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3rd Multi Level Sectional -
3rd Multi Level Sectional
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2012-03-172012-03-18 Virginia International Gymnastics SchoolClick here459
Meet Scores Level: 4
Team Scores  Show Personal Bests    All Scores  Level:   4,  5
Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA

Georgel, BrookeVirginia International Gymnastics School 4 All9.500 19.850 19.275 24T9.625 2T38.250 1
Swaby, MicahExcalibur Gymnastics 4 All9.450 2T9.475 99.575 3T9.725 138.225 2
Ross, KathrynAerial East 4 All9.250 29T9.450 10T9.600 29.625 2T37.925 3
Abramowitz, HannahArlington Aerials 4 All9.450 2T9.575 59.350 13T9.275 3737.650 4
Frazier, MadelineVirginia International Gymnastics School 4 All9.025 119T9.700 49.275 24T9.525 7T37.525 5
Thurman, KarlyAerial East 4 All9.400 5T9.000 59T9.575 3T9.500 10T37.475 6T
Eddleton, AmbraAll American 4 All9.425 49.400 13T9.325 17T9.325 29T37.475 6T
Grace Carns, AnnaVirginia International Gymnastics School 4 All9.100 86T9.750 2T9.325 17T9.250 38T37.425 8
Crone, KelseyAerial East 4 All9.200 40T9.375 15T9.300 20T9.425 1637.300 9T
Yee, JuliaAPEX 4 All9.350 8T9.300 20T9.250 29T9.400 17T37.300 9T
Spence, MadisonAll American 4 All9.225 35T9.275 28T9.250 29T9.500 10T37.250 11T
Schutte, LilyExcalibur Gymnastics 4 All9.150 61T9.300 20T9.350 13T9.450 1537.250 11T
Olansen, JenniferGymstrada Gymnastic School 4 All9.200 40T9.450 10T9.175 55T9.400 17T37.225 13
Kirsh, MackenzieVirginia International Gymnastics School 4 All9.125 77T9.500 7T9.100 71T9.475 13T37.200 14T
Hall, SamanthaAerial East 4 All9.275 25T9.450 10T9.125 66T9.350 23T37.200 14T
Boney, KatieAerial East 4 All9.300 18T9.050 53T9.375 11T9.350 23T37.075 16
Stepanek, AnnaAerial East 4 All9.150 61T9.000 59T9.300 20T9.575 4T37.025 17
Seibert, CaitlinWISC Gymnastics 4 All9.175 58T9.550 69.225 37T9.050 69T37.000 18T
Engels, JillianAerial East 4 All9.300 18T9.350 17T9.000 100T9.350 23T37.000 18T
Yates, KatieAerial East 4 All9.350 8T9.150 43T8.950 115T9.525 7T36.975 20T
Brown, EmmaVirginia International Gymnastics School 4 All8.900 166T9.300 20T9.275 24T9.500 10T36.975 20T
Kiser, AshleyVirginia International Gymnastics School 4 All9.250 29T9.225 359.125 66T9.300 31T36.900 22
Scheibach, HannahVirginia International Gymnastics School 4 All9.200 40T9.150 43T9.100 71T9.400 17T36.850 23
Fudala, OliviaVirginia International Gymnastics School 4 All9.150 61T9.750 2T8.350 2209.575 4T36.825 24
Yano, CarinaFairfax Gymnastics Academy 4 All9.200 40T9.500 7T9.100 71T9.000 81T36.800 25T
Kieper, MelissaAerial East 4 All9.350 8T9.000 59T8.975 112T9.475 13T36.800 25T
Gutierrez, MeganFairfax Gymnastics Academy 4 All9.100 86T9.150 43T9.425 89.125 53T36.800 25T
Hermann, UmiFairfax Gymnastics Academy 4 All9.025 119T9.300 20T9.250 29T9.225 4236.800 25T
