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2012 Minnesota Level 5, 6 State Championships -
2012 Minnesota Level 5, 6 State Championships
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2012-12-082012-12-09 Flips Gymnastics LLCClick here483
Meet Scores Session: 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B Level: 5 Division: N/A
Team Scores  Show Personal Bests    All Scores  Level:   5,  6,
#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA
1Anderson, PaigeJam Hops Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A9.350 4T9.700 1T9.200 8T9.550 5T37.800 1
2Hines, JuliaJam Hops Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.925 40T9.550 5T9.675 19.500 8T37.650 2
3Riley, JenniferJam Hops Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A9.375 39.375 169.100 17T9.500 8T37.350 3
4Kerry, SheaLegacy Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A9.350 4T9.475 118.850 589.625 137.300 4
5Carmello, SierraElite Gymnastic Academy, LLP 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A9.250 11T9.500 9T9.425 28.875 89T37.050 5T
5Singh, SydneyJam Hops Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A9.100 17T9.325 20T9.200 8T9.425 13T37.050 5T
7Jerylo, EliseJam Hops Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.675 75T9.550 5T9.350 39.300 23T36.875 7
8Pate, LaurenLegacy Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A9.350 4T9.550 5T8.575 101T9.300 23T36.775 8
9Boyd, LiliRoseville-MN 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.825 56T9.450 12T9.050 23T9.425 13T36.750 9
10Torgerson, DestinyJam Hops Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.575 93T9.650 39.250 79.225 35T36.700 10T
10Shogren, MalloryGleason's Gymnastic School 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A9.100 17T9.250 34T8.825 59T9.525 736.700 10T
12Newhouse, AbbyClassic Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A9.200 13T9.275 30T9.100 17T9.075 58T36.650 12
13Thompson, NicoleLegacy Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A9.075 22T9.300 28T9.025 269.175 4236.575 13
14Majano, SofiaTwin City Twisters 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A9.000 31T8.950 82T9.200 8T9.350 18T36.500 14
15Kieser, MarissaElite Gymnastic Academy, LLP 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.900 43T9.300 28T9.200 8T9.050 61T36.450 15T
15Small, KelseyDynamics Gymnastics Center 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A9.300 109.075 56T8.950 34T9.125 49T36.450 15T
15Schullo, KatePerpetual Motion Gymnastics Center 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A9.050 24T9.075 56T9.075 19T9.250 31T36.450 15T
18Newhouse, HaileyClassic Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.800 60T9.250 34T8.900 46T9.425 13T36.375 18
19Hallum, ElizabethElite Gymnastic Academy, LLP 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A9.100 17T9.125 50T8.975 29T9.150 43T36.350 19
20Cecil, ShealynLegacy Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.900 43T9.275 30T9.150 159.000 71T36.325 20
21Wheeler, MorganLegacy Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A9.350 4T9.025 62T8.950 34T8.925 81T36.250 21
22Gilbertson, WillowLegacy Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A9.425 19.250 34T8.700 81T8.850 92T36.225 22T
22Goodman, MakenaRising Stars Gymnastics Academy 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.800 60T9.150 45T9.125 169.150 43T36.225 22T
24Willodson, AdreannaTwin City Twisters 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.900 43T9.325 20T8.900 46T9.050 61T36.175 24
25Hansen, KyraElite Gymnastic Academy, LLP 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A9.050 24T8.825 100T8.700 81T9.575 3T36.150 25T
25Bruestle, GretchanGleason's Gymnastic School 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.750 67T9.325 20T8.925 40T9.150 43T36.150 25T
27Wheeler, NatalieElite Gymnastic Academy, LLP 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A9.050 24T9.525 88.775 65T8.775 105T36.125 27T
27Bateman, KayleeRoseville-MN 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A9.050 24T9.350 17T8.500 112T9.225 35T36.125 27T
27Harried, AcelynLegacy Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A9.325 99.150 45T8.750 67T8.900 83T36.125 27T
30Prew, ElodieLegacy Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A9.100 17T8.675 126T8.700 81T9.600 236.075 30T
30Huddock, AbigailIGM Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A9.100 17T9.200 40T8.650 88T9.125 49T36.075 30T
32Rasmussen, MakenaNorth Shore Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A9.000 31T9.025 62T8.725 76T9.300 23T36.050 32
33Skoglund, PeytonJ.E.T.S. Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.825 56T9.025 62T8.900 46T9.275 27T36.025 33
