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2020 Shimmer and Shine -
2020 Shimmer and Shine
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2020-02-292020-03-01 ASI Gymnastics - Allen324
Meet ScoresTeam: ASI Gymnastics
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA

1Mensahn, JamelleASI Gymnastics ALL 2 Ach9.450 17T9.700 19.550 89.600 12T38.300 3
2Garcia, AllisonASI Gymnastics ALL 1 Ach9.100 49T9.500 6T9.500 6T9.700 8T37.800 5
3Gutierrez, ZimaASI Gymnastics ALL 2 Ach9.550 12T9.150 36T9.300 31T9.250 57T37.250 22T
4Corona, AshleyASI Gymnastics ALL 1 Ach9.400 15T8.800 60T9.350 21T9.450 51T37.000 27T
5Russell, BriannaASI Gymnastics ALL 1 Ach8.900 74T8.900 54*9.350 22T9.800 236.950 29T
5Cole, ZoeASI Gymnastics ALL 2 Ach9.400 23T9.500 12T8.500 109T9.550 18*36.950 32T
7Arzola, JocelynASI Gymnastics ALL 2 Ach9.400 24T9.150 38*8.850 85T9.500 30*36.900 35T
8Olmedo, JacquelineASI Gymnastics ALL 1 Ach9.000 62*8.800 61T9.450 13T9.600 23*36.850 33T
8Deshazo, BerkleeASI Gymnastics ALL 1 Ach9.550 4T8.650 74T9.200 41T9.450 52T36.850 35T
8Purcello, AdrianaASI Gymnastics ALL 2 Ach9.100 72T9.400 19T9.300 33T9.050 85T36.850 39T
8Santamaria, JazleneASI Gymnastics ALL 2 Ach9.300 41T9.150 40T9.200 46T9.200 64T36.850 40T
12Ali Abdalla, Zenab KamilaASI Gymnastics ALL 2 Ach9.150 60T9.000 60T9.300 35*9.100 76*36.550 52T
13Martinez, EmilyASI Gymnastics ALL 2 Ach9.350 33T9.150 41T9.000 69T9.000 91T36.500 53
14Lopez, XimenaASI Gymnastics ALL 1 Ach9.350 22T8.650 75T9.100 60T9.200 92*36.300 47T
15Stewart, LondonASI Gymnastics ALL 1 Ach8.850 77T8.500 90T9.400 17T9.500 40T36.250 48
15Garcia, MariahASI Gymnastics ALL 2 Ach9.200 52T8.650 86T9.200 49*9.200 67T36.250 66T
17Mendoza, JamilethASI Gymnastics ALL 1 Ach8.650 106*8.650 79T9.200 44T9.500 42T36.000 63T
17Garcia, MadisonASI Gymnastics ALL 1 Ach8.650 105*9.000 50T9.000 71T9.350 72T36.000 64T
19Revolorio, Faith RubyASI Gymnastics ALL 2 Ach8.750 114T8.350 108T8.900 81*9.300 55T35.300 95T
19Roa, VictoriaASI Gymnastics ALL 1 Ach8.700 98T8.000 119T9.300 30T9.300 84T35.300 91T
21Gonzalez, SophiaASI Gymnastics ALL 2 Ach9.550 13T8.150 112T8.400 119T9.050 86T35.150 100T
21Asencio, AdrianaASI Gymnastics ALL 1 Ach8.500 123T8.200 1128.950 81T9.500 47T35.150 93
23Araiza, ValeriaASI Gymnastics ALL 1 Ach8.800 82T7.750 1268.950 82T9.600 25T35.100 94T
24Green, RileyASI Gymnastics ALL 1 Ach8.800 83T8.450 99T8.800 100T8.900 125T34.950 103T
25Maston, RyannASI Gymnastics ALL 1 Ach8.600 116T8.500 95T9.000 74T8.800 130T34.900 105T
26Long, BrockASI Gymnastics ALL 1 Ach8.400 139T9.150 36T8.100 137T9.150 108T34.800 110
27Gomez, AbigailASI Gymnastics ALL 1 Ach9.150 48T7.000 140T9.050 67T9.350 78T34.550 117T
28Cutchall, SeienaASI Gymnastics ALL 1 Ach8.950 70T8.350 1068.100 138T9.100 112T34.500 119
29Dominguez, AvaASI Gymnastics ALL 2 Ach9.000 88T7.850 122T8.800 92T8.650 121T34.300 113
30Salmeron, MelanieASI Gymnastics ALL 2 Ach9.150 65*8.150 113T8.300 1238.650 122T34.250 115T
31Fonseca-Torres, NoelaniASI Gymnastics ALL 1 Ach8.750 92T7.050 1398.950 83T9.300 86T34.050 123T
32Alvarado, CieraASI Gymnastics ALL 1 Ach8.450 133T7.150 1358.800 104T9.200 100T33.600 132
33Walker, JasmineASI Gymnastics ALL 2 Ach8.200 137T7.850 124T8.400 120T9.050 88T33.500 123
34Thompson, ChloeASI Gymnastics ALL 1 Ach8.550 121T7.800 125T8.000 1399.100 114T33.450 135
35Thompson, IsabellaASI Gymnastics ALL 1 Ach8.950 73T6.250 1488.150 136T9.050 119T32.400 144
36Aguayo, AnayaASI Gymnastics ALL 1 Ach8.450 135T6.800 145T8.300 133T8.750 135T32.300 145
37Anderson, LaylanASI Gymnastics ALL 1 Ach8.000 1516.800 146T7.500 148T9.200 102T31.500 148
38Tate, KatyASI Gymnastics ALL 1 Ach8.800 86T6.100 152T7.500 149T8.200 150T30.600 149
39Allen, SkylarASI Gymnastics ALL 1 Ach7.600 1547.550 1280.000 154T0.000 154T15.150 154