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America's Top 100 Level 7 Floor Scores -
2005 America's Top 100 Level 7 Floor Scoresas of 12.18.2018
19.500Dent, MackenzieClassic GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2005
19.500Lindeman, KaylaClassic GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2005
39.450Cook, BaileyTAGS Gymnastics-Eden PrairieNorthern Lights 2005
39.450Holden, ChristinaSiouxland Gymnastics AcademyNorthern Lights 2005
59.425Manning, MacyJETS GYMNASTICSNorthern Lights 2005
69.400Bergman, MeghanTAGS South GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2005
79.375Jurgens, ElizabethGleason's Gymnastic SchoolNorthern Lights 2005
89.350Kilgore, JennaPerpetual Motion Gymnastics CenterNorthern Lights 2005
89.350Krause, BekkahRoseville Gymnastics CenterNorthern Lights 2005
89.350Ohman, MichelleGleasons Prior LakeNorthern Lights 2005
89.350Rhymes, LucyGleason's Gymnastic SchoolNorthern Lights 2005
129.325Robohm, LynnTAGS South GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2005
129.325Senger, SierraAmerican Gold GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2005
129.325Zerby, StephanieClassic GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2005
159.300Heeney, AlexaSiouxland Gymnastics AcademyNorthern Lights 2005
159.300Smith, AmbrosiaRoseville Gymnastics CenterNorthern Lights 2005
179.275Brown, CaitlinTAGS South GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2005
179.275Cardinal, KaitlynOshkosh Gymnastics CenterNorthern Lights 2005
199.250Carlisle, KaraFlips Gymnastics LLCNorthern Lights 2005
199.250Horn, AlexaMidwest Gymnastics CenterNorthern Lights 2005
199.250Krhin, MorganOshkosh Gymnastics CenterNorthern Lights 2005
199.250Peer, LanaiGleasons Prior LakeNorthern Lights 2005
239.225Gubbels, VanessaPerpetual Motion Gymnastics CenterNorthern Lights 2005
239.225Schwartz, EllenClassic GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2005
259.200Lentz, JillianTAGS South GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2005
259.200Randall, JuliaFlips Gymnastics LLCNorthern Lights 2005
259.200Schermann, KylieTAGS South GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2005
259.200Swann, AlyssaRising Stars Gymnastics AcademyNorthern Lights 2005
259.200Wilson, JordanTAGS South GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2005
309.175Lynch, SarahOshkosh Gymnastics CenterNorthern Lights 2005
309.175Moriarty, DeborahTwin City TwistersNorthern Lights 2005
309.175Rathsack, BrynnOshkosh Gymnastics CenterNorthern Lights 2005
309.175Smith, AlexisTAGS Gymnastics-Eden PrairieNorthern Lights 2005
349.150Cohea, MeganCardinal Gymnastics AcademyNorthern Lights 2005
349.150Evanson, OlivaGleasons Gymnastics Maple GroveNorthern Lights 2005
349.150Harris, BeccaGleasons Gymnastics Maple GroveNorthern Lights 2005
349.150Moccia, SamanthaRoseville Gymnastics CenterNorthern Lights 2005
349.150Paulson, RachelRoseville Gymnastics CenterNorthern Lights 2005
349.150Schierland, BrandiePerpetual Motion Gymnastics CenterNorthern Lights 2005
349.150Steigauf, SaraTAGS South GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2005
419.125Evenson, CheriRum River - MNNorthern Lights 2005
419.125Gonzalez, AerialSiouxland Gymnastics AcademyNorthern Lights 2005
419.125Gripentrog, CourtneyMidwest Gymnastics CenterNorthern Lights 2005
419.125Kanewa, Maile'anaThe Gymnastics AcademyNorthern Lights 2005
419.125Paulson, ManlikaNorth Crest Gymnastics Dance and CheerNorthern Lights 2005
469.100Bonniwell, RileyRising Stars Gymnastics AcademyNorthern Lights 2005
469.100Kazak, PaigeRising Stars Gymnastics AcademyNorthern Lights 2005
469.100Kuehl, MirandaCardinal Gymnastics AcademyNorthern Lights 2005
499.075Farmer, AlisaRoseville Gymnastics CenterNorthern Lights 2005
499.075Miller, MariahTwin City TwistersNorthern Lights 2005
