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2019 Region 5 Xcel Championships -
2019 Region 5 Xcel Championships
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2019-05-032019-05-05 Unknown2105
Meet Scores Session: 11D Level: XS Division: CH F
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA

1Green, LillianRising Starz Fitness 11D XS CH F9.475 3T9.675 1T9.525 8T9.525 238.200 1
2Fernley, ElleHartland Gymnastics Academy 11D XS CH F9.425 99.500 12T9.725 1T9.375 438.025 2T
2Rachner, CarlyAmerican Allstars Gymnastics Academy 11D XS CH F9.475 3T9.675 1T9.600 49.275 738.025 2T
4Klinglesmith, SkylarWrights North 11D XS CH F9.400 10T9.650 59.575 59.325 637.950 4T
4Kessel, EllaGymnastics Spot 11D XS CH F9.375 13T9.525 10T9.500 10T9.550 137.950 4T
6DeFrang, ReeseNorthStar Gymnastics Inc 11D XS CH F9.375 13T9.575 7T9.475 13T9.475 337.900 6
7Menard, AddisonWrights North 11D XS CH F9.525 19.475 16T9.550 6T9.200 9T37.750 7
8DeFrang, RaeNorthStar Gymnastics Inc 11D XS CH F9.475 3T9.675 1T9.350 19T9.175 12T37.675 8
9Cheff, ZoeDownriver Gymnastics 11D XS CH F9.325 16T9.475 16T9.525 8T9.200 9T37.525 9
10Manfred, CalianaLeaps and Bounds 11D XS CH F9.450 7T9.325 27T9.550 6T9.175 12T37.500 10
11Hunter, HaileyPrestige Gymnastics 11D XS CH F9.450 7T9.475 16T9.500 10T9.000 1637.425 11
12Hall, LexiJaycie Phelps Athletic Center 11D XS CH F9.400 10T9.500 12T9.725 1T8.725 30T37.350 12
13Varda, JamieGym Corner 11D XS CH F9.500 29.400 22T9.475 13T8.875 2137.250 13
14Goodson, LilyDeVeau's School of Gymnastics 11D XS CH F9.375 13T9.400 22T9.625 38.775 26T37.175 14
15Sweet, KaileyWrights North 11D XS CH F9.200 269.425 219.325 239.200 9T37.150 15
16West, HadleyExcel Gymnastics Club 11D XS CH F9.325 16T9.450 19T9.475 13T8.850 2237.100 16
17Cadena, QuintynnChicago Park Dist 11D XS CH F9.475 3T9.350 24T8.900 30T9.350 537.075 17
18Dillon, MaddyMidwest Gymnastics Connection 11D XS CH F9.300 21T9.550 99.425 168.750 28T37.025 18T
18Lozier, AliviaWrights North 11D XS CH F9.225 259.350 24T9.500 10T8.950 1737.025 18T
20Gates, LilaNorthStar Gymnastics Inc 11D XS CH F9.300 21T9.025 329.400 179.250 836.975 20
21Burnham, HennaFliptastic Gymnastics Inc 11D XS CH F9.400 10T9.450 19T8.950 299.125 1536.925 21
22Xu, ZoeChicago Park Dist 11D XS CH F9.325 16T9.525 10T9.275 258.750 28T36.875 22
23Dunn, OliviaInterActive Academy 11D XS CH F9.150 29T9.500 12T9.350 19T8.800 24T36.800 23
24Copeland, BrooklynRiver City Turners 11D XS CH F9.275 249.350 24T9.350 19T8.725 30T36.700 24
25Knapp, EllisonChicago Park Dist 11D XS CH F9.150 29T9.575 7T9.250 268.625 3436.600 25
26Pelham, AuroraGonyon's Gymnastics 11D XS CH F9.150 29T8.900 349.375 189.150 1436.575 26
27Jensen, RosemaryMorton Grove Park Gymnastics 11D XS CH F9.300 21T9.100 319.200 27T8.925 1836.525 27
28Green, OliviaCincinnati Gymnastics 11D XS CH F9.100 349.325 27T9.350 19T8.725 30T36.500 28
29Fromm, KatieI-Power School of Gymnastics, Inc. 11D XS CH F9.175 27T9.675 1T8.800 328.775 26T36.425 29
30Spangler, MadisynFlip Starz Gymnastics Academy LLC 11D XS CH F9.125 339.125 309.300 248.825 2336.375 30
31Leagre, EllaJaycie Phelps Athletic Center 11D XS CH F9.175 27T9.500 12T8.900 30T8.650 3336.225 31
32Roell, VioletWright's Gymnastics Academy 11D XS CH F9.150 29T8.925 339.200 27T8.900 19T36.175 32
33Smythe, EmmeNorthStar Gymnastics Inc 11D XS CH F9.325 16T9.625 68.650 348.400 3536.000 33
34Kelly, ClaireTEAM 306 11D XS CH F9.325 16T8.850 358.700 338.900 19T35.775 34
35Murray, MaggiBranch Gymnastics 11D XS CH F9.075 359.250 298.550 358.800 24T35.675 35