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2009 Junior Olympic National Championships -
2009 Junior Olympic National Championships
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2009-05-142009-05-17 Auburn Gymnastics Center Inc.Click here454
Meet Scores Level: 10 Division: Senior A
Team Scores  Show Personal Bests    All Scores  Level:   10,
#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA
1Earls, KaylanArena Gymnastics SRA 10 Senior A9.675 22T9.500 1T9.550 6T9.675 4T38.400 1
2Milliner, DiandraFolgers Gymnastics SRA 10 Senior A9.800 3T9.200 49T9.500 12T9.575 26T38.075 6T
3Brewer, EricaChampion Gymnastics SRA 10 Senior A9.600 58T9.200 49T9.550 6T9.400 72T37.750 15T
4Green, LizTexas Dreams Gymnastics SRA 10 Senior A9.600 58*9.175 52T9.050 115T9.600 18T37.425 29T
4Hudson, JillianGalaxy Gymnastics-NY SRA 10 Senior A9.600 58*9.050 81T9.225 85T9.550 33*37.425 29T
6Wang, KierstenColorado Aerials Gymnastics Center SRA 10 Senior A9.750 8T9.250 34*9.200 93T9.200 118T37.400 33T
6Harris, BrittanyKrafft Academy of Gymnastics SRA 10 Senior A9.600 58T9.250 34*9.325 60T9.225 115T37.400 33T
8Meyer, LucyTwin City Twisters SRA 10 Senior A9.650 31*9.075 75T9.300 65T9.350 83T37.375 37T
9Zumwalde, BaileeTwin City Twisters SRA 10 Senior A9.575 72T8.800 122T9.275 68T9.625 13T37.275 44T
10Williams, ScarlettElite Gymnastics SRA 10 Senior A9.625 46T8.800 122T9.350 53T9.425 65T37.200 48
11Lofgren, MarybethOlympus Gymnastics SRA 10 Senior A9.475 103T9.025 89T9.425 33T9.250 109T37.175 49
12Asturias, AliciaTechnique Gymnastics SRA 10 Senior A9.650 31*9.100 69T9.225 85T9.150 134T37.125 52T
13Drooger, ChelseaChampion Gymnastics USA SRA 10 Senior A9.575 72T9.025 89T9.225 85T9.275 105T37.100 55T
14Tang, KarenTim Daggett Gold Medal Gymnastics SRA 10 Senior A9.650 31T8.900 113T8.800 149T9.700 1T37.050 58T
14Vaccher, AlizaDesert Devils (Mesa) SRA 10 Senior A9.625 46T9.075 75T8.900 135T9.450 57T37.050 58T
16Wong, EmilyRed River Valley Gymnastics Club SRA 10 Senior A9.400 122T9.025 89T9.350 53T9.200 118T36.975 60
17Grable, KatherineOshkosh Gymnastics Center SRA 10 Senior A9.650 31T9.250 34T9.375 48T8.650 19436.925 63T
18Nortz, KellyGreat Lakes Gymnastics SRA 10 Senior A9.450 109T8.975 99T8.975 126T9.425 65T36.825 68T
19Hoerr, SydneyRising Stars Academy SRA 10 Senior A9.450 109T9.225 44T9.275 68T8.850 178T36.800 71T
20Keeker, TaylorMultnomah Athletic Club SRA 10 Senior A9.275 160T9.350 14T9.125 101T9.000 160T36.750 73T
21Tsikhanovich, SaschaIntegrity Gymnastics and Cheerleading SRA 10 Senior A9.300 146T8.550 157T9.450 24T9.300 96T36.600 81
22Barile, HannahBerks Gymnastic Academy SRA 10 Senior A9.525 88T8.950 104T8.650 173T9.425 65T36.550 84T
23Russell, DustiOshkosh Gymnastics Center SRA 10 Senior A9.275 160T8.675 144T9.000 121T9.575 26T36.525 88T
24Shealy, MichelleGwinnett Gymnastics Center SRA 10 Senior A9.725 14T8.250 183T9.550 6T8.950 165T36.475 94T
24Miller, SarahBerks East Gymnastics SRA 10 Senior A9.675 22T7.975 1989.375 48T9.450 57T36.475 94T
26Dabritz, GeorgiaAce Gymnastics - MA SRA 10 Senior A9.600 58T8.600 151T8.800 149T9.425 65T36.425 98T
27Ivory, MilanGeorgia All-Stars Gymnastics SRA 10 Senior A9.625 46T8.325 176T9.000 121T9.450 57T36.400 101T
