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Texas Tough 2017 - TAAF -
Texas Tough 2017 - TAAF
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2017-02-032017-02-05 The RockClick here518
Meet Scores
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Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA

Tucker, AubreyUnited Elite Gymnastics N Cheer 9B 2 N/A9.200 54T9.750 19.550 29.450 7T37.950 1
Ivy, LibbyUnited Elite Gymnastics N Cheer 9B 2 N/A9.100 81T9.400 13T9.250 239.750 137.500 2T
Ouanesavanh, LoreleiASI Gymnastics Keller 9B 33 N/A9.200 54T9.300 24T9.350 15T9.650 237.500 2T
Castro, ValeriaASI Gymnastics - Arlington 9B 32 N/A9.600 1T9.250 35T9.150 37T9.475 5T37.475 4
Carranza, BrittanyASI Gymnastics - Arlington 9B 32 N/A9.400 16T9.325 19T9.000 69T9.600 337.325 5
Griffith, AvaryCorinth Gymnastics 9B 1 N/A9.500 4T8.750 135T9.300 17T9.500 437.050 6T
Tarver, KinleighUnited Elite Gymnastics N Cheer 9B 2 N/A9.050 100T9.425 11T9.500 3T9.075 84T37.050 6T
Wood, FaithCorinth Gymnastics 9B 1 N/A9.250 43T9.200 48T9.150 37T9.450 7T37.050 6T
Wilson, NatalieUnited Elite Gymnastics N Cheer 9B 2 N/A9.050 100T9.575 49.100 47T9.300 25T37.025 9
Zacharias, HaydenTexas Dreams Gymnastics 9B S1 N/A9.400 19.100 29.200 29.300 137.000 1
Pegg, AddisonProsper 9B 34 N/A9.500 4T9.125 59T9.125 42T9.200 47T36.950 10T
Morris, ErinASI Gymnastics - Arlington 9B 32 N/A9.300 28T9.100 61T9.275 229.275 36T36.950 10T
Smith, CameronEast Texas Twisters 9B S2 N/A9.000 12T9.475 19.400 29.000 3T36.875 1
Readoux, NiaASI Gymnastics - Arlington 9B 33 N/A9.300 28T9.325 19T9.000 69T9.250 39T36.875 12T
Daugherty, GabrielleASI Gymnastics - Lake Highlands 9B 34 N/A9.450 7T9.000 87T9.000 69T9.375 17T36.825 14T
Ibeto, OliviaASI Gymnastics - Lake Highlands 9B 33 N/A9.400 16T9.250 35T8.875 114T9.300 25T36.825 14T
Hayes, KaliCorinth Gymnastics 9B 2 N/A9.250 43T9.225 42T9.300 17T9.000 101T36.775 16
Chastain, MiaUnited Elite Gymnastics N Cheer 9B S2 N/A9.200 6T9.450 2T9.000 109.100 236.750 2
Tinwala, InsiyaahTexas Dreams Gymnastics 9B XB N/A9.250 43T9.700 38.875 114T8.900 126T36.725 18T
Olson, McKennaASI Gymnastics - Arlington 9B 32 N/A9.450 7T9.200 48T8.800 131T9.275 36T36.725 18T
Wright, WillaEmpire Gymnastics Academy 9B 1 N/A9.150 70T8.850 122T9.200 30T9.475 5T36.675 20
Reid, CarolineTexas Dreams Gymnastics 9B XB N/A9.600 1T9.200 48T9.000 69T8.850 147T36.650 21T
Lara, GabriellaASI Gymnastics Keller 9B 34 N/A9.450 7T8.925 1079.375 12T8.900 126T36.650 21T
Basil, ZoeyASI Gymnastics - Arlington 9B 32 N/A9.000 111T9.475 5T8.725 149T9.400 11T36.600 23T
McKee, KenleyTexas Best Gymnastics 9B 2 N/A9.250 43T9.100 61T9.225 24T9.025 96T36.600 23T
Turner, KenleeFierce Athletics 9B 36 N/A9.550 38.700 141T9.050 57T9.200 47T36.500 25
Schneider, LaurenCorinth Gymnastics 9B 52 N/A9.000 111T9.250 35T9.125 42T9.075 84T36.450 26
Board, SidneyASI Gymnastics - Arlington 9B 31 N/A9.450 7T9.075 72T8.500 215T9.400 11T36.425 27
Stanton, EraTexas Best Gymnastics 9B 2 N/A8.650 252T9.300 24T9.450 6T9.000 101T36.400 28T
Beem, ElizabethUnited Elite Gymnastics N Cheer 9B S2 N/A9.100 10T9.325 79.075 98.900 6T36.400 3
Oldeen, EdenTexas Best Gymnastics 9B 2 N/A8.800 196T9.000 87T9.500 3T9.050 89T36.350 30T
Brodigan, KeiraEast Texas Twisters 9B S2 N/A9.000 12T9.100 12T9.425 18.825 936.350 4T
Corbin, RileyClassic Gymnastics 9B S2 N/A9.200 6T9.425 48.725 149.000 3T36.350 4T
Ragan, RamseyEast Texas Twisters 9B XB N/A9.300 28T9.300 24T9.050 57T8.700 195T36.350 30T
Pearlman, AdrienneTexas Best Gymnastics 9B 34 N/A8.950 144T9.200 48T9.075 53T9.100 69T36.325 33
Cervantez, KiaraTexas Gymnastics Training Cent 9B 2 N/A9.000 111T9.300 24T9.300 17T8.700 195T36.300 34T
Mercer, PeytonEast Texas Twisters 9B XB N/A9.100 81T9.200 48T9.050 57T8.950 118T36.300 34*
Nalley, BrooklynUnited Elite Gymnastics N Cheer 9B 2 N/A9.200 54T9.050 74T8.950 86T9.100 69T36.300 34*
Gahn, AngeliqueClassic Gymnastics 9B XB N/A9.150 70T8.950 98T9.125 42T9.075 84T36.300 34T
Paredas, CeciliaUnited Elite Gymnastics N Cheer 10A 71 N/A9.600 19.150 18.175 29.350 236.275 1
Avery, McShaliTexas Gymnastics Training Cent 9B 2 N/A8.850 174T9.325 19T9.000 69T9.100 69*36.275 38T
Richardson, AmandaTexas Best Gymnastics 9B 32 N/A9.325 279.300 24T8.550 199T9.100 69*36.275 38T
Fisk, SuttonUnited Elite Gymnastics N Cheer 10A 62 N/A9.200 48.450 6T9.025 49.550 136.225 1
Rembold, BonnieMetroplex Gymnastics 9B 3A N/A9.450 7T9.000 87*9.000 69T8.750 181T36.200 40T
Pea, MadisonTexas Best Gymnastics 9B 34 N/A9.425 13T9.000 87*8.700 153T9.075 84T36.200 40T
Olivier, VivianProsper 9B 32 N/A9.375 22T8.875 117T8.850 120T9.100 69T36.200 40T
Wadsworth, SavannahTexas Tumblers Gymnastics 10A 62 N/A9.100 58.700 49.250 19.150 436.200 2
Miller, SloaneWin Kids 9B 2 N/A9.000 111T9.300 24T9.200 30T8.650 214T36.150 43
Sunderji, IlanaTexas Dreams Gymnastics 9B S2 N/A9.000 12T9.300 8T8.950 11T8.900 6T36.150 6
Tillman, MahkiyaTexas Best Gymnastics 9B 33 N/A8.835 1959.150 57T8.800 131T9.350 21T36.135 44
Twitty, KendallPlano Aerobats 10A 71 N/A9.550 28.450 28.625 19.500 136.125 2
Ma, LydiaPlano Aerobats 10A 62 N/A9.450 19.275 18.100 109.300 336.125 3
Marcee, CooperEast Texas Twisters 9B S2 N/A9.200 6T9.375 5T8.950 11T8.600 13T36.125 7
Hubbard, JansenTexas Dreams Gymnastics 9B S1 N/A9.300 29.275 18.950 38.600 336.125 2
Alexander, SydneyClassic Gymnastics 9B S2 N/A8.800 189.375 5T9.300 48.625 1236.100 8
Srivastava, AnamikaTexas Dreams Gymnastics 9B S2 N/A8.700 19T8.975 149.100 6T9.300 136.075 9
Murphy, JadaCorinth Gymnastics 9B 34 N/A9.250 43T9.075 72T9.125 42T8.625 231T36.075 46
Rummel, LaurenUnited Elite Gymnastics N Cheer 9B S2 N/A9.500 18.300 229.350 38.900 6T36.050 10T
Pence, SkylynnEast Texas Twisters 9B S2 N/A9.400 29.450 2T9.100 6T8.100 2436.050 10T
Winkler, TinsleyGym Tricks gymnastics 9B 3A N/A9.000 111T8.950 98T8.800 131*9.300 25T36.050 47T
Shiflett, PreslieCorinth Gymnastics 9B 34 N/A9.050 100T9.100 61T8.800 131*9.100 69T36.050 47T
Sutton, CollierASI Gymnastics - Lake Highlands 9B 43 N/A8.650 252T9.250 35T8.750 140T9.375 17T36.025 51
Knochenmus, ElizabethMetroplex Gymnastics 10A 72 N/A8.900 8T8.650 49.275 19.175 336.000 1
Ouimet, GraceExcite Gymnastics and Cheer 9B 42 N/A9.000 111T8.950 98T8.825 128T9.225 4636.000 52
