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District II Qualifier -
District II Qualifier
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2013-09-282013-09-29 Achievers Gymnastics Center LLCClick here480
Meet Scores Level: 2A
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA
1Clarke, AverySunbelt Gymnastics Academy Inc. 2A 9.650 19.450 7T9.500 19.450 1T38.050 1
2LaCroix, AbbyTreviņo's Gymnastics 2A 9.550 3T9.500 5T9.450 2T9.450 1T37.950 2
3Fox, MadisonSunbelt Gymnastics Academy Inc. 2A 9.500 7T9.600 2T9.000 14T9.450 1T37.550 3T
3Hadley, MacySunbelt Gymnastics Academy Inc. 2A 9.550 3T9.400 13T9.200 8T9.400 4T37.550 3T
5Thibault, GeorgiaSouthlake Gymnastics Academy 2A 9.450 10T9.550 49.100 139.150 11T37.250 5
6Hayden, JoelleSokol Fort Worth Gymnastics 2A 9.550 3T9.350 15T9.000 14T9.000 19T36.900 6
7Sims, KatlynTreviņo's Gymnastics 2A 9.100 29T9.450 7T8.750 279.400 4T36.700 7
8Watson, RyleeSunbelt Gymnastics Academy Inc. 2A 9.200 22T9.450 7T8.800 20T9.200 7T36.650 8
9Oswald, KatherineSokol Fort Worth Gymnastics 2A 9.450 10T9.000 33T9.300 4T8.850 29T36.600 9
10Stevens, BrookeSunbelt Gymnastics Academy Inc. 2A 9.600 29.300 18T8.500 36T9.100 14T36.500 10T
10Malo, AdrianaSokol Fort Worth Gymnastics 2A 9.400 14T9.500 5T8.700 28T8.900 23T36.500 10T
12Mitchell, MeghanSouthlake Gymnastics Academy 2A 9.200 22T9.000 33T9.250 79.000 19T36.450 12
13Baldwin, SydneyTreviņo's Gymnastics 2A 9.400 14T9.600 2T8.500 36T8.900 23T36.400 13T
13Mitchell, LaurenSokol Fort Worth Gymnastics 2A 9.500 7T8.850 42T8.800 20T9.250 636.400 13T
15Chang, KelliDenton Gymnastics Academy 2A 8.800 48T9.150 26T9.300 4T9.100 14T36.350 15T
15Hernandez, StephanyTreviņo's Gymnastics 2A 9.200 22T8.650 50T9.300 4T9.200 7T36.350 15T
17McCarroll, BellaSunbelt Gymnastics Academy Inc. 2A 9.100 29T8.800 44T9.450 2T8.900 23T36.250 17T
17Miertschin, SiennaSokol Fort Worth Gymnastics 2A 9.150 26T8.750 499.150 10T9.200 7T36.250 17T
19Dudding, IsabellaSouthlake Gymnastics Academy 2A 9.300 19T9.450 7T8.500 36T8.900 23T36.150 19
20Glenn, CloeLone Star Gymnastics 2A 9.400 14T9.350 15T8.700 28T8.650 36T36.100 20
21Doddridge, DaisyTop Flight Gymnastics Training Center 2A 9.400 14T9.000 33T9.000 14T8.600 38T36.000 21
22Evan, AverieWorld of Gymnastics 2A 9.450 10T8.800 44T8.600 34T9.100 14T35.950 22
23Alexander, JessicaSokol Fort Worth Gymnastics 2A 8.400 66T9.700 18.900 198.900 23T35.900 23T
23Howard, AriannaLone Star Gymnastics 2A 9.500 7T9.450 7T8.400 44T8.550 42T35.900 23T
25Williams, AllynciaSokol Fort Worth Gymnastics 2A 8.900 43T9.300 18T8.950 188.700 33T35.850 25
26Brown, ZaniyhaTreviņo's Gymnastics 2A 9.100 29T8.500 54T9.150 10T9.000 19T35.750 26
27Gatlin, LillyTop Flight Gymnastics Training Center 2A 9.150 26T9.450 7T9.000 14T8.100 5935.700 27T
27Brimage, Ava+MarieTreviņo's Gymnastics 2A 9.250 219.150 26T8.700 28T8.600 38T35.700 27T
29Esquivel, EdynThe Rock 2A 9.050 35T9.200 24T8.200 55T9.200 7T35.650 29T
29Hearvey, OliviaDenton Gymnastics Academy 2A 8.900 43T8.800 44T9.150 10T8.800 3135.650 29T
31Atkins, BrookeSunbelt Gymnastics Academy Inc. 2A 8.600 59T9.000 33T8.700 28T9.150 11T35.450 31
32Doyle, EmileeSouthlake Gymnastics Academy 2A 9.550 3T9.250 238.100 58T8.500 45T35.400 32T
32Martinez, AlexandraSokol Fort Worth Gymnastics 2A 8.600 59T9.400 13T8.800 20T8.600 38T35.400 32T
32Owen, IsleySokol Fort Worth Gymnastics 2A 9.150 26T9.300 18T8.650 338.300 52T35.400 32T
35Clemmons, TyraLone Star Gymnastics 2A 9.450 10T9.000 33T7.800 63T9.100 14T35.350 35
36Miertschin, KylieSokol Fort Worth Gymnastics 2A 9.050 35T8.500 54T8.800 20T8.900 23T35.250 36
37Washington, LailaTreviņo's Gymnastics 2A 8.900 43T9.050 29T8.700 28T8.550 42T35.200 37