499.075Trumble, AshleyPerpetual Motion Gymnastics CenterNorthern Lights 2005
529.050Burtzel, AndreaGleasons Prior LakeNorthern Lights 2005
529.050Solbrack, AnnaRum River - MNNorthern Lights 2005
529.050Stewart, EmilyRum River - MNNorthern Lights 2005
529.050Weyrauch, CorinneTwin City TwistersNorthern Lights 2005
529.050Williams, KatieRoseville Gymnastics CenterNorthern Lights 2005
579.025Rountree, CaelinM and M GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2005
579.025Zahratka, VanessaGleason's Gymnastic SchoolNorthern Lights 2005
599.000Brown, MadelineTAGS Gymnastics-Eden PrairieNorthern Lights 2005
599.000Hall, KatieGleasons Gymnastics Maple GroveNorthern Lights 2005
599.000Kettner, SavanaAmerican Gold GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2005
599.000Schulzatenberg, DanielleGleasons Gymnastics Maple GroveNorthern Lights 2005
638.975Crow, LoriTAGS South GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2005
638.975Guilfoyle, MirandaGleason's Gymnastic SchoolNorthern Lights 2005
638.975Krebsbach, BrittanyRum River - MNNorthern Lights 2005
638.975Muench, EliseTAGS Gymnastics-Eden PrairieNorthern Lights 2005
678.950Audette, RachelRoseville Gymnastics CenterNorthern Lights 2005
678.950Balius, EmilyTAGS Gymnastics-Eden PrairieNorthern Lights 2005
678.950Bistodeau, BrookeGleasons Gymnastics Maple GroveNorthern Lights 2005
678.950Horsager, AliAmerican Gold GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2005
678.950Ouellette, NicoleMadtown Twisters GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2005
678.950Smith, BekahTwin City TwistersNorthern Lights 2005
678.950Venable, JackieClassic GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2005
748.925King, KelseyPerpetual Motion Gymnastics CenterNorthern Lights 2005
748.925Sybrant, BrittneyTwin City TwistersNorthern Lights 2005
768.900Lipinski, LauraGleason's Gymnastic SchoolNorthern Lights 2005
768.900Mitchell, AllieJoTwin City TwistersNorthern Lights 2005
768.900Palluck, KatieGleason's Gymnastic SchoolNorthern Lights 2005
768.900Peterson, VeronicaTwin City TwistersNorthern Lights 2005
768.900Stanzek, SarahM and M GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2005
768.900Thul, NicoleRoseville Gymnastics CenterNorthern Lights 2005
828.875Gackle, HannahAmerican Gold GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2005
828.875Simonson, OliviaRed River Valley Gymnastics ClubNorthern Lights 2005
828.875Stearns, MacyTAGS South GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2005
858.850Boettcher, StephanieFlyaways Gold GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2005
858.850Cother, JessicaSiouxland Gymnastics AcademyNorthern Lights 2005
858.850Goldeman, CassieFlyaways Gold GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2005
858.850Halbur, BreannaMinnesota Flyers GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2005
858.850Henkel, AndreaCrowley's Gymnastics CenterNorthern Lights 2005
858.850Illg, AlexRum River - MNNorthern Lights 2005
858.850Klein, CourtneyFlyaways Gold GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2005
858.850Perkins, MollyGleasons Gymnastics Maple GroveNorthern Lights 2005
858.850Sachsenmaier, JessicaRising Stars Gymnastics AcademyNorthern Lights 2005
948.825DesMarais, DaniNorth Shore GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2005
948.825Relopez, AshleyMini-Hops GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2005
968.800Baerwald, BreannaOshkosh Gymnastics CenterNorthern Lights 2005
968.800DeZiel, BrittanyTwin City TwistersNorthern Lights 2005
968.800Joos, KaitlynFlyaways Gold GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2005
968.800LaBarbera, RachelGleasons Prior LakeNorthern Lights 2005
968.800Vogelpohl, EmilyRum River - MNNorthern Lights 2005