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America's Top 100 Level 7 Vault Scores -
2006 America's Top 100 Level 7 Vault Scoresas of 01.20.2019
19.350Albrecht, DianaRising Stars Gymnastics AcademyNorthern Lights 2006
29.200Leuma, ChloeRising Stars Gymnastics AcademyNorthern Lights 2006
39.175Gubbels, VanessaPerpetual Motion Gymnastics CenterNorthern Lights 2006
39.175Maier, LindseyScamps GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2006
59.125Hawkins, ElizabethJam Hops GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2006
59.125Wylie, PaxtonJam Hops GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2006
79.075Brueske, LaurenFlyaways Gold GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2006
89.050Brown, AlexTwin City TwistersNorthern Lights 2006
89.050Holmes, DanaGleason's Gymnastic SchoolNorthern Lights 2006
109.000Ellingboe, CarolineNorth Shore GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2006
109.000Koehnen, NicoleClassic GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2006
109.000Smolnikar, MariahThe Gymnastics AcademyNorthern Lights 2006
138.950Bathke, BethanyOshkosh Gymnastics CenterNorthern Lights 2006
138.950Grimmer, SamanthaScamps GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2006
138.950Narr, MacyClassic GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2006
138.950Robinette, LeahPerpetual Motion Gymnastics CenterNorthern Lights 2006
178.925Carlisle, KaraFlips Gymnastics LLCNorthern Lights 2006
178.925Elmer, KelleyOshkosh Gymnastics CenterNorthern Lights 2006
178.925Kazak, PaigeRising Stars Gymnastics AcademyNorthern Lights 2006
178.925Lovan, KaraTriad GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2006
178.925Willeford, EricaOshkosh Gymnastics CenterNorthern Lights 2006
228.900Pfautz, MelaneeTwin City TwistersNorthern Lights 2006
238.875Caspers, CarolineGleason's Gymnastic SchoolNorthern Lights 2006
238.875Lindstrom, AnnabelFlyaways Gold GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2006
238.875Vankrevaun, EmilyJam Hops GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2006
268.850Heltemes, AmberTwin City TwistersNorthern Lights 2006
268.850Moccia, SamanthaTwin City TwistersNorthern Lights 2006
268.850Stenson, EmilyOshkosh Gymnastics CenterNorthern Lights 2006
298.825Ramberg, JessicaRising Stars Gymnastics AcademyNorthern Lights 2006
308.800Boyle, SarahMinnesota Flyers GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2006
308.800Epperson, AbbieTAGS South GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2006
308.800Haenke, MckenzieGleason's Gymnastic SchoolNorthern Lights 2006
308.800Huusko, TaraTAGS South GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2006
308.800Kohler, KacieRising Stars Gymnastics AcademyNorthern Lights 2006
308.800Lipinski, LauraGleason's Gymnastic SchoolNorthern Lights 2006
308.800Morgan, JessPerpetual Motion Gymnastics CenterNorthern Lights 2006
308.800Nichols, MaggieTwin City TwistersNorthern Lights 2006
308.800Prais, CarlyScamps GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2006
308.800Reid, LaurenCrowley's Gymnastics CenterNorthern Lights 2006
308.800Uzzell, KaylaTwin City TwistersNorthern Lights 2006
418.775Claude, RileyPerpetual Motion Gymnastics CenterNorthern Lights 2006
418.775Day, SierraTAGS Gymnastics-Eden PrairieNorthern Lights 2006
418.775Dragos, AlexClassic GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2006
418.775Ramberg, EmilyRising Stars Gymnastics AcademyNorthern Lights 2006
418.775Stewart, ChloeTriad GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2006
468.750Baily, JordanTurner Hall GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2006
468.750Kraus, KeylaMini-Hops GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2006
468.750Mrozek, MelainaNorth Crest Gymnastics Dance and CheerNorthern Lights 2006
468.750Ostertag, DevynRising Stars Gymnastics AcademyNorthern Lights 2006