Livingston, KellyVirginia International Gymnastics School 4 All9.100 86T9.200 36T8.950 115T9.525 7T36.775 29
Poff, BridgetteVirginia Techniques Gymnastics Inc. 4 All9.200 40T9.375 15T9.275 24T8.900 106T36.750 30
Martin, KayleeOcean Tumblers Gymnastics 4 All9.225 35T9.175 41T9.225 37T9.050 69T36.675 31
Hudson, RachelVirginia Techniques Gymnastics Inc. 4 All9.200 40T8.800 93T9.250 29T9.400 17T36.650 32T
Cl Gilmore, GeorgiaWorld Class Gymnastics 4 All9.225 35T9.200 36T8.850 134T9.375 2236.650 32T
Lynch, BaileyArlington Aerials 4 All9.325 15T9.400 13T8.550 193T9.350 23T36.625 34
Johnson, HollyAerial East 4 All9.200 40T8.800 93T9.350 13T9.250 38T36.600 35T
Morris, KaileyAerial East 4 All9.300 18T9.150 43T8.800 143T9.350 23T36.600 35T
Hall, AddisonClassics Gymnastics Center 4 All9.050 107T9.250 30T9.525 58.750 135T36.575 37T
Sauro, AbigailGymstrada Gymnastic School 4 All9.200 40T9.300 20T8.825 141T9.250 38T36.575 37T
Bires, NicoleArlington Aerials 4 All9.100 86T9.300 20T9.050 86T9.100 58T36.550 39
Vishneski, PaytonVirginia Techniques Gymnastics Inc. 4 All9.100 86T9.000 59T9.250 29T9.175 47T36.525 40
Rosete, JaedilynneExcalibur Gymnastics 4 All9.100 86T9.100 48T8.950 115T9.300 31T36.450 41T
Keyes, SidneyPrestige Gymnastics Academy 4 All8.850 181T9.275 28T9.200 43T9.125 53T36.450 41T
Stauch, NatalieWISC Gymnastics 4 All9.350 8T8.550 122T9.175 55T9.350 23T36.425 43T
Johnson, AnnaAll American 4 All9.250 29T9.250 30T9.025 92T8.900 106T36.425 43T
Miller, AlannaVirginia Techniques Gymnastics Inc. 4 All9.250 29T8.900 76T9.250 29T9.000 81T36.400 45
Mercer, LaurenClassics Gymnastics Center 4 All9.150 61T9.050 53T9.400 9T8.750 135T36.350 46T
Kolat, CameronFairfax Gymnastics Academy 4 All9.150 61T9.300 20T9.225 37T8.675 152T36.350 46T
Bracher, AlexaFairfax Gymnastics Academy 4 All9.050 107T9.000 59T9.150 59T9.125 53T36.325 48
Johnson, SydneyVirginia Techniques Gymnastics Inc. 4 All9.325 15T9.050 53T8.800 143T9.125 53T36.300 49
Paris, NicoleChantilly Academy 4 All9.350 8T8.900 76T9.225 37T8.800 122T36.275 50T
Bridges, KylieWoods Gymnastics 4 All9.150 61T9.000 59T9.100 71T9.025 76T36.275 50T
DePumpo, TaraArlington Aerials 4 All9.025 119T9.175 41T8.850 134T9.200 43T36.250 52
Steele, SydneyWorld Class Gymnastics 4 All9.150 61T9.100 48T9.225 37T8.725 140T36.200 53
Bolton, KaitlinAPEX 4 All8.850 181T8.950 71T9.400 9T8.950 95T36.150 54T
Barlow, JuliaOcean Tumblers Gymnastics 4 All9.350 8T8.450 146T9.200 43T9.150 50T36.150 54T
Archer, SidneyAerial East 4 All8.700 225T8.900 76T9.450 79.075 66T36.125 56
Stump, EveWilliamsburg Gymnastics 4 All8.900 166T9.200 36T9.000 100T9.000 81T36.100 57
Haffey, AngeliqueGymstrada Gymnastic School 4 All9.150 61T9.250 30T8.725 164T8.950 95T36.075 58T
Agee, CeliaFluvanna 4 All9.050 107T9.025 589.200 43T8.800 122T36.075 58T
Knox, AbbieAPEX 4 All9.200 40T8.550 122T9.200 43T9.100 58T36.050 60
Nicholson, LexieStafford Gymnastics Center 4 All8.950 149T9.000 59T9.200 43T8.875 113T36.025 61
