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2nd Multi Level Sectional -
2nd Multi Level Sectional
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2012-01-282012-01-29 World Class GymnasticsClick here528
Meet Scores Level: 5
Team Scores  Show Personal Bests    All Scores  Level:   4,  5,
#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA
1Murphy, MorganGMS Gymnastics Institute 5 All9.325 49.775 19.350 34T9.400 5T37.850 1
2Gregory, JurneeParagon Gymnastics of VA 5 All9.200 7T9.600 12T9.600 39.325 14T37.725 2
3Replogle, LindsayHurricane Gymnastics 5 All8.900 37T9.525 17T9.475 14T9.725 137.625 3
4Taber, AbigailParagon Gymnastics of VA 5 All9.000 26T9.500 219.725 19.300 17T37.525 4
5White, AbigailWorld Class Gymnastics 5 All9.075 19T9.675 4T9.425 23T9.325 14T37.500 5
6Dean, SamanthaNovaks Gymnastics Center Inc. 5 All8.950 32T9.700 2T9.100 64T9.625 237.375 6
7Gates, CaitlynNovaks Gymnastics Center Inc. 5 All9.050 21T9.650 8T9.225 44T9.400 5T37.325 7
8Spedden, JamieGMS Gymnastics Institute 5 All9.275 59.375 329.550 5T9.075 44T37.275 8
9Nikitina, ViolettaCapital Gymnastics National Center 5 All9.075 19T9.100 56T9.550 5T9.450 3T37.175 9
10Loomis, RachelGMS Gymnastics Institute 5 All9.350 39.525 17T9.050 70T9.200 24T37.125 10
11Daniels, KamerynParagon Gymnastics of VA 5 All9.050 21T9.700 2T9.150 54T9.200 24T37.100 11T
11Morris, BrittanyPremier Olympic Gymnastics Academy 5 All8.800 45T9.575 159.550 5T9.175 27T37.100 11T
13Salcedo, BellaCapital Gymnastics National Center 5 All9.100 15T9.425 26T9.350 34T9.175 27T37.050 13
14Clare, ReganCapital Gymnastics National Center 5 All8.900 37T9.650 8T9.000 78T9.450 3T37.000 14
15Hill, CarlyGMS Gymnastics Institute 5 All9.100 15T9.675 4T9.200 47T9.000 59T36.975 15
16Potts, AngelaParagon Gymnastics of VA 5 All8.950 32T9.675 4T9.400 27T8.900 73T36.925 16
17Hall, MiaParagon Gymnastics of VA 5 All8.900 37T9.675 4T9.250 40T9.050 48T36.875 17T
17Winebarger, ShelleyParagon Gymnastics of VA 5 All9.150 12T9.200 43T9.200 47T9.325 14T36.875 17T
19Townsend, KristinGMS Gymnastics Institute 5 All9.175 119.625 10T8.750 124T9.300 17T36.850 19
20Banks, SydneyApollo Gymnastics 5 All9.000 26T9.200 43T9.400 27T9.225 22T36.825 20T
20Kelly, EmmaGMS Gymnastics Institute 5 All9.375 29.350 33T8.950 92T9.150 31T36.825 20T
22Smith, NylaApollo Gymnastics 5 All8.650 67T9.000 67T9.700 29.350 10T36.700 22T
22Manne, AvaNovaks Gymnastics Center Inc. 5 All9.050 21T8.900 86T9.400 27T9.350 10T36.700 22T
24Gurian, MargoCapital Gymnastics National Center 5 All8.600 78T9.200 43T9.500 10T9.375 7T36.675 24
25Haugen, VictoriaGMS Gymnastics Institute 5 All9.200 7T9.600 12T9.200 47T8.650 133T36.650 25
26Juarez, TiffanyParagon Gymnastics of VA 5 All8.700 57T9.400 29T9.450 19T9.000 59T36.550 26
27Murphy, CaitlynGMS Gymnastics Institute 5 All8.700 57T9.525 17T9.400 27T8.900 73T36.525 27T