468.750Quandt, HaleyOshkosh Gymnastics CenterNorthern Lights 2006
468.750Roberts, MaddieTriad GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2006
468.750Schierland, BrandiePerpetual Motion Gymnastics CenterNorthern Lights 2006
468.750Tran, KatelynJ.E.T.S. GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2006
468.750Wolff, MorganUltimate Gym MNNorthern Lights 2006
468.750Zerfas, CamilleMidwest Gymnastics CenterNorthern Lights 2006
568.725Berg, KatieTriad GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2006
568.725Cavanor, KerbiGleason's Gymnastic SchoolNorthern Lights 2006
568.725Dydell, AashaJ.E.T.S. GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2006
568.725Griffith, KylieScamps GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2006
568.725Huseth, KelseyTwin City TwistersNorthern Lights 2006
568.725Larsen, JenniferFlips Gymnastics LLCNorthern Lights 2006
568.725McGrain, ChristineScamps GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2006
568.725Roetering, KatherineTwin City TwistersNorthern Lights 2006
568.725Tulloch, KasondraPerpetual Motion Gymnastics CenterNorthern Lights 2006
658.700Calder, LindsayOshkosh Gymnastics CenterNorthern Lights 2006
658.700Enright, AmyRising Stars Gymnastics AcademyNorthern Lights 2006
658.700Granholm, RobynThe Gymnastics AcademyNorthern Lights 2006
658.700Kuether, KylieFlips Gymnastics LLCNorthern Lights 2006
658.700Mierow, KateSalto GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2006
658.700Peterson, TamiGymnastics GalaxyNorthern Lights 2006
658.700Peterson, VeronicaTwin City TwistersNorthern Lights 2006
658.700Wohlwend, TaylorCrowley's Gymnastics CenterNorthern Lights 2006
738.675Cherrey, GraciePerpetual Motion Gymnastics CenterNorthern Lights 2006
738.675Glasenapp, AnnaFlips Gymnastics LLCNorthern Lights 2006
738.675Prell, AngelaCrowley's Gymnastics CenterNorthern Lights 2006
738.675Rodriguez, ZoeScamps GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2006
738.675Vogelpohl, EmilyRum River - MNNorthern Lights 2006
788.650Amerman, SydneyClassic GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2006
788.650Holmes, JenaGleason's Gymnastic SchoolNorthern Lights 2006
788.650Stych, AlexandraMidwest Gymnastics CenterNorthern Lights 2006
788.650Venable, JackieClassic GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2006
828.625Goetz, ToreeTriad GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2006
828.625Hardison, JordanSalto GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2006
828.625Kowalczyk, MeganSalto GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2006
828.625Soderberg, AbbyClassic GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2006
828.625VanPelt, HayleyPerpetual Motion Gymnastics CenterNorthern Lights 2006
828.625Wolney, ElizabethRoseville Gymnastics CenterNorthern Lights 2006
888.600Bauer, EmilyOshkosh Gymnastics CenterNorthern Lights 2006
888.600Burrington, BrittanyFlips Gymnastics LLCNorthern Lights 2006
888.600Hoeppner, TaylorTAGS South GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2006
888.600Jo Mitchell, AllieTwin City TwistersNorthern Lights 2006
888.600Karrow, JennaPerpetual Motion Gymnastics CenterNorthern Lights 2006
888.600Pitts, DaynaNorth Shore GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2006
888.600Samson, LindsayGleasons Gymnastics Maple GroveNorthern Lights 2006
888.600Solbrack, AnnaRum River - MNNorthern Lights 2006
968.575Demuse, AbbyTAGS South GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2006
968.575DeZiel, BrittanyTwin City TwistersNorthern Lights 2006
968.575Harstad, HannaClassic GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2006
968.575Kopp, AlexNorth Shore GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2006
968.575Paulson, RachelRoseville Gymnastics CenterNorthern Lights 2006
968.575Reinhardt, NikkiSalto GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2006