Hopkins, CarlyVirginia Techniques Gymnastics Inc. 4 All9.400 5T9.100 48T8.500 203T9.000 81T36.000 62T
Lobash, EmmaWISC Gymnastics 4 All9.000 126T8.525 132T9.075 77T9.400 17T36.000 62T
Bishop, AnchalVirginia Techniques Gymnastics Inc. 4 All9.100 86T8.875 83T8.700 169T9.300 31T35.975 64T
Miranda, IsabelleArlington Aerials 4 All9.225 35T8.700 105T9.050 86T9.000 81T35.975 64T
Minson, KarleighGymstrada Gymnastic School 4 All9.125 77T8.900 76T8.850 134T9.100 58T35.975 64T
Beck, AlexisWorld Class Gymnastics 4 All9.100 86T8.850 88T9.025 92T9.000 81T35.975 64T
Morris, AlexandraFairfax Gymnastics Academy 4 All8.600 238T8.850 88T9.300 20T9.200 43T35.950 68
Fox, MackenzieStafford Gymnastics Center 4 All9.025 119T9.000 59T9.175 55T8.725 140T35.925 69
Roberts, EmmelineAll American 4 All8.750 214T9.100 48T9.175 55T8.875 113T35.900 70
Williams, AbbyVirginia Techniques Gymnastics Inc. 4 All8.850 181T8.950 71T9.150 59T8.900 106T35.850 71T
Lloyd, RachelVirginia Techniques Gymnastics Inc. 4 All8.900 166T8.875 83T8.975 112T9.100 58T35.850 71T
Conceicao, AngelinaAPEX 4 All8.850 181T9.050 53T9.075 77T8.850 116T35.825 73
Smith, CeciliaClassics Gymnastics Center 4 All9.000 126T7.850 202T9.750 19.200 43T35.800 74
Hwa, NatalieAPEX 4 All9.000 126T9.200 36T8.900 125T8.650 155T35.750 75
Walsh, JulieVirginia Techniques Gymnastics Inc. 4 All9.125 77T8.750 100T8.700 169T9.150 50T35.725 76
Woo, SonyaWISC Gymnastics 4 All9.125 77T7.900 198T9.125 66T9.550 635.700 77T
White, KourtnieParagon Gymnastics of VA 4 All9.125 77T9.325 198.150 2299.100 58T35.700 77T
Gabbard, KatieVirginia Techniques Gymnastics Inc. 4 All9.300 18T8.400 154T9.300 20T8.700 144T35.700 77T
Davis, MaryAPEX 4 All9.250 29T8.875 83T9.075 77T8.500 188T35.700 77T
Prater, MadisonWorld Class Gymnastics 4 All9.150 61T8.300 165T9.200 43T9.050 69T35.700 77T
Schmutte, DelaneyAll American 4 All9.200 40T8.500 134T9.000 100T9.000 81T35.700 77T
Hall, SarahPrestige Gymnastics Academy 4 All9.000 126T9.125 478.800 143T8.775 129T35.700 77T
Fuller, MeganGymstrada Gymnastic School 4 All9.125 77T8.800 93T8.900 125T8.850 116T35.675 84
Ngu, MeganFairfax Gymnastics Academy 4 All9.100 86T8.150 176T9.100 71T9.300 31T35.650 85T
Watson, SophieGymstrada Gymnastic School 4 All8.850 181T9.300 20T8.925 121T8.575 175T35.650 85T
Armstrong, MayaGymstrada Gymnastic School 4 All9.200 40T8.550 122T8.725 164T9.175 47T35.650 85T
Lee, SamanthaOcean Tumblers Gymnastics 4 All9.175 58T8.700 105T9.200 43T8.575 175T35.650 85T
Nguyen, HaleyFairfax Gymnastics Academy 4 All8.900 166T8.575 1219.250 29T8.900 106T35.625 89T
Sahle, DestaArlington Aerials 4 All9.200 40T9.000 59T8.425 211T9.000 81T35.625 89T
Chaillo, ReginaFairfax Gymnastics Academy 4 All9.125 77T9.000 59T8.850 134T8.650 155T35.625 89T
Dums, EdenVirginia Techniques Gymnastics Inc. 4 All8.950 149T8.400 154T8.925 121T9.325 29T35.600 92T