Dillow, AshleighASI Gymnastics - Lake Highlands 9B 34 N/A8.800 196T9.025 84T8.750 140T9.400 11T35.975 53T
Amabile, NataleeTexas Best Gymnastics 9B 2 N/A8.750 216T9.100 61T9.375 12*8.750 181T35.975 53T
Gaston, VictoriaUnited Elite Gymnastics N Cheer 9B S1 N/A9.000 38.600 39.375 19.000 235.975 3
Dudley, JuliaWin Kids 9B 2 N/A9.100 81T9.050 74T9.225 24T8.450 299T35.825 56
Milner, MadelynUnited Elite Gymnastics N Cheer 9B S2 N/A9.300 3T8.850 168.700 158.950 535.800 12
Bates, MiaUnited Elite Gymnastics N Cheer 9B 34 N/A9.000 111T8.850 122*8.850 120T9.100 69T35.800 57T
Hernandez, VanessaTexas Gymnastics Training Cent 9B 2 N/A9.150 70T8.550 173T9.425 8T8.650 214T35.775 59T
Sims, NylaASI Gymnastics - Arlington 9B 34 N/A9.300 28T8.825 1289.050 57T8.600 237T35.775 59T
Salais, SophiaTexas Gymnastics Training Cent 9B 1 N/A8.550 283T8.750 135T9.050 57T9.400 11T35.750 61
Keith, PaisleyEast Texas Twisters 9B 1 N/A9.000 111T8.800 129T8.650 167T9.275 36T35.725 62
Williams, AbbyEmpire Gymnastics Academy 9B 2 N/A9.450 7T8.800 129T8.450 232T9.000 101*35.700 63T
Fisher, SydneyProsper 9B 42 N/A8.400 319T8.850 122T9.075 53T9.375 17T35.700 63T
Skiles, EliseTexas Dreams Gymnastics 10A P2 N/A8.800 28.900 18.800 19.200 135.700 1
Rodriguez, KaitlynTexas Best Gymnastics 9B 34 N/A9.150 70T9.050 74T8.500 215T9.000 101*35.700 63T
Mead, LandryASI Gymnastics - Lake Highlands 9B 34 N/A8.950 144T9.000 87T8.600 187T9.125 66T35.675 66
Dillow, CaleighASI Gymnastics - Lake Highlands 9B 43 N/A8.150 360T9.250 35T8.950 86T9.300 25T35.650 67T
Hurley, LaniEast Texas Twisters 9B S2 N/A9.300 3T8.900 159.100 6T8.350 1935.650 13T
Dean, MadelineClassic Gymnastics 9B S2 N/A9.200 6T9.225 118.500 208.725 1035.650 13T
Camp, RylieTexas Dreams Gymnastics 9B XB N/A8.400 319T9.350 17T8.450 232T9.425 9T35.625 69T
Esponiza, GiovannaEmpire Gymnastics Academy 9B 1 N/A8.700 230T9.025 84T8.700 153T9.200 47T35.625 69T
Holcomb, KaylaASI Gymnastics - Arlington 9B 32 N/A8.800 196T8.650 156T8.800 131T9.350 21T35.600 71T
Wilkie, GraceTexas Best Gymnastics 9B 2 N/A8.650 252T9.050 74T9.200 30T8.700 195T35.600 71T
Glass, BaileyASI Gymnastics - Arlington 9B 35 N/A8.750 216T9.000 87T9.000 69T8.850 147T35.600 71T
Blanch, AmayaUnited Elite Gymnastics N Cheer 9B 2 N/A8.950 144T8.950 98T9.175 35T8.500 275T35.575 74
Jester, GabrielTumbling Tots and Teens-T3Elite 9B 2 N/A9.000 111T8.550 173T9.150 37T8.850 147T35.550 75
Lakhani, ZahaTexas Dreams Gymnastics 9B XB N/A9.150 70T9.250 35T8.575 195T8.550 257T35.525 76T
Teel, LaineyEast Texas Twisters 9B 2 N/A8.800 196T8.650 156T9.225 24T8.850 147T35.525 76T
Kerber, ElyssaCorinth Gymnastics 9B 2 N/A9.000 111T9.050 74T8.950 86T8.500 275T35.500 78
Prahl, AlyssaTexas Best Gymnastics 9B 2 N/A8.800 196T8.350 217T9.450 6T8.875 144T35.475 79T
McLemore, AlyssaASI Gymnastics - Lake Highlands 9B 43 N/A8.550 283T8.850 122T8.700 153T9.375 17T35.475 79T
Wiley, RyanFierce Athletics 9B 35 N/A9.350 24T8.125 261T9.000 69T9.000 101T35.475 79T
Jaye Dettmer, AnnaWin Kids 9B 2 N/A9.250 43T9.225 42T8.650 167T8.350 334T35.475 79T
Kendall, TaylorASI Gymnastics - Lake Highlands 9B 35 N/A9.200 54T8.900 108T8.550 199T8.800 167T35.450 83T
Cappe, MakaylaTexas Best Gymnastics 9B 2 N/A9.000 111T8.550 173T9.050 57T8.850 147T35.450 83T
Rodriquez, AlejandraCorinth Gymnastics 9B 1 N/A9.350 24T8.350 217T8.550 199T9.175 57T35.425 85T
Moore, CambriCorinth Gymnastics 9B 2 N/A9.050 100T8.475 190T8.900 101T9.000 101T35.425 85T
Taylor, CarolineTexas Tumblers Gymnastics 9B 34 N/A9.200 54T8.025 2878.925 96*9.250 39T35.400 87T
Brown, CiaraUnited Elite Gymnastics N Cheer 9B 2 N/A8.850 174T9.050 74T8.925 96*8.575 253T35.400 87T
Johnson, AbigailEast Texas Twisters 9B 1 N/A8.500 292T9.350 17T8.500 215T9.025 96T35.375 89
Snyder, KamerynTeam AERO 9B G2 N/A9.400 17.850 249.000 39.100 3T35.350 1
Duncan, EmilyASI Gymnastics Keller 9B 34 N/A9.300 28T9.225 42T7.650 381T9.175 57T35.350 90T
Lee, ScoutWin Kids 10A 62 N/A8.500 99.050 29.150 28.650 835.350 4
Mitscke, KendallTexas Gymnastics Training Cent 9B 2 N/A8.750 216T9.125 59T8.800 131T8.675 210T35.350 90T
Sweat, JolieEast Texas Twisters 9B XB N/A8.975 1438.950 98T8.900 101T8.525 272T35.350 90T
Ramsey, JulieUnited Elite Gymnastics N Cheer 9B 2 N/A8.250 348T8.750 135T9.200 30T9.125 66T35.325 94T
Holzapfel, BetsyWin Kids 9B 2 N/A8.850 174T8.500 185T9.175 35T8.800 167T35.325 94T
Swanson, EmeliaPlano Aerobats 9B 51 N/A9.050 100T8.950 98T7.900 338T9.400 11T35.300 96T
Santos, CorynneProsper 9B 2 N/A8.700 230T8.250 235T9.150 37T9.200 47T35.300 96T
Travis, SaelorCorinth Gymnastics 9B 43 N/A8.400 319T8.900 108T9.000 69T9.000 101T35.300 96T
Foster, WhitneyTexas Dreams Gymnastics 9B XB N/A9.300 28*9.000 87T8.400 245T8.550 257T35.250 99T
Patel, KanganaEmpire Gymnastics Academy 9B 1 N/A9.300 28*8.050 274T8.750 140T9.150 60T35.250 99T
Sails, NiyaASI Gymnastics - Arlington 9B 3A N/A8.600 263T8.950 98T9.025 65T8.675 210T35.250 99T
Smith, MadisonUnited Elite Gymnastics N Cheer 9B 34 N/A9.400 16T8.150 252T8.875 114T8.800 167T35.225 102T
Kenny, AudreyClassic Gymnastics 9B XB N/A8.700 230T9.100 61T8.900 101T8.525 272T35.225 102T
Pueskens, VanessaWin Kids 10A 72 N/A9.100 4T9.000 28.675 48.450 1235.225 2
Morrow, BrennaWin Kids 9B 2 N/A8.900 162T9.450 7T9.050 57T7.800 417T35.200 104T
Wallace, OliviaUnited Elite Gymnastics N Cheer 9B 34 N/A9.425 13T8.150 252T8.575 195T9.050 89T35.200 104T
Breaux, SamanthaEast Texas Twisters 9B 34 N/A9.400 16T8.550 173T8.350 258T8.900 126*35.200 104T
Le, KalinEmpire Gymnastics Academy 9B 1 N/A9.000 111T8.050 274T8.850 120T9.300 25*35.200 104T
Shah, AnyaTexas Best Gymnastics 9B 2 N/A8.600 263T8.000 288T9.300 17T9.300 25*35.200 104T
Tolbert, ElizabethThe Rock 9B 1 N/A9.150 70T8.500 185T8.650 167T8.900 126*35.200 104T
Daulong, BaileyUnited Elite Gymnastics N Cheer 10A 72 N/A9.300 28.100 78.450 6T9.325 135.175 3
Achacosa, KateUnited Elite Gymnastics N Cheer 9B G2 N/A8.000 12T9.325 58.575 99.250 135.150 2
Randolph, MadisonTexas Best Gymnastics 9B 2 N/A7.400 416T9.150 57T9.300 17T9.300 25T35.150 110T
Embrey, JennaUnited Elite Gymnastics N Cheer 9B 34 N/A9.250 43T8.300 228T8.725 149T8.875 144T35.150 110T
McConathy, SamanthaEast Texas Twisters 9B 2 N/A9.050 100T8.350 217T8.850 120T8.900 126T35.150 110T