27Reebals, KateClassics Gymnastics Center 5 All8.800 45T9.125 53T9.450 19T9.150 31T36.525 27T
29Kern, KierstenNovaks Gymnastics Center Inc. 5 All8.800 45T9.000 67T9.150 54T9.375 7T36.325 29
30Baker, CarlyParagon Gymnastics of VA 5 All8.750 50T9.625 10T9.050 70T8.875 83T36.300 30T
30Dunn, KatyaCapital Gymnastics National Center 5 All8.950 32T9.550 168.750 124T9.050 48T36.300 30T
32Arnold, AllyParagon Gymnastics of VA 5 All8.950 32T9.425 26T8.825 114T9.075 44T36.275 32
33Haladyna, KaitlynHurricane Gymnastics 5 All8.650 67T8.750 104T9.550 5T9.175 27T36.125 33
34McCarthy, TaylorHurricane Gymnastics 5 All8.650 67T8.950 76T9.475 14T9.025 56T36.100 34T
34Baxter, SierraRichmond Olympiad VA 5 All9.025 259.350 33T8.450 171T9.275 1936.100 34T
36Klump, MadisonParagon Gymnastics of VA 5 All8.750 50T9.400 29T9.150 54T8.750 115T36.050 36
37Burkhart, BrookeGMS Gymnastics Institute 5 All9.450 19.250 39T8.400 180T8.900 73T36.000 37T
37Penzer, KimberlyPremier Olympic Gymnastics Academy 5 All8.825 449.325 358.500 158T9.350 10T36.000 37T
39Caffey, TrinityWorld Class Gymnastics 5 All8.600 78T9.300 369.500 10T8.500 165T35.900 39T
39Gaskins, JanelApollo Gymnastics 5 All8.250 143T9.075 629.450 19T9.125 37T35.900 39T
39Bakhtiari, KaterinaGMS Gymnastics Institute 5 All8.850 41T9.200 43T8.850 111T9.000 59T35.900 39T
42Esser, RebeccaCapital Gymnastics National Center 5 All8.350 123T9.100 56T9.250 40T9.150 31T35.850 42
43Hopkins, HaleyRichmond Olympiad VA 5 All8.700 57T9.275 37T9.025 75T8.825 101T35.825 43
44Rudolph, SidneyPremier Olympic Gymnastics Academy 5 All8.350 123T9.150 51T9.350 34T8.900 73T35.750 44T
44Fry, MadisonNovaks Gymnastics Center Inc. 5 All9.050 21T8.950 76T8.500 158T9.250 20T35.750 44T
44Do, HannaCardinal Gymnastics 5 All8.650 67T9.000 67T9.000 78T9.100 41T35.750 44T
47Isley, AmeliaRichmond Olympiad VA 5 All8.550 85T8.850 90T9.475 14T8.850 89T35.725 47T
47Rose Thackston, MiaCapital Gymnastics National Center 5 All8.150 160T9.475 228.900 101T9.200 24T35.725 47T
49Norton, MorganWorld Class Gymnastics 5 All8.400 114T8.650 116T9.500 10T9.150 31T35.700 49
50Young, AshleyParagon Gymnastics of VA 5 All8.000 175T9.525 17T9.300 37T8.850 89T35.675 50
51Barbachano, ShawnNovaks Gymnastics Center Inc. 5 All8.450 107T9.250 39T8.700 127T9.250 20T35.650 51
52Renninger, BriannaApollo Gymnastics 5 All9.000 26T8.850 90T8.900 101T8.875 83T35.625 52
53Bailey, ElenaApollo Gymnastics 5 All8.750 50T8.850 90T9.150 54T8.850 89T35.600 53
54Scibelli, KatherineWorld Class Gymnastics 5 All8.750 50T9.100 56T8.600 146T9.125 37T35.575 54
55Trankovich, EmilyDulles Gymnastics Academy 5 All8.300 134T9.450 23T8.950 92T8.850 89T35.550 55T
55Davis, MaryRichmond Olympiad VA 5 All8.600 78T9.000 67T9.000 78T8.950 69T35.550 55T
57Zacaroli, HannahCapital Gymnastics National Center 5 All8.350 123T8.950 76T9.225 44T9.000 59T35.525 57