28Pickeral, KimmieAerial Gymnastics Club SRA 10 Senior A9.475 103T8.325 176T9.175 96T9.400 72T36.375 103T
29Salzano, LiaCapital Gymnastics National Center SRA 10 Senior A9.350 134T8.700 142T9.275 68T9.000 160T36.325 106
30Mathis, MaliahUSA Aerial Athletics SRA 10 Senior A9.600 58T8.950 104T8.750 163T8.975 162T36.275 108
31Oswalt, EricaGymcats Gymnastics SRA 10 Senior A9.650 31T9.050 81T8.650 173T8.875 175T36.225 110T
31Galante, MarinaSuperior Gymnastics SRA 10 Senior A9.525 88*8.925 108T8.725 166T9.050 152T36.225 110T
33Vanderpool, TarynKC Elite Gymnastics and Aquatics SRA 10 Senior A9.275 160T9.125 63T8.575 182T9.225 115*36.200 113T
33Kilwein, KailaPuget Sound Gymnastics North Bend SRA 10 Senior A9.125 187T8.900 113T8.950 129T9.225 115*36.200 113T
35Eberly, KelsiPrestige Gymnastics SRA 10 Senior A9.550 78T8.925 108T8.775 156T8.900 173T36.150 118
36Davis, AlexaCentral PA Academy of Gymnastics SRA 10 Senior A9.175 180T8.725 139T9.275 68T8.950 165T36.125 119
37Fry, ShelbyTwin City Twisters SRA 10 Senior A9.125 187T8.600 151T9.275 68T9.025 156T36.025 121T
38Saya, MelyneeGymnastics And More SRA 10 Senior A9.275 160T8.250 183T9.100 105T9.350 83T35.975 126T
39Marrero, SamanthaGold Medal Gymnastics Center SRA 10 Senior A9.425 118*7.600 2099.375 48T9.475 49T35.875 128T
40Green, HenriettaCharter Oak Gymnastics-Gliders SRA 10 Senior A9.400 122T9.275 28T7.550 2179.525 38T35.750 135
41Arguelles, LeninGymnastics East SRA 10 Senior A9.275 160T8.600 151T8.875 139T8.975 162T35.725 136T
42Krall, PaigeApollo Gymnastics SRA 10 Senior A9.275 160T8.925 108T8.175 2069.175 124T35.550 144T
42Laura, MoffattGymnastics Academy of Atlanta SRA 10 Senior A9.250 170T8.600 151T8.600 179T9.100 146T35.550 144T
44Stauder, KassidyGirls and Boys In Co-Operation Gymnastics SRA 10 Senior A9.125 187T8.125 1948.875 139T9.375 77T35.500 146T
44Van Tussenbroek, ChloeOlympus Gymnastics SRA 10 Senior A9.075 191T9.075 75T8.625 175T8.725 19135.500 146T
46Hall, JorieColorado Gymnastic Institute SRA 10 Senior A9.300 146T8.550 157T8.900 135T8.575 196T35.325 156T
47Phelan, MeaganGalaxy Gymnastics-NY SRA 10 Senior A9.150 184T7.900 199T8.925 133T9.100 146T35.075 164T
48Riles, KamriRoswell Gymnastics SRA 10 Senior A9.500 97T8.325 176T8.550 186T8.675 19335.050 166
49Smith, DallasNaydenov Gymnastics Inc. SRA 10 Senior A9.350 134T8.325 176*8.150 207T9.200 118T35.025 167T
50Ono, KailynAmerican Gymnastics Academy SRA 10 Senior A9.325 138T8.000 1979.225 85T8.425 20434.975 170
51Dieringer, AllyseNorth Shore Academy Of Gymnastics SRA 10 Senior A9.050 193T9.075 75T8.625 175T8.200 209T34.950 171T
52Mac Donald, KoriWorld Class Gymnastics Academy SRA 10 Senior A9.550 78T8.300 181T9.000 121T7.975 21434.825 175
53Zoldos, SarahVictory Gymnastic Training Center SRA 10 Senior A9.200 176T8.900 113T8.425 1978.200 209T34.725 176
54Castillo, PaigeIndependent SRA 10 Senior A9.300 146T8.725 139T8.575 182T7.950 21534.550 178T
55Carr, GillianJewart's School of Gymnastics (Pittsburgh Northstars) SRA 10 Senior A9.450 109T8.175 1888.450 195T8.300 207T34.375 183T
56Hansen, BryleighIdaho Falls Training Center SRA 10 Senior A9.025 199T7.500 2117.850 212T8.750 188T33.125 188
57Wonderly, KaylaNaydenov Gymnastics Inc. SRA 10 Senior A0.000 218T0.000 216T8.950 129T8.575 196T17.525 226