34Guthmueller, ClaireClassic Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.875 518.575 142T9.050 23T9.475 10T35.975 34
35Wilkening, RachelTAGS Gymnastics-Eden Prairie 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.750 67T8.975 77T8.650 88T9.550 5T35.925 35
36Bretz, HalleTAGS Gymnastics-Eden Prairie 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.800 60T8.175 192T9.325 49.575 3T35.875 36T
36Hinz, AlexisDynamics Gymnastics Center 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.550 96T9.450 12T8.875 54T9.000 71T35.875 36T
36Lovely, AmberTwin City Twisters 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.650 80T9.325 20T8.750 67T9.150 43T35.875 36T
36McCormick, SarahClassic Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.850 52T8.800 108T9.200 8T9.025 66T35.875 36T
40Ludwig, SophiaClassic Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.900 43T8.900 87T8.600 96T9.450 1235.850 40T
40Ying Fischer, TaiteElite Gymnastic Academy, LLP 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A9.350 4T8.500 150T8.950 34T9.050 61T35.850 40T
42Maiz, AbigailElite Gymnastic Academy, LLP 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.500 103T9.150 45T8.975 29T9.200 39T35.825 42
43Draper, AllieGleason's Gymnastic School 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.675 75T9.075 56T8.975 29T9.075 58T35.800 43
44Eagles, JennaTwin City Twisters 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.500 103T8.725 119T9.275 5T9.250 31T35.750 44
45Boldenow, SierraLegacy Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A9.050 24T9.500 9T8.650 88T8.525 150T35.725 45T
45Fothergill, JaciGrand Rapids Gymnastics Academy 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.950 36T9.200 40T8.325 139T9.250 31T35.725 45T
47Seigler, OliviaTAGS Gymnastics-Eden Prairie 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.725 69T9.150 45T8.425 126T9.375 16T35.675 47
48Fryling, CarolineLegacy Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.425 121T9.700 1T9.000 27T8.525 150T35.650 48T
48Steinmetz, AbigailGym Nation 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A9.400 28.400 162T8.975 29T8.875 89T35.650 48T
50Hagen, EmmaPerpetual Motion Gymnastics Center 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.400 128T9.000 70T8.950 34T9.250 31T35.600 50
51Holmen, MadisonLegacy Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.775 64T9.325 20T8.725 76T8.750 108T35.575 51T
51Konz, AlyssaClassic Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.725 69T9.275 30T8.775 65T8.800 102T35.575 51T
51Tholl, KyrieElite Gymnastic Academy, LLP 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A9.000 31T8.625 133T8.800 61T9.150 43T35.575 51T
54Olson, LaurenRising Stars Gymnastics Academy 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.775 64T8.475 155T8.825 59T9.475 10T35.550 54T
54Hintermeister, RennaJ.E.T.S. Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.400 128T9.450 12T8.550 104T9.150 43T35.550 54T
54Langefels, LilyTAGS Gymnastics-Eden Prairie 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.425 121T8.875 89T8.925 40T9.325 20T35.550 54T
54Hunsley, BrookeGym Nation 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.700 71T8.850 92T8.800 61T9.200 39T35.550 54T
58Ask, MadisonClassic Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.650 80T8.850 92T8.925 40T9.100 54T35.525 58
59Witikko, LuciaPerpetual Motion Gymnastics Center 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.500 103T9.025 62T8.725 76T9.225 35T35.475 59
60Anseth, AshleyLegacy Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.925 40T9.450 12T8.075 180T9.000 71T35.450 60T
60Leopold, ElsaFlyaways Gold Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.100 183T9.350 17T8.900 46T9.100 54T35.450 60T
62Lowe, TisanaCrowley's Gymnastics Center 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.925 40T9.025 62T8.575 101T8.900 83T35.425 62
63Treanor, IsabelGleason-MG 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A9.000 31T8.725 119T8.650 88T9.025 66T35.400 63
64Muller, MarissaRising Stars Gymnastics Academy 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.625 86T8.300 177T9.075 19T9.375 16T35.375 64
65Keith, KianaGym Nation 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.625 86T8.675 126T9.050 23T8.825 97T35.175 65
66Johnson, MacKenzieFlyaways Gold Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.250 150T8.600 138T8.950 34T9.350 18T35.150 66T
66Donovan, AveryTwin City Twisters 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.475 111T9.025 62T8.750 67T8.900 83T35.150 66T
68Clark, JuliaRoseville-MN 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.325 143T9.075 56T8.675 84T9.025 66T35.100 68
