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2nd Multi Level Sectional -
2nd Multi Level Sectional
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2012-01-282012-01-29 World Class GymnasticsClick here528
Meet Scores Level: 4 Division: All
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA
1Gangadeen, LilyApollo Gymnastics 4 All9.500 4T9.500 16T9.525 39.500 138.025 1
2Perkins, LariiseRichmond Olympiad VA 4 All9.600 1T9.550 12T9.300 18T9.450 3T37.900 2
3Huang, SofiaGMS Gymnastics Institute 4 All9.350 23T9.525 14T9.500 49.400 13T37.775 3
4Green-Orset, KariArlington Aerials 4 All9.200 53T9.775 39.350 15T9.400 13T37.725 4
5Rodriguez, ZaydaParagon Gymnastics of VA 4 All9.250 40T9.750 49.375 11T9.325 18T37.700 5
6Jimenez, AdrienneGMS Gymnastics Institute 4 All9.475 6T9.675 6T9.400 9T9.025 73T37.575 6
7Sheehan, ZoeCapital Gymnastics National Center 4 All9.225 51T9.675 6T9.250 27T9.300 21T37.450 7
8Poff, CaitlynRichmond Olympiad VA 4 All9.400 12T9.350 29T9.225 359.450 3T37.425 8
9Mohler, ErinGMS Gymnastics Institute 4 All9.100 95T9.575 119.300 18T9.425 9T37.400 9T
9Felmey, KileyHurricane Gymnastics 4 All9.400 12T9.425 22T9.100 46T9.475 237.400 9T
11Wilkerson, GracieNovaks Gymnastics Center Inc. 4 All9.400 12T9.025 101T9.475 59.450 3T37.350 11
12McKenzie, FaithApollo Gymnastics 4 All9.475 6T9.100 81T9.550 29.100 56T37.225 12
13Kauzlick, MakaylaApollo Gymnastics 4 All9.050 113T9.325 36T9.350 15T9.425 9T37.150 13T
13Pizzillo, CharlotteApollo Gymnastics 4 All9.275 399.300 42T9.375 11T9.200 34T37.150 13T
15Sutton, KaylieParagon Gymnastics of VA 4 All9.350 23T9.850 28.850 89T9.075 60T37.125 15T
15Shelton, AbbigailRichmond Olympiad VA 4 All9.300 30T9.725 59.300 18T8.800 134T37.125 15T
17Luxedor, TrinityParagon Gymnastics of VA 4 All8.800 191T9.525 14T9.450 6T9.325 18T37.100 17T
17Stilley, BlairClassics Gymnastics Center 4 All9.150 78T9.250 52T9.300 18T9.400 13T37.100 17T
19Fiordelise, AlyssaRichmond Olympiad VA 4 All9.175 71T9.450 19T9.200 36T9.250 30T37.075 19
20Everidge, GeorgiaHurricane Gymnastics 4 All9.400 12T8.600 197T9.600 19.450 3T37.050 20
21Klofach, LaurenWorld Class Gymnastics 4 All9.550 39.300 42T9.000 57T9.150 48T37.000 21
22Myers, AliceArlington Aerials 4 All9.300 30T9.350 29T9.000 57T9.300 21T36.950 22
23Raffert, HannahApollo Gymnastics 4 All9.300 30T9.375 27T9.375 11T8.850 119T36.900 23
24Van Dyk, PaytonParagon Gymnastics of VA 4 All9.000 133T9.150 71T9.450 6T9.275 26T36.875 24
25Highsmith, HaleyRichmond Olympiad VA 4 All9.300 30T9.400 25T9.275 268.875 116T36.850 25T
25Sears, JamisonWorld Class Gymnastics 4 All9.200 53T9.325 36T9.100 46T9.225 32T36.850 25T
27Lambert, AlexisGMS Gymnastics Institute 4 All9.050 113T9.300 42T9.250 27T9.200 34T36.800 27
28Donnell, MinhCapital Gymnastics National Center 4 All9.250 40T9.100 81T8.975 659.450 3T36.775 28
29Goldin, HaleyCapital Gymnastics National Center 4 All9.050 113T9.450 19T8.850 89T9.400 13T36.750 29T
29Keppler, AngelinaWorld Class Gymnastics 4 All8.800 191T9.250 52T9.250 27T9.450 3T36.750 29T
31Furlough, HannahRichmond Olympiad VA 4 All9.450 89.200 64T8.950 66T9.075 60T36.675 31T
31Lingo, PaigeParagon Gymnastics of VA 4 All9.250 40T9.425 22T8.700 116T9.300 21T36.675 31T
31Diatchenko, KatherineGMS Gymnastics Institute 4 All9.225 51T9.325 36T9.175 39T8.950 91T36.675 31T
31Keesler, BryleaHurricane Gymnastics 4 All9.300 30T9.050 92T9.300 18T9.025 73T36.675 31T
35Patterson, QuinnGMS Gymnastics Institute 4 All9.100 95T9.675 6T8.725 114T9.150 48T36.650 35T
35Zeruto, SofieApollo Gymnastics 4 All9.400 12T9.350 29T8.950 66T8.950 91T36.650 35T