Jones, HalleTexas Best Gymnastics 9B 2 N/A8.800 196T7.650 348T9.650 19.000 101T35.100 114T
Jasso, CarolinaTeam AERO 9B G2 N/A8.400 69.225 78.625 88.850 5T35.100 3
Wright, BrooklynTexas Gymnastics Training Cent 9B 34 N/A8.600 263T8.875 117T8.875 114T8.750 181T35.100 114T
Driessner, McKennaGym Tricks gymnastics 9B 3A N/A9.100 81T8.700 141T8.675 165T8.600 237T35.075 117T
Cline, ChloeUnited Elite Gymnastics N Cheer 9B 35 N/A9.000 111T8.900 108T8.475 228T8.700 195T35.075 117T
Achacosa, SarahUnited Elite Gymnastics N Cheer 9B S2 N/A9.000 12T9.300 8T8.200 238.550 15T35.050 15
Siddiqi, YasmeenExcite Gymnastics and Cheer 10A 72 N/A9.200 38.200 68.450 6T9.200 235.050 4
Maddox, BryleighUnited Elite Gymnastics N Cheer 9B 2 N/A7.950 385T8.950 98T9.000 69T9.150 60T35.050 119T
Perez, CoralEast Texas Twisters 9B XB N/A9.100 81T9.000 87T8.650 167T8.300 344T35.050 119T
Gillean, LynleeUnited Elite Gymnastics N Cheer 9B 34 N/A8.700 230T8.800 129T8.750 140T8.800 167T35.050 119T
Angerstig, GraceUnited Elite Gymnastics N Cheer 9B G2 N/A8.600 39.400 47.825 179.200 235.025 4
Scott, OliviaUnited Elite Gymnastics N Cheer 9B 2 N/A8.450 311T9.225 42T8.550 199T8.800 167T35.025 123T
Jones, TylerProsper 9B 34 N/A8.550 283T8.625 1668.700 153T9.150 60T35.025 123T
Paape, MaliaTexas Best Gymnastics 9B 34 N/A9.200 54T7.950 302T8.625 178T9.150 60T34.925 126T
Vaughn, PeytonTexas Best Gymnastics 9B 34 N/A8.850 174*9.175 55T8.200 286T8.700 195T34.925 126T
Garza, LiliaTexas Gymnastics Training Cent 9B 2 N/A8.850 174*8.900 108T8.775 1398.400 317T34.925 126T
Armendariz, MayleenASI Gymnastics - Lake Highlands 9B 35 N/A8.950 144T9.050 74T7.700 372T9.200 47T34.900 129T
Eyman, BrooklynGym Tricks gymnastics 9B 42 N/A9.100 81T8.175 250T8.925 96T8.700 195T34.900 129T
Chavarria, AdrielleCorinth Gymnastics 9B 1 N/A9.050 100T8.300 228T8.650 167T8.900 126T34.900 129T
Burr, EllaCorinth Gymnastics 9B 35 N/A9.375 22T8.375 214T8.625 178T8.500 275T34.875 132
Gilbreath, BellaEast Texas Twisters 9B XB N/A8.850 174T9.200 48T8.150 300*8.650 214T34.850 133T
Moreland, TeresaTexas Dreams Gymnastics 9B 3A N/A8.900 162T8.750 135T8.150 300*9.050 89T34.850 133T
McConrell, CaleiTexas Gymnastics Training Cent 9B 2 N/A8.850 174T8.200 243T8.700 153T9.075 84T34.825 135
Russell, AveryTexas Elite 9B 35 N/A8.850 174T9.100 61T8.425 241T8.425 312T34.800 136T
Dossaey, AveryCorinth Gymnastics 9B 35 N/A9.050 100T8.375 214T8.875 114T8.500 275T34.800 136T
Wilson, ElizabethTexas Gymnastics Training Cent 9B 2 N/A8.950 144T8.250 235T8.750 140T8.850 147T34.800 136T
Graf, EmilyCorinth Gymnastics 9B 34 N/A9.250 43T8.750 135T8.050 316T8.725 190T34.775 139T
Robison, AbigailUnited Elite Gymnastics N Cheer 9B 2 N/A7.900 389T8.850 122T9.225 24T8.800 167T34.775 139T
Fullwood, CarolineTexas Dreams Gymnastics 9B G2 N/A8.000 12T8.650 169.400 18.700 9T34.750 5
Hudson, BellaTexas Best Gymnastics 9B 34 N/A8.500 292T8.300 228T8.700 153T9.250 39T34.750 141T
Blue, KaydenThe Rock 9B 1 N/A8.450 311T8.900 108T8.300 270T9.100 69T34.750 141T
Bienbenu, PilarFierce Athletics 9B 44 N/A8.300 336T8.450 193T9.000 69T9.000 101T34.750 141T
VanDeLinder, VictoriaTexas Best Gymnastics 9B 2 N/A8.950 144T8.400 205T8.900 101T8.500 275T34.750 141T
McKay, AzleeThe Rock 9B 3A N/A9.300 28T8.425 203T8.100 309T8.900 126T34.725 146T
Couron, JessicaMetroplex Gymnastics 10A 72 N/A9.100 4T8.675 37.850 109.100 5T34.725 5
Jo Gibbs, MatlynEmpire Gymnastics Academy 9B 2 N/A8.000 376T8.875 117T9.050 57T8.800 167T34.725 146T
Peterson, VadaCorinth Gymnastics 9B G2 N/A8.200 9T9.725 18.375 12T8.400 14T34.700 6
Hall, MadelineASI Gymnastics Keller 9B 35 N/A9.200 54T8.550 173T7.700 372T9.250 39T34.700 148T
Ashcraft, LoriGym Tricks gymnastics 9B 44 N/A8.300 336T8.700 141T8.550 199T9.150 60T34.700 148T
Hooks, AbbyCorinth Gymnastics 9B 34 N/A9.150 70T9.050 74T8.100 309T8.400 317*34.700 148T
Pierce, EmilyTexas Tumblers Gymnastics 9B 2 N/A8.600 263T8.350 217T8.900 101T8.850 147T34.700 148T
Posada, AudrinaTexas Gymnastics Training Cent 9B 2 N/A8.800 196T8.125 261T9.100 47T8.650 214T34.675 153T
Worsham, ZoeyWin Kids 9B 1 N/A8.750 216T8.250 235T9.000 69T8.675 210T34.675 153T
Buynak, LylaEmpire Gymnastics Academy 9B 1 N/A8.900 162T8.425 203T8.550 199T8.800 167T34.675 153T
Buenrostro, GiselleTexas Dreams Gymnastics 10A P1 N/A8.800 18.550 18.825 18.500 134.675 1
Fraga, YadiraTexas Gymnastics Training Cent 9B 2 N/A8.250 348T8.650 156T9.100 47T8.650 214T34.650 156T
Gunnels, AlexandraTexas Dreams Gymnastics 9B G1 N/A8.000 19.050 18.900 18.700 134.650 1
Rogers, MacieASI Gymnastics - Lake Highlands 9B 53 N/A8.450 311T8.250 235T8.800 131T9.125 66T34.625 158T
Nelson, AryanaUnited Elite Gymnastics N Cheer 9B G2 N/A8.500 4T8.875 118.400 10T8.850 5T34.625 7
Aragon, AndreaClassic Gymnastics 9B XB N/A8.850 174T7.600 354T9.500 3T8.650 214T34.600 160T
Davis, DeAnnaEmpire Gymnastics Academy 9B 1 N/A9.250 43T8.700 141T7.450 406T9.200 47T34.600 160T
Volcik, ReaganGym Tricks gymnastics 9B 43 N/A8.300 336T8.650 156T8.650 167T8.975 11734.575 162
Rivera, CrystalSpirals Gymnastics Team 9B 1 N/A9.050 100T7.200 391T9.000 69T9.300 25T34.550 163T
King, EmersonEast Texas Twisters 9B 2 N/A8.350 332T8.075 2739.225 24T8.900 126T34.550 163T
Peoples, RyleighThe Rock 9B 3A N/A9.200 54T7.850 324T8.450 232T9.050 89T34.550 163T
Radford, EmileeEmpire Gymnastics Academy 9B 2 N/A8.650 252T8.150 252T9.150 37T8.600 237T34.550 163T
Moreau, LexiUnited Elite Gymnastics N Cheer 10A 62 N/A8.000 118.800 39.125 38.600 9T34.525 5
Neu, OliviaTexas Best Gymnastics 9B 34 N/A8.800 196T8.050 274T8.950 86T8.700 195T34.500 167
Bettis, AshtynEast Texas Twisters 9B S2 N/A9.300 3T9.275 107.500 248.400 1834.475 16
Nguyen, ChristinaEmpire Gymnastics Academy 9B 3A N/A9.200 54T9.100 61T8.425 241T7.750 424T34.475 168T
Murphy, RyleeEast Texas Twisters 9B 2 N/A8.700 230T9.000 87T8.375 252T8.400 317*34.475 168T
Brown, ReaganUnited Elite Gymnastics N Cheer 9B 43 N/A8.500 292T8.000 288T8.700 153T9.250 39T34.450 171T
Campbell, SophiaClassic Gymnastics 9B S2 N/A8.900 178.100 239.250 58.200 20T34.450 17
Champlin, PaigeTexas Tumblers Gymnastics 10A 72 N/A8.600 12T7.850 108.875 29.125 434.450 6
