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2018 Queen of Hearts Invitational -
2018 Queen of Hearts Invitational
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2018-02-162018-02-18 Wings Center595
Meet ScoresTeam: Tulilov Gymnastics
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA

1Scanlan, MaggieTulilov Gymnastics SA4 XS SR A9.300 8T9.600 19.300 14T9.500 7T37.700 2T
2Stewart, ViennaTulilov Gymnastics SU3 XB SR B9.100 14T9.750 19.050 289.400 4T37.300 3
3James, MorganTulilov Gymnastics SA2 XP SR9.300 39.300 3T9.250 5T9.350 9T37.200 1
4Mailly, AnnaTulilov Gymnastics SU1 XS SR B8.500 43T9.400 2*9.550 3T9.650 2T37.100 4T
5Adams, MaceeTulilov Gymnastics SU1 XS JR C9.000 9T9.250 99.350 15T9.450 9T37.050 6
6Whitehead, MadelineTulilov Gymnastics SU3 XB SR B9.150 11T9.500 5T9.250 11T9.100 14T37.000 5T
7Warriner, CarlieTulilov Gymnastics SU3 XB SR A9.550 19.050 329.100 22T9.200 7T36.900 7
8Jacky, MackenzieTulilov Gymnastics SU3 XB SR C9.050 15T9.500 6T9.150 16T9.100 15T36.800 8T
9Green, LianaTulilov Gymnastics SU3 XB SR D9.350 5T9.550 2*9.000 29T8.700 33*36.600 10T
9Scheff, ChloeTulilov Gymnastics SU3 XB SR B8.900 22T9.400 11T9.150 17T9.150 13T36.600 13T
11Macdonald, EliseTulilov Gymnastics SA3 XG Sr C9.125 169.075 119.150 15T9.200 33T36.550 8
12Brewer, KeilanaTulilov Gymnastics SU2 XB JR A9.200 15T9.250 12T9.150 11T8.900 12*36.500 9T
13Finfrock, BrookeTulilov Gymnastics SU1 XS JR C8.750 289.300 6*9.500 8T8.900 34*36.450 12T
13Bout, AlinaTulilov Gymnastics SU3 XB SR A9.350 6T9.450 8T8.850 37T8.800 26T36.450 14T
13Ellsworth, RyannTulilov Gymnastics SU1 XS JR A8.800 23T9.300 7*9.450 118.900 35*36.450 13T
16Scheffel, HilaryTulilov Gymnastics SA3 XG Sr B9.000 26T9.400 48.700 42T9.275 2836.375 10
17Tanner, BrinleyTulilov Gymnastics SA3 XG Jr C9.000 27*9.050 12*8.600 47T9.700 2T36.350 12T
17Gross, LilyanTulilov Gymnastics SU1 XS JR A8.800 24T9.200 10T8.800 40T9.550 6T36.350 18T
17Knutson, KeirstanTulilov Gymnastics SA3 XG Sr B9.000 28*9.050 13*9.000 24T9.300 25T36.350 13T
20Colson, LaurenTulilov Gymnastics SU2 XB JR C9.100 20T9.400 4T8.800 23T9.000 9T36.300 12
21Lewers, RubyTulilov Gymnastics SA4 XS SR C8.800 41T9.000 30T9.100 28T9.350 20T36.250 29
21Nielson, MollyTulilov Gymnastics SU3 XB SR B9.350 7T9.350 15T8.950 34*8.600 37T36.250 18T
23Roark, VivienneTulilov Gymnastics SA2 XP SR8.950 22T8.825 11T9.500 18.900 2536.175 11T
24Derheim, MadisonTulilov Gymnastics SA4 XS SR E9.500 18.700 49T9.000 34T8.900 40T36.100 30T
24Rose, AveryTulilov Gymnastics SU1 XS JR C8.800 25T9.200 11T8.900 36T9.200 2136.100 20T
26Lee, JosieTulilov Gymnastics SA3 XG Jr A9.100 19T9.575 28.225 659.150 38T36.050 20T
26Johnson, BrookeTulilov Gymnastics SU2 XB JR C9.350 7T8.850 248.950 19T8.900 14T36.050 14T
28Kirsch, GretaTulilov Gymnastics SU3 XB SR C8.500 36T9.400 13T9.350 7T8.750 3236.000 26
28Nooner, LacyTulilov Gymnastics SA4 XS SR E9.300 11T9.100 25*8.800 43T8.800 47T36.000 32T
30Finger, MisakiTulilov Gymnastics SA3 XG Jr C9.175 11T8.550 36T8.700 43T9.475 835.900 27
30Parker, SusieTulilov Gymnastics SA4 XS SR B8.600 47T9.400 8T9.000 35*8.900 41T35.900 34T
32Trainor, MadeleineTulilov Gymnastics SU1 XS SR A8.400 51T9.300 8T8.700 49T9.050 27*35.450 30T
32Detton, HazelTulilov Gymnastics SU1 XS SR A9.000 13*9.100 14T8.300 619.050 28*35.450 32T
34Cast, EstherTulilov Gymnastics SA4 XS SR E8.900 35T9.100 27T8.500 54T8.900 44T35.400 43
35Tulilov, SavinaTulilov Gymnastics SA2 XD All8.950 18.100 29.125 29.150 335.325 2
36Maroney, GraceTulilov Gymnastics SA3 XG Sr C8.400 64T9.325 8T8.700 44T8.700 63T35.125 40T
37Colgrove, KrystalTulilov Gymnastics SA4 XS SR D9.000 33T8.600 53T8.700 51T8.750 5035.050 49
38Maroney, AllisonTulilov Gymnastics SA3 XG Sr B9.000 29T8.150 548.550 51T9.325 24T35.025 43
39Montgomery, CoraTulilov Gymnastics SA3 XG Jr A8.800 45T8.250 50T8.700 45T9.050 4434.800 51
40Adams, HaileeTulilov Gymnastics SA3 XG Sr C8.900 36*8.000 61T8.550 53T9.100 4234.550 56T
41Reid, LaurenTulilov Gymnastics SA4 XS SR B8.800 42T8.800 47T8.600 538.250 5934.450 56
42Brunson, EllieTulilov Gymnastics SA3 XG Jr A9.150 15T8.600 35T7.650 709.000 50T34.400 58
43Hilde, AvalynTulilov Gymnastics SU3 XB SR C8.800 27T9.150 31T8.300 498.100 4834.350 43T
44Stoyanov, MeilaTulilov Gymnastics SA3 XG Jr A8.500 60T8.175 538.500 58T9.025 48T34.200 61
45Van Tol, PeytonTulilov Gymnastics SA2 XP JR8.800 26T7.200 268.075 268.850 2632.925 26