58McCauley, MadeleineWorld Class Gymnastics 5 All8.675 63T8.100 184T9.575 49.125 37T35.475 58T
58Malca, ArianaGMS Gymnastics Institute 5 All8.850 41T9.450 23T8.875 109T8.300 190T35.475 58T
58McCollum, CrystianaWorld Class Gymnastics 5 All8.700 57T9.425 26T8.300 191T9.050 48T35.475 58T
61McKenzie, SarahApollo Gymnastics 5 All8.475 104T8.950 76T8.950 92T9.075 44T35.450 61
62Zarling, ChloeNovaks Gymnastics Center Inc. 5 All9.100 15T8.400 153T9.000 78T8.925 71T35.425 62
63Barrett, ChloeHurricane Gymnastics 5 All8.300 134T9.600 12T8.650 138T8.850 89T35.400 63T
63Newell, AbigailCapital Gymnastics National Center 5 All9.200 7T8.650 116T8.600 146T8.950 69T35.400 63T
63Moccia, JulianneWorld Class Gymnastics 5 All8.350 123T9.100 56T8.950 92T9.000 59T35.400 63T
66Levine, KayaCapital Gymnastics National Center 5 All8.300 134T8.600 121T9.375 339.100 41T35.375 66T
66Davis, MiaWorld Class Gymnastics 5 All8.550 85T8.500 135T9.300 37T9.025 56T35.375 66T
66Grimm, MackenzieGymnastics Inc. 5 All8.500 95T9.100 56T8.775 1239.000 59T35.375 66T
69Concannon, HannahHurricane Gymnastics 5 All8.650 67T8.750 104T9.225 44T8.725 120T35.350 69T
69Harvey, JordanRichmond Olympiad VA 5 All9.125 148.925 858.250 195T9.050 48T35.350 69T
71Williamson, JasmineGMS Gymnastics Institute 5 All9.200 7T7.850 203T9.475 14T8.800 105T35.325 71T
71Clegg, MadisonApollo Gymnastics 5 All8.325 131T9.450 23T8.850 111T8.700 122T35.325 71T
71Dwyer, BrennaDulles Gymnastics Academy 5 All8.150 160T9.125 53T9.400 27T8.650 133T35.325 71T
71Brock, LauraTriple T Sports Center 5 All8.700 57T8.825 959.125 61T8.675 129T35.325 71T
71Keys, VirginiaYouth Sports, Virginia Training Center 5 All9.000 26T8.700 111T8.500 158T9.125 37T35.325 71T
76Guggemos, AmberParagon Gymnastics of VA 5 All8.150 160T8.800 96T9.500 10T8.850 89T35.300 76T
76Wheat, MikalaGymnastics Inc. 5 All8.425 1139.175 49T8.950 92T8.750 115T35.300 76T
78Lynch, KendallRichmond Olympiad VA 5 All8.250 143T9.000 67T9.475 14T8.550 153T35.275 78T
78Carlstrom, SydneyRichmond Olympiad VA 5 All8.450 107T9.275 37T8.800 116T8.750 115T35.275 78T
78Coleman, TriaWorld Class Gymnastics 5 All8.500 95T8.750 104T9.250 40T8.775 112T35.275 78T
78Bodnar, AshleyTriple T Sports Center 5 All8.750 50T9.000 67T8.700 127T8.825 101T35.275 78T
82Ellis, CarissaPremier Olympic Gymnastics Academy 5 All8.650 67T8.250 164T8.950 92T9.375 7T35.225 82
83Walker, JennaRichmond Olympiad VA 5 All8.500 95T8.850 90T8.800 116T9.050 48T35.200 83
84Robinson, KatieYouth Sports, Virginia Training Center 5 All8.950 32T8.250 164T8.650 138T9.225 22T35.075 84
85Derrick, HarmonyParagon Gymnastics of VA 5 All8.675 63T8.800 96T8.500 158T9.050 48T35.025 85
86Weitzman, ToriaRoanoke Academy of Gymnastics 5 All8.350 123T8.875 899.100 64T8.675 129T35.000 86