69Bellini, IsabellaMini-Hops Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.350 137T9.275 30T8.500 112T8.925 81T35.050 69T
69Decker, MajaTAGS South Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.450 114T9.225 37T8.575 101T8.800 102T35.050 69T
71Hedden, MollyGym Nation 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A9.125 15T8.525 147T8.625 94T8.750 108T35.025 71
72Baldzicki, JosieDynamics Gymnastics Center 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.500 103T8.600 138T8.800 61T9.100 54T35.000 72
73McElmurry, KaraGleason-MG 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.675 75T8.800 108T8.475 118T9.025 66T34.975 73
74Tietz, ClaraTAGS Gymnastics-Eden Prairie 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.375 1368.100 202T9.200 8T9.275 27T34.950 74T
74Lawrence, MollyJam Hops Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.900 43T8.625 133T8.475 118T8.950 79T34.950 74T
76Binfet, EllaTwin City Twisters 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.950 36T8.850 92T7.975 198T9.125 49T34.900 76
77Schreier, CassieRising Stars Gymnastics Academy 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A9.125 15T8.000 210T8.475 118T9.275 27T34.875 77T
77Linnell, JaidenTwin City Twisters 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.050 194T9.100 52T8.925 40T8.800 102T34.875 77T
77Lamparty, AutumnRoseville-MN 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A9.050 24T9.000 70T8.425 126T8.400 171T34.875 77T
80Boyden, RachelLakes Area Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A9.000 31T9.325 20T8.000 194T8.525 150T34.850 80T
80Stenzler, SophiaTAGS Gymnastics-Eden Prairie 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A7.850 223T8.750 115T8.925 40T9.325 20T34.850 80T
80Sofie, AlexisJam Hops Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.850 52T9.125 50T8.875 54T8.000 239T34.850 80T
83Kendrick, JordynFlips Gymnastics LLC 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.825 56T8.900 87T8.750 67T8.350 181T34.825 83
84Tripp, CarrieRising Stars Gymnastics Academy 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.250 150T8.825 100T8.675 84T9.025 66T34.775 84
85Marrah, AmyFlips Gymnastics LLC 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.300 145T9.000 70T8.500 112T8.950 79T34.750 85T
85Emms, MarinaRising Stars Gymnastics Academy 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.800 60T8.825 100T8.525 109T8.600 137T34.750 85T
87Berg, MadisonGleason's Gymnastic School 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.400 128T8.600 138T8.950 34T8.775 105T34.725 87
88Anundson, RachelTwin City Twisters 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A7.850 223T8.875 89T8.675 84T9.300 23T34.700 88
89Krulich, IsabelaTAGS South Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.950 36T8.575 142T8.650 88T8.500 156T34.675 89
90Cardenas, CalistaDynamics Gymnastics Center 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.450 114T8.025 2099.275 5T8.900 83T34.650 90
91Elovaara, OonaElite Gymnastic Academy, LLP 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.625 86T9.025 62T8.900 46T8.075 225T34.625 91
92Poeschl, SamanthaNorth Shore Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.050 194T9.175 43T8.550 104T8.825 97T34.600 92T
92Keller, GraceTAGS South Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.650 80T9.075 56T8.200 155T8.675 127T34.600 92T
94Shykes, JaylenFlyaways Gold Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.250 150T8.300 177T8.800 61T9.225 35T34.575 94
95Peiffer, HannahFlyaways Gold Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.950 36T9.575 48.050 185T7.975 24534.550 95T
95Gilyard, LilahTwin City Twisters 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.250 150T9.225 37T8.350 134T8.725 117T34.550 95T
95Bohlsen, TatumTwin City Twisters 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.650 80T8.850 92T8.050 185T9.000 71T34.550 95T
98Provoncha, LaurenTwin City Twisters 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A7.700 245T9.150 45T8.600 96T9.050 61T34.500 98T
98Kelly, MaggieRising Stars Gymnastics Academy 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.300 145T8.575 142T9.075 19T8.550 147T34.500 98T
100Lang, EmilyElite Gymnastic Academy, LLP 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.525 101T8.825 100T8.750 67T8.375 177T34.475 100
101Semlak, HannahCrowley's Gymnastics Center 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.225 167T9.200 40T8.300 143T8.700 120T34.425 101
102Peterson, KyleeTwin City Twisters 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.450 114T8.650 130T8.725 76T8.575 144T34.400 102