Pfuehler, AlexandraWin Kids 9B 1 N/A8.450 311T8.650 156T8.400 245T8.950 118T34.450 171T
Patel, LailaTexas Tumblers Gymnastics 10A 62 N/A8.900 68.100 9T8.525 68.900 634.425 6
Hebert, ArbreeEmpire Gymnastics Academy 9B 1 N/A8.850 174T8.475 190T8.275 2758.825 164T34.425 173T
Izaguirre, DejaASI Gymnastics - Lake Highlands 9B 35 N/A8.650 252T8.450 193T8.675 165T8.650 214T34.425 173T
Cait Fincher, AlliTumbling Tots and Teens-T3Elite 9B 1 N/A8.700 230T8.150 252T8.450 232T9.100 69T34.400 175T
Shiflett, DelanieCorinth Gymnastics 9B 43 N/A8.100 364T9.025 84T8.925 96T8.350 334T34.400 175T
Stratis, MiaMetroplex Gymnastics 10A 62 N/A8.600 88.050 118.825 58.925 534.400 7
Bollinger, ErinASI Gymnastics - Lake Highlands 9B 43 N/A8.300 336T8.700 141*8.500 215T8.900 126T34.400 175T
Adams, ElyssaSpirals Gymnastics Team 9B 1 N/A8.550 283T8.700 141*8.300 270T8.850 147T34.400 175T
Peace, SabrinaTexas Best Gymnastics 9B 34 N/A8.750 216T8.250 235T8.650 167T8.750 181T34.400 175T
Stewart, SloanUnited Elite Gymnastics N Cheer 9B G2 N/A8.000 12T8.900 108.375 12T9.100 3T34.375 8
Carlson, BrooklynCorinth Gymnastics 9B 2 N/A8.750 216T8.400 205*8.200 286T9.025 96*34.375 180T
Sanchez, ParisTexas Best Gymnastics 9B 34 N/A8.800 196T8.700 141T7.850 346T9.025 96*34.375 180T
Oldham, BryerTexas Best Gymnastics 9B 34 N/A8.850 174T8.400 205*8.600 187T8.525 272T34.375 180T
Moreno, AzariaTexas Gymnastics Training Cent 9B 34 N/A9.250 43T8.050 274T8.500 215T8.550 257*34.350 184T
Brown, RyleeUnited Elite Gymnastics N Cheer 9B 42 N/A7.250 423T9.200 48T8.850 120*9.050 89T34.350 184T
Singleton, MorganCorinth Gymnastics 9B 35 N/A9.150 70T8.000 288T8.000 320T9.200 47T34.350 184T
Nia Rice, ZieUnited Elite Gymnastics N Cheer 9B S2 N/A9.100 10T7.900 248.850 138.500 1734.350 18T
Mangrum, KyraTumbling Tots and Teens-T3Elite 9B 2 N/A8.700 230T8.100 263T8.950 86T8.600 237T34.350 184T
Wright, KylieTeam AERO 9B S2 N/A8.600 218.650 178.550 188.550 15T34.350 18T
Stephens, KinseyWin Kids 9B 2 N/A9.000 111T9.300 24T7.625 392T8.400 317T34.325 190T
Miles, HadleyThe Rock 9B 1 N/A8.850 174T8.400 205T8.050 316T9.025 96T34.325 190T
Driessner, KadynGym Tricks gymnastics 9B 2 N/A9.100 81T8.200 243T8.750 140T8.250 356T34.300 192T
Detberner, SavannahSpirals Gymnastics Team 9B 1 N/A8.500 292T7.850 324T9.000 69T8.950 118T34.300 192T
Gore, AnikaTexas Dreams Gymnastics 9B G2 N/A7.800 188.700 14T8.950 48.850 5T34.300 9
Staggs, KayleighSpirals Gymnastics Team 9B 1 N/A8.700 230T7.100 398T9.025 65T9.425 9T34.250 195T
Esquivel, KaylaTexas Gymnastics Training Cent 10A 62 N/A9.300 38.100 9T8.250 88.600 9T34.250 8
Hilson, JDahTexas Dreams Gymnastics 9B 3A N/A9.100 81T8.600 167T8.150 300*8.400 317T34.250 195T
Kane, SaniyahClassic Gymnastics 9B S2 N/A9.000 12T8.450 218.600 178.200 20T34.250 20
Macha, AvaTexas Gymnastics Training Cent 9B 34 N/A8.600 263T9.000 87T8.150 300*8.500 275T34.250 195T
Powers, IsabellaTexas Best Gymnastics 9B 34 N/A8.900 162T8.475 190T8.325 267T8.550 257T34.250 195T
Paiboon, ShelbyASI Gymnastics - Lake Highlands 9B 43 N/A7.900 389T8.000 288T9.075 53T9.250 39T34.225 199T
Hensarling, ClaireASI Gymnastics - Lake Highlands 9B 52 N/A8.000 376T8.675 1558.350 258T9.200 47T34.225 199T
Alford, AddisonWin Kids 9B 2 N/A8.550 283T9.100 61T8.725 149T7.850 413T34.225 199T
Moreno, AlitzaTexas Gymnastics Training Cent 9B 2 N/A8.850 174T8.050 274T8.750 140T8.575 253T34.225 199T
Cheatum, MiaEast Texas Twisters 9B 35 N/A9.350 24T8.100 263T8.250 276*8.500 275T34.200 203T
Smith, KendalTexas Gymnastics Training Cent 9B 35 N/A8.700 230*8.700 141T8.150 300T8.650 214T34.200 203T
Wright, AaralynTeam AERO 9B S2 N/A8.700 19T8.550 188.250 21T8.700 1134.200 21
Hall, IndiaProsper 9B 34 N/A8.500 292T8.600 167T8.475 228T8.625 231T34.200 203T
Knipe, MadelynCorinth Gymnastics 9B 1 N/A8.450 311T7.900 310*8.625 178T9.200 47T34.175 207T
Boostrom, MalloryTexas Best Gymnastics 9B 2 N/A8.900 162T8.100 263T9.025 65T8.150 370T34.175 207T
Cullum, CoraCorinth Gymnastics 9B 2 N/A8.400 319T7.900 310*8.875 114T9.000 101T34.175 207T
Saldivar, KarsenTexas Dreams Gymnastics 10A P2 N/A8.900 18.300 28.625 28.350 234.175 2
Kostadinova, EvelynEmpire Gymnastics Academy 9B 1 N/A9.250 43T8.550 173T8.550 199T7.800 417T34.150 210
Voreh, ShelbyTexas Tumblers Gymnastics 10A 72 N/A9.100 4T9.075 17.200 138.750 934.125 7
Duba, KaseyMetroplex Gymnastics 9B 46 N/A8.700 230T8.950 98T7.800 354T8.650 214T34.100 211T
Shaw, HarperGym Tricks gymnastics 9B 2 N/A8.950 144T8.200 243T8.700 153T8.250 356T34.100 211T
Bernhardt, BrookeEmpire Gymnastics Academy 9B 43 N/A7.950 385T8.450 193T8.800 131T8.900 126T34.100 211T
Loving, SydniClassic Gymnastics 9B XB N/A8.850 174T8.700 141T8.000 320T8.550 257T34.100 211T
Harding, AlyssaSpirals Gymnastics Team 9B 1 N/A8.450 311T7.800 329T8.700 153T9.100 69T34.050 215T
Bailey, KatherineTexas Tumblers Gymnastics 9B 44 N/A8.200 354*8.250 235T8.650 167*8.950 118T34.050 215T
Shankle, AdisonTexas Gymnastics Training Cent 10A 63 N/A8.900 18.500 18.150 78.500 3T34.050 1
Salinas, AriannaTexas Gymnastics Training Cent 9B 34 N/A8.750 216T8.200 243T8.500 215T8.600 237T34.050 215T
Snyder, KaydenTeam AERO 9B G2 N/A8.200 9T8.700 14T8.650 6T8.500 1334.050 10
Henderson, AnishaPlano Aerobats 9B 52 N/A9.300 28T8.250 235T7.375 4149.100 69T34.025 219T
Steele, TaylorCorinth Gymnastics 9B 1 N/A9.000 111T7.250 384T8.625 178T9.150 60T34.025 219T
Betush, AnnabelleThe Rock 9B 2 N/A9.100 81T7.450 366T8.900 101T8.575 253T34.025 219T
Wison, OliviaTexas Gymnastics Training Cent 9B 1 N/A8.950 144T7.600 354T8.850 120T8.600 237T34.000 222T
Vasquez, CamilaTexas Gymnastics Training Cent 9B 2 N/A8.600 263T8.375 214T8.475 228T8.550 257T34.000 222T
Juncker, LexiCorinth Gymnastics 9B 36 N/A8.950 144T8.175 250T8.350 258T8.500 275T33.975 224
Hammonds, HaydenGym Tricks gymnastics 9B 2 N/A9.100 81T7.600 354T8.350 258T8.900 126T33.950 225
Jones, RyannUnited Elite Gymnastics N Cheer 9B G2 N/A8.000 12T9.425 37.700 198.800 833.925 11
Hansen, AmeliaMetroplex Gymnastics 10A 72 N/A8.900 8T7.500 138.500 59.000 733.900 8
Jackson, CourtneyTexas Tumblers Gymnastics 9B 36 N/A8.800 196T8.900 108T7.450 406T8.750 181T33.900 226T
Lira, CayleeEmpire Gymnastics Academy 9B 2 N/A8.500 292T8.700 141T8.200 286T8.500 275T33.900 226T