87Renninger, JordyneApollo Gymnastics 5 All8.500 95T8.500 135T9.125 61T8.850 89T34.975 87
88Miller, JenniferCapital Gymnastics National Center 5 All8.350 123T8.400 153T9.050 70T9.150 31T34.950 88T
88Edwards, EkaterinaCardinal Gymnastics 5 All8.850 41T8.800 96T8.900 101T8.400 176T34.950 88T
90Rutherford, HaleyRichmond Olympiad VA 5 All8.500 95T8.600 121T9.125 61T8.675 129T34.900 90T
90Fleshman, AlexaElite Athletics - LC 5 All8.150 160T9.050 63T9.000 78T8.700 122T34.900 90T
90Gayton, LeilaArlington Aerials 5 All8.600 78T8.450 143T9.025 75T8.825 101T34.900 90T
93Johnson, HannahCapital Gymnastics National Center 5 All8.475 104T8.800 96T8.525 156T9.050 48T34.850 93
94Craig, AbigailRichmond Olympiad VA 5 All8.150 160T8.750 104T9.400 27T8.525 160T34.825 94
95Kochensparger, LaurenRichmond Olympiad VA 5 All8.250 143T8.200 173T9.250 40T9.075 44T34.775 95
96Chevalier, AliyahArlington Aerials 5 All8.300 134T8.175 1809.425 23T8.850 89T34.750 96T
96Lewis, KianaGymnastics Inc. 5 All8.250 143T8.950 76T8.675 1378.875 83T34.750 96T
98Carl, MelainaGMS Gymnastics Institute 5 All8.300 134T9.125 53T8.400 180T8.900 73T34.725 98T
98Lam, ShelbyParagon Gymnastics of VA 5 All8.400 114T9.025 668.500 158T8.800 105T34.725 98T
100Grega, MadelineRichmond Olympiad VA 5 All8.700 57T7.700 214T9.200 47T9.100 41T34.700 100T
100Campbell, JordanGMS Gymnastics Institute 5 All8.800 45T8.450 143T8.450 171T9.000 59T34.700 100T
102Stewart, TaraCardinal Gymnastics 5 All8.250 143T8.450 143T9.200 47T8.775 112T34.675 102
103Bennett, MarissaCompetitive Edge Gymnastics 5 All8.250 143T8.450 143T9.425 23T8.525 160T34.650 103T
103Hudson, SaraRichmond Olympiad VA 5 All8.100 168T8.550 130T9.100 64T8.900 73T34.650 103T
103Norris, ParisYouth Sports, Virginia Training Center 5 All9.100 15T8.550 130T8.550 152T8.450 169T34.650 103T
106Barnes, RaylynnGymnastics Inc. 5 All8.400 114T9.175 49T8.575 1518.475 16834.625 106
107Steffen, EmalieWorld Class Gymnastics 5 All8.250 143T9.200 43T7.800 216T9.350 10T34.600 107T
107Pepe, AbigailHurricane Gymnastics 5 All8.650 67T8.750 104T9.000 78T8.200 198T34.600 107T
107Weyerstrass, AubryCardinal Gymnastics 5 All8.450 107T8.850 90T8.850 111T8.450 169T34.600 107T
110Lowers, AnaCompetitive Edge Gymnastics 5 All8.675 63T7.800 208T9.525 98.575 151T34.575 110T
110Mitchell, EliseYouth Sports, Virginia Training Center 5 All9.150 12T8.750 104T8.150 200T8.525 160T34.575 110T
112Thompson, AmeliaCapital Gymnastics National Center 5 All8.450 107T8.350 158T8.900 101T8.850 89T34.550 112
113de la Garrigue, ClaireCapital Gymnastics National Center 5 All8.525 91T8.500 135T8.900 101T8.600 140T34.525 113
114Frazier, LydiaApollo Gymnastics 5 All8.525 91T8.550 130T9.025 75T8.400 176T34.500 114
115King, TiannaGMS Gymnastics Institute 5 All9.225 68.950 76T7.600 224T8.700 122T34.475 115