103Bates, NorahFlips Gymnastics LLC 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.000 203T8.625 133T8.475 118T9.275 27T34.375 103T
103Tessier, KaliMidwest Gymnastics Center 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.600 90T8.775 111T8.600 96T8.400 171T34.375 103T
105Her, AydenMidwest Gymnastics Center 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.625 86T8.475 155T8.150 165T9.100 54T34.350 105
106Brittin, NicoleLakes Area Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.775 64T9.100 52T7.975 198T8.475 159T34.325 106T
106Ritchot, TaylorFlyaways Gold Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A9.025 308.775 111T8.200 155T8.325 188T34.325 106T
108Corbett, AuroraClassic Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.250 150T9.025 62T8.500 112T8.525 150T34.300 108
109Trinh, PamelaIGM Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.550 96T8.250 183T8.475 118T9.000 71T34.275 109
110Otten, HaileyGrand Rapids Gymnastics Academy 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A9.200 13T7.625 2438.500 112T8.900 83T34.225 110T
110Mayhew, ColetteNorth Shore Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A7.900 216T9.000 70T9.075 19T8.250 201T34.225 110T
112Opdahl, HattieFlyaways Gold Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A7.975 2109.325 20T7.700 222T9.200 39T34.200 112
113Markgraf, ElizabethGleason-MG 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.450 114T9.175 43T8.250 149T8.300 191T34.175 113T
113Tostenson, ZoeLakes Area Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A7.950 211T8.450 157T8.900 46T8.875 89T34.175 113T
115Nathe, EmmaTwin City Twisters 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.100 183T8.975 77T8.400 131T8.675 127T34.150 115
116Corcoran, LexieCrowley's Gymnastics Center 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.850 52T8.800 108T8.150 165T8.300 191T34.100 116T
116Jahnke, OliviaNorth Shore Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.500 103T8.750 115T8.150 165T8.700 120T34.100 116T
118Hildenbrand, LindseyBemidji Gymnastics Club 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.900 43T8.850 92T8.150 165T8.150 216T34.050 118
119Hall, JamieMinnesota Aerials Gymnastics LLC 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.350 137T8.850 92T8.200 155T8.625 135T34.025 119T
119Kretman, RorriRoseville-MN 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.250 150T8.775 111T8.150 165T8.850 92T34.025 119T
121Scheeler, KerriGleason-MG 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.000 203T8.950 82T8.200 155T8.850 92T34.000 121
122Peden, KapriaDynamics Gymnastics Center 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.150 176T8.500 150T8.200 155T9.125 49T33.975 122T
122Rogers, KendallRising Stars Gymnastics Academy 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.650 80T8.450 157T8.725 76T8.150 216T33.975 122T
124Simpson, EmmaClassic Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.475 111T9.225 37T8.050 185T8.200 208T33.950 124T
124Cornelius, CarissaMinnesota Aerials Gymnastics LLC 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.700 71T8.400 162T8.150 165T8.700 120T33.950 124T
124Fettinger, AbbyFlips Gymnastics LLC 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.675 75T8.300 177T8.425 126T8.550 147T33.950 124T
127Hanson, JuliaDynamics Gymnastics Center 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.900 43T8.100 202T8.225 1548.700 120T33.925 127
128Bloemendal, MariaCrowley's Gymnastics Center 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.250 150T8.525 147T8.425 126T8.700 120T33.900 128
129Ostrom, DarahMidwest Gymnastics Center 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A7.400 265T8.725 119T8.900 46T8.825 97T33.850 129
130Barrett, MonikaRoseville-MN 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.500 103T8.500 150T8.300 143T8.525 150T33.825 130
131Rieschl, LydiaTwin City Twisters 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.450 114T8.975 77T7.775 214T8.600 137T33.800 131T
131Tschida, AudreyRoseville-MN 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.400 128T8.975 77T8.250 149T8.175 211T33.800 131T
131Guzior, AnetaIGM Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.850 52T8.150 196T8.450 124T8.350 181T33.800 131T
134Kuehn, AileyTAGS South Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.425 121T9.100 52T8.350 134T7.900 250T33.775 134T
134Carlson, KaitlynGym Nation 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A7.850 223T8.375 166T8.875 54T8.675 127T33.775 134T
134Helmin, KiannaNorthern Flight Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.250 150T8.250 183T8.425 126T8.850 92T33.775 134T
137Nelson, SamanthaRoseville-MN 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.550 96T8.875 89T8.150 165T8.175 211T33.750 137