37Ringas, CalistaRichmond Olympiad VA 4 All9.200 53T9.375 27T9.400 9T8.650 173T36.625 37
38Cornelius, RaichelleParagon Gymnastics of VA 4 All9.425 9T9.300 42T8.450 168T9.425 9T36.600 38T
38Kraynak, CassidyApollo Gymnastics 4 All9.350 23T9.300 42T9.100 46T8.850 119T36.600 38T
38Moton, AlyssaArlington Aerials 4 All9.050 113T9.350 29T9.350 15T8.850 119T36.600 38T
41Bires, NikkiArlington Aerials 4 All9.175 71T9.350 29T8.750 108T9.300 21T36.575 41
42Davenport, ErinParagon Gymnastics of VA 4 All9.175 71T9.625 98.575 146T9.150 48T36.525 42T
42Wilson, HannahApollo Gymnastics 4 All9.200 53T9.225 60T9.200 36T8.900 104T36.525 42T
44Koenig, AnnelieseParagon Gymnastics of VA 4 All9.100 95T9.500 16T8.750 108T9.150 48T36.500 44T
44Hanley, KeliCardinal Gymnastics 4 All9.350 23T9.000 104T9.300 18T8.850 119T36.500 44T
44Housand, SophiaParagon Gymnastics of VA 4 All9.250 40T9.150 71T9.250 27T8.850 119T36.500 44T
47Austin, MiaYouth Sports, Virginia Training Center 4 All9.350 23T9.050 92T8.775 1079.275 26T36.450 47T
47Chen, GraceArlington Aerials 4 All9.000 133T9.250 52T9.150 42T9.050 67T36.450 47T
49Gricol, JordynWindsor Gymnastics Training Center 4 All9.350 23T9.200 64T8.800 99T9.050 67T36.400 49T
49Burnette, BrileyParagon Gymnastics of VA 4 All9.150 78T8.950 120T9.250 27T9.050 67T36.400 49T
51Ellis, SashaGymnastics World 4 All9.250 40T8.900 131T8.900 76T9.325 18T36.375 51T
51Jenkins, GiaYouth Sports, Virginia Training Center 4 All9.050 113T9.100 81T9.200 36T9.025 73T36.375 51T
53Woods, ReeseArlington Aerials 4 All9.150 78T9.225 60T9.150 42T8.825 130T36.350 53
54Girard, ClaireArlington Aerials 4 All9.050 113T9.425 22T8.900 76T8.925 99T36.300 54T
54Smith, CeciClassics Gymnastics Center 4 All8.800 191T9.300 42T9.000 57T9.200 34T36.300 54T
56Mullen, JuliaWilliamsburg Gymnastics 4 All9.150 78T9.325 36T8.700 116T9.100 56T36.275 56
57Semp, MaillieRichmond Olympiad VA 4 All9.175 71T9.000 104T9.150 42T8.900 104T36.225 57
58Griffin, CarolineGMS Gymnastics Institute 4 All9.150 78T9.025 101T9.000 57T9.025 73T36.200 58
59Burke, HannahGMS Gymnastics Institute 4 All9.200 53T8.750 168T9.425 88.800 134T36.175 59T
59Taylor, DemiYouth Sports, Virginia Training Center 4 All9.300 30T9.250 52T8.850 89T8.775 138T36.175 59T
59Perrello, YvonniaRichmond Olympiad VA 4 All9.175 71T8.800 158T9.025 53T9.175 41T36.175 59T
62Warner, JaelahWorld Class Gymnastics 4 All9.400 12T8.400 222T9.175 39T9.175 41T36.150 62
63Paris, NicoleChantilly Academy 4 All9.250 40T9.000 104T9.300 18T8.575 192T36.125 63
64Napolitano, KatyaCardinal Gymnastics 4 All9.200 53T9.325 36T8.800 99T8.775 138T36.100 64T
64Pruitt, AllisonHurricane Gymnastics 4 All9.300 30T9.150 71T8.950 66T8.700 157T36.100 64T
66McLean, ToriWorld Class Gymnastics 4 All9.125 93T8.400 222T9.300 18T9.250 30T36.075 66
67Tucker, ElizabethCardinal Gymnastics 4 All9.050 113T9.150 71T8.900 76T8.950 91T36.050 67
68Fanara, VioletParagon Gymnastics of VA 4 All9.125 93T9.500 16T8.400 183T9.000 80T36.025 68
69Pohland, BonnieCapital Gymnastics National Center 4 All9.150 78T9.250 52T8.700 116T8.900 104T36.000 69
70Dougher, SageDulles Gymnastics Academy 4 All9.050 113T9.450 19T8.600 138T8.875 116T35.975 70T
70Richards, EmilynnCapital Gymnastics National Center 4 All8.750 214T9.350 29T9.025 53T8.850 119T35.975 70T
70Whitehead, TessaWorld Class Gymnastics 4 All9.300 30T9.100 81T8.400 183T9.175 41T35.975 70T
70Crowell, AjaniGMS Gymnastics Institute 4 All9.050 113T8.625 194T9.100 46T9.200 34T35.975 70T
70Sepulveda, LolaGymnastics World 4 All8.950 152T9.050 92T8.800 99T9.175 41T35.975 70T
70Cooper, AlexandraYouth Sports, Virginia Training Center 4 All9.100 95T9.100 81T9.125 458.650 173T35.975 70T