Kennedy, TrinityOcean Tumblers Gymnastics 4 All9.275 25T8.700 105T9.200 43T8.425 194T35.600 92T
DiTommaso, GiannaAPEX 4 All8.950 149T9.250 30T9.000 100T8.400 198T35.600 92T
Lytle, LeslieArlington Aerials 4 All8.800 202T9.250 30T8.525 199T9.025 76T35.600 92T
Frye, IsabelArlington Aerials 4 All8.850 181T9.200 36T8.300 223T9.200 43T35.550 96
Page, JaciOcean Tumblers Gymnastics 4 All8.750 214T8.950 71T9.275 24T8.550 181T35.525 97T
Sanders, NoelleAPEX 4 All9.000 126T8.800 93T9.225 37T8.500 188T35.525 97T
Jenkins, AmeliaCompetitive Edge Gymnastics 4 All9.000 126T8.800 93T8.800 143T8.925 104T35.525 97T
Bullock, MadelynChantilly Academy 4 All9.100 86T8.425 152T9.200 43T8.775 129T35.500 100T
Hopkins, StellaVirginia Techniques Gymnastics Inc. 4 All9.100 86T8.700 105T9.050 86T8.650 155T35.500 100T
Glowatch, AmyFluvanna 4 All9.000 126T8.550 122T8.900 125T9.050 69T35.500 100T
Jorrand, MelanieRiver City Youth Fitness 4 All8.800 202T8.425 152T9.150 59T9.075 66T35.450 103T
Drummer, RachaelDulles Gymnastics Academy 4 All8.850 181T8.650 115T9.000 100T8.950 95T35.450 103T
Worley, EmmaAPEX 4 All8.800 202T8.350 160T9.325 17T8.950 95T35.425 105T
Crawford, DylanFlipateers 4 All9.075 103T8.775 999.125 66T8.450 191T35.425 105T
Gidner, SadieArlington Aerials 4 All8.550 242T9.000 59T8.700 169T9.150 50T35.400 107T
Martin, KieraArlington YMCA Angels Gymnastics 4 All9.150 61T8.550 122T8.650 183T9.050 69T35.400 107T
Carmen, HannahCardinal Gymnastics 4 All9.200 40T8.900 76T8.650 183T8.600 166T35.350 109
Allison, MiaParagon Gymnastics of VA 4 All9.050 107T9.100 48T8.000 2349.175 47T35.325 110
Bannerton, AshleyAPEX 4 All8.950 149T8.150 176T9.350 13T8.850 116T35.300 111T
Adams, AllisonGalax Gainers 4 All9.200 40T8.125 181T8.675 177T9.300 31T35.300 111T
Romero, HazelGymstrada Gymnastic School 4 All9.200 40T8.300 165T8.700 169T9.100 58T35.300 111T
Herman, LouiseWISC Gymnastics 4 All8.750 214T8.850 88T9.075 77T8.625 162T35.300 111T
Kight, SaraGymstrada Gymnastic School 4 All8.900 166T8.900 76T8.750 158T8.750 135T35.300 111T
Logsdon, PaytonGymstrada Gymnastic School 4 All9.050 107T8.350 160T8.775 153T9.100 58T35.275 116T
Vernon, MahautFairfax Gymnastics Academy 4 All8.550 242T8.750 100T9.075 77T8.900 106T35.275 116T
Saylor, BrookeVirginia International Gymnastics School 4 All8.850 181T8.550 122T8.550 193T9.300 31T35.250 118T
Douglas, LaurenRichmond Twisters 4 All9.225 35T8.225 1749.075 77T8.725 140T35.250 118T
Pruitt, ErinBlue Ridge Gymnastics Academy 4 All8.650 232T8.700 105T8.950 115T8.950 95T35.250 118T
Townsend, JuliaAPEX 4 All9.150 61T8.475 142T9.000 100T8.600 166T35.225 121T
Patterson, LeighannRichmond Twisters 4 All9.050 107T8.475 142T8.925 121T8.775 129T35.225 121T
Walker, JaydaYouth Sports, Virginia Training Center 4 All9.300 18T8.400 154T8.575 191T8.925 104T35.200 123T
Bourne, HayleyFluvanna 4 All9.050 107T7.825 2069.200 43T9.125 53T35.200 123T
