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Up In The Air -
Up In The Air
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2018-04-072018-04-08 Gymtegrity398
Meet Scores Session: 6
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA
1Offerman, Morgan20 Mile Athletic Center 6 XP Older9.350 10T9.450 29.400 11T9.500 237.700 1
2Medina, DanielaFlatirons Gymnastics Center 6 XP Middle9.450 79.200 89.500 6T9.450 3T37.600 2
3Weltzin, TessXtreme Altitude Gymnastics 6 XP Younger9.650 18.800 26T9.500 7T9.600 137.550 3
4Pollart, Jordan20 Mile Athletic Center 6 XP Older9.500 5T9.300 69.100 15T9.350 6T37.250 4
5Grimes, JennyGymnastics ETC 6 XP Middle9.200 22T9.050 149.600 39.300 10T37.150 5
6Benasutti, Niki20 Mile Athletic Center 6 XP Older9.250 18T9.400 3T9.200 13T9.250 12T37.100 6
7Tauger, CourtneyGymnastics ETC 6 XP Middle9.200 23T9.500 19.100 16T9.050 25T36.850 7T
7von der Hofen, CamrynFlatirons Gymnastics Center 6 XP Younger9.300 12T8.900 19T9.400 12T9.250 13T36.850 8T
9LaBar, RhiannaFlatirons Gymnastics Center 6 XP Younger9.400 8T8.800 27T9.700 18.900 36T36.800 9
10Kellum, AshleyFlatirons Gymnastics Center 6 XP Younger9.300 13T9.400 4T8.700 31T9.300 11T36.700 10
11Kissinger, SydneyGymnastics ETC 6 XP Middle9.300 14T8.900 20T9.000 20T9.350 7T36.550 11
12Offerman, Lauren20 Mile Athletic Center 6 XP Older9.300 15T9.100 9T8.700 32T9.350 8T36.450 12
13Gleeson, MaddieXtreme Altitude Gymnastics 6 XP Older9.550 2T9.000 15T8.900 25T8.900 37T36.350 13
14Larson, OlesyaXtreme Altitude Gymnastics 6 XP Middle9.200 24T8.600 35T9.450 9T9.000 28T36.250 14
15Navarra, GraziellaFlatirons Gymnastics Center 6 XP Younger9.250 19T8.900 21T9.550 4T8.500 56T36.200 15T
15Gormley, MirandaRock 6 XP Older9.100 36T9.100 10T9.000 21T9.000 29T36.200 16T
17Rinehart, Alea20 Mile Athletic Center 6 XP Older9.300 16T9.100 11T8.300 49T9.450 4T36.150 17
18Medina, JulesFlatirons Gymnastics Center 6 XD Middle9.000 43T9.350 58.300 50T9.450 5T36.100 18
19Williams, OliviaFlatirons Gymnastics Center 6 XP Younger9.200 25T9.000 16*8.700 33T9.150 16T36.050 19T
19Shaw, LilyFlatirons Gymnastics Center 6 XP Middle9.000 44T9.000 17*9.050 17T9.000 30T36.050 20T
21Legge, MateaFlatirons Gymnastics Center 6 XP Middle8.600 61T8.700 33T9.650 29.050 26T36.000 21T
21Wise, JadynGymtegrity 6 XP Middle9.200 26T9.250 78.400 45T9.150 17T36.000 22T
23Felton, AveryXtreme Altitude Gymnastics 6 XP Younger9.000 45T8.500 40T9.050 18T9.250 14T35.800 23
24Robidoux, EmmaTimberline 6 XP Younger9.000 46T8.400 45T9.550 5T8.800 43T35.750 24T
24Storjohann, JessieRock 6 XP Older9.200 27T8.800 28T8.800 27T8.950 34T35.750 25T
26Hunnings, Brooke20 Mile Athletic Center 6 XP Older9.150 32T8.100 57T9.450 10T9.000 31T35.700 26T
26Romero, Olivia20 Mile Athletic Center 6 XP Middle9.000 47T8.350 489.000 22T9.350 9T35.700 27T
28Fritzke, EllaXtreme Altitude Gymnastics 6 XP Middle9.200 28T8.800 29T8.950 248.700 49T35.650 28T
28Ramirez, SkylerKinetic Gymnastics 6 XP Middle9.150 33T8.900 22T8.800 28T8.800 44T35.650 29T
30Wilson, Mallory20 Mile Athletic Center 6 XP Older8.900 52T8.900 23T9.050 19T8.750 47T35.600 30
31Bondurant, KellyFlatirons Gymnastics Center 6 XP Older9.200 29*8.600 36T8.600 36T9.100 23T35.500 31T