116Whitley, AmandaApollo Gymnastics 5 All7.750 198T8.350 158T9.425 23T8.875 83T34.400 116T
116Bullock, ChloeParagon Gymnastics of VA 5 All8.550 85T9.100 56T8.100 206T8.650 133T34.400 116T
116Theel, AlexandraApollo Gymnastics 5 All8.600 78T8.200 173T9.000 78T8.600 140T34.400 116T
119Davis, StephanieApollo Gymnastics 5 All8.650 67T9.000 67T8.100 206T8.600 140T34.350 119
120Donnelly, KathrynCapital Gymnastics National Center 5 All8.400 114T9.150 51T8.525 156T8.250 196T34.325 120
121Olmstead, MadisonWorld Class Gymnastics 5 All8.750 50T7.850 203T8.700 127T9.000 59T34.300 121T
121Connors, TateCapital Gymnastics National Center 5 All8.550 85T8.250 164T8.700 127T8.800 105T34.300 121T
121Mack, JalahPremier Olympic Gymnastics Academy 5 All8.600 78T8.700 111T8.400 180T8.600 140T34.300 121T
124Frampton, LaurenRoanoke Academy of Gymnastics 5 All7.750 198T9.000 67T9.150 54T8.375 180T34.275 124T
124Fergusson, ClaireArlington Aerials 5 All8.200 152T8.500 135T8.950 92T8.625 137T34.275 124T
126Grantham, BrittanyCapital Gymnastics National Center 5 All8.550 85T8.550 130T7.950 210T9.150 31T34.200 126
127Correll, KaitlynRichmond Olympiad VA 5 All8.050 171T8.350 158T9.075 698.700 122T34.175 127T
127White, JennaParagon Gymnastics of VA 5 All8.325 131T8.600 121T8.650 138T8.600 140T34.175 127T
129Sondrini, RachaelKing George Patriots 5 All8.600 78T7.750 211T8.950 92T8.850 89T34.150 129T
129Hamel, AbigailWilliamsburg Gymnastics 5 All8.450 107T8.500 135T8.600 146T8.600 140T34.150 129T
131Livingston, ReillyRichmond Olympiad VA 5 All7.900 184T8.250 164T9.150 54T8.825 101T34.125 131T
131Caffey, SaigeWorld Class Gymnastics 5 All8.500 95T8.950 76T8.150 200T8.525 160T34.125 131T
131Hardy, AlisaWindsor Gymnastics Training Center 5 All8.200 152T8.450 143T8.800 116T8.675 129T34.125 131T
134Mohler, JuliaRoanoke Academy of Gymnastics 5 All7.800 196T8.250 164T9.200 47T8.850 89T34.100 134T
134Atkins, TallulahCapital Gymnastics National Center 5 All8.675 63T8.450 143T7.950 210T9.025 56T34.100 134T
136Lowry, OliviaElite Athletics - LC 5 All8.250 143T8.775 102T8.450 171T8.600 140T34.075 136
137Ribock, KathrynWilliamsburg Gymnastics 5 All8.650 67T8.900 86T8.650 138T7.850 215T34.050 137
138Woods, SiennaWorld Class Gymnastics 5 All8.450 107T8.800 96T8.500 158T8.275 194T34.025 138
139Murphy, ElizabethKing George Patriots 5 All8.300 134T7.700 214T9.100 64T8.900 73T34.000 139T
139Mckenna, MaggieRiver City Youth Fitness 5 All8.000 175T8.350 158T9.000 78T8.650 133T34.000 139T
139Ogork, ZoyaCardinal Gymnastics 5 All8.150 160T8.800 96T8.700 127T8.350 182T34.000 139T
139Felipe, AnneArlington Aerials 5 All7.900 184T8.700 111T8.700 127T8.700 122T34.000 139T
143Golden, BellaArlington Aerials 5 All8.300 134T8.100 184T8.875 109T8.700 122T33.975 143T
143Devine, HaleyKing George Patriots 5 All8.000 175T8.725 1108.800 116T8.450 169T33.975 143T