76Mahoney, WrenRichmond Olympiad VA 4 All9.200 53T8.825 152T9.025 53T8.900 104T35.950 76
77Croxton, KarliPremier Olympic Gymnastics Academy 4 All8.875 174T9.100 81T9.000 57T8.950 91T35.925 77T
77Lord, SydneyWilliamsburg Gymnastics 4 All9.050 113T8.825 152T8.950 66T9.100 56T35.925 77T
79Millard, AshleyGMS Gymnastics Institute 4 All9.000 133T8.850 141T8.875 889.175 41T35.900 79T
79Pohland, MadelineCapital Gymnastics National Center 4 All8.750 214T9.150 71T9.000 57T9.000 80T35.900 79T
81Harding, MichaelaCapital Gymnastics National Center 4 All9.050 113T9.350 29T8.400 183T9.050 67T35.850 81T
81Hopstetter, JennaRoanoke Academy of Gymnastics 4 All8.975 1519.175 708.700 116T9.000 80T35.850 81T
83Schreiber, CaitlynApollo Gymnastics 4 All8.750 214T9.075 89T9.250 27T8.750 144T35.825 83T
83Newell, JaneArlington Aerials 4 All9.150 78T8.925 123T8.950 66T8.800 134T35.825 83T
83Galloway, NicoleCapital Gymnastics National Center 4 All8.900 162T8.900 131T8.900 76T9.125 54T35.825 83T
86Lager, JuliaArlington Aerials 4 All8.700 230T9.400 25T9.250 27T8.450 206T35.800 86T
86Roberts, LeahApollo Gymnastics 4 All9.200 53T9.050 92T8.400 183T9.150 48T35.800 86T
88Romano, SamanthaRichmond Olympiad VA 4 All9.000 133T10.000 18.400 183T8.375 227T35.775 88T
88Eichler, LindseyYouth Sports, Virginia Training Center 4 All9.425 9T9.200 64T8.700 116T8.450 206T35.775 88T
88Lytle, LeslieArlington Aerials 4 All8.550 259T9.325 36T8.800 99T9.100 56T35.775 88T
91Jennings, ToriRichmond Olympiad VA 4 All9.375 20T8.750 168T8.725 114T8.900 104T35.750 91T
91Dickerson, CourtneyApollo Gymnastics 4 All9.325 299.150 71T8.900 76T8.375 227T35.750 91T
93Manzanedo, AureliaParagon Gymnastics of VA 4 All9.075 110T8.625 194T8.900 76T9.125 54T35.725 93
94Mains, EllaRichmond Olympiad VA 4 All9.200 53T9.300 42T8.900 76T8.275 241T35.675 94T
94Dupray, HannahCapital Gymnastics National Center 4 All9.000 133T8.675 184T9.250 27T8.750 144T35.675 94T
96Miranda, IsabelleArlington Aerials 4 All9.100 95T8.825 152T9.025 53T8.700 157T35.650 96T
96Kochensparger, ChloeRichmond Olympiad VA 4 All8.825 187T9.000 104T9.075 528.750 144T35.650 96T
96Rodriguez, MadisonParagon Gymnastics of VA 4 All9.050 113T8.850 141T8.900 76T8.850 119T35.650 96T
99Carlstrom, CailaWorld Class Gymnastics 4 All8.350 279T9.300 42T8.925 759.050 67T35.625 99
100Adams, EmmaWorld Class Gymnastics 4 All9.050 113T8.300 234T8.950 66T9.275 26T35.575 100T
100Underhill, AlexisStafford Gymnastics Center 4 All8.900 162T8.900 131T8.500 159T9.275 26T35.575 100T
100Glittone, ValenciaApollo Gymnastics 4 All9.150 78T8.250 240T9.175 39T9.000 80T35.575 100T
100Stokes, LeliaCardinal Gymnastics 4 All9.050 113T8.850 141T8.900 76T8.775 138T35.575 100T
104Buckner, RaylaParagon Gymnastics of VA 4 All8.950 152T9.250 52T8.300 205T9.050 67T35.550 104T
104McCall, AlanaWorld Class Gymnastics 4 All9.175 71T8.850 141T8.800 99T8.725 153T35.550 104T
106Loomis, EmilyGMS Gymnastics Institute 4 All9.200 53T8.750 168T8.575 146T9.000 80T35.525 106T
106Bostian, LandinRiver City Youth Fitness 4 All9.150 78T8.825 152T8.375 193T9.175 41T35.525 106T
108Bullock, MadelynChantilly Academy 4 All8.800 191T8.750 168T8.950 66T9.000 80T35.500 108
109Spencer, GillianCapital Gymnastics National Center 4 All9.300 30T8.800 158T8.425 180T8.950 91T35.475 109
110Battle, MadisynYouth Sports, Virginia Training Center 4 All9.250 40T8.925 123T8.600 138T8.675 167T35.450 110T
110Cutting, AllisonApollo Gymnastics 4 All8.850 179T8.900 131T8.900 76T8.800 134T35.450 110T
112Miller, MadelynParagon Gymnastics of VA 4 All9.400 12T9.600 107.350 273T9.075 60T35.425 112T