31Roberts, RebeccaKinetic Gymnastics 6 XP Middle9.200 30*9.000 18T8.300 51T9.000 32T35.500 32T
33Miles, RileyGymtegrity 6 XP Middle9.350 11T8.000 60T9.500 8T8.600 52T35.450 33T
33Nichols, SophieTimberline 6 XP Middle9.500 6T8.300 49T8.600 37T9.050 27T35.450 34T
35Griffiths, MicaFlatirons Gymnastics Center 6 XP Younger9.400 9T8.600 37T8.500 41T8.900 38T35.400 35
36Chynoweth, KatherineXtreme Altitude Gymnastics 6 XP Younger9.000 49*8.400 46T8.750 309.200 1535.350 36T
36Ehm, IngeChameleon Gymnastics 6 XP Younger9.000 48*8.600 38T8.600 38T9.150 18T35.350 37T
38Pinnell, ElizabethGymnastics ETC 6 XP Younger9.100 37T8.800 30T8.400 46T8.950 35T35.250 38
39Nakamura, KayaMountain Kids Gymnastics 6 XP Younger9.550 3T8.800 31T8.000 55T8.850 39T35.200 39
40Layton, MayaMomentum 6 XP Older9.550 4T8.200 52T8.200 53T9.150 19T35.100 40
41Haburchak, Sofia20 Mile Athletic Center 6 XP Older9.200 31T8.700 34T8.000 56T9.150 20T35.050 41
42Criscuolo, NischelleKinetic Gymnastics 6 XP Middle9.000 50T8.200 53T8.700 34T9.100 24T35.000 42
43Smilie, Jade20 Mile Athletic Center 6 XP Younger9.100 38T8.450 448.600 39T8.800 45T34.950 43
44Reynolds, TrinaGymnastics ETC 6 XP Middle9.250 20T8.300 50T8.500 42T8.850 40T34.900 44
45Andretich, MyaRock 6 XP Older9.300 17T8.500 41T8.300 52T8.750 48T34.850 45
46Davis, AvaMomentum 6 XP Younger9.000 51T8.600 39T8.000 57T9.150 21T34.750 46
47Weiss, MichelleMountain Kids Gymnastics 6 XP Older8.700 608.200 54T9.200 14T8.550 5534.650 47
48Guinet, CamilleFlatirons Gymnastics Center 6 XD Older9.050 41T9.100 12T7.800 61T8.650 5134.600 48
49Frump, JocelynKinetic Gymnastics 6 XP Younger8.900 53T8.300 51T8.500 43T8.850 41T34.550 49
50Boothe, BaileyXtreme Altitude Gymnastics 6 XP Middle9.100 40*8.900 24T7.900 608.600 53T34.500 51T
50Fouque, MelanieMountain Kids Gymnastics 6 XP Middle9.100 39*8.400 47T9.000 23T8.000 6434.500 50T
52Gagliardi, Tessa20 Mile Athletic Center 6 XP Older8.850 578.050 598.700 35T8.850 42T34.450 52
53Greenberg, PaigeMomentum 6 XP Younger8.900 54T8.800 32T8.000 58T8.600 54T34.300 53T
53Pearson, MarloGymtegrity 6 XP Younger8.400 648.500 42T8.900 26T8.500 57T34.300 54T
55Hamilton, ErinTimberline 6 XP Younger9.250 21T8.500 43T8.200 54T8.200 62T34.150 55
56Meikle, RileyGymtegrity 6 XP Younger8.800 58T8.150 568.800 29T8.200 63T33.950 56
57Harrell, KaylynnGymnastics ETC 6 XP Older8.600 62T8.100 58T8.400 47T8.800 46T33.900 57
58Huitt, AmeliaMountain Kids Gymnastics 6 XP Middle9.150 34T8.200 55T8.000 59T8.500 58T33.850 58
59Pamenter, LaurenMomentum 6 XP Middle9.050 42T8.000 61T8.400 48T8.300 60T33.750 59
60Ruffennach, JenniferKinetic Gymnastics 6 XP Younger8.900 55T8.000 62T8.500 44T8.300 61T33.700 60
61Seaback, GraceMomentum 6 XP Middle9.150 35T8.000 63T7.800 62T8.700 50T33.650 61
62O%27Leary, CaitrinRock 6 XP Middle8.800 59T8.900 25T7.400 658.400 5933.500 62
63Whitley, KatrinaGymnastics ETC 6 XP Middle8.900 56T8.000 64T7.500 649.000 33T33.400 63
64Sanford, MadisonGymnastics ETC 6 XP Older8.300 658.000 65T7.700 639.150 22T33.150 64
65Graham, JillianFlatirons Gymnastics Center 6 XP Younger0.000 66T9.100 13T8.600 40T0.000 65T17.700 65
66Brace, ShaniaGymtegrity 6 XP Older8.600 63T8.600 66