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District Qualifier -
District Qualifier
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2013-09-282013-09-29 AA Gymnastics AcademyClick here287
Meet Scores Session: All Level: 2A Division: OPEN
Team Scores  Show Personal Bests    All Scores  Level:   3,  4,  5,  1A,  2A,  3A,  4A,
#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA
1Garcia, MadelineAbove The Bar Gymnastics Academy All 2A OPEN9.500 7T9.350 2T9.200 5*9.250 29T37.300 1T
1Mittendorf, OliviaAcro Sport Gymnastics All 2A OPEN9.300 16T9.300 4T9.200 5*9.500 4T37.300 1T
3Duncan, MykahDynamic Gymnastics All 2A OPEN9.200 21*9.000 17T9.350 3T9.650 137.200 3T
3Trinosky, AddisonAcro Sport Gymnastics All 2A OPEN9.200 21*9.250 69.200 5T9.550 2T37.200 3T
5Belle, KatherineDynamic Gymnastics All 2A OPEN9.350 13T8.850 21T9.400 1T9.350 18T36.950 5
6Jarvis, BaileyAcro Sport Gymnastics All 2A OPEN9.750 18.800 23T9.200 5T9.000 43T36.750 6
7Chavez-Lujambio, SofiaHouston Gymnastics Associates.In All 2A OPEN9.350 13T9.150 10T8.700 44T9.500 4T36.700 7
8Richardson, CamrynHouston Gymnastics Associates.In All 2A OPEN9.550 4T8.800 23T8.800 30T9.450 12T36.600 8
9Brown, KaitlynDynamic Gymnastics All 2A OPEN9.100 25T8.600 35T9.350 3T9.500 4T36.550 9
10Beaty, AshlynAcro Sport Gymnastics All 2A OPEN9.400 10T9.100 12T8.900 25T9.100 37T36.500 10
11Shelby, KaydenAbove The Bar Gymnastics Academy All 2A OPEN9.500 7T9.100 12T9.000 17*8.850 55T36.450 11T
11Mackin, CelesteHouston Gymnastics Associates.In All 2A OPEN9.100 25T9.200 7T9.000 17*9.150 34T36.450 11T
13Klemm, HannahReflex Gymnastics Academy All 2A OPEN9.300 16T8.800 23T8.800 30T9.500 4*36.400 13T
13Roberts, AlexandraDynamic Gymnastics All 2A OPEN9.000 33T8.900 209.000 17T9.500 4*36.400 13T
15Jefferson, AvaReflex Gymnastics Academy All 2A OPEN9.700 29.200 7T8.400 58T9.050 40T36.350 15
16Runchey, EmmyAbove The Bar Gymnastics Academy All 2A OPEN9.350 13T8.600 35T9.000 17T9.300 24T36.250 16
17Baimbridge, ReaganReflex Gymnastics Academy All 2A OPEN9.100 25T9.100 12T8.600 51T9.400 14*36.200 17T
17Tolleson, TaylorAcro Sport Gymnastics All 2A OPEN9.000 33T8.400 43T9.400 1T9.400 14*36.200 17T
17Sanders, GracieHouston Gymnastics Associates.In All 2A OPEN8.800 37T9.350 2T8.700 44T9.350 18T36.200 17T
20Lopez, SavannahDynamic Gymnastics All 2A OPEN8.200 65T9.150 10T9.200 5T9.500 4T36.050 20T
20Cauley, AvaHouston Gymnastics Associates.In All 2A OPEN9.400 10T8.800 23T8.400 58T9.450 12T36.050 20T
22Cummings, AllieAbove The Bar Gymnastics Academy All 2A OPEN9.100 25T9.300 4T8.200 67T9.350 18T35.950 22
23Acevedo, VictoriaAbove The Bar Gymnastics Academy All 2A OPEN9.650 38.450 41T8.500 55T9.200 31T35.800 23T
23Rajeev, MeghaReflex Gymnastics Academy All 2A OPEN9.300 16T8.800 23T8.400 58T9.300 24T35.800 23T
25Torres, MilgrosDynamic Gymnastics All 2A OPEN9.100 25T8.450 41T8.800 30T9.400 14T35.750 25
26Rodriguez, BrianaGame Gymnastics All 2A OPEN8.300 59T9.050 169.050 169.300 24T35.700 26
27Swales, KateHouston Gymnastics Associates.In All 2A OPEN8.500 51T8.850 21T8.800 30T9.500 4T35.650 27
28Hurt, SarahAcro Sport Gymnastics All 2A OPEN8.600 46T8.400 43T9.000 17T9.550 2T35.550 28T
28Soltes, EleanorLobo Gymnastics All 2A OPEN9.450 98.500 38*8.800 30T8.800 59T35.550 28T
28Young, JadynAA Gymnastics Academy All 2A OPEN9.100 25T8.300 499.200 5T8.950 47T35.550 28T
28LaBorde, LaurenAA Gymnastics Academy All 2A OPEN8.800 37T8.500 38*9.100 14T9.150 34T35.550 28T