145Wilmer, AlyssaCompetitive Edge Gymnastics 5 All8.400 114T8.000 194T8.650 138T8.875 83T33.925 145
146Dowler, PiperRichmond Olympiad VA 5 All8.500 95T9.250 39T7.700 220T8.450 169T33.900 146T
146Dolfi, MelissaRichmond Olympiad VA 5 All8.400 114T8.625 1209.000 78T7.875 21433.900 146T
148Starr, KallieDulles Gymnastics Academy 5 All7.950 180T9.400 29T8.500 158T8.025 208T33.875 148T
148Nickle, SamanthaWorld Class Gymnastics 5 All8.475 104T7.700 214T8.700 127T9.000 59T33.875 148T
148Harper, PrestonRichmond Olympiad VA 5 All8.300 134T8.500 135T8.900 101T8.175 20033.875 148T
151Zampiello, PaytonChantilly Academy 5 All8.300 134T8.400 153T8.700 127T8.450 169T33.850 151
152Morrow, EmmaKing George Patriots 5 All8.050 171T8.150 181T9.000 78T8.600 140T33.800 152
153Polak, ClaireWindsor Gymnastics Training Center 5 All7.750 198T9.250 39T8.400 180T8.350 182T33.750 153T
153Davis, KaiStafford Gymnastics Center 5 All7.900 184T8.300 162T8.825 114T8.725 120T33.750 153T
153Van Ess, NicoleRichmond Olympiad VA 5 All8.650 67T8.100 184T8.600 146T8.400 176T33.750 153T
156Boucher, SamanthaDulles Gymnastics Academy 5 All7.900 184T7.850 203T9.000 78T8.925 71T33.675 156
157Kielb, OliviaChantilly Academy 5 All7.900 184T8.450 143T8.400 180T8.900 73T33.650 157
158Grella, AlyssaWorld Class Gymnastics 5 All8.375 1228.900 86T8.250 195T8.100 202T33.625 158
159McAuliffe, HaileyApollo Gymnastics 5 All8.100 168T8.150 181T8.550 152T8.800 105T33.600 159
160Strong, EmilyRiver City Youth Fitness 5 All8.150 160T7.850 203T9.050 70T8.525 160T33.575 160
161Kate Wirsing, AnnaRichmond Olympiad VA 5 All8.050 171T8.200 173T9.100 64T8.200 198T33.550 161
162Hudson, KaceyCapital Gymnastics National Center 5 All8.500 95T8.450 143T7.700 220T8.875 83T33.525 162
163Williams, AnnikaCompetitive Edge Gymnastics 5 All7.900 184T8.500 135T9.000 78T8.100 202T33.500 163
164Young, JessicaRiver City Youth Fitness 5 All8.325 131T8.050 190T8.300 191T8.800 105T33.475 164
165Nuwer, EmmaCompetitive Edge Gymnastics 5 All8.400 114T9.000 67T8.200 1997.850 215T33.450 165T
165Crookston, BrookeWilliamsburg Gymnastics 5 All7.950 180T8.950 76T7.650 2238.900 73T33.450 165T
165Bragg-Wrightson, KamrynArlington Aerials 5 All7.950 180T8.450 143T8.450 171T8.600 140T33.450 165T
168Callan, NatalieCapital Gymnastics National Center 5 All7.000 2248.375 1579.050 70T9.000 59T33.425 168
169English, JordanYouth Sports, Virginia Training Center 5 All7.750 198T9.200 43T8.150 200T8.300 190T33.400 169T
169Starr, KaitlinDulles Gymnastics Academy 5 All8.200 152T9.050 63T8.500 158T7.650 22433.400 169T
169Dundy, JourneYouth Sports, Virginia Training Center 5 All9.000 26T8.250 164T7.300 2288.850 89T33.400 169T
172Boyer, ElizabethDulles Gymnastics Academy 5 All6.900 225T8.600 121T9.175 538.700 122T33.375 172
173Norton, HaleyWorld Class Gymnastics 5 All7.800 196T7.950 198T8.750 124T8.800 105T33.300 173T