Berczes, HeidiRichmond Twisters 4 All8.925 163T8.450 146T9.125 66T8.700 144T35.200 123T
Hawk, GraceAPEX 4 All9.200 40T8.450 146T8.875 131T8.650 155T35.175 126
Day, CaitlynWISC Gymnastics 4 All9.075 103T8.250 1739.050 86T8.775 129T35.150 127
West, VictoriaAerial East 4 All9.300 18T8.300 165T8.750 158T8.775 129T35.125 128T
Dunnavant, AloraFull Force Gymnastics 4 All9.200 40T8.150 176T8.675 177T9.100 58T35.125 128T
Tuohy, TaylorExcalibur Gymnastics 4 All9.000 126T8.550 122T8.575 191T9.000 81T35.125 128T
Watkins, MadisynVirginia International Gymnastics School 4 All8.900 166T9.000 59T8.300 223T8.900 106T35.100 131
Anderson, AlyssaRichmond Olympiad VA 4 All9.000 126T8.500 134T9.050 86T8.525 18735.075 132T
Hopkins, AnnaFluvanna 4 All9.025 119T8.925 758.775 153T8.350 204T35.075 132T
Moore, AbbeyVirginia Techniques Gymnastics Inc. 4 All8.900 166T8.750 100T8.425 211T9.000 81T35.075 132T
Greene, LaurenAPEX 4 All9.100 86T8.875 83T9.000 100T8.075 229T35.050 135T
Harris, JessicaGymstrada Gymnastic School 4 All9.050 107T8.500 134T8.550 193T8.950 95T35.050 135T
Ann Poultney, LeighGymnastics Inc. 4 All8.950 149T8.625 117T8.775 153T8.700 144T35.050 135T
Reece, MadelineAPEX 4 All8.850 181T8.400 154T8.950 115T8.800 122T35.000 138
Miles, CarolineArlington Aerials 4 All9.125 77T8.875 83T8.050 232T8.900 106T34.950 139
Wheelbarger, HaleyOcean Tumblers Gymnastics 4 All9.000 126T9.350 17T9.150 59T7.425 24534.925 140T
Yates, MadelynAerial East 4 All9.000 126T8.450 146T9.200 43T8.275 211T34.925 140T
Khosrovi, KatieAPEX 4 All8.700 225T8.500 134T9.150 59T8.575 175T34.925 140T
Viers, KatieVirginia Techniques Gymnastics Inc. 4 All8.050 2488.825 929.025 92T9.025 76T34.925 140T
Lacey, KailaWoods Gymnastics 4 All9.000 126T8.625 117T8.650 183T8.650 155T34.925 140T
Blair, HayleyVirginia International Gymnastics School 4 All9.125 77T8.100 183T8.825 141T8.850 116T34.900 145T
Kruize, SamanthaGym Quest 4 All8.950 149T8.475 142T9.075 77T8.400 198T34.900 145T
Smith, MackenzieOcean Tumblers Gymnastics 4 All9.050 107T8.400 154T8.600 189T8.850 116T34.900 145T
Kerr, EvaMajik Saints 4 All9.375 78.650 115T8.500 203T8.350 204T34.875 148
Walker, MadelineCompetitive Edge Gymnastics 4 All8.725 2248.450 146T8.700 169T8.950 95T34.825 149
Stanley, AveryWoods Gymnastics 4 All9.000 126T8.750 100T8.325 221T8.700 144T34.775 150
Stansel, KatherineArlington Aerials 4 All9.350 8T7.750 209T9.000 100T8.650 155T34.750 151
Hurt, MeganVirginia International Gymnastics School 4 All9.250 29T8.050 188T8.175 2289.250 38T34.725 152
Walker, SamanthaGymstrada Gymnastic School 4 All9.200 40T7.525 2248.950 115T9.025 76T34.700 153
Sicking, MadelineAPEX 4 All9.000 126T8.450 146T8.975 112T8.250 213T34.675 154T
Mozeleski, LeahChantilly Academy 4 All8.500 2458.700 105T8.850 134T8.625 162T34.675 154T
Jessee, IsabellaMountain Empire Gymnastics Training Center 4 All8.900 166T7.725 2139.025 92T9.000 81T34.650 156T
