2 1A All8.800 36T9.300 13T8.650 36T9.050 31T35.800 34
35Salazar, SabrinaChampions Gymnastics 2 1A All8.500 479.500 3T8.300 43T9.400 11T35.700 35
36Nichols, KennedyBannon's Gymnastix Inc. 2 1A All8.000 49T9.300 13T9.300 6T9.050 31T35.650 36
37Beall, JuliaRowland-Ballard School 2 1A All8.800 36T9.100 27T8.850 26T8.800 40T35.550 37
38Ferrell, SkylarPearland Elite 2 1A All9.000 27T8.300 469.200 11T9.000 34T35.500 38
39Metz, JaciPearland Elite 2 1A All9.300 7T8.800 39T8.000 48T9.250 2135.350 39
40Martinez, AliciaRowland-Ballard School 2 1A All8.400 489.300 13T8.750 30T8.600 4735.050 40T
40Meehan, KhloeAbove The Bar Gymnastics Academy 2 1A All8.700 42T9.200 23T8.450 40T8.700 44T35.050 40T
42Bowden, FaithRowland-Ballard School 2 1A All8.700 42T8.000 47T9.000 17T8.900 3834.600 42
43Watson, LizzieRowland-Ballard School 2 1A All8.600 44T9.100 27T8.000 48T8.800 40T34.500 43
44Acevedo, JuliaAbove The Bar Gymnastics Academy 2 1A All8.900 358.700 41T8.100 46T8.400 5034.100 44T
44Finnernd, EmmyEast Texas Twisters 2 1A All8.800 36T8.600 438.000 48T8.700 44T34.100 44T
46Crittenden, KellenEast Texas Twisters 2 1A All9.100 19T7.300 498.750 30T8.800 40T33.950 46T
46Gill, AveryRowland-Ballard School 2 1A All8.000 49T9.000 36T8.450 40T8.500 48T33.950 46T
48Hinojos, JadasynHouston Gymnastics Associates.In 2 1A All8.600 44T8.400 44T8.100 46T8.700 44T33.800 48
49Mayes, JosephineEast Texas Twisters 2 1A All8.800 36T8.000 47T7.850 518.500 48T33.150 49
50Lacount, BellaEast Texas Twisters 2 1A All8.600 44T6.800 508.550 399.000 34T32.950 50
51Rodriguez, SydneyHouston Gymnastics Associates.In 2 1A All8.000 49T6.700 518.300 43T8.200 5131.200 51