112Grooms, EmilyStafford Gymnastics Center 4 All9.000 133T8.850 141T8.400 183T9.175 41T35.425 112T
112McLaren, JessieCapital Gymnastics National Center 4 All8.900 162T9.000 104T8.625 1378.900 104T35.425 112T
112Perkins, AlexandraRiver City Youth Fitness 4 All8.850 179T8.725 176T9.000 57T8.850 119T35.425 112T
116Harrington, AbbyArlington Aerials 4 All8.650 242T9.275 518.750 108T8.700 157T35.375 116
117Deloatch, BrittanyTriple T Sports Center 4 All9.425 9T8.700 178T8.800 99T8.425 214T35.350 117T
117Whitfield, KaitlynneRichmond Olympiad VA 4 All9.150 78T8.900 131T8.450 168T8.850 119T35.350 117T
117Deaver, LaurenRichmond Olympiad VA 4 All8.400 272T9.100 81T8.950 66T8.900 104T35.350 117T
117Williams, JoieCapital Gymnastics National Center 4 All8.900 162T8.550 203T8.825 989.075 60T35.350 117T
117DePumpo, TaraArlington Aerials 4 All8.750 214T8.800 158T8.850 89T8.950 91T35.350 117T
117Hearn, MereidithRiver City Youth Fitness 4 All8.950 152T8.925 123T8.550 149T8.925 99T35.350 117T
123VanDyke, CaitlynGMS Gymnastics Institute 4 All9.200 53T9.000 104T8.450 168T8.650 173T35.300 123T
123Coley, TrinityWorld Class Gymnastics 4 All9.025 131T8.550 203T8.700 116T9.025 73T35.300 123T
123Holder, SummerGymnastics Inc. 4 All8.775 210T8.900 131T8.850 89T8.775 138T35.300 123T
126Medlin, AlexisPremier Olympic Gymnastics Academy 4 All9.250 40T9.200 64T8.425 180T8.400 221T35.275 126T
126Nowlin, PiperWorld Class Gymnastics 4 All8.900 162T9.125 808.100 226T9.150 48T35.275 126T
126Judy, ReaganApollo Gymnastics 4 All8.900 162T8.800 158T8.650 127T8.925 99T35.275 126T
129Mintz, SashaWorld Class Gymnastics 4 All9.200 53T7.450 2869.375 11T9.225 32T35.250 129T
129Combs, MayceApollo Gymnastics 4 All8.700 230T8.925 123T8.950 66T8.675 167T35.250 129T
131Fricke, CharlotteApollo Gymnastics 4 All8.950 152T9.225 60T8.300 205T8.750 144T35.225 131T
131Sissom, CassieStafford Gymnastics Center 4 All8.825 187T9.050 92T8.150 224T9.200 34T35.225 131T
131McElrath, PaigeParagon Gymnastics of VA 4 All8.750 214T8.925 123T8.850 89T8.700 157T35.225 131T
134McAuley, RyanApollo Gymnastics 4 All9.100 95T8.600 197T8.675 125T8.825 130T35.200 134T
134Fink, KathrynRichmond Olympiad VA 4 All8.800 191T9.000 104T8.800 99T8.600 187T35.200 134T
136Green-Orset, NoraArlington Aerials 4 All9.200 53T9.150 71T8.525 1588.300 236T35.175 136T
136Childs, EmeliaDulles Gymnastics Academy 4 All8.600 254T9.075 89T8.650 127T8.850 119T35.175 136T
136Kish, JordanPremier Olympic Gymnastics Academy 4 All9.000 133T8.800 158T8.600 138T8.775 138T35.175 136T
139Duncan, SophiaRichmond Olympiad VA 4 All9.150 78T9.000 104T8.100 226T8.900 104T35.150 139T
139Tayman, MeghanWorld Class Gymnastics 4 All8.850 179T8.650 186T8.650 127T9.000 80T35.150 139T
139Tribble, EmmaleePremier Olympic Gymnastics Academy 4 All8.650 242T9.000 104T8.600 138T8.900 104T35.150 139T
142Scott, KaitlynGymnastics World 4 All8.650 242T8.450 216T8.550 149T9.425 9T35.075 142T
142Lovelace, AmyDulles Gymnastics Academy 4 All8.800 191T9.050 92T8.675 125T8.550 196T35.075 142T
144Hall, KaitlynWorld Class Gymnastics 4 All9.100 95T8.400 222T8.550 149T9.000 80T35.050 144T
144Hill, IsabellaGymnastics Inc. 4 All9.025 131T8.600 197T8.550 149T8.875 116T35.050 144T
146Krohmer, BrittanyParagon Gymnastics of VA 4 All9.000 133T8.650 186T8.700 116T8.675 167T35.025 146
147Rhodes, SaraWorld Class Gymnastics 4 All9.100 95T8.350 232T8.250 212T9.300 21T35.000 147T
147Miranda, SaraParagon Gymnastics of VA 4 All8.800 191T8.600 197T8.400 183T9.200 34T35.000 147T
147Templin, TaylorApollo Gymnastics 4 All9.150 78T8.925 123T8.225 217T8.700 157T35.000 147T
