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America's Top 100 Level 8 Beam Scores -
2005 America's Top 100 Level 8 Beam Scoresas of 12.18.2018
19.550Rebottaro, AnnaEaglesNorthern Lights 2005
29.500Joseph, JessicaEaglesNorthern Lights 2005
39.450Guimont, EimilyTAGS Gymnastics-Eden PrairieNorthern Lights 2005
49.350Hopkins, HeatherEaglesNorthern Lights 2005
59.150Jameson, MairinAmerican Gold GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2005
59.150Quillec, HannahEaglesNorthern Lights 2005
79.100Durkin, KaitlinRising Stars Gymnastics AcademyNorthern Lights 2005
79.100Fry, ShelbyTwin City TwistersNorthern Lights 2005
79.100Hoover, SabrinaTwin City TwistersNorthern Lights 2005
79.100Klima, TerraTAGS South GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2005
79.100Pacovsky, MackenzieNorth Shore GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2005
79.100Reed, MeaganGleasons Prior LakeNorthern Lights 2005
79.100Solem, CecilyGleason's Gymnastic SchoolNorthern Lights 2005
149.075Ausprung, BeccaM and M GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2005
149.075Chambers, MalloryGleason's Gymnastic SchoolNorthern Lights 2005
149.075Mollet, SamanthaSiouxland Gymnastics AcademyNorthern Lights 2005
179.025Bernsteen, JenniferRising Stars Gymnastics AcademyNorthern Lights 2005
179.025Haman, AlisaTAGS Gymnastics-Eden PrairieNorthern Lights 2005
179.025Kistner, KaraSiouxland Gymnastics AcademyNorthern Lights 2005
179.025Timm, MicholeNorth Crest Gymnastics Dance and CheerNorthern Lights 2005
219.000Elmquist, JamiePerpetual Motion Gymnastics CenterNorthern Lights 2005
219.000Lapadat, GillianMidwest Gymnastics CenterNorthern Lights 2005
219.000Weaver, CassieTAGS South GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2005
248.950Johnson, KaitlynAmerican Gold GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2005
258.925Koerwitz, JacquelynOshkosh Gymnastics CenterNorthern Lights 2005
258.925Platz, KaciMidwest Gymnastics CenterNorthern Lights 2005
258.925See, AlieTAGS South GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2005
258.925Wolf, HeatherM and M GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2005
298.900Drake, MirandaTAGS Gymnastics-Eden PrairieNorthern Lights 2005
298.900Manz, RebekahPerpetual Motion Gymnastics CenterNorthern Lights 2005
298.900Ptak, KirstenRoseville Gymnastics CenterNorthern Lights 2005
298.900Sweeney, ElizabethTAGS Gymnastics-Eden PrairieNorthern Lights 2005
338.875Opsahl, SamanthaTAGS South GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2005
348.850Jondahl, JenaJam Hops GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2005
358.825Paterson, MaraTurner Hall GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2005
358.825Wehrle, EmilyOshkosh Gymnastics CenterNorthern Lights 2005
358.825Zillges, HaleighOshkosh Gymnastics CenterNorthern Lights 2005
388.800Burnton, MeggieTAGS Gymnastics-Eden PrairieNorthern Lights 2005
388.800Durham, MadlynTurner Hall GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2005
408.775Applin, LeahTwin City TwistersNorthern Lights 2005
408.775Bragg, CarinaTAGS Gymnastics-Eden PrairieNorthern Lights 2005
428.750Smithson, LindsayTwin City TwistersNorthern Lights 2005
438.700Fose, WhitneyMadtown Twisters GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2005
438.700Gill, ElisePerpetual Motion Gymnastics CenterNorthern Lights 2005
438.700Johnson, KristinRum River - MNNorthern Lights 2005
438.700Kershenbaum, KatieEaglesNorthern Lights 2005
438.700Paterson, BrittanyTurner Hall GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2005
488.650Barwick, AmyM and M GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2005
488.650DeZiel, JessieTwin City TwistersNorthern Lights 2005
488.650Jurvis, AmyPerpetual Motion Gymnastics CenterNorthern Lights 2005
