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Year: 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009
Level: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, XB, XS, XG, XP, XDEvent: Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor, All Around
America's Top 100 Level XS Beam Scores -
2018 America's Top 100 Level XS Beam Scoresas of 12.12.2018
110.000Glover, AbigailAirborne FrederickXtreme Altitude Xcel Xtravaganza
110.000Napier, ChloeEast Tennessee Cheer and GymnasticsPresidential Classic
110.000Roldan, JazmineTAG USA Gymnastics, Inc.2018 Florida Xcel State Championship
110.000Stensaa, ElizabethBothell GymnasticsUSA Gymnastics XCEL Regional Invitational
59.975Watkins, RyleeHart Gymnastics Academy2018 Coastal Classic
69.950Burnett, MakennaCarolina Gymnastics Academy2018 Coastal Classic
69.950Carswell, MaddieHart Gymnastics Academy2018 Coastal Classic
69.950Howard, AmayaTAG USA Gymnastics, Inc.Sand Dollar/ Whitlow Invitational
69.950Ryu, McKenzieCalifornia Gymnastics2018 SoCal Xcel State Championships
69.950Ryu, McKenzieCalifornia Gymnastics2018 OC Classic
119.925Hardy, AbbieClub Champion GymnasticsLong Beach Open
119.925Renker, MayaTeam OC Gymnastics2018 OC Classic
139.900Aguilar, JaylaCalifornia Gymnastics2018 SoCal Xcel State Championships
139.900Alvarez, AndreaTAG USA Gymnastics, Inc.Sand Dollar/ Whitlow Invitational
139.900Anderson, YasmineAmerican Gymnastics AcademyClassic Xcel Invitational
139.900Armendariz, PerlaPearland Elite2018 Chow's Challenge
139.900Armendariz, PerlaPearland EliteYellow Rose Invitational
139.900Borak, MichePark Avenue Gymnastics2018 Florida Xcel State Championship
139.900Bundren, RowanU.S. Gold Gymnastics Academy2018 Florida Xcel State Championship
139.900Clarke, KatelynJill Brown's Gymnastics2018 Svetlana Boguinskaia Invitational
139.900Cleary, ErisPearland EliteHouston National Invitational
139.900Conrado, IsabellaCoral Reef Gymnastics2018 Florida Xcel State Championship
139.900Cousins, NoelleGymnastics Sport CenterKurt Thomas Invitational
139.900Croteau, KyliePhantom Gymnastics LLC2018 New Hampshire XS, XG, XP, XD State Championships
139.900Dean, MadelineClassic Gymnastics2018 Texas North Xcel State
139.900Dunham, KarissaTexas Champion GymnasticsFlipping Through The Decades
139.900Felix, MichelleGym TimePA Xcel State Championships
139.900Fitzwater, AnneMarieTexas Elite Gymnastics Academy (TEGA)Kurt Thomas Invitational
139.900Forsythe, NatalieCentral PA Academy of GymnasticsPA Xcel State Championships
139.900Hayden, KinsleyThomas Gymnastic Training Center2018 Coastal Classic
139.900Irizarry, SabrinaTAG USA Gymnastics, Inc.Sand Dollar/ Whitlow Invitational
139.900Kamarakafego, GabrielleCharleston Twisters Gymnastics2018 Coastal Classic
139.900Lindenfeld, MayaClub Champion GymnasticsLong Beach Open
139.900Lusha, IzabelleAdrenaline Gymnastics AcademyActive Athletics Hippity Hoppity 2018
139.900MacLean, SophieStumpfs Gymnastic CenterGraffiti Invitational
139.900Middleton, FernandaWest Broward Gymnastics AcademyTim Rand Invite
139.900Nuckols, EllieVirginia International Gymnastics SchoolVirginia Xcel State Championships
139.900Onesti, GiulianaGym Stars ETCLucky Invitational
139.900Patterson, ElyseMagnitude 10.0 Gymnastics2018 Aloha from Memphis
139.900Salvato, MariahGym Stars ETCBig Classic
419.875Booth, ArrenHart Gymnastics Academy2018 Coastal Classic
419.875Carpenter, RileySonshine Gymnastics2018 Coastal Classic
419.875Cleary, ErisPearland Elite2018 Bronze And Silver Xcel South State Championships
419.875Copeland, AmaraAmerican Gymnastics Academy of Long BeachLong Beach Open
419.875Cordero, EmeryReading Gymnastics Academy Inc.Presidential Classic
419.875DeRaffele, KatelynGymnastics RevolutionTeam Challenge 2018
419.875Doughty, NoraCapital Gymnastics / Texas2018 Texas North Xcel State
419.875Engquist, SiennaCalifornia Gymnastics2018 Lights, Camera, Action!
