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2019 Indiana Level 4-5 State Championships -
2019 Indiana Level 4-5 State Championships
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2019-03-092019-03-10 Madison Gymnastics World484
Meet Scores Session: 1-6 Level: 4 Division: Ch A
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA

1Schafer, MadisonGymnastics At The Courts 1-6 4 Ch A9.100 97*9.400 36T9.500 23T9.350 84T37.350 30T
2Scherle, AubreyIlliana Gymnastics Complex 1-6 4 Ch A9.000 136T9.025 175T9.350 60T9.200 165*36.575 97T
3Facer, JulianaGymnastics At The Courts 1-6 4 Ch A8.725 254T8.950 208T9.625 7T9.000 256T36.300 139T
4Doty, KatePlatinum Gymnastics 1-6 4 Ch A9.000 136T8.550 330T9.375 48T9.325 103T36.250 147T
5Nietert, AllisonGymnastics At The Courts 1-6 4 Ch A8.375 438T9.375 48T9.375 48T8.825 327T35.950 182T
6Cano, KieraGymnastics Michiana 1-6 4 Ch A8.550 350T9.075 153T9.125 173T9.100 216T35.850 194T
7Edwards, BrookeDeVeau's School of Gymnastics 1-6 4 Ch A8.675 279T9.100 143T9.075 184T8.800 339T35.650 214T
8Wilhite, NatalieGeist Sports Academy 1-6 4 Ch A8.575 341T8.950 208T8.925 243T9.125 207*35.575 223T
9Tarnow, NatalieIndiana Elite Gymnastics 1-6 4 Ch A8.675 279T9.075 153T8.675 332T9.000 256T35.425 237T
10Bussard, MadilynTri-State Gymnastics 1-6 4 Ch A8.950 156T8.775 275T8.375 389T9.250 147T35.350 245T
10Higgins, AddisonElite Sports Academy 1-6 4 Ch A8.675 279T9.050 162T9.150 162T8.475 423T35.350 245T
12Ostrowski, ChloeMidwest Training and Ice Center 1-6 4 Ch A9.025 123T8.025 413T9.025 207T9.200 165T35.275 256T
13Mei Johansen, LinaBloomington United Gymnastics School 1-6 4 Ch A8.800 218T9.025 175*9.125 173T8.250 459T35.200 266T
14Fischer, SonomaDeVeau's School of Gymnastics 1-6 4 Ch A8.900 178T8.950 208T8.800 292T8.525 406T35.175 270T
15Falls, RaeganGymnastics At The Courts 1-6 4 Ch A8.300 450T8.900 237*8.825 281T9.025 246T35.050 284T
16Hoehn, PaisleeIn The Zone 1-6 4 Ch A8.700 267T8.700 292T9.000 215T8.525 406T34.925 301T
17Deaton, OliviaInterActive Academy 1-6 4 Ch A8.450 399T8.925 227T8.725 319T8.550 402T34.650 333T
18Foster, AliyasSpectrum Sports, Inc. 1-6 4 Ch A8.400 428T8.650 304T8.525 364T9.025 246T34.600 339T
19Deardorff, LydiaGymnastics At The Courts 1-6 4 Ch A8.050 470T9.000 186T8.875 259T8.600 387T34.525 344T
20Ehrgott, HadleyGymnastics Unlimited 1-6 4 Ch A8.025 472T8.350 359*8.850 267T9.025 246T34.250 375T
21Beavers, GwenSmall Wonders 1-6 4 Ch A8.650 300T8.225 383T8.625 343T8.700 357T34.200 379T
22Bowyer, IllianaGymnaworld 1-6 4 Ch A8.350 441T8.450 345T8.850 267T8.450 432T34.100 389T
23Ash, MallorySmall Wonders 1-6 4 Ch A8.550 350T7.900 427T8.825 281T8.250 459T33.525 419T
24Turner, JaynaMidwest Training and Ice Center 1-6 4 Ch A8.100 467T7.700 450T8.950 233T8.525 406T33.275 441
25Brewer, LexieKokomo Flipsters Inc. 1-6 4 Ch A8.500 375T7.750 445T7.875 463T8.675 369T32.800 460
26Bergen, KennaWright's Gymnastics Academy 1-6 4 Ch A8.325 446T7.500 462T8.250 420T8.525 406T32.600 464T