488.650Lauer, AmandaSiouxland Gymnastics AcademyNorthern Lights 2005
528.600Lauer, JenniferSiouxland Gymnastics AcademyNorthern Lights 2005
528.600Sudman, BryannaTAGS Gymnastics-Eden PrairieNorthern Lights 2005
548.575Sorenson, HallieTAGS South GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2005
558.550Braaten, AlexandraRed River Valley Gymnastics ClubNorthern Lights 2005
558.550Merten, OdessaOshkosh Gymnastics CenterNorthern Lights 2005
558.550Oare, TeganNorth Shore GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2005
558.550Rott, MaryJaneRising Stars Gymnastics AcademyNorthern Lights 2005
558.550Stadler, KaitlynOshkosh Gymnastics CenterNorthern Lights 2005
608.500Barrett, MeganJam Hops GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2005
608.500Cerwin, EmmaM and M GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2005
608.500Holt, AmandaTwin City TwistersNorthern Lights 2005
608.500Sevilla, MadisonFlips Gymnastics LLCNorthern Lights 2005
608.500Swann, JeniferRising Stars Gymnastics AcademyNorthern Lights 2005
658.475Adams, MichelleOshkosh Gymnastics CenterNorthern Lights 2005
658.475Tscheda, DaneilGreat Northern GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2005
678.450Dinse, EmilyOshkosh Gymnastics CenterNorthern Lights 2005
678.450Herrmann, JessicaM and M GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2005
678.450Kohlbeck, AmandaPerpetual Motion Gymnastics CenterNorthern Lights 2005
708.425Clayton, KatrineTAGS South GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2005
718.400Meyer, BaileeRising Stars Gymnastics AcademyNorthern Lights 2005
728.375Webber, JennyTAGS Gymnastics-Eden PrairieNorthern Lights 2005
738.350Crew, MadelinFlyaways Gold GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2005
738.350Petersen, KristyRoseville Gymnastics CenterNorthern Lights 2005
758.300Trebesch, HollyPerpetual Motion Gymnastics CenterNorthern Lights 2005
768.250Fabian, LauraRoseville Gymnastics CenterNorthern Lights 2005
768.250Johnson, ClaireGleason's Gymnastic SchoolNorthern Lights 2005
768.250Mangan, TommiOshkosh Gymnastics CenterNorthern Lights 2005
768.250McGehee, AngelaCrowley's Gymnastics CenterNorthern Lights 2005
768.250Nordquist, HopeTwin City TwistersNorthern Lights 2005
768.250Stokes, JordanOshkosh Gymnastics CenterNorthern Lights 2005
828.200Butler, JackieOshkosh Gymnastics CenterNorthern Lights 2005
828.200Roiland, MeganNorth Shore GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2005
828.200Thompson, StaciaDeutchsNorthern Lights 2005
858.150Manelli, ChristinaTwin City TwistersNorthern Lights 2005
858.150Rounds, AmandaOshkosh Gymnastics CenterNorthern Lights 2005
858.150Vaske, SamanthaFlyaways Gold GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2005
888.125Sawyer, AnnaCardinal Gymnastics AcademyNorthern Lights 2005
888.125Schmidt, GabbyCardinal Gymnastics AcademyNorthern Lights 2005
908.100Dick, LoganMini-Hops GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2005
918.050Kutchin, KatieMadtown Twisters GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2005
928.000Vaske, RachelFlyaways Gold GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2005
937.950Neumann, SarahTwin City TwistersNorthern Lights 2005
937.950Wischmann, SiriNorth Shore GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2005
957.900Johnson, BrittanyRed River Valley Gymnastics ClubNorthern Lights 2005
967.850Ilstrup, SamanthaTwin City TwistersNorthern Lights 2005
977.800Taylor, LucyMini-Hops GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2005
987.700Hayes, MeganMidwest Gymnastics CenterNorthern Lights 2005
987.700Heimerdinger, CathrynCrowley's Gymnastics CenterNorthern Lights 2005
987.700Moravec, NaomiGreat Northern GymnasticsNorthern Lights 2005