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2019 Region 5 Xcel Championships -
2019 Region 5 Xcel Championships
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2019-05-032019-05-05 Unknown2105
Meet Scores Session: 11O Level: XS Division: CH H
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA

1Neil, MaddieThe Sports Club of West Bloomfield 11O XS CH H9.325 5T9.775 19.800 19.650 2T38.550 1
2Zygadlo, EmilyApex Gymnastics 11O XS CH H9.350 49.500 11T9.525 8T9.675 138.050 2
3Mezquita, IsabelleFliptastic Gymnastics Inc 11O XS CH H9.175 11T9.725 29.600 2T9.475 9T37.975 3
4Keblinskas, AnyaC.I.T.Y. 11O XS CH H9.450 1T9.500 11T9.450 12T9.450 11T37.850 4
5Sanchez, AsianaFor the Kidz Gymnastics and Trampoline 11O XS CH H9.325 5T9.625 3T9.450 12T9.425 1437.825 5
6Geary, ChristianAmerican Allstars Gymnastics Academy 11O XS CH H9.200 109.550 99.600 2T9.400 1537.750 6
7Hostetter, CoriWrights North 11O XS CH H9.125 13T9.575 6T9.550 79.475 9T37.725 7
8Ringenbach, SarahRenzi 11O XS CH H8.975 18T9.575 6T9.575 4T9.525 4T37.650 8
9Craven, KaylaFor the Kidz Gymnastics and Trampoline 11O XS CH H9.450 1T9.475 149.075 349.525 4T37.525 9
10Goodman, KloeyLegacy Gymnastics LLC 11O XS CH H9.250 99.275 27T9.575 4T9.375 16T37.475 10T
10Baldridge, RyleeWright's Gymnastics Academy 11O XS CH H9.050 15T9.450 15T9.450 12T9.525 4*37.475 10T
10Bobeldyke, JaydaFor the Kidz Gymnastics and Trampoline 11O XS CH H9.275 89.500 11T9.175 329.525 4*37.475 10T
13Cleland, ClaireGym America 11O XS CH H9.050 15T9.325 25T9.525 8T9.500 837.400 13
14West, HeavenRiver City Turners 11O XS CH H8.875 26T9.525 109.325 23T9.650 2T37.375 14
15Valentin, MaryiahThe Club 11O XS CH H8.875 26T9.400 18T9.575 4T9.450 11T37.300 15
16Miller, MollyOlympic Academy of Gymnastics 11O XS CH H9.175 11T9.350 20T9.425 15T9.325 21T37.275 16
17Nair, AishwaryaMidwest Elite Gymnastics Academy 11O XS CH H9.375 39.100 329.250 29T9.450 11T37.175 17
18Scott, EmmaI-Power School of Gymnastics, Inc. 11O XS CH H8.950 20T9.350 20T9.425 15T9.375 16T37.100 18
19Megerle, TannaUltimate Gymnastics 11O XS CH H8.850 30T9.600 59.400 17T9.175 2937.025 19T
19Goebel, SydneyGym Corner 11O XS CH H8.950 20T9.400 18T9.325 23*9.350 19T37.025 19T
19Pinnelli, GiannaMidwest Elite Gymnastics Academy 11O XS CH H8.975 18T9.350 20T9.325 23*9.375 16T37.025 19T
22Hammons, KassidyFlip/Tuck Gymnastics Center, LLC 11O XS CH H9.125 13T9.275 27T9.225 319.325 21T36.950 22
23Conklin, AlexisTri-State Gymnastics 11O XS CH H8.925 23T9.425 179.375 19T9.200 27T36.925 23
24Aleszczyk, CarolineMorton Grove Park Gymnastics 11O XS CH H8.950 20T9.175 319.325 23T9.325 21T36.775 24
25Koss, AvaCutting Edge Athletics 11O XS CH H8.625 359.575 6T9.350 229.150 30T36.700 25T
25Zike, MollyRising Star 11O XS CH H8.900 259.275 27T9.275 289.250 2536.700 25T
27Reed, MadisonDeVeau's School of Gymnastics 11O XS CH H9.300 78.850 36T9.475 119.050 35T36.675 27
28Ennis, AdelynGym Corner 11O XS CH H8.500 379.625 3T9.325 23T9.150 30T36.600 28
29Grubb, CyleeFlip/Tuck Gymnastics Center, LLC 11O XS CH H8.925 23T9.350 20T8.950 369.350 19T36.575 29
30Mulligan, DevinGym America 11O XS CH H8.875 26T9.075 33T9.525 8T9.075 3436.550 30
31Imbrogno, Ella-BelleCentral Ohio Gymnastics and Cheer 11O XS CH H8.850 30T9.250 309.150 339.225 2636.475 31
32Aoude, MayaSplitz Gymnastics 11O XS CH H8.525 369.325 25T9.400 17T9.200 27T36.450 32
33Lorenzo, SamanthaGemini Gymnastics Academy 11O XS CH H8.700 349.450 15T9.050 359.150 30T36.350 33
34Bukala, AlaynaNorthPointe Gymnastics 11O XS CH H8.725 338.825 389.375 19T9.325 21T36.250 34
35Delinski, KeonaGym Corner 11O XS CH H8.850 30T8.850 36T9.375 19T9.125 3336.200 35
36Watson, AddieFliptastic Gymnastics Inc 11O XS CH H8.875 26T9.350 20T8.750 389.050 35T36.025 36
37Grant, LondynChampaign Gymnastics Academy 11O XS CH H9.050 15T9.000 358.875 378.900 3835.825 37
38Heger, KatieRising Stars Academy 11O XS CH H8.325 389.075 33T9.250 29T9.025 3735.675 38