Mumford, AbigailCorinth Gymnastics 9B 2 N/A8.650 252T8.100 263T9.125 42T8.000 394T33.875 228T
Nixon, ClaireUnited Elite Gymnastics N Cheer 9B 36 N/A8.950 144T8.050 274T8.725 149T8.150 370T33.875 228T
Kemp, CharismaTexas Elite 9B 2 N/A8.500 292T8.450 193T8.225 284T8.700 195T33.875 228T
Del Palacio, KaitlynCorinth Gymnastics 9B 34 N/A9.150 70T8.525 183T7.900 338T8.275 354T33.850 231T
Craddock, BrynnUnited Elite Gymnastics N Cheer 10A 63 N/A8.500 47.850 69.000 18.500 3T33.850 2
Lamond, HaileyUnited Elite Gymnastics N Cheer 9B 43 N/A8.650 252T8.000 288T8.750 140T8.450 299T33.850 231T
Holt, JuliannaGym Tricks gymnastics 10A 62 N/A8.700 78.200 88.325 78.600 9T33.825 9
Matos, CamilaTexas Dreams Gymnastics 9B 3A N/A9.300 28T8.150 252T8.300 270T8.050 385T33.800 233T
Sullivan, AddysonEast Texas Twisters 9B 2 N/A8.850 174T7.500 363T9.000 69T8.450 299T33.800 233T
Jones, KatePlano Aerobats 10A 62 N/A9.350 28.450 6T7.175 128.800 733.775 10
Brakefield, ErynneTexas Gymnastics Training Cent 10A 72 N/A8.600 12T7.750 118.325 99.100 5T33.775 9
Buchanan, SamanthaTeam AERO 9B S2 N/A7.800 249.100 12T8.250 21T8.600 13T33.750 22
Wright, HallieTexas Gymnastics Training Cent 9B 2 N/A8.300 336T7.900 310T8.950 86T8.600 237*33.750 235T
LaCroix, EllieEmpire Gymnastics Academy 9B 43 N/A7.650 405T8.900 108T8.550 199*8.650 214T33.750 235T
Quinones, AdriannaThe Rock 9B 2 N/A8.900 162T7.950 302T8.550 199*8.350 334T33.750 235T
Mora-Parson, AmeliaASI Gymnastics - Lake Highlands 9B 43 N/A7.650 405T8.875 117T8.600 187T8.600 237T33.725 239
Hughes, MarisaCorinth Gymnastics 9B 44 N/A7.900 389T8.700 141T8.200 286T8.900 126*33.700 240T
Steck, MackenzieEast Texas Twisters 9B 1 N/A8.750 216*8.050 274T8.000 320T8.900 126*33.700 240T
Landers, MakennaTexas Gymnastics Training Cent 9B 35 N/A8.750 216*8.500 185T7.950 330T8.500 275T33.700 240T
Tibboel, PaigeTeam AERO 9B S2 N/A8.400 238.525 198.625 168.150 22T33.700 23
Bickham, AbigailTumbling Tots and Teens-T3Elite 9B 2 N/A8.800 196T7.900 310T8.825 128T8.150 370*33.675 244T
Crawford, KennedyTeam AERO 9B S2 N/A8.500 228.500 208.525 198.150 22T33.675 24
McMennamy, NatalieUnited Elite Gymnastics N Cheer 9B 45 N/A7.550 410T8.350 217T8.450 232T9.300 25T33.650 246T
Adair, OliviaUnited Elite Gymnastics N Cheer 9B G2 N/A8.300 7T9.050 98.100 148.200 1933.650 12
McKenzie, BrooklynThe Rock 9B 1 N/A9.050 100T8.300 228T8.250 276T8.050 385T33.650 246T
Torres-Rodriguez, LianEmpire Gymnastics Academy 9B 2 N/A9.000 111T8.550 173T7.800 354T8.300 344T33.650 246T
Rowlands, AutumnEast Texas Twisters 9B 1 N/A8.850 174T7.450 366T8.000 320T9.325 23T33.625 250T
Davis, Za%27MyriaTexas Gymnastics Training Cent 9B 2 N/A8.300 336T7.900 310T8.500 215T8.925 12533.625 250T
Mims, MadelineTexas Gymnastics Training Cent 10A 63 N/A8.200 58.200 38.675 38.550 233.625 3
Strack, HeidiMetroplex Gymnastics 9B 3A N/A9.100 81T8.100 263T7.750 365T8.650 214T33.600 252T
Seifer, CarolineUnited Elite Gymnastics N Cheer 9B 43 N/A8.200 354T8.550 173T8.225 284T8.625 231T33.600 252T
Fex, KatieTexas Dreams Gymnastics 9B G2 N/A7.400 21T8.550 179.225 28.400 14T33.575 13
Wyatt, KylieFierce Athletics 9B 37 N/A9.075 998.150 252T8.350 258T8.000 394T33.575 254T
Pluenneke, DanilleEmpire Gymnastics Academy 9B 3A N/A8.500 292T8.300 228T8.150 300T8.625 231T33.575 254T
Singleton, RyelynnEast Texas Twisters 9B 1 N/A9.150 70T6.650 424T8.350 258T9.400 11T33.550 257T
Fjeldal, ChaseFierce Athletics 9B 1 N/A9.000 111T7.650 348T8.200 286T8.700 195T33.550 257T
Day, ChloeCorinth Gymnastics 9B 2 N/A8.400 319T8.450 193T8.900 101T7.800 417T33.550 257T
Sullivan, LaylaExcite Gymnastics and Cheer 9B 43 N/A7.950 385T8.100 263T8.600 187T8.900 126T33.550 257T
Hodges, LoriTexas Tumblers Gymnastics 9B 37 N/A8.600 263T8.200 243T8.375 252T8.350 334T33.525 261
Elkins, MakaylaThe Rock 9B 3A N/A9.100 81T8.050 274T7.850 346T8.500 275T33.500 262T
Henderson, PiperEmpire Gymnastics Academy 9B 2 N/A8.950 144T7.250 384T8.300 270T9.000 101T33.500 262T
Young Chae, YoonTexas Dreams Gymnastics 9B 3A N/A9.000 111T8.100 263T7.650 381T8.750 181T33.500 262T
Thomas, BrookeWin Kids 9B 2 N/A7.450 414T8.575 171T8.925 96T8.550 257T33.500 262T
Vinson, AndreaGym Tricks gymnastics 9B 2 N/A8.950 144T8.300 228T8.625 178T7.600 430T33.475 266
Colpitts, WhitneyUnited Elite Gymnastics N Cheer 9B G2 N/A7.600 199.450 28.000 15T8.400 14T33.450 14
Singleton, KennediCorinth Gymnastics 9B 35 N/A9.000 111T8.350 217T7.600 394T8.500 275T33.450 267T
McCullough, MollyASI Gymnastics - Lake Highlands 9B 43 N/A7.750 400T8.650 156T8.200 286T8.850 147T33.450 267T
Lara, KennedyEmpire Gymnastics Academy 9B 2 N/A8.650 252T8.600 167T8.600 187T7.550 436T33.400 270
Amedee, SydneyTexas Best Gymnastics 9B 34 N/A8.950 144T7.650 348T8.425 241T8.350 334T33.375 271T
Hamilton, LaurenTexas Gymnastics Training Cent 9B 1 N/A8.400 319T8.000 288T8.250 276T8.725 190T33.375 271T
Oliver, MadiExcite Gymnastics and Cheer 10A 62 N/A8.400 108.500 57.950 118.525 1233.375 11
Rruka-Stanton, EvaTexas Best Gymnastics 9B 44 N/A7.650 405T8.000 288T8.900 101T8.800 167T33.350 273
Means, ClaireEast Texas Twisters 9B 1 N/A8.900 162T7.000 403T8.825 128T8.600 237T33.325 274
Thompson, LeahWin Kids 10A 72 N/A8.200 14T7.650 128.825 38.650 1033.325 10
Garcia, BrookeCorinth Gymnastics 9B 1 N/A9.000 111T7.700 341T7.550 397T9.050 89T33.300 275T
Gilliland, DreyWin Kids 9B 1 N/A8.600 263T8.000 288T7.950 330T8.750 181T33.300 275T
Hastings, KateEmpire Gymnastics Academy 9B 3A N/A8.600 263T8.575 171T7.100 428T9.000 101T33.275 277
Clevenger, ChloeTumbling Tots and Teens-T3Elite 9B 1 N/A8.650 252T7.650 348T8.100 309T8.850 147T33.250 278T
Merkel, NicoleTexas Gymnastics Training Cent 10A 63 N/A8.700 2T7.900 4T8.300 4T8.350 5T33.250 4
Macha, CateTexas Gymnastics Training Cent 9B 36 N/A8.350 332T8.400 205T7.900 338T8.600 237T33.250 278T
Robbirds, LillieExcite Gymnastics and Cheer 9B 44 N/A8.200 354T8.700 141T7.125 4279.175 57T33.200 280T
Davis, MadisonMetroplex Gymnastics 9B 3A N/A8.800 196T7.575 3598.375 252T8.450 299T33.200 280T
Black, MakennaEast Texas Twisters 9B 1 N/A8.600 263T7.350 379T8.550 199T8.700 195T33.200 280T
Richters, AceeGym Tricks gymnastics 9B 2 N/A9.200 54T7.400 375T8.550 199T8.000 394T33.150 283T