138Harer, MakaelaGreat Northern Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.125 181T8.925 85T8.075 180T8.600 137T33.725 138
139Emerson, RachelGleason's Gymnastic School 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.050 194T8.975 77T8.350 134T8.325 188T33.700 139
140Sutherland, LilyTwin City Twisters 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.000 203T8.400 162T8.925 40T8.350 181T33.675 140T
140O'Brien, OlympiaIGM Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.500 103T7.975 214T8.750 67T8.450 163T33.675 140T
142VanNatta, KathrynSpirit Gymnastics Inc. 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.500 103T9.000 70T7.450 243T8.700 120T33.650 142
143Halvorson, AlexisGym Nation 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A7.850 223T8.175 192T8.975 29T8.625 135T33.625 143
144Goldenstein, CarolineTwin City Twisters 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A7.950 211T8.175 192T8.150 165T9.325 20T33.600 144
145McGrory, AnnaRoseville-MN 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A7.750 242T8.525 147T8.750 67T8.550 147T33.575 145T
145Fitterer, EllaDynamics Gymnastics Center 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.400 128T8.425 160T8.250 149T8.500 156T33.575 145T
147Renn, KaileyTAGS South Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A7.800 234T9.325 20T8.100 178T8.300 191T33.525 147T
147Castro, TriciaGranite City Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A7.800 234T8.250 183T8.625 94T8.850 92T33.525 147T
147Stegen, CateMidwest Gymnastics Center 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.450 114T8.000 210T8.475 118T8.600 137T33.525 147T
150Byrne, VictoriaFlips Gymnastics LLC 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.525 101T7.825 2268.275 146T8.825 97T33.450 150
151McCallum, KiraMidwest Gymnastics Center 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.650 80T7.725 235T8.125 1778.900 83T33.400 151
152Anderson, NatalieFlips Gymnastics LLC 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A7.850 223T9.075 56T8.250 149T8.175 211T33.350 152T
152Gore, OliviaTAGS South Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.050 194T8.925 85T8.075 180T8.300 191T33.350 152T
154Ohashi-Berg, MiyaJ.E.T.S. Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.275 1498.350 170T7.700 222T9.000 71T33.325 154T
154Nelson, ChloeGranite City Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.100 183T8.400 162T8.000 194T8.825 97T33.325 154T
154McDonald, RachelMinnesota Aerials Gymnastics LLC 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.250 150T8.125 199T8.350 134T8.600 137T33.325 154T
157Veenbaas, CameronCrowley's Gymnastics Center 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A9.250 11T8.850 92T7.100 259T8.100 221T33.300 157
158Kuta, JordanSpirit Gymnastics Inc. 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.200 170T8.650 130T8.000 194T8.400 171T33.250 158
159Loven, MayaNorth Shore Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.250 150T7.650 2428.550 104T8.750 108T33.200 159
160Anderson, SaigeFlyaways Gold Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.200 170T7.150 2618.750 67T9.075 58T33.175 160T
160Centers, ZoieFlips Gymnastics LLC 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.000 203T8.325 175T8.150 165T8.700 120T33.175 160T
160Bistodeau, JaelynMinnesota Valley Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A7.900 216T8.425 160T8.250 149T8.600 137T33.175 160T
163Eder, AllisonFlips Gymnastics LLC 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.050 194T8.825 100T7.950 201T8.325 188T33.150 163
164Fletcher, MeganLakes Area Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A7.350 267T8.650 130T8.550 104T8.575 144T33.125 164
165Luepke, LynneaLakes Area Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.000 203T8.700 123T7.675 226T8.725 117T33.100 165T
165Galyon, RachelRoseville-MN 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.075 192T8.675 126T8.200 155T8.150 216T33.100 165T
167McNicoll, GracieGleason's Gymnastic School 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.550 96T7.925 218T8.325 139T8.275 198T33.075 167
168Nilsson, SophieGleason's Gymnastic School 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A7.775 2418.825 100T8.075 180T8.375 177T33.050 168T
168Williamson, RachelGreat Northern Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.050 194T7.800 227T8.450 124T8.750 108T33.050 168T
170Osterberg, LaurenGleason-MG 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.250 150T8.950 82T7.675 226T8.100 221T32.975 170
171Engebretson, AvaTAGS Gymnastics-Eden Prairie 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.100 183T7.975 214T8.875 54T8.000 239T32.950 171