150Deighan, KatrinaArlington Aerials 4 All8.650 242T8.250 240T9.100 46T8.925 99T34.925 150T
150Exterovich, LillianaGym Quest 4 All8.875 174T9.000 104T8.400 183T8.650 173T34.925 150T
150Hall, AddisonClassics Gymnastics Center 4 All8.700 230T8.750 168T8.850 89T8.625 182T34.925 150T
153Saulsberry, MaryApollo Gymnastics 4 All8.650 242T8.800 158T8.450 168T9.000 80T34.900 153
154Pyburn, NatalieDulles Gymnastics Academy 4 All8.650 242T9.225 60T9.100 46T7.900 277T34.875 154T
154Fortier, ClareArlington Aerials 4 All9.100 95T9.200 64T8.325 203T8.250 243T34.875 154T
154Slaunwhite, TaylorRiver City Youth Fitness 4 All8.875 174T8.700 178T8.375 193T8.925 99T34.875 154T
154Washington, DorothyCardinal Gymnastics 4 All8.850 179T8.900 131T8.450 168T8.675 167T34.875 154T
158Getkin, GraceWorld Class Gymnastics 4 All9.200 53T9.000 104T7.900 247T8.750 144T34.850 158T
158Jameson, KayleWorld Class Gymnastics 4 All8.800 191T9.050 92T8.500 159T8.500 201T34.850 158T
158Bachman, KelseyArlington Aerials 4 All9.000 133T8.925 123T8.850 89T8.075 260T34.850 158T
161Kinard, KaylaRichmond Olympiad VA 4 All9.500 4T7.750 2788.500 159T9.075 60T34.825 161
162Miles, SydneyApollo Gymnastics 4 All8.800 191T9.250 52T8.000 238T8.750 144T34.800 162
163Handel, SarahElite Athletics - LC 4 All8.800 191T9.300 42T8.500 159T8.150 254T34.750 163T
163Parks, OliviaFlipateers 4 All9.100 95T8.775 1678.250 212T8.625 182T34.750 163T
163Shulman, RachaelCardinal Gymnastics 4 All9.050 113T8.450 216T8.550 149T8.700 157T34.750 163T
166Arnold, SaraYouth Sports, Virginia Training Center 4 All9.400 12T9.200 64T6.750 293T9.375 1734.725 166T
166Avery, FinneganDulles Gymnastics Academy 4 All8.550 259T8.925 123T8.650 127T8.600 187T34.725 166T
168Deaver, CarleyWorld Class Gymnastics 4 All9.075 110T8.100 255T8.450 168T9.075 60T34.700 168T
168Colangelo, IsabellaGym Quest 4 All9.050 113T8.625 194T8.400 183T8.625 182T34.700 168T
168Hardee, BrittneyWilliamsburg Gymnastics 4 All8.600 254T9.000 104T8.200 220T8.900 104T34.700 168T
171Nicely, CatherineWorld Class Gymnastics 4 All9.600 1T8.850 141T7.200 2799.025 73T34.675 171T
171Reisenfeld, RachelStafford Gymnastics Center 4 All9.100 95T8.550 203T8.450 168T8.575 192T34.675 171T
173Sterling, SophiaStafford Gymnastics Center 4 All8.850 179T9.050 92T7.550 264T9.200 34T34.650 173T
173Holland, RyleighKing George Patriots 4 All8.450 268T9.150 71T8.325 203T8.725 153T34.650 173T
173Adams, YasmineTriple T Sports Center 4 All9.100 95T8.850 141T8.050 235T8.650 173T34.650 173T
173Conway, KayleighWilliamsburg Gymnastics 4 All8.350 279T8.400 222T8.900 76T9.000 80T34.650 173T
177Brown, KiyahWorld Class Gymnastics 4 All9.000 133T9.050 92T8.650 127T7.925 274T34.625 177T
177Stout, AnnaLoudoun Gymnastics Center 4 All8.775 210T9.025 101T8.400 183T8.425 214T34.625 177T
179Bishop, BonnieCardinal Gymnastics 4 All8.850 179T9.150 71T8.500 159T8.100 257T34.600 179T
179Baumgarth, AlexisCardinal Gymnastics 4 All8.800 191T8.900 131T8.550 149T8.350 230T34.600 179T
181Carmen, SarahCardinal Gymnastics 4 All9.200 53T8.850 141T8.225 217T8.300 236T34.575 181T
181Mercer, LaurenClassics Gymnastics Center 4 All8.650 242T9.000 104T8.575 146T8.350 230T34.575 181T
183Keyes, BrookeStafford Gymnastics Center 4 All9.100 95T8.250 240T8.500 159T8.700 157T34.550 183T
183Hughes, VerkiyahTriple T Sports Center 4 All8.775 210T8.600 197T8.100 226T9.075 60T34.550 183T
183Hotmire, JaidaArlington Aerials 4 All9.000 133T9.000 104T8.200 220T8.350 230T34.550 183T
183Mendoza, EricaApollo Gymnastics 4 All8.725 2298.825 152T8.500 159T8.500 201T34.550 183T
187Williams, HannahWorld Class Gymnastics 4 All9.250 40T8.600 197T8.250 212T8.425 214T34.525 187T