173Schoolfield, KaileyStafford Gymnastics Center 5 All8.350 123T8.600 121T7.900 213T8.450 169T33.300 173T
175Bennett, KimberlyDulles Gymnastics Academy 5 All7.750 198T8.200 173T9.450 19T7.850 215T33.250 175T
175Dickman, BethChantilly Academy 5 All7.850 192T7.600 218T9.300 37T8.500 165T33.250 175T
175Virgili, KaitlynWindsor Gymnastics Training Center 5 All7.900 184T8.100 184T8.900 101T8.350 182T33.250 175T
175Hassinger, CaseyCompetitive Edge Gymnastics 5 All8.525 91T7.900 200T8.275 193T8.550 153T33.250 175T
179Agee, ZariaYouth Sports, Virginia Training Center 5 All8.975 318.200 173T7.800 216T8.250 196T33.225 179T
179Cushing, SydneyCardinal Gymnastics 5 All8.200 152T8.050 190T8.400 180T8.575 151T33.225 179T
179Stewart, SaraRoanoke Academy of Gymnastics 5 All8.200 152T8.400 153T8.275 193T8.350 182T33.225 179T
182Nelson, BrianaYouth Sports, Virginia Training Center 5 All8.900 37T8.450 143T7.575 2268.275 194T33.200 182T
182Spirides, AnnaApollo Gymnastics 5 All7.550 208T8.250 164T8.500 158T8.900 73T33.200 182T
184Macecevic, JamieStafford Gymnastics Center 5 All8.750 50T8.200 173T7.750 2198.450 169T33.150 184T
184Dent, MeganStafford Gymnastics Center 5 All8.000 175T7.950 198T8.650 138T8.550 153T33.150 184T
186Clark, MadisonCompetitive Edge Gymnastics 5 All8.500 95T7.150 226T8.350 188T9.050 48T33.050 186
187Walker, JocelynWorld Class Gymnastics 5 All7.850 192T8.600 121T8.500 158T8.050 205T33.000 187
188Turner, KayleighParagon Gymnastics of VA 5 All8.050 171T7.800 208T8.350 188T8.750 115T32.950 188T
188Ennis, ElizabethStafford Gymnastics Center 5 All7.550 208T8.600 121T8.250 195T8.550 153T32.950 188T
190Wagner, JenniferFlipateers 5 All8.650 67T8.100 184T8.150 200T8.000 211T32.900 190T
190Dacanay, JemalynCardinal Gymnastics 5 All8.250 143T8.050 190T8.600 146T8.000 211T32.900 190T
192Thornton, LucyCardinal Gymnastics 5 All8.200 152T8.150 181T8.700 127T7.825 21932.875 192
193Tritt, SamanthaKing George Patriots 5 All6.850 2278.650 116T8.950 92T8.400 176T32.850 193
194Shreve, PeytonYouth Sports, Virginia Training Center 5 All8.400 114T8.000 194T8.100 206T8.325 18932.825 194
195Matthew, KatelynCompetitive Edge Gymnastics 5 All7.500 211T8.250 164T8.250 195T8.800 105T32.800 195
196Moler, SierraWilliamsburg Gymnastics 5 All8.150 160T7.000 2299.000 78T8.625 137T32.775 196
197Doran, HannahHurricane Gymnastics 5 All7.850 192T7.150 226T9.150 54T8.600 140T32.750 197T
197Vonderharr, AlisonRichmond Olympiad VA 5 All8.350 123T8.000 194T7.800 216T8.600 140T32.750 197T
197Ashman, AddysonYouth Sports, Virginia Training Center 5 All8.550 85T7.600 218T8.050 2098.550 153T32.750 197T
200Thompson, MadisonElite Athletics - LC 5 All7.500 211T8.675 1158.700 127T7.800 22032.675 200
201Mutch, AnnieboydElite Athletics - LC 5 All7.450 216T8.600 121T8.550 152T8.050 205T32.650 201T