Hairston, HensleyTexas Best Gymnastics 9B 36 N/A8.650 252T7.800 329T8.400 245T8.300 344T33.150 283T
Grace, DylanEast Texas Twisters 9B 2 N/A8.600 263T8.200 243T7.900 338T8.450 299T33.150 283T
Truillo, IsabellaWin Kids 9B 1 N/A8.600 263T7.450 366T8.075 3159.000 101T33.125 286T
Gow, PiperExcite Gymnastics and Cheer 9B 52 N/A8.550 283T8.200 243T7.775 362T8.600 237T33.125 286T
Teague, BrynGym Tricks gymnastics 9B 44 N/A8.600 263T7.600 354T8.450 232T8.450 299T33.100 288T
Fisk, KyleighUnited Elite Gymnastics N Cheer 9B 44 N/A8.450 311T7.900 310T8.200 286T8.550 257T33.100 288T
Madden, ArianaFierce Athletics 9B 37 N/A9.425 13T7.450 366T7.650 381T8.550 257T33.075 290T
Kanapathy, ElinTexas Tumblers Gymnastics 9B 2 N/A9.000 111T7.700 341T8.325 267T8.050 385T33.075 290T
Pittman, KylieUnited Elite Gymnastics N Cheer 9B 44 N/A8.050 370T7.950 302T8.200 286T8.850 147T33.050 292
Crowell, AddisonGym Tricks gymnastics 9B G2 N/A9.000 28.325 237.450 228.250 17T33.025 15
Diaz, ClaireMetroplex Gymnastics 10A 63 N/A8.700 2T7.000 88.725 28.600 133.025 5
Cumberledge, CaidynEmpire Gymnastics Academy 9B 3A N/A8.700 230T7.950 302T7.675 379T8.600 237T32.925 293T
Allen, YolannaTexas Tumblers Gymnastics 9B 36 N/A8.250 348T8.500 185T8.575 195T7.600 430T32.925 293T
Helterbran, HannahTexas Dreams Gymnastics 9B 3A N/A9.300 28T7.250 384T7.700 372T8.650 214T32.900 295T
Furler, TaliaTexas Dreams Gymnastics 9B 3A N/A8.700 230*7.900 310T7.850 346T8.450 299T32.900 295T
Schuller, MiaTexas Dreams Gymnastics 9B 3A N/A8.700 230*8.150 252T7.500 401T8.550 257T32.900 295T
Marie McClanahan, AnnaGym Tricks gymnastics 9B G2 N/A8.000 12T8.450 18T8.650 6T7.800 2032.900 16
Baily, AnnmarieHighland Lakes 9B 37 N/A9.050 100T7.250 384T7.850 346T8.700 195T32.850 298T
Villarreal, AlyssaUnited Elite Gymnastics N Cheer 10A 72 N/A8.800 108.050 87.800 118.200 1432.850 11T
Knochenmus, GraceMetroplex Gymnastics 10A 72 N/A8.700 118.000 98.350 87.800 1532.850 11T
Hillard, GracieTexas Best Gymnastics 9B 2 N/A8.400 319T8.150 252T8.500 215T7.800 417T32.850 298T
Aggarwal, OliviaMetroplex Gymnastics 9B 3A N/A8.500 292T8.650 156T8.200 286T7.475 44032.825 300
Ruggiero, EmilySpirals Gymnastics Team 9B 1 N/A8.750 216T7.250 384T7.850 346T8.950 118T32.800 301T
Gourley, BriannaCorinth Gymnastics 9B G2 N/A8.100 118.800 12T7.650 208.250 17T32.800 17
Sneed, LaramiGym Tricks gymnastics 9B 2 N/A8.300 336T7.800 329T8.400 245T8.300 344T32.800 301T
Brown, KatelynCorinth Gymnastics 9B G2 N/A7.900 179.175 87.000 23T8.700 9T32.775 18
Strew, AbbyUnited Elite Gymnastics N Cheer 9B 44 N/A7.500 412T7.950 302T8.900 101T8.425 312T32.775 304T
Jeter, ClaireTexas Best Gymnastics 9B 43 N/A7.750 400T8.050 274T8.350 258T8.625 231T32.775 304T
Togerson, HaileyUnited Elite Gymnastics N Cheer 9B 36 N/A8.950 144T8.050 274T7.750 365T8.000 394T32.750 307T
Jani, RomaTexas Dreams Gymnastics 9B 3A N/A8.800 196T6.650 424T8.500 215T8.800 167T32.750 307T
House, LillyTexas Best Gymnastics 9B 2 N/A8.550 283T8.450 193T7.950 330T7.800 417T32.750 307T
Hanas, GraceExcite Gymnastics and Cheer 9B 44 N/A7.350 419T8.150 252T8.600 187T8.600 237T32.700 310T
Thomas, RoryThe Rock 9B 1 N/A8.600 263T7.700 341T8.500 215T7.900 406T32.700 310T
Breen, AlainaProsper 9B 44 N/A7.800 397T7.900 310T8.200 286T8.775 179T32.675 312
Cody, JuliaUnited Elite Gymnastics N Cheer 9B 44 N/A8.150 360T8.400 205T7.300 416T8.725 190T32.575 313
Behera, SumanTexas Dreams Gymnastics 9B 3A N/A9.100 81T7.550 360T8.350 258T7.550 436T32.550 314
Nintzel, JodiCorinth Gymnastics 9B G2 N/A7.500 208.450 18T8.000 15T8.575 1232.525 19
Spicer, AlexisUnited Elite Gymnastics N Cheer 10A 72 N/A8.200 14T8.350 57.000 148.900 832.450 13
McAdoo, KennedieEast Texas Twisters 9B 2 N/A8.700 230T7.500 363T8.625 178T7.625 42932.450 316
Eubank, AdrianHighland Lakes 9B 37 N/A8.950 144T7.400 375T7.550 397T8.500 275T32.400 317
Standerfer, OliviaGym Tricks gymnastics 9B 2 N/A8.950 144T7.650 348T8.100 309T7.650 42832.350 318T
Taylor, KristianaTexas Elite 9B 36 N/A8.750 216T7.450 366T7.650 381T8.500 275T32.350 318T
Knowles, CatherineEmpire Gymnastics Academy 9B 1 N/A9.100 81T7.100 398T7.725 3718.400 317T32.325 320T
Krafthoefer, AutryEmpire Gymnastics Academy 9B 2 N/A8.550 283T7.000 403T8.325 267T8.450 299T32.325 320T
Scott, FaithUnited Elite Gymnastics N Cheer 10A 63 N/A7.500 88.250 28.200 68.350 5T32.300 6
Loven, AlyssaEast Texas Twisters 9B 1 N/A9.000 111T5.250 471T8.700 153T9.325 23T32.275 322T
Beechwood, EmilyHighland Lakes 9B 53 N/A8.450 311T7.900 310T7.200 422T8.725 190T32.275 322T
White, LandryFierce Athletics 9B 46 N/A8.050 370T7.950 302T7.825 352T8.425 312T32.250 324
Immicke, TaiylorGym Tricks gymnastics 9B 3A N/A9.000 111T8.000 288T6.875 442T8.350 334T32.225 325T
Cloud, AnnaUnited Elite Gymnastics N Cheer 9B 35 N/A8.950 144T6.850 414T8.375 252T8.050 385T32.225 325T
Hickman, NylaTexas Gymnastics Training Cent 9B 45 N/A7.950 385T7.425 3747.775 362T9.050 89T32.200 327T
Mitchel, AyshaCorinth Gymnastics 9B 36 N/A8.850 174T7.050 400T7.800 354T8.500 275T32.200 327T
Phelps, BreonnaTumbling Tots and Teens-T3Elite 9B 2 N/A8.500 292T7.000 403T8.700 153T8.000 394T32.200 327T
Ellison, KalynEast Texas Twisters 9B 37 N/A8.350 332T7.900 310T7.550 397T8.400 317T32.200 327T
Mankarious, ChloeEmpire Gymnastics Academy 9B 1 N/A8.300 336T7.900 310T7.750 365T8.200 364T32.150 331
McBrayer, MaceyGym Tricks gymnastics 9B 45 N/A7.350 419T7.800 329T8.550 199T8.425 312T32.125 332
Douchand, AniyaTexas Tumblers Gymnastics 9B 2 N/A8.800 196T7.000 403T8.250 276T8.050 385T32.100 333T
Adcock, KynleighTumbling Tots and Teens-T3Elite 9B 1 N/A8.600 263T7.150 394T7.600 394T8.750 181T32.100 333T
Bennett, MarenTexas Gymnastics Training Cent 9B 44 N/A6.850 443T7.800 329T8.600 187T8.825 164T32.075 335
Tripathi, ArjuEmpire Gymnastics Academy 9B 46 N/A8.100 364T8.000 288T7.650 381T8.300 344T32.050 336
Duvall, Anne-MarieUnited Elite Gymnastics N Cheer 9B 36 N/A8.900 162T6.650 424T8.550 199T7.900 406T32.000 337T
Jackson, LaurenTexas Best Gymnastics 9B 44 N/A6.400 458T8.250 235T8.500 215T8.850 147T32.000 337T
Cleveland, EmilyTexas Best Gymnastics 9B 44 N/A8.300 336T8.750 135T6.750 447T8.200 364T32.000 337T
Boehm, RebeccaUnited Elite Gymnastics N Cheer 9B G2 N/A7.200 238.350 21T7.800 188.650 1132.000 20