187Hillig, LaurenGMS Gymnastics Institute 4 All8.950 152T8.800 158T8.600 138T8.175 252T34.525 187T
189Mollenauer, KellyRichmond Olympiad VA 4 All9.050 113T9.000 104T8.075 232T8.375 227T34.500 189T
189Dent, EliseAll American 4 All8.775 210T8.825 152T8.150 224T8.750 144T34.500 189T
189Rudloff, MazieParagon Gymnastics of VA 4 All8.750 214T8.400 222T8.650 127T8.700 157T34.500 189T
192Miles, CarolineArlington Aerials 4 All8.825 187T9.000 104T8.000 238T8.650 173T34.475 192T
192Reid, AmandaCapital Gymnastics National Center 4 All8.400 272T8.800 158T8.450 168T8.825 130T34.475 192T
194Hart, AdrianaRoanoke Academy of Gymnastics 4 All9.100 95T8.300 234T8.550 149T8.400 221T34.350 194T
194Beggan, KaelanStafford Gymnastics Center 4 All8.800 191T8.550 203T8.375 193T8.625 182T34.350 194T
196Heit, NaomiLoudoun Gymnastics Center 4 All9.250 40T9.100 81T8.050 235T7.850 27934.250 196T
196Sahle, DestaArlington Aerials 4 All8.950 152T8.200 249T8.350 196T8.750 144T34.250 196T
198Kitts, JennaWindsor Gymnastics Training Center 4 All8.875 174T8.950 120T7.700 260T8.700 157T34.225 198T
198Shoppell, ElyseKing George Patriots 4 All8.700 230T8.225 2488.350 196T8.950 91T34.225 198T
200Edmonds, BaileighGymnastics Inc. 4 All9.200 53T8.800 158T8.750 108T7.450 292T34.200 200T
200Garrison, CatherineRichmond Olympiad VA 4 All8.700 230T8.375 2318.700 116T8.425 214T34.200 200T
202Greeson, IndigoNovaks Gymnastics Center Inc. 4 All9.200 53T8.650 186T7.550 264T8.775 138T34.175 202T
202Johnson, AddiePremier Olympic Gymnastics Academy 4 All8.700 230T9.075 89T8.350 196T8.050 263T34.175 202T
204Ringas, MelinaRichmond Olympiad VA 4 All8.800 191T8.300 234T8.750 108T8.300 236T34.150 204
205Hockett, Haley-PeytonWorld Class Gymnastics 4 All8.375 2788.650 186T8.650 127T8.450 206T34.125 205
206Overstreet, HannahWindsor Gymnastics Training Center 4 All9.000 133T8.550 203T7.600 2638.950 91T34.100 206T
206Harrison, NicoleRiver City Youth Fitness 4 All8.950 152T8.500 2148.300 205T8.350 230T34.100 206T
206Hogge, BryanaFlipateers 4 All8.800 191T8.300 234T8.350 196T8.650 173T34.100 206T
209Karlinchak, SarahCapital Gymnastics National Center 4 All8.625 252T8.100 255T8.350 196T9.000 80T34.075 209T
209Miller, HannahRoanoke Academy of Gymnastics 4 All8.900 162T8.850 141T7.800 255T8.525 198T34.075 209T
209Spain, BreannaStafford Gymnastics Center 4 All8.875 174T8.250 240T8.300 205T8.650 173T34.075 209T
212Lizar, ElyseDulles Gymnastics Academy 4 All8.500 265T9.250 52T8.850 89T7.450 292T34.050 212
213Tolbert, SydneyApollo Gymnastics 4 All8.750 214T8.850 141T8.225 217T8.200 248T34.025 213T
213Kinney, ClareWilliamsburg Gymnastics 4 All8.250 290T8.750 168T8.500 159T8.525 198T34.025 213T
215Varnes, SydneyCardinal Gymnastics 4 All8.550 259T8.450 216T8.600 138T8.400 221T34.000 215
216Whitfield, JalynGymnastics Inc. 4 All8.300 286T8.725 176T8.550 149T8.400 221T33.975 216
217Ladd, AudreyRichmond Olympiad VA 4 All8.825 187T8.250 240T8.650 127T8.225 24733.950 217
218Goodman, BreionnaTriple T Sports Center 4 All8.850 179T8.900 131T7.550 264T8.625 182T33.925 218T
218Kernan, KaylaGymnastics Inc. 4 All8.750 214T8.400 222T8.350 196T8.425 214T33.925 218T
220Henshaw, AbigailArlington Aerials 4 All9.150 78T8.000 259T8.500 159T8.250 243T33.900 220T
220Habina, KeaganParagon Gymnastics of VA 4 All8.900 162T7.950 262T8.450 168T8.600 187T33.900 220T
222Avery, AbigailCapital Gymnastics National Center 4 All9.250 40T8.200 249T8.000 238T8.425 214T33.875 222T
222Brooks, McKenzieCapital Gymnastics National Center 4 All8.900 162T8.650 186T7.300 277T9.025 73T33.875 222T