419.875Hardy, AbbieClub Champion Gymnastics2018 Region 1 XCEL Championship
419.875Jackson, AubreyNorth Valley Gymnastics2018 Arizona Xcel State Championships
419.875Kable, MarleyTitaniumSand Dollar/ Whitlow Invitational
419.875Manabe, NynaThe Waves2018 SoCal Xcel State Championships
419.875Moore, ElyseDreams Gymnastics CenterVirginia Xcel State Championships
419.875Nelson, AvaNorth Mountain GymnasticsVirginia Xcel State Championships
419.875Perez, AlyssaBright Stars GymnasticsPink Invitational ~ Gymnasts Unite
419.875Ramirez, AyleenUSA Illusions2018 Cactus Cup
419.875Smith, ChloeSonshine Gymnastics2018 Coastal Classic
419.875Stark, NicoleWest Broward Gymnastics AcademySand Dollar/ Whitlow Invitational
419.875Wake, MariahMiddlesex Gymnastics AcademyVirginia Xcel State Championships
419.875Zirkle, MirraNorth Mountain GymnasticsApollo Invitational
619.850Aguilar, JaylaCalifornia Gymnastics2018 Region 1 XCEL Championship
619.850Aguilar, JaylaCalifornia Gymnastics2018 Lights, Camera, Action!
619.850Aguilar, JaylaCalifornia Gymnastics2018 OC Classic
619.850Arokium, CyrenaGymnastics RevolutionTeam Challenge 2018
619.850Atwood, AndeAllstars2018 Biles International Invitational
619.850Bodwell, KyndalSprings Gymnastics Cheer and DanceMetroplex Challenge
619.850Byunn, KarisBothell GymnasticsAll American Invitational
619.850Callahan, JuliaTeam Attraction2018 Coastal Classic
619.850Calvin, BaileyMagnitude 10.0 Gymnastics2018 Aloha from Memphis
619.850Carothers, AnnaTexas Elite Gymnastics Academy (TEGA)2018 Texas North Xcel State
619.850Carter, CaidynLakes Region Gymnastics Acad.2018 New Hampshire Judges' Cup
619.850Cochran, BrynnFlips2018 Maryland Level 2, XB and XS State Meet
619.850Copeland, AmaraAmerican Gymnastics Academy of Long Beach2018 SoCal Xcel State Championships
619.850Craghead, KatiSonshine Gymnastics2018 Coastal Classic
619.850Cribbs, AbigailGymnastics Sport CenterKurt Thomas Invitational
619.850Cullen, AubreyGymnastics Elite Training Center2018 Biles International Invitational
619.850Curet, LayzaAbove The Bar Gymnastics Academy2018 Biles International Invitational
619.850Douglas, EleanorLet It Shine Gymnastics Inc.Nashville Nights 2018
619.850Dunkley, ReeceDanik Gymnastics2018 Danik Red Carpet Classic
619.850Engquist, SiennaCalifornia Gymnastics2018 OC Classic
619.850Fitzwater, AnneMarieTexas Elite Gymnastics Academy (TEGA)Metroplex Challenge
619.850Fortin, IsabellaGravity GymnasticsSun & Surf Spectacular
619.850Gallant, MadisonPhantom Gymnastics LLC2018 New Hampshire XS, XG, XP, XD State Championships
619.850Glover, AbigailAirborne Gymnastics and Dance2018 NCAA Youth Gymnastics Challenge
619.850Gonzales, AlexisFlatirons Gymnastics CenterFlatirons Spring Flip
619.850Hagan, ElizabethImpact Zone Gymnastics2018 Bronze And Silver Xcel South State Championships
619.850Krul, KarlyX-Cel GymnasticsPA Xcel State Championships
619.850LaFleur, GabySunburst GymnasticsKurt Thomas Invitational
619.850Leigh Pascual, JadaWest Coast Olympic Gymnastics Academy2018 Totally Awesome 80s Meet