Brooks, EllaProsper 9B 2 N/A8.400 319T5.950 4598.750 140T8.850 147T31.950 341T
Schoolfield, LaurenThe Rock 9B 37 N/A8.550 283T8.650 156T7.650 381T7.100 45531.950 341T
Floyd, AveryHighland Lakes 9B 37 N/A8.500 292T8.000 288T7.700 372T7.750 424T31.950 341T
Chan, ChloePlano Aerobats 10A 72 N/A9.500 17.350 146.800 158.250 1331.900 14
Fuller, IsabellaFierce Athletics 9B 1 N/A8.900 162T6.650 424*8.450 232T7.900 406T31.900 344T
Hodde, MacyEast Texas Twisters 9B 36 N/A8.750 216T6.650 424*8.250 276T8.250 356T31.900 344T
Gray, AubreyEmpire Gymnastics Academy 9B 1 N/A8.650 252T8.000 288T7.200 422T8.050 385T31.900 344T
Ashton, GwenevereTexas Dreams Gymnastics 9B 3A N/A8.900 162T7.200 391T8.350 258T7.425 443T31.875 347
Stone, ChloeTexas Elite 9B 2 N/A9.000 111T6.000 456T8.400 245T8.450 299T31.850 348T
Chavarila, BriseidaCorinth Gymnastics 9B 35 N/A8.950 144T7.350 379T7.950 330T7.600 430T31.850 348T
Suarez, BrookeClassic Gymnastics 9B XB N/A8.100 364T7.300 3838.600 187T7.850 413T31.850 348T
Beal, CamilaEmpire Gymnastics Academy 9B 1 N/A9.150 70T6.300 445T7.800 354T8.550 257*31.800 351T
Razavi, LaurenWin Kids 9B 46 N/A6.250 462T8.100 263T8.900 101T8.550 257*31.800 351T
DeBose, AddisonEmpire Gymnastics Academy 9B 2 N/A8.800 196T8.000 288T6.750 447T8.250 356T31.800 351T
Jackson, PeightonTexas Elite 9B 36 N/A8.700 230T7.800 329T7.000 433T8.300 344T31.800 351T
Marroquin, IsabellaTexas Gymnastics Training Cent 10A 72 N/A9.000 76.550 157.625 128.600 1131.775 15
Bodiford, BrinleyWin Kids 9B 1 N/A8.850 174T7.650 348T6.800 445T8.400 317T31.700 355T
Kratzmeyer, AbbyEast Texas Twisters 9B 54 N/A8.700 230T6.950 411T7.275 4198.775 179T31.700 355T
Sumpter, KaileyGym Tricks gymnastics 9B G2 N/A8.300 7T8.350 21T7.550 217.500 2131.700 21
Banda, ArleneUnited Elite Gymnastics N Cheer 9B 43 N/A6.950 438T8.350 217T7.500 401T8.875 144T31.675 357
Shields, KaliyahEmpire Gymnastics Academy 9B 2 N/A9.100 81T8.400 205T5.650 4708.500 275T31.650 358
Zamora, MariannaTexas Gymnastics Training Cent 10A 63 N/A7.700 77.900 4T7.850 88.200 731.650 7
Anderson, MattieEast Texas Twisters 9B XB N/A7.750 400T7.000 403T8.625 178T8.250 356T31.625 359
Wheat, EmmaUnited Elite Gymnastics N Cheer 9B 44 N/A7.150 428T8.400 205T7.500 401T8.550 257T31.600 360
Worley, SophiaTexas Best Gymnastics 9B 2 N/A6.850 443T7.825 3288.850 120T8.050 385T31.575 361
Burk, GillianUnited Elite Gymnastics N Cheer 9B 45 N/A6.800 445T8.100 263T7.750 365T8.900 126T31.550 362
Goodwin, RileyEmpire Gymnastics Academy 9B 1 N/A9.100 81T6.300 445T7.650 381T8.450 299*31.500 363T
Banerjea, KatharineTexas Best Gymnastics 9B 45 N/A7.000 435T8.050 274T8.000 320T8.450 299*31.500 363T
Schmidt, OliviaThe Rock 9B 2 N/A8.800 196T6.700 4238.000 320*7.950 403T31.450 365T
Allen, ClaireGym Tricks gymnastics 9B 2 N/A8.600 263T7.350 379T8.000 320*7.500 438T31.450 365T
Lopez, MiaUnited Elite Gymnastics N Cheer 9B 45 N/A8.250 348T7.150 394T7.900 338T8.100 379T31.400 367
Herring, CarolineExcite Gymnastics and Cheer 9B 53 N/A7.900 389T8.050 274T6.950 439T8.450 299T31.350 368
Haskins, KaleighTumbling Tots and Teens-T3Elite 9B 1 N/A9.200 54T6.500 434T7.325 4158.250 356T31.275 369T
Dailey, LillianTexas Tumblers Gymnastics 9B 46 N/A7.900 389T7.450 366T7.450 406T8.475 295T31.275 369T
Offner, GraceExcite Gymnastics and Cheer 9B 53 N/A8.250 348T7.950 302T7.025 431T8.050 385T31.275 369T
Bickham, ElizabethTumbling Tots and Teens-T3Elite 9B 2 N/A8.500 292T6.400 438T7.950 330T8.400 317T31.250 372
Krishnan, AditiTexas Dreams Gymnastics 9B 3A N/A9.000 111T7.550 360T7.625 392T7.050 456T31.225 373T
Valladarez, HopeUnited Elite Gymnastics N Cheer 9B 44 N/A6.450 454T7.900 310T7.925 3378.950 118T31.225 373T
Coronado, JoliannaHighland Lakes 9B 37 N/A8.700 230T7.800 329T6.600 451T8.100 379T31.200 375
Pearce, CatherineFierce Athletics 9B 1 N/A8.800 196T7.000 403T7.900 338T7.450 441T31.150 376
Norris, AmyUnited Elite Gymnastics N Cheer 9B 55 N/A7.750 400T7.200 391T7.650 381T8.500 275T31.100 377
Adcock, HaleyUnited Elite Gymnastics N Cheer 9B 44 N/A6.700 449T7.800 329T8.200 286T8.350 334T31.050 378
Williams, CassaraTexas Tumblers Gymnastics 9B 45 N/A6.250 462T7.850 324T8.050 316*8.850 147T31.000 379T
Crooks, BrelynnGym Tricks gymnastics 9B 2 N/A8.600 263T7.550 360T8.050 316*6.800 460T31.000 379T
Lucero, AlexisEmpire Gymnastics Academy 9B 44 N/A8.150 360T7.250 384T7.200 422T8.400 317T31.000 379T
Henderson, KarleyEast Texas Twisters 9B 36 N/A8.750 216T7.950 302T6.250 4648.000 394T30.950 382T
Quast, BreeGym Tricks gymnastics 9B 46 N/A6.500 4537.450 366T8.525 213T8.475 295T30.950 382T
Crowley, AshtonEast Texas Twisters 9B 37 N/A8.500 292T6.350 442T7.800 354T8.300 344T30.950 382T
Wohleb, AbbeyGym Tricks gymnastics 9B 3A N/A8.700 230T7.150 394T7.150 425T7.900 406T30.900 385T
Pennam, ShreenaTexas Dreams Gymnastics 9B 3A N/A8.500 292T6.800 417T8.425 241T7.175 45230.900 385T
Lough, SydneyHighland Lakes 9B 46 N/A7.350 419T7.700 341T7.700 372T8.150 370T30.900 385T
Weir, KerahBeamers 9B 54 N/A8.050 370T6.600 431T7.300 416T8.800 167T30.750 388
Blaylock, JaydaTumbling Tots and Teens-T3Elite 9B 37 N/A8.400 319T6.100 453T7.450 406T8.750 181T30.700 389T
Kratzmeyer, ShylahEast Texas Twisters 9B 45 N/A8.350 332T7.050 400T7.150 425T8.150 370T30.700 389T
Flores, ZoeyGym Tricks gymnastics 9B 2 N/A8.850 174T6.350 442T8.100 309T7.300 447T30.600 391T
Patton, SophieTexas Best Gymnastics 9B 37 N/A8.050 370T6.250 448T8.150 300T8.150 370T30.600 391T
Oklesson, PiperWin Kids 9B 1 N/A8.850 174T6.750 421T6.500 454T8.475 295T30.575 393T
Acha, SavannaProsper 9B 2 N/A7.900 389T6.650 424T7.675 379T8.350 334T30.575 393T
Remidez, KristenTexas Dreams Gymnastics 9B 3A N/A8.700 230T6.900 4137.500 401T7.425 443T30.525 395
Bello, MiaExcite Gymnastics and Cheer 9B 45 N/A6.650 4527.750 339T7.650 381T8.425 312T30.475 396
Malke, EmmaGym Tricks gymnastics 9B 3A N/A9.000 111T7.700 341T6.700 4507.050 456T30.450 397T
Moran, MaddieUnited Elite Gymnastics N Cheer 9B 53 N/A7.550 410T7.750 339T6.500 454T8.650 214T30.450 397T
Shaw, WaverleyGym Tricks gymnastics 9B 2 N/A6.950 438T7.450 366T8.175 298T7.850 413T30.425 399
Crooks, KynliGym Tricks gymnastics 9B 3A N/A8.600 263T6.250 448T7.400 411T8.100 379T30.350 400