Sommers, SamanthaAPEX 4 All8.550 242T8.900 76T9.000 100T8.200 217T34.650 156T
Sauger, ZoeFairfax Gymnastics Academy 4 All8.900 166T8.500 134T8.675 177T8.575 175T34.650 156T
Mazzie, TylerEast Coast Gymnastics 4 All8.750 214T8.550 122T8.800 143T8.550 181T34.650 156T
Tapper, ReillyAerial East 4 All9.150 61T8.050 188T8.425 211T9.000 81T34.625 160
Williams, SiennaFairfax Gymnastics Academy 4 All9.000 126T8.150 176T8.775 153T8.675 152T34.600 161T
Bly, LyrenEast Coast Gymnastics 4 All8.800 202T8.475 142T8.525 199T8.800 122T34.600 161T
Johnston, SabrinaCardinal Gymnastics 4 All9.325 15T7.650 217T9.150 59T8.450 191T34.575 163T
Bretton, NatalieFlipateers 4 All9.050 107T7.900 198T8.900 125T8.725 140T34.575 163T
Phelps, KinseyVirginia International Gymnastics School 4 All8.850 181T8.800 93T7.900 2359.025 76T34.575 163T
Minogue, KaitlynChantilly Academy 4 All8.750 214T8.550 122T8.700 169T8.575 175T34.575 163T
Carroll-Nelson, JasmineGymnastics World 4 All9.075 103T7.900 198T8.625 1888.950 95T34.550 167T
Parsons, KendallBlue Ridge Gymnastics Academy 4 All8.950 149T7.950 196T9.050 86T8.600 166T34.550 167T
Hankins, LucyWoods Gymnastics 4 All8.950 149T7.850 202T8.750 158T9.000 81T34.550 167T
Dicks, JazminFlipateers 4 All8.900 166T8.200 1758.725 164T8.700 144T34.525 170
Jordan, PeytonElite Athletics - LC 4 All9.050 107T8.550 122T8.500 203T8.400 198T34.500 171
Marscheider, GabriellaGymstrada Gymnastic School 4 All9.100 86T8.675 113T8.500 203T8.200 217T34.475 172T
Dodrill, HannahBlue Ridge Gymnastics Academy 4 All8.800 202T8.625 117T8.725 164T8.325 207T34.475 172T
DiCarlo, EmmalineGymnastics Inc. 4 All9.150 61T8.050 188T9.200 43T8.050 233T34.450 174T
Veale, FrancescaMajik Saints 4 All9.100 86T8.350 160T8.900 125T8.100 226T34.450 174T
Polster, WhitneyVirginia International Gymnastics School 4 All9.175 58T8.700 105T7.450 247T9.075 66T34.400 176T
Broyan, MeghanStafford Gymnastics Center 4 All9.100 86T8.350 160T8.500 203T8.450 191T34.400 176T
Capuano-Rizzo, TeresaArlington YMCA Angels Gymnastics 4 All8.650 232T7.900 198T9.025 92T8.800 122T34.375 178T
Sewell, KierstynVirginia Techniques Gymnastics Inc. 4 All9.000 126T8.950 71T7.650 242T8.775 129T34.375 178T
Parkins, SofiaArlington Aerials 4 All8.950 149T8.700 105T8.375 218T8.275 211T34.300 180T
Churchill, JuliaCompetitive Edge Gymnastics 4 All8.600 238T8.400 154T8.750 158T8.550 181T34.300 180T
Hunter, TaylorAPEX 4 All8.650 232T8.275 1729.150 59T8.150 222T34.225 182T
Haddock, CarolineEast Coast Gymnastics 4 All9.000 126T8.625 117T7.800 236T8.800 122T34.225 182T
Brun, AnneliseAPEX 4 All8.750 214T8.050 188T8.750 158T8.625 162T34.175 184
Sumner, ElizabethGymstrada Gymnastic School 4 All9.000 126T8.000 193T8.450 209T8.700 144T34.150 185T
LaValley, MirandaWorld Class Gymnastics 4 All8.850 181T7.800 207T8.900 125T8.600 166T34.150 185T
Lester, AmeliaVirginia Techniques Gymnastics Inc. 4 All9.150 61T6.950 2429.075 77T8.950 95T34.125 187T
