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Little Boston Invitational -
Little Boston Invitational
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2018-01-052018-01-07 Gymnastics and More, Inc.Click here2511
Meet Scores Session: B10 Level: XB Division: SR
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Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA

Sobrinho, MariaThe Gymnastics Place B10 XB SR9.600 2T9.750 19.400 4T9.450 338.200 1
Shimko, AbigailThe Gymnastics Place B10 XB SR9.250 23T9.725 29.475 29.725 1T38.175 2
Richardson, AlyssaThe Gymnastics Place B10 XB SR9.500 5T9.650 4T9.600 19.325 8T38.075 3
Morton, SaraThe Gymnastics Place B10 XB SR9.550 49.575 9T9.300 10T9.425 4T37.850 4
Chausse, KaylaThe Gymnastics Place B10 XB SR9.375 159.600 7T9.050 21T9.375 6T37.400 8T
Beland, AnyaMassachusetts Gymnastics-Leominster B10 XB SR9.300 18T9.625 69.300 10T9.050 18T37.275 11
Robbins, SarahBroderick Gymnastics Academy B10 XB SR9.450 7T9.400 19T9.350 8T8.900 29T37.100 14
Henry, NinaBroderick Gymnastics Academy B10 XB SR9.425 11T9.150 32T8.650 38T9.325 8T36.550 19T
Cooney, GraceTumble Kids USA B10 XB SR9.350 169.350 24T8.950 27T8.900 29T36.550 19T
Gallagher, SydneyBroderick Gymnastics Academy B10 XB SR9.200 28T9.200 28T8.900 308.700 39T36.000 33
de la Rosa, SofiaBroderick Gymnastics Academy B10 XB SR9.450 7T9.425 16T8.625 408.450 47T35.950 34
Turner, HannahBroderick Gymnastics Academy B10 XB SR9.050 39*9.100 36T8.700 34T8.425 50T35.275 43T
Zahka, LaurelBroderick Gymnastics Academy B10 XB SR8.200 558.900 46T8.650 38T8.700 39T34.450 51
Flaherty, EmmaTumble Kids USA B10 XB SR8.800 50T8.100 558.550 43T8.450 47T33.900 54