172Pietruszewski, AmberRoseville-MN 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A7.350 267T9.100 52T7.950 201T8.525 150T32.925 172T
172Sisco, KeelyFlyaways Gold Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.075 192T7.900 220T7.950 201T9.000 71T32.925 172T
172Wiethorn, MeganGleason-MG 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.050 194T8.825 100T7.625 2348.425 169T32.925 172T
175Fiedler, OliviaDynamics Gymnastics Center 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.450 114T7.200 2608.200 155T9.000 71T32.850 175T
175Schmid, JessicaGleason's Gymnastic School 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A7.900 216T7.300 256T8.900 46T8.750 108T32.850 175T
175Lewis, CelineGym Nation 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.350 137T7.425 249T8.350 134T8.725 117T32.850 175T
175Olson, PaytonLakes Area Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A7.950 211T8.700 123T7.975 198T8.225 205T32.850 175T
179Proctor, AlaynaGleason-MG 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.250 150T8.750 115T7.225 2558.600 137T32.825 179T
179Tarman, MarniClassic Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.600 90T8.725 119T7.725 217T7.775 25932.825 179T
179Steinberg, RileaGleason-MG 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.050 194T8.675 126T7.650 230T8.450 163T32.825 179T
182Mallinger, EllieFlips Gymnastics LLC 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A7.800 234T8.350 170T7.900 204T8.750 108T32.800 182T
182Pillsbury, VicaTAGS Gymnastics-Eden Prairie 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.350 137T8.700 123T7.825 2127.925 248T32.800 182T
182Lanz, AmandaFlips Gymnastics LLC 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.675 75T8.350 170T8.050 185T7.725 261T32.800 182T
182Bauer, PaigeNo Boundaries 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.250 150T8.200 190T8.275 146T8.075 225T32.800 182T
186Plekkenpol, LeilaniTAGS Gymnastics-Eden Prairie 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.150 176T7.925 218T8.050 185T8.650 131T32.775 186
187Ford, CarleyLakes Area Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.250 150T8.825 100T7.800 2137.875 252T32.750 187T
187Maccarone, HannahTAGS South Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.425 121T7.775 231T8.600 96T7.950 246T32.750 187T
187Johnson, AlyssaGleason-MG 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A7.450 261T8.450 157T8.400 131T8.450 163T32.750 187T
190Reitz, JulianaGranite City Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.400 128T8.175 192T7.400 2488.750 108T32.725 190T
190Hepola, MyaLegacy Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.550 96T7.675 2418.150 165T8.350 181T32.725 190T
190Hjelm, OliviaGleason-MG 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.100 183T8.350 170T8.200 155T8.075 225T32.725 190T
193Hepola, AutumnLegacy Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.700 71T6.825 2669.000 27T8.175 211T32.700 193T
193Erb, SheyanneGrand Rapids Gymnastics Academy 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.300 145T7.700 239T8.600 96T8.100 221T32.700 193T
193Hanson, MadisonRoseville-MN 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.350 137T8.275 181T7.675 226T8.400 171T32.700 193T
196Yang, CarlyTwin City Twisters 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A6.950 271T9.000 70T8.525 109T8.200 208T32.675 196T
196Larson, RebeccaFlyaways Gold Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.250 150T7.850 224T8.525 109T8.050 231T32.675 196T
198Ftacek, AbbyGleason-MG 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A7.900 216T8.550 145T8.175 1648.025 234T32.650 198
199Kaiser, AudraGym Nation 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.900 43T8.275 181T7.150 2588.300 191T32.625 199T
199Baxter, MeganFlips Gymnastics LLC 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A7.900 216T8.100 202T8.200 155T8.425 169T32.625 199T
201Anderson, HaileyRising Stars Gymnastics Academy 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A7.650 250T7.800 227T8.650 88T8.475 159T32.575 201T
201Gilbertson, SydneyGleason-MG 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.150 176T8.500 150T7.700 222T8.225 205T32.575 201T
201Whalen, ElizabethRoseville-MN 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.400 128T7.950 2177.875 208T8.350 181T32.575 201T
204Bryn Swanson, MeiRoseville-MN 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.250 150T8.850 92T7.550 235T7.900 250T32.550 204T
204Mares, AvaMinnesota Aerials Gymnastics LLC 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.100 183T7.725 235T8.675 84T8.050 231T32.550 204T