Mason, HannahTriple T Sports Center 4 All8.850 181T8.500 134T8.400 214T8.375 20334.125 187T
Tomaras, PaigeFluvanna 4 All8.750 214T8.100 183T8.550 193T8.675 152T34.075 189
Speller, KaciMajik Saints 4 All8.950 149T7.500 225T9.250 29T8.350 204T34.050 190
Olson, LoganPrestige Gymnastics Academy 4 All8.450 2467.750 209T9.025 92T8.800 122T34.025 191T
Newcomb, JennaElite Athletics - LC 4 All8.400 2478.300 165T9.000 100T8.325 207T34.025 191T
Coughenour, NeilaCompetitive Edge Gymnastics 4 All8.850 181T8.525 132T8.500 203T8.150 222T34.025 191T
Logan, LaurelElite Athletics - LC 4 All8.850 181T8.750 100T8.200 2278.200 217T34.000 194
Walker, ShaelaOcean Tumblers Gymnastics 4 All8.600 238T7.350 232T9.375 11T8.600 166T33.925 195T
Garber, EmmaRichmond Olympiad VA 4 All9.300 18T7.650 217T8.400 214T8.575 175T33.925 195T
Short, RachelMountain Empire Gymnastics Training Center 4 All8.900 166T8.100 183T9.100 71T7.800 23933.900 197T
Stevenson, ErinLoudoun Gymnastics Center 4 All9.000 126T8.300 165T8.050 232T8.550 181T33.900 197T
Dunn, GraceGymnastics Inc. 4 All8.775 2138.100 183T8.875 131T8.100 226T33.850 199T
Watson, AbigailElite Athletics - LC 4 All8.700 225T8.500 134T8.650 183T8.000 235T33.850 199T
Priestley, SophieGymnastics Inc. 4 All9.000 126T7.550 220T8.525 199T8.750 135T33.825 201
Gillie, LeandraVirginia Techniques Gymnastics Inc. 4 All9.075 103T7.375 2318.300 223T9.050 69T33.800 202
Klak, McKennaWorld Class Gymnastics 4 All8.650 232T8.000 193T9.000 100T8.125 22533.775 203
DiMarino, AlyssaFlipateers 4 All9.000 126T8.300 165T7.450 247T9.000 81T33.750 204T
Jessee, OliviaMountain Empire Gymnastics Training Center 4 All8.950 149T7.600 2198.775 153T8.425 194T33.750 204T
Clarke, EmmaElite Athletics - LC 4 All8.750 214T8.300 165T8.450 209T8.250 213T33.750 204T
Woody, JordanCardinal Gymnastics 4 All8.850 181T8.000 193T8.850 134T8.000 235T33.700 207
Bockelman, HavenWorld Class Gymnastics 4 All8.800 202T7.450 227T9.025 92T8.400 198T33.675 208
Simmons, GabrielleGymstrada Gymnastic School 4 All9.275 25T8.675 113T7.600 2448.075 229T33.625 209T
Jorgensen, SophiaDancensation Dance Center 4 All8.825 2018.500 134T7.700 2398.600 166T33.625 209T
Pickering, ElleAPEX 4 All9.150 61T7.350 232T9.000 100T8.100 226T33.600 211T
Cisneros, MarisaLoudoun Gymnastics Center 4 All8.650 232T7.500 225T8.400 214T9.050 69T33.600 211T
Buckner, AlexaTriple T Sports Center 4 All8.850 181T8.125 181T8.925 121T7.700 240T33.600 211T
Long, AmandaStafford Gymnastics Center 4 All8.850 181T7.750 209T9.025 92T7.950 23833.575 214
Vera, MeganGymstrada Gymnastic School 4 All9.100 86T7.100 240T8.675 177T8.625 162T33.500 215T
Miller, KylieCardinal Gymnastics 4 All8.950 149T7.550 220T8.800 143T8.200 217T33.500 215T
Meeks, ElizabethAerial East 4 All8.800 202T8.350 160T8.700 169T7.650 24233.500 215T
Whalen, HannahGymstrada Gymnastic School 4 All9.050 107T7.450 227T8.375 218T8.600 166T33.475 218T