222Carson, GenesisFlipateers 4 All8.700 230T7.950 262T8.550 149T8.675 167T33.875 222T
225Johnson, MollyWindsor Gymnastics Training Center 4 All8.950 152T8.750 168T7.900 247T8.250 243T33.850 225T
225Yeager, ElizabethWindsor Gymnastics Training Center 4 All8.900 162T8.550 203T8.300 205T8.100 257T33.850 225T
225McClure, EmilyFlipateers 4 All8.700 230T8.100 255T8.700 116T8.350 230T33.850 225T
228Chenault, LaurenTriple T Sports Center 4 All8.800 191T7.825 2758.450 168T8.750 144T33.825 228T
228Sowell, UndreyaWorld Class Gymnastics 4 All8.800 191T8.100 255T8.200 220T8.725 153T33.825 228T
230Battle, JaydahGymnastics Inc. 4 All9.200 53T7.850 269T8.100 226T8.650 173T33.800 230
231Callinan, CaseyWilliamsburg Gymnastics 4 All8.400 272T8.700 178T8.100 226T8.575 192T33.775 231
232Parkins, SofiaArlington Aerials 4 All9.000 133T8.550 203T8.000 238T8.200 248T33.750 232T
232Ditton, LaurieApollo Gymnastics 4 All8.500 265T8.750 168T8.050 235T8.450 206T33.750 232T
234Jordan, HollandDulles Gymnastics Academy 4 All8.450 268T8.300 234T8.650 127T8.300 236T33.700 234
235Stinson, AbigailCapital Gymnastics National Center 4 All9.000 133T8.650 186T7.300 277T8.700 157T33.650 235T
235Gottlieb, QuinnCardinal Gymnastics 4 All8.550 259T8.450 216T8.300 205T8.350 230T33.650 235T
237Turman, RachelParagon Gymnastics of VA 4 All9.375 20T9.550 12T7.350 273T7.350 29533.625 237T
237"Emma" Jannetto, JosephinaCapital Gymnastics National Center 4 All8.350 279T8.200 249T8.600 138T8.475 203T33.625 237T
239Newara, DaniellaWilliamsburg Gymnastics 4 All8.350 279T8.150 2548.250 212T8.850 119T33.600 239
240Fulcher, AlexisElite Athletics - LC 4 All8.650 242T7.950 262T8.350 196T8.600 187T33.550 240
241Scipione, AlexisYouth Sports, Virginia Training Center 4 All9.150 78T8.950 120T7.350 273T8.050 263T33.500 241
242Sigler, KristinaGymnastics Inc. 4 All8.625 252T8.300 234T8.800 99T7.750 282T33.475 242
243Freeman, KaylaCardinal Gymnastics 4 All9.050 113T7.850 269T8.450 168T8.050 263T33.400 243
244Cacciola, NinaLoudoun Gymnastics Center 4 All8.800 191T8.550 203T7.850 251T8.150 254T33.350 244T
244Nolen, RowanCardinal Gymnastics 4 All8.750 214T8.250 240T7.950 243T8.400 221T33.350 244T
246Krejcarek, AlyssaWorld Class Gymnastics 4 All9.175 71T8.200 249T7.350 273T8.575 192T33.300 246
247DeMattio, KayleighParagon Gymnastics of VA 4 All9.000 133T8.700 178T7.950 243T7.600 28833.250 247
248Mikac, SarinaWorld Class Gymnastics 4 All9.150 78T8.550 203T8.000 238T7.525 29033.225 248T
248Page, AbbyCardinal Gymnastics 4 All9.075 110T7.050 2948.650 127T8.450 206T33.225 248T
248Franklin, MadelynTriple T Sports Center 4 All8.750 214T8.700 178T7.100 281T8.675 167T33.225 248T
251Allen, CarolineGym Quest 4 All8.900 162T8.650 186T7.900 247T7.750 282T33.200 251T
251Hill-Wilks, ZionWorld Class Gymnastics 4 All8.800 191T8.675 184T7.650 2628.075 260T33.200 251T
253Eddleton, AmbraAll American 4 All9.375 20T8.700 178T6.200 2958.900 104T33.175 253
254Felipe, TeresaArlington Aerials 4 All9.000 133T8.850 141T7.100 281T8.200 248T33.150 254T
254Feda, LeenaCardinal Gymnastics 4 All8.850 179T7.850 269T8.425 180T8.025 26833.150 254T
256Jennings, TaiylorRichmond Olympiad VA 4 All8.700 230T7.500 283T8.600 138T8.300 236T33.100 256
257Roberson, AshleyParagon Gymnastics of VA 4 All8.600 254T8.475 2158.075 232T7.925 274T33.075 257
258Collins, WanrayaTriple T Sports Center 4 All8.950 152T8.550 203T7.550 264T8.000 269T33.050 258
259Rhodes, TaylorWorld Class Gymnastics 4 All8.550 259T7.950 262T7.925 2468.600 187T33.025 259
260Curran, ColleenRichmond Olympiad VA 4 All8.750 214T7.500 283T9.000 57T7.750 282T33.000 260T
260Minogue, KaitlynChantilly Academy 4 All8.350 279T7.850 269T8.900 76T7.900 277T33.000 260T