32Valdez, SophiaDynamic Gymnastics All 2A OPEN8.300 59T8.750 298.900 25T9.400 14T35.350 32
33Hochglaube, AudreyHouston Gymnastics Associates.In All 2A OPEN8.700 42T8.700 30T8.700 44T9.150 34T35.250 33
34Hawkins, KaitlynHouston Gymnastics Associates.In All 2A OPEN8.800 37T8.000 54T8.900 25T9.500 4T35.200 34T
34Courtney, KyraAA Gymnastics Academy All 2A OPEN9.100 25T9.000 17T8.400 58T8.700 64T35.200 34T
36Sparks, FalynnAcro Sport Gymnastics All 2A OPEN8.100 67T9.450 18.800 30T8.750 6335.100 36T
36Miles, JohannaLobo Gymnastics All 2A OPEN8.800 37T8.000 54T9.100 14T9.200 31T35.100 36T
38Ward, KylieLobo Gymnastics All 2A OPEN9.300 16T7.550 649.200 5T9.000 43T35.050 38
39Heckman, SavannahLobo Gymnastics All 2A OPEN8.400 55T8.650 348.600 51T9.350 18T35.000 39
40Merchant, AlexysReflex Gymnastics Academy All 2A OPEN7.800 73T9.000 17T8.700 44T9.350 18T34.850 40T
40Van Stone, IsabellaLobo Gymnastics All 2A OPEN9.300 16T7.400 699.200 5T8.950 47T34.850 40T
40Burger, EmilyLobo Gymnastics All 2A OPEN8.550 508.500 38T8.800 30T9.000 43T34.850 40T
43Martinez, EmilyDynamic Gymnastics All 2A OPEN8.400 55T8.700 30T8.400 58T9.300 24T34.800 43
44Best, KatieLobo Gymnastics All 2A OPEN8.600 46T8.100 51T8.800 30T9.200 31T34.700 44
45Martin, AlmaAbove The Bar Gymnastics Academy All 2A OPEN9.200 21T7.900 57T8.600 51T8.950 47T34.650 45
46Goodson, RileyAbove The Bar Gymnastics Academy All 2A OPEN9.550 4T7.200 72T8.800 30T9.050 40T34.600 46T
46Johnson, KaylaDynamic Gymnastics All 2A OPEN8.400 55T8.700 30T8.700 44T8.800 59T34.600 46T
48Abernathy, KateReflex Gymnastics Academy All 2A OPEN8.500 51T7.900 57T8.800 30T9.350 18T34.550 48
49Guajardo, SophiaReflex Gymnastics Academy All 2A OPEN8.650 458.400 43T8.200 67T9.250 29T34.500 49
50Winfield, RyannReflex Gymnastics Academy All 2A OPEN9.200 21T7.700 62T9.000 17T8.500 76T34.400 50
51Hill, LaciAbove The Bar Gymnastics Academy All 2A OPEN9.000 33T7.100 74T9.000 17T8.900 52T34.000 51
52Coddou, RiannaDynamic Gymnastics All 2A OPEN8.450 548.000 54T8.700 44T8.800 59T33.950 52
53Bilski, KatelynLobo Gymnastics All 2A OPEN9.100 25T8.350 47T7.900 808.500 76T33.850 53T
53Bi, JuliaHouston Gymnastics Associates.In All 2A OPEN8.600 46T8.200 508.200 67T8.850 55T33.850 53T
55Bayt, VictoriaAbove The Bar Gymnastics Academy All 2A OPEN8.700 42T7.800 59T8.200 67T9.100 37T33.800 55
56Kool, MackenzieReflex Gymnastics Academy All 2A OPEN8.300 59T8.800 23T7.300 849.300 24T33.700 56T
56Leonard, LaniyahAcro Sport Gymnastics All 2A OPEN7.200 82T9.100 12T8.300 65T9.100 37T33.700 56T
56Cerda, OmayraDynamic Gymnastics All 2A OPEN7.600 78T8.400 43T8.800 30*8.900 52T33.700 56T
56Everenden, MackenzieAcro Sport Gymnastics All 2A OPEN7.400 818.700 30T8.800 30*8.800 59T33.700 56T
60Woeste, TaraAcro Sport Gymnastics All 2A OPEN8.200 65T7.700 62T8.700 44T9.050 40T33.650 60T
60Smith, AudreyReflex Gymnastics Academy All 2A OPEN7.800 73T8.100 51T8.900 25T8.850 55T33.650 60T
60Weber, CameronAbove The Bar Gymnastics Academy All 2A OPEN8.400 55T8.350 47T8.200 67T8.700 64T33.650 60T
63Meier, MarissaLobo Gymnastics All 2A OPEN8.900 368.100 51T8.200 67T8.400 80T33.600 63
64Kimmel, MadeleineAcro Sport Gymnastics All 2A OPEN7.800 73T7.750 619.000 17T8.950 47T33.500 64
65Smith, AyriaBeaumont Gymnastics Academy All 2A OPEN9.400 10T7.300 708.200 67T8.500 76T33.400 65
66Rivera, AdrienneDynamic Gymnastics All 2A OPEN7.200 82T8.600 35T8.800 30T8.600 7033.200 66