Das, ShantiElite Athletics - LC 4 All8.700 225T7.675 2168.800 143T8.300 209T33.475 218T
West, RileeRichmond Twisters 4 All8.750 214T7.550 220T8.750 158T8.425 194T33.475 218T
Hackenberg, SamanthaRiver City Youth Fitness 4 All8.750 214T6.750 2469.075 77T8.875 113T33.450 221T
Pulin, HelenaGymnastics World 4 All8.850 181T7.100 240T8.800 143T8.700 144T33.450 221T
Cooper, EllisGymstrada Gymnastic School 4 All9.000 126T8.100 183T7.675 240T8.600 166T33.375 223
Drumheller, KatherineAerial East 4 All8.600 238T7.400 2308.675 177T8.550 181T33.225 224
Miller, TaylorOcean Tumblers Gymnastics 4 All8.950 149T7.250 2368.800 143T8.200 217T33.200 225
Smith, EllaLoudoun Gymnastics Center 4 All8.800 202T8.150 176T8.550 193T7.625 24333.125 226
Hamilton, TatianaWorld Class Gymnastics 4 All8.900 166T7.450 227T8.325 221T8.425 194T33.100 227T
Kane, AlyssaApollo Gymnastics 4 All8.850 181T6.900 2438.700 169T8.650 155T33.100 227T
Bottom, KatieEast Coast Gymnastics 4 All8.700 225T7.175 2378.800 143T8.400 198T33.075 229
Shukis, JuliaGymstrada Gymnastic School 4 All9.025 119T8.050 188T7.675 240T8.250 213T33.000 230T
Talreja, SophieOcean Tumblers Gymnastics 4 All8.900 166T7.350 232T8.600 189T8.150 222T33.000 230T
McDaniel, AlexzandraGymstrada Gymnastic School 4 All9.025 119T7.150 238T8.100 230T8.600 166T32.875 232
Moore, SiaraDancensation Dance Center 4 All8.900 166T7.850 202T7.800 236T8.250 213T32.800 233
Sutton, LaylaFull Force Gymnastics 4 All9.100 86T7.850 202T7.750 2388.075 229T32.775 234
Forrest, EmmaGymnastics Inc. 4 All8.900 166T7.800 207T8.650 183T7.400 24632.750 235T
DeBerry, EllaDancensation Dance Center 4 All8.800 202T7.950 196T7.250 2498.750 135T32.750 235T
Legum, LaurenWindsor Gymnastics Training Center 4 All9.150 61T6.500 2478.725 164T8.300 209T32.675 237
Ambrose, AshbyGymnastics Inc. 4 All8.800 202T7.700 214T8.100 230T8.050 233T32.650 238T
Epps, ChloeElite Athletics - LC 4 All8.650 232T7.700 214T8.225 2268.075 229T32.650 238T
Doeden, AlexisEast Coast Gymnastics 4 All8.700 225T7.300 2358.875 131T7.700 240T32.575 240
Helms, KatieFull Force Gymnastics 4 All8.850 181T6.000 2488.850 134T8.850 116T32.550 241
Royce, AreyLoudoun Gymnastics Center 4 All8.950 149T7.550 220T8.525 199T7.450 24432.475 242
Moody, MikaylaTriple T Sports Center 4 All9.000 126T7.150 238T7.525 2458.500 188T32.175 243
Smith, KaileyLynchburg Academy of Gymnastics and Power Tumbling 4 All8.800 202T7.750 209T8.400 214T7.125 24732.075 244
Cavanaugh, MargaretMajik Saints 4 All8.925 163T5.600 2498.675 177T8.700 144T31.900 245
Bingman, JerseyFlipateers 4 All8.925 163T6.850 244T7.500 2468.550 181T31.825 246
Edmonds, LaurenWorld Class Gymnastics 4 All8.700 225T6.850 244T7.650 242T8.000 235T31.200 247
Hotmire, JaidaArlington Aerials 4 All9.275 25T8.850 88T8.550 193T0.000 248T26.675 248
Stilley, BlairClassics Gymnastics Center 4 All0.000 2499.050 53T9.500 60.000 248T18.550 249