38Parkins, EmilySouthlake Gymnastics Academy 2A 8.650 589.350 15T8.400 44T8.650 36T35.050 38T
38Alvarez, MalloryLone Star Gymnastics 2A 8.100 719.050 29T9.200 8T8.700 33T35.050 38T
40Nesslein, BrynnLone Star Gymnastics 2A 9.300 19T9.050 29T8.300 51T8.300 52T34.950 40T
40Vaughan, OliviaSouthlake Gymnastics Academy 2A 8.750 53T8.550 538.800 20T8.850 29T34.950 40T
42Samano, AlexisWorld of Gymnastics 2A 9.100 29T9.000 33T8.300 51T8.500 45T34.900 42
43Harshman, MadysenAchievers Gymnastics Center LLC 2A 9.000 39T9.000 33T8.400 44T8.450 4834.850 43
44Hardin, DanielleSokol Fort Worth Gymnastics 2A 8.600 59T8.800 44T8.600 34T8.750 3234.750 44
45Martillo, SophiaTop Flight Gymnastics Training Center 2A 9.000 39T9.000 33T8.400 44T8.300 52T34.700 45
46Voller, BrielleAchievers Gymnastics Center LLC 2A 8.800 48T9.300 18T8.800 20T7.750 6934.650 46
47Mercer, IsabellaLone Star Gymnastics 2A 9.100 29T8.200 57T8.800 20T8.400 49T34.500 47
48Beavers, SavannahWorld of Gymnastics 2A 9.000 39T8.600 527.800 63T9.000 19T34.400 48
49Winchell, EmmaLone Star Gymnastics 2A 8.400 66T9.300 18T8.300 51T8.300 52T34.300 49T
49Jordan, KatelynTreviņo's Gymnastics 2A 9.000 39T8.800 44T8.350 49T8.150 57T34.300 49T
51Mudd, MadisonTreviņo's Gymnastics 2A 9.350 188.500 54T8.500 36T7.850 66T34.200 51
52Wilson, BrennaWorld of Gymnastics 2A 9.100 29T7.300 72T8.500 36T9.150 11T34.050 52T
52Sills, LillyTreviņo's Gymnastics 2A 8.800 48T7.800 63T8.350 49T9.100 14T34.050 52T
54Fox, AshlynThe Rock 2A 8.700 55T9.050 29T8.200 55T8.050 60T34.000 54T
54Maxwell, MeganTreviņo's Gymnastics 2A 8.750 53T8.850 42T8.400 44T8.000 62T34.000 54T
56Voorhies, TrinitySokol Fort Worth Gymnastics 2A 8.700 55T9.200 24T8.200 55T7.850 66T33.950 56
57Cerbone, IsabellaThe Rock 2A 9.200 22T8.650 50T7.500 72T8.500 45T33.850 57
58Wright, EliseAchievers Gymnastics Center LLC 2A 8.900 43T8.200 57T8.300 51T8.050 60T33.450 58
59White, SarahWorld of Gymnastics 2A 9.050 35T7.300 72T8.500 36T8.300 52T33.150 59
60Runels, CoureanaWorld of Gymnastics 2A 8.900 43T8.000 61T8.100 58T8.000 62T33.000 60
61Irwin, CiaraThe Rock 2A 8.500 63T9.100 286.800 78T8.400 49T32.800 61T
61Walker, AnnaAchievers Gymnastics Center LLC 2A 8.700 55T9.000 33T7.800 63T7.300 7232.800 61T
61Russo, HaleyWorld of Gymnastics 2A 8.300 698.100 607.800 63T8.600 38T32.800 61T
64Velasquez, BrianaWorld of Gymnastics 2A 8.500 63T7.200 748.500 36T8.400 49T32.600 64
65Gabriel, EmbryLone Star Gymnastics 2A 8.500 63T7.600 678.000 627.800 6831.900 65
66Plummer, GretchenLone Star Gymnastics 2A 8.000 72T7.800 63T7.800 63T8.150 57T31.750 66
67Vasquez, HannahWorld of Gymnastics 2A 9.050 35T6.000 76T7.800 63T8.700 33T31.550 67
68McClintick, GabrielleThe Palaestra LLC 2A 8.600 59T7.800 63T7.700 69T7.000 73T31.100 68
69Davis, CharlotteSokol Fort Worth Gymnastics 2A 6.700 778.150 598.100 58T7.900 6530.850 69
70Rose, SophiaAchievers Gymnastics Center LLC 2A 8.350 687.400 70T7.600 717.350 7130.700 70
71Mayberry, CamilleWorld of Gymnastics 2A 8.800 48T6.000 76T7.500 72T8.000 62T30.300 71
72Baker, KaitlynWorld of Gymnastics 2A 7.300 766.000 76T8.100 58T8.550 42T29.950 72
73Brumfield, EdenAchievers Gymnastics Center LLC 2A 8.250 707.500 68T7.100 75T7.000 73T29.850 73
74Williams, ChloeAchievers Gymnastics Center LLC 2A 7.800 74T8.000 61T7.100 75T6.300 7729.200 74
75Futrell, AveryAchievers Gymnastics Center LLC 2A 7.800 74T7.500 68T7.000 776.500 7628.800 75
76McCormick, KaleyAchievers Gymnastics Center LLC 2A 8.800 48T7.400 70T6.800 78T5.500 7828.500 76
77Railsback, HelenThe Palaestra LLC 2A 8.000 72T7.700 667.400 745.200 7928.300 77
78McBee, ZoieWorld of Gymnastics 2A 5.700 786.400 757.700 69T7.600 7027.400 78
79Wolfe, TalaWorld of Gymnastics 2A 1.000 796.000 76T8.500 36T7.000 73T22.500 79