619.850Lemay, LeighaPhantom Gymnastics LLC2018 New Hampshire Judges' Cup
619.850Louw, ChristiGymnastics Elite Training Center2018 Biles International Invitational
619.850Lunde, JettChow%27s Gymnastics and Dance InstituteChow's 15th Annual Winter Classic Invitational
619.850Macias, NatalieGravity GymnasticsSand Dollar/ Whitlow Invitational
619.850Marshall, SydneySterling Academy of GymnasticsSand Dollar/ Whitlow Invitational
619.850Martin, AvaNorth Shore Gymnastics2018 Louisiana Upper Level State Meet
619.850Martinez, DanylleAmerican Gymnastics AcademyTexas Tough 2018
619.850McCaffery, KyleeMini-Hops GymnasticsXCEL Regionals- Region 4
619.850McLees, VictoriaMidwest Twisters Gymnastics2018 MWT HEARTland Invite
619.850Middleton, FernandaWest Broward Gymnastics AcademySand Dollar/ Whitlow Invitational
619.850Morales, LivviePearland Elite2018 Bronze And Silver Xcel South State Championships
619.850Okland, AlexisWorld Champions Centre2018 Biles International Invitational
619.850Oxtot, RebeccaCalifornia Sports Center - Morgan HillXcelapalooza 2018
619.850Page, SierraDulles Gymnastics AcademyApollo Invitational
619.850Penland, PyperSonshine Gymnastics2018 Coastal Classic
619.850Perez, BellaNorthwest KidsMetroplex Challenge
619.850Perez, BellaNorthwest Kids Sports Complex of Rockport2018 Svetlana Boguinskaia Invitational
619.850Perkins, ZoraCarolina Gymnastics Academy2018 Coastal Classic
619.850Perrin, JessicaFierce Athletics2018 Danik Red Carpet Classic
619.850Phelps, AlissaSunburst GymnasticsGalveston Island Winter Beach Blast Invitational
619.850Polinsky, KyraWest Broward Gymnastics Academy2018 Florida Xcel State Championship
619.850Popp, JadeynEdgewater Gymnastics Academy2018 Florida Xcel State Championship
619.850Pugh, KaitlynKIPS GymnasticsSan Diego Classic
619.850Pugh, KaitlynKIPS Gymnastics2018 SoCal Xcel State Championships
619.850Ross, AlexisGymnastics Sport CenterKurt Thomas Invitational
619.850Ryu, McKenzieSoCal State Team2018 Region 1 XCEL Championship
619.850Sandoval, JoselynnTumblebees Gymnastics and DanceSun & Surf Spectacular
619.850Schaller, JadynGraceAh! Meet
619.850Schmidt, MeganRegal Gymnastics AcademyBeauty And The Beast Invitational
619.850Simmons, RubyCarolina Gymnastics Academy2018 Coastal Classic
619.850Smith, LexieUltimate Gymnatics N ActivitiesXCEL State Championships
619.850Snow, ReeseHart Gymnastics Academy2018 Coastal Classic
619.850Stewart, LillianHart Gymnastics Academy2018 Coastal Classic
619.850Stine, CassieNorth Valley GymnasticsFlames Invitational 2018
619.850Trimnal, AddisonSpirit Athletics2018 Gamecock Invitational
619.850Trzybinski, AinsleySonshine Gymnastics2018 Coastal Classic
619.850Vaidya, IraNorth Valley GymnasticsWinter Sun Invitational
619.850Wright, AngelinaNew Kent Gymnastics CenterVirginia Xcel State Championships
619.850Wulfsohn, CharlotteChelsea Piers Gymnastics2018 New York Level 9/10/Xcel State Championships
619.850Young, EllianaWOGA GymnasticsFlipping Through The Decades

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