201Hunter, RachelStafford Gymnastics Center 5 All7.950 180T8.200 173T8.150 200T8.350 182T32.650 201T
203Bauer, LaynieYouth Sports, Virginia Training Center 5 All8.800 45T6.850 2308.150 200T8.775 112T32.575 203
204Hillier, AngelinaClassics Gymnastics Center 5 All7.600 2077.300 2258.475 1709.175 27T32.550 204T
204Reavis, KaileeWilliamsburg Gymnastics 5 All7.650 205T8.050 190T8.500 158T8.350 182T32.550 204T
204Ferguson, HannahWorld Class Gymnastics 5 All8.200 152T7.850 203T8.450 171T8.050 205T32.550 204T
207Summers, KathrynCardinal Gymnastics 5 All7.975 1798.550 130T7.950 210T8.025 208T32.500 207
208Potts, ElizabethRichmond Olympiad VA 5 All7.500 211T7.750 211T8.550 152T8.550 153T32.350 208
209Lucas, MadelineCardinal Gymnastics 5 All7.350 2197.450 2228.900 101T8.625 137T32.325 209T
209Main, HaleyYouth Sports, Virginia Training Center 5 All8.525 91T7.050 2288.450 171T8.300 190T32.325 209T
211Bennett, BrookeDulles Gymnastics Academy 5 All7.050 2238.500 135T8.800 116T7.950 21332.300 211
212Clark, MajestiElite Athletics - LC 5 All7.700 203T8.000 194T8.450 171T8.125 20132.275 212
213Hopper, VirginiaRiver City Youth Fitness 5 All8.200 152T7.900 200T7.600 224T8.550 153T32.250 213
214Chireix, LilyChantilly Academy 5 All7.250 2217.350 2248.650 138T8.750 115T32.000 214T
214Hinkle Glock, MollyWilliamsburg Gymnastics 5 All7.900 184T8.700 111T6.900 2308.500 165T32.000 214T
216Rippey, CarolineNVGA Gymnastics 5 All7.500 211T8.775 102T8.400 180T7.300 22931.975 216T
216Weitz, LillianRichmond Olympiad VA 5 All7.500 211T8.600 121T8.325 1907.550 225T31.975 216T
218Cooper, KaylaChantilly Academy 5 All7.700 203T8.950 76T7.900 213T7.400 22831.950 218T
218Jordan, VictoriaFlipateers 5 All7.650 205T7.400 2238.800 116T8.100 202T31.950 218T
218Waite, LucyNVGA Gymnastics 5 All8.100 168T7.700 214T8.450 171T7.700 221T31.950 218T
221Altizer, ElizabethWindsor Gymnastics Training Center 5 All7.300 2207.600 218T8.500 158T8.300 190T31.700 221
222Hoyt, NinaDulles Gymnastics Academy 5 All6.300 2297.900 200T9.000 78T8.375 180T31.575 222
223Kapinos, DarrianChantilly Academy 5 All7.150 2228.300 162T7.700 220T8.350 182T31.500 223
224Halla, AlexandraApollo Gymnastics 5 All6.800 2288.250 164T8.400 180T8.025 208T31.475 224
225Gursahaney, AlishaChantilly Academy 5 All7.850 192T8.650 116T7.050 2297.850 215T31.400 225T
225Riffle, TracyRichmond Olympiad VA 5 All7.550 208T7.500 2218.650 138T7.700 221T31.400 225T
227Weldon, SamanthaYouth Sports, Virginia Training Center 5 All6.900 225T7.800 208T8.800 116T7.700 221T31.200 227
228Ogork, AlessaCardinal Gymnastics 5 All7.450 216T8.100 184T7.900 213T7.550 225T31.000 228
229Pitts, AbigailElite Athletics - LC 5 All6.250 2307.750 211T7.500 2277.425 22728.925 229
230Stinson, CaitlinCapital Gymnastics National Center 5 All7.450 216T9.050 63T8.450 171T0.000 23024.950 230