204Lommel, LibbyGranite City Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.575 93T8.300 177T7.425 245T8.250 201T32.550 204T
204Hildebrandt, MikaylaCrowley's Gymnastics Center 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A7.800 234T8.050 207T8.325 139T8.375 177T32.550 204T
208Stokka, ArisanaJ.E.T.S. Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.000 203T8.375 166T7.350 249T8.775 105T32.500 208T
208Schmidt, ArielFlips Gymnastics LLC 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.100 183T8.250 183T8.550 104T7.600 26732.500 208T
208Ramberg, AbbyFlips Gymnastics LLC 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.050 194T8.325 175T8.400 131T7.725 261T32.500 208T
208Trautman, KateTwin City Twisters 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.200 170T8.150 196T7.900 204T8.250 201T32.500 208T
212Fossum, EllaDynamics Gymnastics Center 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A7.100 2707.750 233T9.175 148.450 163T32.475 212T
212Greeder, CayleeFlips Gymnastics LLC 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.150 176T8.625 133T7.875 208T7.825 254T32.475 212T
212Peters, IsabellaRoseville-MN 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.225 167T8.550 145T7.250 2548.450 163T32.475 212T
215Staub, ChloeKAATS Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A7.750 242T8.225 1897.900 204T8.575 144T32.450 215
216Storms, SabrinaCrowley's Gymnastics Center 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A7.450 261T9.350 17T7.900 204T7.700 264T32.400 216
217Jensen, LucilleMini-Hops Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A7.700 245T8.600 138T8.025 190T8.000 239T32.325 217
218Steil, JanessaGranite City Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.475 111T8.375 166T6.700 2708.750 108T32.300 218
219Albrecht, AdelineGrand Rapids Gymnastics Academy 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A7.650 250T8.500 150T7.650 230T8.475 159T32.275 219
220Becker, JaydaMinnesota Valley Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.425 121T8.100 202T7.675 226T8.050 231T32.250 220
221Mattson, AllyTAGS Gymnastics-Eden Prairie 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A7.200 2697.875 222T8.500 112T8.650 131T32.225 221T
221Ruiz, SabrinaMinnesota Flyers Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.250 150T8.250 183T7.725 217T8.000 239T32.225 221T
223Weiss, AllysonCrowley's Gymnastics Center 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.400 128T8.250 183T7.700 222T7.800 256T32.150 223
224Santer, AbbigailDynamics Gymnastics Center 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.425 121T6.750 2688.150 165T8.750 108T32.075 224T
224Badhwa, AddeeMinnesota Valley Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A7.550 256T8.625 133T7.750 2168.150 216T32.075 224T
224Collins, ChloeDynamics Gymnastics Center 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A7.500 259T7.775 231T8.325 139T8.475 159T32.075 224T
227Boschee, AliNorth Crest Gymnastics Dance and Cheer 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.175 1758.000 210T7.500 237T8.350 181T32.025 227T
227Solfest, NicoleDynamics Gymnastics Center 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A7.850 223T7.800 227T8.025 190T8.350 181T32.025 227T
229Nooney, PiperGleason's Gymnastic School 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A7.850 223T8.750 115T7.200 256T8.175 211T31.975 229T
229Engwer, HaleyFlips Gymnastics LLC 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.575 93T7.700 239T7.300 252T8.400 171T31.975 229T
231Kompelien, CourtneyFlyaways Gold Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A7.600 253T8.775 111T7.500 237T8.025 234T31.900 231
232Berrett, GenevaNorth Shore Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A7.450 261T7.325 2558.750 67T8.300 191T31.825 232
233Gagliardi, NevaehGreat Northern Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.300 145T7.400 2527.050 2629.050 61T31.800 233
234Langemo, SydneyDynamics Gymnastics Center 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A7.650 250T7.425 249T8.025 190T8.650 131T31.750 234
235Kent, AdelineNorth Crest Gymnastics Dance and Cheer 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.200 170T6.950 2648.275 146T8.275 198T31.700 235
236Peterson, MaiseyMinnesota Aerials Gymnastics LLC 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.325 143T7.600 244T7.100 259T8.650 131T31.675 236
237Daniels, AnnikaGreat Northern Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A7.550 256T8.000 210T7.775 214T8.225 205T31.550 237
238Hennen, ShelbyMinnesota Valley Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A7.850 223T7.725 235T7.850 210T8.100 221T31.525 238