262Gayle, ZoeStafford Gymnastics Center 4 All8.800 191T7.800 276T7.800 255T8.425 214T32.825 262
263Bottom, KatieCompetitive Edge Gymnastics 4 All8.650 242T8.250 240T8.200 220T7.625 28732.725 263T
263Broyan, MeganStafford Gymnastics Center 4 All8.575 257T8.250 240T7.850 251T8.050 263T32.725 263T
265Carroll-Nelson, JasmineGymnastics World 4 All8.575 257T7.600 280T7.800 255T8.725 153T32.700 265T
265Ahmadiyar, NeekaCardinal Gymnastics 4 All8.100 2958.550 203T7.900 247T8.150 254T32.700 265T
267Jordan, PeytonElite Athletics - LC 4 All8.300 286T7.950 262T8.250 212T8.175 252T32.675 267
268Drummer, RachaelDulles Gymnastics Academy 4 All9.100 95T7.350 287T7.700 260T8.475 203T32.625 268
269Jenkins, AmeliaCompetitive Edge Gymnastics 4 All8.700 230T8.900 131T7.100 281T7.825 28032.525 269
270Carmen, HannahCardinal Gymnastics 4 All9.000 133T7.700 2797.825 2547.925 274T32.450 270T
270Nicholson, LexieStafford Gymnastics Center 4 All8.250 290T8.000 259T7.750 2598.450 206T32.450 270T
272Anderson, AlyssaRichmond Olympiad VA 4 All8.750 214T7.500 283T8.100 226T8.050 263T32.400 272T
272Forrest, EmmaGymnastics Inc. 4 All8.550 259T7.300 2898.750 108T7.800 28132.400 272T
274Allison, MiaParagon Gymnastics of VA 4 All8.750 214T7.850 269T6.900 288T8.825 130T32.325 274
275Johnson, ElizabethCapital Gymnastics National Center 4 All8.400 272T7.850 269T7.500 268T8.550 196T32.300 275
276Clarke, EmmaElite Athletics - LC 4 All8.350 279T8.450 216T7.000 285T8.475 203T32.275 276
277Kruize, SamanthaGym Quest 4 All8.900 162T8.000 259T7.050 2848.200 248T32.150 277T
277LaValley, MirandaWorld Class Gymnastics 4 All8.750 214T8.400 222T7.000 285T8.000 269T32.150 277T
279Murray, LouiseTriple T Sports Center 4 All8.650 242T6.650 2988.300 205T8.275 241T31.875 279
280Legum, LaurenWindsor Gymnastics Training Center 4 All8.950 152T7.350 287T7.500 268T8.000 269T31.800 280
281Woody, JordanCardinal Gymnastics 4 All8.450 268T7.900 2687.950 243T7.400 29431.700 281
282Kane, AlyssaApollo Gymnastics 4 All8.300 286T6.800 296T8.075 232T8.450 206T31.625 282
283Clark, TrenayKing George Patriots 4 All9.000 133T7.600 280T6.800 2928.100 257T31.500 283T
283Coughenour, NeilaCompetitive Edge Gymnastics 4 All8.200 2928.350 232T7.800 255T7.150 29831.500 283T
285White, KourtnieStafford Gymnastics Center 4 All8.350 279T7.950 262T7.150 2808.000 269T31.450 285
286Walker, MaddieCompetitive Edge Gymnastics 4 All8.300 286T7.100 2937.850 251T8.075 260T31.325 286
287Watson, AbigailElite Athletics - LC 4 All8.150 293T8.400 222T7.500 268T7.250 29631.300 287
288Goldson, ZahriaGymnastics Inc. 4 All7.400 2978.400 222T7.500 268T7.950 27331.250 288
289Smith, EllaLoudoun Gymnastics Center 4 All8.700 230T7.800 276T6.950 2877.750 282T31.200 289T
289Logan, LaurelElite Athletics - LC 4 All8.150 293T8.650 186T6.750 293T7.650 28631.200 289T
291Fox, MackenzieStafford Gymnastics Center 4 All8.400 272T8.200 249T6.100 2968.450 206T31.150 291
292Moody, MikaylaTriple T Sports Center 4 All8.700 230T7.200 2916.900 288T8.250 243T31.050 292
293Bretton, NatalieFlipateers 4 All8.500 265T6.800 296T8.450 168T7.225 29730.975 293
294Beck, AlexisWorld Class Gymnastics 4 All7.900 2967.250 2906.850 2918.900 104T30.900 294T
294Churchill, JuliaCompetitive Edge Gymnastics 4 All8.450 268T7.550 2827.400 2727.500 29130.900 294T
296Long, AmandaStafford Gymnastics Center 4 All8.750 214T7.150 2925.600 2988.525 198T30.025 296
297Priestley, SophieGymnastics Inc. 4 All5.900 2988.450 216T6.900 288T8.400 221T29.650 297
298Mason, HannahTriple T Sports Center 4 All8.400 272T7.000 2956.000 2977.575 28928.975 298