Schmitz, AddysonGym Tricks gymnastics 9B G2 N/A7.400 21T8.800 12T7.000 23T7.050 2230.250 22
Tenorio, VictoriaTexas Dreams Gymnastics 9B 3A N/A8.800 196T6.850 414T7.300 416T7.300 447T30.250 401T
LaFlamme, GraceExcite Gymnastics and Cheer 9B 55 N/A8.100 364T6.800 417T7.750 365T7.600 430T30.250 401T
Oakley, DanielleHighland Lakes 9B 46 N/A7.150 428T8.000 288T7.000 433T8.100 379T30.250 401T
Puckett, AdalynTexas Best Gymnastics 9B 45 N/A7.100 4326.300 445T8.150 300T8.650 214T30.200 404T
Mitscke, CamdenTexas Gymnastics Training Cent 9B 37 N/A6.450 454T8.400 205T7.900 338T7.450 441T30.200 404T
Rosenbaum, MackenzieTexas Elite 9B 2 N/A8.200 354T5.300 4708.000 320T8.650 214T30.150 406
Ontiveros, RyanExcite Gymnastics and Cheer 9B 54 N/A8.250 348T5.250 471T8.175 298T8.400 317T30.075 407T
Crum, JaedynMetroplex Gymnastics 9B 47 N/A7.050 433T7.400 375T8.125 3087.500 438T30.075 407T
Langford, KendallWin Kids 9B 47 N/A8.050 370T5.850 460T7.700 372T8.450 299T30.050 409
Tyson, CorrineTexas Best Gymnastics 9B 46 N/A7.050 433T6.850 414T7.400 411T8.675 210T29.975 410T
Byers, AddyTexas Best Gymnastics 9B 45 N/A6.900 4427.775 3388.500 215T6.800 460T29.975 410T
Rack, ChloeExcite Gymnastics and Cheer 9B 45 N/A6.800 445T7.350 379T7.400 411T8.350 334T29.900 412
Sanchez, JordynHighland Lakes 9B 36 N/A8.850 174T7.000 403T6.200 465T7.800 417T29.850 413
Koonce, AddisonWin Kids 9B 46 N/A6.700 449T6.600 431T8.450 232T8.050 385T29.800 414T
Miltz, MarissaExcite Gymnastics and Cheer 9B 45 N/A8.000 376T5.850 460T7.850 346T8.100 379T29.800 414T
Rudder, SerenityTexas Gymnastics Training Cent 9B 37 N/A8.500 292T7.700 341T6.050 4677.350 445T29.600 416
Rose, ShelbyBeamers 9B 46 N/A7.200 425T6.650 424T7.775 362T7.850 413T29.475 417
Korak, AbbieWin Kids 9B 47 N/A7.250 423T6.800 417T8.250 276T7.150 453T29.450 418
Fischer, MyleeEast Texas Twisters 9B 44 N/A7.150 428T6.800 417T7.000 433T8.475 295T29.425 419
Leicht, AudreeBeamers 9B 46 N/A6.050 468T6.950 411T7.950 330T8.300 344*29.250 420T
Swindell, RobynUnited Elite Gymnastics N Cheer 9B 45 N/A6.950 438T7.250 384T6.750 447T8.300 344*29.250 420T
Black, ChessaBeamers 9B 56 N/A8.800 196T6.500 434T5.750 4698.150 370T29.200 422T
Register, RaeBeamers 9B 56 N/A7.850 3967.400 375T6.350 460T7.600 430T29.200 422T
Beekman, AbbyTexas Best Gymnastics 9B 46 N/A6.450 454T5.750 463T8.475 228T8.300 344T28.975 424
Milroy, AutumnTexas Best Gymnastics 9B 46 N/A6.400 458T7.600 354T7.800 354T7.150 453T28.950 425
Hull, TrinityTexas Tumblers Gymnastics 9B 56 N/A6.950 438T7.900 310T5.800 4688.275 354T28.925 426T
Perez, JaydenUnited Elite Gymnastics N Cheer 9B 55 N/A8.100 364T7.675 3476.300 4636.850 45928.925 426T
Khambati, AmatullahTexas Dreams Gymnastics 9B 3A N/A8.700 230T6.250 448T6.600 451T7.350 445T28.900 428T
Whatley, AdaTumbling Tots and Teens-T3Elite 9B 37 N/A8.400 319T5.600 4666.500 454T8.400 317T28.900 428T
Meador, AbigalGym Tricks gymnastics 9B 3A N/A9.300 28T6.450 4376.800 445T6.200 46628.750 430
Ritzenthaler, EliseUnited Elite Gymnastics N Cheer 9B 54 N/A6.300 460T6.350 442T8.500 215T7.575 43528.725 431
Martinson, LucyTexas Dreams Gymnastics 9B 3A N/A8.400 319T6.400 438T7.100 428T6.700 46328.600 432
Linington, AvaWin Kids 9B 1 N/A7.450 414T5.500 4676.950 439T8.650 214T28.550 433
Kelly, MorganTexas Best Gymnastics 9B 45 N/A6.050 468T6.500 434T7.950 330T8.000 394T28.500 434
Gonzalez, CamilaWin Kids 9B 46 N/A6.100 466T7.500 363T6.900 4417.925 40528.425 435
Rothwell, CaiyahClassic Gymnastics 9B XB N/A8.700 230T2.217 4748.900 101T8.500 275T28.317 436
Nuckols, BreannaTexas Gymnastics Training Cent 9B 46 N/A6.150 4657.800 329T7.075 4307.250 449T28.275 437
Gowin, AveryHighland Lakes 9B 55 N/A6.300 460T6.400 438T7.750 365T7.800 417T28.250 438
Schoch, EmilyTexas Best Gymnastics 9B 46 N/A6.750 447T7.000 403T6.400 4597.900 406T28.050 439
Walling, GracenWin Kids 9B 46 N/A5.800 4706.550 4337.900 338T7.750 424T28.000 440T
Charbonneau, ChloeUnited Elite Gymnastics N Cheer 9B 53 N/A7.150 428T7.050 400T6.550 4537.250 449T28.000 440T
Lippert, CarinaFierce Athletics 9B 56 N/A7.600 408T5.650 4657.600 394T7.050 456T27.900 442
Sharma, ArushiWin Kids 9B 37 N/A8.150 360T6.050 4557.000 433T6.650 46427.850 443T
Currington, CaitlynTexas Best Gymnastics 9B 46 N/A6.450 454T6.250 448T7.250 420T7.900 406T27.850 443T
Isaacson, MackenzieWin Kids 9B 37 N/A7.000 435T6.250 448T7.800 354T6.750 46227.800 445
Allee, AmberBeamers 9B 46 N/A6.100 466T6.750 421T6.500 454T8.250 356T27.600 447T
Gilbreath, AveryBeamers 9B 46 N/A6.200 4646.400 438T7.025 431T7.725 42727.350 450
Barnard, ReeseHighland Lakes 9B 47 N/A7.200 425T5.750 463T6.350 460T8.000 394T27.300 451
Marr, MadisonTexas Best Gymnastics 9B 46 N/A7.300 4225.800 4626.875 442T7.250 449T27.225 452
Weidenbaker, JordanTexas Dreams Gymnastics 9B 3A N/A8.900 162T6.100 453T6.350 460T5.750 46727.100 455
Ford, MadisonBeamers 9B 56 N/A6.700 449T5.350 4696.475 4587.875 41226.400 458
Rodriguez, ReAnnGym Tricks gymnastics 9B G2 N/A8.500 4T9.250 68.400 10T0.000 23T26.150 23
Van Gundy, KaileyHighland Lakes 9B 47 N/A5.300 4716.000 456T6.850 4448.000 394T26.150 459T
Breaux, BaileeEast Texas Twisters 9B 44 N/A7.750 400T8.650 167T9.100 69T25.500 462
Hernandez, StellaEmpire Gymnastics Academy 9B 1 N/A8.750 216T6.000 456T5.200 4715.500 46825.450 463
Taylor, IsabellaMetroplex Gymnastics 10A 62 N/A0.000 127.550 128.225 99.350 225.125 12
Hoppers, KathrynASI Gymnastics - Lake Highlands 9B 53 N/A8.300 336T8.350 217T8.450 232T0.000 469*25.100 465T
Lohmer, LucyThe Rock 9B 3A N/A9.200 54T8.050 274T7.650 381T24.900 467
Garcia, KloeyEast Texas Twisters 9B 47 N/A6.750 447T4.600 4735.150 4727.950 403T24.450 470
Sneed, KylaGym Tricks gymnastics 9B 46 N/A7.000 435T9.025 65T8.200 364T24.225 471
Lange, AinsleyThe Rock 9B 1 N/A8.050 370T0.000 475T7.250 420T8.400 317T23.700 473
Rosenberg, CathrynPlano Aerobats 10A 63 N/A7.800 67.250 78.300 4T0.000 823.350 8
Carpenter, BethThe Rock 9B 3A N/A8.500 292T7.150 394T6.200 465T21.850 475
Sinkule, LindseyGym Tricks gymnastics 9B G2 N/A0.000 248.450 18T8.900 50.000 23T17.350 24
Rosenlof, MadisonProsper 9B 31 N/A0.000 472T8.800 129T8.300 270T17.100 477
Cordero, MariaTexas Dreams Gymnastics 9B 3A N/A0.000 472T5.400 4680.000 473T6.400 46511.800 478