239Peterson, KaitlynMinnesota Flyers Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.825 56T7.300 256T7.425 245T7.950 246T31.500 239
240Bomstad, KaileyGym Nation 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A7.950 211T7.425 249T7.725 217T8.375 177T31.475 240
241Ladd, AshleyFlyaways Gold Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.125 181T8.350 170T6.950 264T8.025 234T31.450 241
242Whitmore, AlexisSpirit Gymnastics Inc. 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.600 90T7.800 227T6.950 264T8.075 225T31.425 242
243Groth, NicoleFlyaways Gold Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A7.700 245T7.100 2628.300 143T8.275 198T31.375 243T
243Fletcher, KelseyLakes Area Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.225 167T7.975 214T7.500 237T7.675 26631.375 243T
243Landgren, ShelbyBemidji Gymnastics Club 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A7.700 245T7.600 244T8.000 194T8.075 225T31.375 243T
246Shoemaker, CrystaGleason-MG 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.100 183T8.375 166T7.075 2617.725 261T31.275 246
247Swanson, MeganMinnesota Aerials Gymnastics LLC 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.425 121T8.075 2066.850 267T7.825 254T31.175 247T
247Krump, SophiaRoseville-MN 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A7.900 216T8.050 207T7.350 249T7.875 252T31.175 247T
249Whiting, KenzieMinnesota Valley Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A7.750 242T7.275 2587.725 217T8.400 171T31.150 249T
249Messner, KeeganTAGS South Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A7.800 234T8.200 190T8.025 190T7.125 27231.150 249T
251Meeter-Biggs, LiaSpirit Gymnastics Inc. 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.700 71T7.850 224T6.850 267T7.700 264T31.100 251
252Pratt, KaijaMini-Hops Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A7.850 223T7.225 2597.325 2518.675 127T31.075 252
253Barrett, KathrynRoseville-MN 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.350 137T6.600 2697.550 235T8.500 156T31.000 253
254Reed, CainaFlips Gymnastics LLC 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.200 170T7.725 235T7.000 2638.025 234T30.950 254T
254Bortnem, HannahNorth Shore Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A7.900 216T8.125 199T6.900 2668.025 234T30.950 254T
254Amel, TessSpirit Gymnastics Inc. 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A7.600 253T7.900 220T7.650 230T7.800 256T30.950 254T
257Neudecker, EliseFlyaways Gold Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A7.400 265T9.000 70T6.600 2717.925 248T30.925 257
258Correll, ElizabethNorth Crest Gymnastics Dance and Cheer 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.100 183T7.350 2547.450 243T8.000 239T30.900 258
259Zahn, HaileyGrand Rapids Gymnastics Academy 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A7.800 234T7.000 2638.075 180T8.000 239T30.875 259
260Janisch, JordanNorth Shore Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A7.850 223T7.475 2488.150 165T7.275 27130.750 260
261Wold, IsabellaDynamics Gymnastics Center 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A7.550 256T6.875 2658.100 178T8.200 208T30.725 261
262Conrad, OliviaElite Gymnastic Academy, LLP 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.150 176T6.575 2707.725 217T8.250 201T30.700 262
263Corradi, ElizabethBemidji Gymnastics Club 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A9.075 22T6.500 2717.475 241T7.575 26830.625 263
264Lenzen-Hammerel, PaigeNorth Crest Gymnastics Dance and Cheer 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A7.850 223T7.550 2476.850 267T8.300 191T30.550 264
265Rowley, EllaJ.E.T.S. Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A8.000 203T5.550 2727.850 210T9.125 49T30.525 265
266Wetzel, AnnikaSpirit Gymnastics Inc. 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A7.950 211T6.775 2677.650 230T8.125 22030.500 266
267Buchl, SeliaRoseville-MN 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A7.600 253T8.150 196T7.300 252T7.425 26930.475 267
268Offerdahl, PaigeRichfield Gymnastic Club 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A7.500 259T7.600 244T7.500 237T7.750 26030.350 268
269Becker, AlyssaMinnesota Aerials Gymnastics LLC 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A7.450 261T7.875 222T7.200 256T7.800 256T30.325 269
270Vangen, BrynnClassic Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A6.950 271T7.750 233T7.425 245T8.075 225T30.200 270
271McKiernan, HeatherMinnesota Valley Gymnastics 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A7.700 245T8.125 199T5.850 2728.450 163T30.125 271
272Rossow, AnnabelleSpirit Gymnastics Inc. 1,1B,2,2B,3,3B 5 N/A7.800 234T7.375 2537.475 241T7.300 27029.950 272